Saturday, 2014-09-27

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WikiwideAlright, is this mce package suitable for N950 with Nemo Mobile Wayland?
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faenilWikiwide: don't know about that mce package, try locusf15:21
faenil(I'll be back in Nemo starting December or similar)15:21
faenilbtw, hi everyone o/15:22
WikiwideThank you!15:22
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faenilWikiwide: no problem, I'm sorry I can't help more, please stick by, when I'll be back I plan to spend quite some time bringing everything back in place :)15:32
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WikiwideI am turning my life into dependency hell...16:27
locusfWikiwide: fingers crossed that it might actually work, that mce package16:28
faenilWikiwide: lol, wassup16:28
WikiwideIt's more than that. I added new repository:
WikiwideAnd am running zypper ref; zypper dup; with this repository.16:29
Wikiwide265 packages are being updated.16:29
WikiwideI wonder, will the device be able to boot at all after this?16:30
locusfno idea16:30
locusfyou're in unknown territory now by upgrading even mer to devel16:30
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WikiwideThe 'traditional' mer-core was already called devel. at
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WikiwideBut I am not even sure where this mer-core repository links leads, and 'what it is'. Because other repos are at obs, and 'mer-core' one is not?16:36
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WikiwideRetrieved. Now installing.16:55
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WikiwideDroid fonts, liberation fonts... Funny.17:07
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WikiwideFailed to get D-Bus connection: /run/systemd/private not found.17:29
WikiwideThat's mce's Additional rpm output.17:30
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WikiwideIs it possible to restart systemd without rebooting the system?17:31
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WikiwideTrying to start lipstick: _ZN12QKeySequence16staticMetaObjectE17:41
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WikiwideTrying to start lipstick: _ZN12QKeySequence16staticMetaObjectE17:48
WikiwideHow do I make zypper to confess which dependencies are unmet for a specific package?17:50
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locusfhmm I don't know18:33
faenilWikiwide: sounds like you have the wrong Qt installed18:40
WikiwideHow do I check it?18:40
faenildevel lipstick probably requires qt5.218:40
faenil(or viceversa, you have new qt and old lipstick)18:41
faenilor maybe you're right and you're just missing libs18:41
faenilrpm -qa | qt18:41
locusfoh yeah qt libs18:43
WikiwideWhich package? qt-components-qt5?18:44
WikiwideJust tried rpm -qa | grep qt | grep "5\.2" to filter out Qt5.2 packages18:45
faenilWikiwide: main qt lib18:48
faenil(I'm leaving in 2mins)18:48
faenilWikiwide: paste your output18:48
faenilon pastie.org18:48
faeniltoo late, got to go, cya!18:52
faenilbtw, a quick search on a search engine shows that my guess should be correct18:53
faenil5.2.0 adds KeySequence::staticMetaObject18:53
faenilcya people18:53
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locusfI'll take it from here :)18:54
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WikiwideOutput of ssu, zypper and lipstick ^19:02
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locusfmer:qt:devel is still 5.1.0, lipstick is linked against 5.219:06
locusfso either downgrade lipstick library or just wait for 5.2 to hit the repos19:07
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WikiwideHow do I downgrade lipstick to 5.1?19:10
WikiwideAnd how do I figure out what else needs to be downgraded?..19:10
locusfgood question, I haven't zypper dupped in many months19:17
locusfhmm do you have an acccount to obs?19:17
locusfyou should if you got access to mer bugzilla19:17
locusfor not if it requires separate account from lbt19:18
Stskeepsmer bugzilla -> obs access19:18
locusfdoing a lipstick fork last time didn't work in my home repository19:19
locusfbut I now triggered a rebuild19:21
locusffails, no errors in logfile and can't download it either19:29
locusfas always19:29
locusfgoing to sleep now19:29
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