Sunday, 2014-09-28

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faenilmorning o/09:50
faeniltbr: quiet sunday09:54
faeniltbr: currently pondering replacing the telephone line for the apartment I live in...6th floor, it's going to take a quite long cable09:55
faenil(and I have 0 electricity knowledge)09:55
tbrcheck if it's an pipe in which the cable runs or if it was just laid into the wall09:56
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faeniltbr: yeah...I can't understand that yet09:56
tbrif it's an pipe, then you can use the old cable to pull through the new cable or you use a special pulling wire09:57
faenilhow can I understand which is the path it takes?09:57
faenil(that's some terrible english grammar)09:58
faenilI found two little boxes in the apt09:59
faenilin one there's the phone cable, which runs through the wall and joins the electricity cables in the other small box09:59
faeniland I don't know where it goes from there09:59
tbrmost likely it goes straight down and passes all apartments below you10:00
faeniland that means I'm screwed right?10:01
tbrnot necessarily10:10
tbrit all depends on if you can trace the cabling and if it is replaceable10:10
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faeniltbr: ah, so there's the chance it's not replaceable?10:23
tbrif it was plastered into the wall, then you'd need to either cut a new grove or lay it on the wall10:23
faeniltbr: plastering into the wall sounds pretty hardcore, but yeah, who knows, this building is from the 60s10:25
faeniltbr: also,I think first test (once I'm confident this all makes sense) will probably be to pass the cable directly down through the staircase10:27
faenilhoping nobody complains :D10:27
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faenil(how sad, what have we come down to...)10:27
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tbrif you can get away without somebody complaining immediately, that's a good option10:29
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faenilyeah that should be doable, at least as a first test10:34
faenilit would be even better to first know if the problem is really inside the building! (and not in the ISP network910:35
tbr6 floors is about 18m, plus wherever you need to get in the basement. so 30m at least, maybe more10:35
tbrshielded 2 wire or 4 wire shouldn't cost more than 1-2€/m10:35
faenilyeah that's not an issue, it seems you can get 100mt for about 20€ shipped10:35
faenilI have to buy crimper and network tester as well10:36
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faenil(and, thinking about it, I shouldn't pay for this...the houseowner should...and he should also thank me if I fix this s***)10:36
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tbrfaenil: it's likely an "you do it yourself or don't get it" situation though. try deducting your costs from the rent10:49
faeniltbr: yeah we'll see, I also don't have ground on the plugs in my bedroom, so I feel pinches when I have the laptop on my legs10:49
tbryeah, same problem here10:50
tbrwhere important I have some ground manually wired in10:50
tbrso that ground doesn't float wildly10:50
faenilthough plugs in the kitchen have ground, so they renewed those plugs but not the ones in bedrooms10:52
tbrrooms with running water have different regulations10:52
tbrsame here, kitchen and bathrooms have grounded sockets10:53
tbrfun thing: the wiring has ground everywhere, they just used sockets without grounding pin...10:53
faenilI see..10:53
faenilno mine doesn't have ground at all, they must have addeed it later to comply10:54
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faenilwith the regulations10:54
faenil1mm PVC shield11:03
faeniltbr: any opinion on that?11:05
kimmoliheh. that 50Hz ~110V tingles nicely, had desktop pc on floor, under table. had to have socks on when sitting there...11:06
tbrthat's a naked pair11:06
kimmolilaptop has aluminium top, the surface feels a lot different when plugged in.11:07
tbrfaenil: you want something with a metal foil shield and pvc insulation around it11:07
faenilah... so s/stp :/11:07
faenilyeah that's going to be more expensive11:07
faenilis there any technical name for that except sstp?11:08
kimmoliftp ? with foil afaik11:09
tbryou don't need 4 pairs11:09
tbrunless you want to put the modem in the basement and run ethernet from there11:10
faenilI need 1pair, i.e 2wires, afaik11:10
faenilkimmoli: ok I'll try fpt11:10
tbryes, in germany they have a complicated norm and naming system11:10
kimmolisometimes cat5 is way cheaper. 100m for 30€11:10
tbr"LiYCY 1 x 0.5 mm²" e.g.11:11
tbryeah, unless you need it to be super thin or of certain colour11:11
tbrhmm that cable I pointed to has 5 wires11:12
tbrthere are two wire cables11:12
faenilkimmoli: cat5 is the lan network one, right?11:12
faenilwhich could be clamped to be use on phone11:12
faenilI found a shielded one, 25m for 15€11:13
kimmoliwe have all telco cabling cat5 (or 6) . just use one pair.11:13
kimmoli25m sounds short for 6 floors (was it?)11:16
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tbrcorrect, likely too short, would measure before buying11:17
tbrkimmoli: yes, I'd only lay cat6 if I'd own the place or long term rent11:17
tbrexample search results for 0,5m², 2 wires, shielded:
kimmolijust hope that every floor doesn't have its own junction box...11:19
faenilkimmoli: I couldn't find that, at least in the staircase11:20
faenilI found a box which should be for telealarm or something11:20
faenilwhich has coaxial (or I'm just too n00b)11:20
faeniland that's at every floor11:20
tbrcoax is likely cable-tv11:21
faenilwe don't have cable-tv in italy11:21
tbrdepending on how visible this experimental cable run will be you can just go with cat5e in a grey that's not too obvious, likely cheapest11:22
faenilthere is also this :D
faenilmilitary-grade cable, polyester 600v shield11:22
tbrthen it might be the roof top antenna distribution11:22
faenil450meters at 24€, lol11:22
kimmolitoo familiar that is11:22
tbrthat's field phone cable11:22
faenilnot good? :D11:23
* tbr used to have kilometres of that stuff11:23
tbrit's not shielded, but it has a steel core11:23
kimmoliand carrying 4 of those reels11:23
* faenil has got to back after lunch!11:23
tbryou can run it over with a tank and it won't break11:23
kimmolibut not with skiido (or winha)11:23
tbrkimmoli: I once bought 4 or 5 reels and carried them to the car in their wooden box, it was freaking heavy11:24
kimmoliduring army, i was driving snowmobile as a servicepatrol, fixing breaks in those cables.11:25
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kimmoliand couple of times got it tangled in the tracks11:26
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tbras a specific use case this would probably be good:
tbrLiYY seems to be the associated german standard code for this type of wire12:04
tbrshielded 2 x 0.14 mm² with a ø of just 3.2 mm sounds nice12:05
kimmolimeanwhile my btrfs is balancing, i did read wiki at
kimmoliand my repo is in bitbucket. there is also somekind webhook config, which i managed to add12:12
kimmoliis it possible to hook merobs and bitbucket ? has it been tested?12:14
tbrkimmoli: given that jolla uses bitbucket, I bit it has12:17
tbr(not a secret, it's all over the _service files in the GPL dumps)12:17
kimmolii managed to check that there is two hooks for me already12:21
kimmolibut do they work... is the easiest way to commit something and see mer-boss channeö?12:22
kimmoliseems to work12:27
kimmolithat was existing github hook12:28
kimmolinow "Now contact on the admins sledges, Sage, or w00t at #nemomobile IRC channel and they will help you to setup the rest of the webhook process"12:29
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kimmolihmm.. about the diptoh-daemon scripts. not they are in /home/nemo/diptoh -folder.12:50
kimmoliwould like to move them somewhere more correct place12:51
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolirpmlin suggest etc/ or var/ (and seems that shebang is missing too)12:51
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faenilback o/13:21
faeniltbr: I think I'll spend some time opening boxes here in there in the staircase :D13:22
tbrfaenil: try tracing where your phone cabling goes13:23
faenilthat's mixed with the electricity cables...I don't feel like risking my life without equip ^_^13:24
faenilI can only find ftp/stp cat cables13:26
faenilthere's no mention of ftp phone cables anywhere :/13:26
tbrfaenil: that 4 wire cable you had looked sensible. ask the seller if they have longer versions?13:27
faenilyeah, that's the only one I found, I'll keep looking and then ask ;)13:28
locusfI figured out why terminal and browser won't work on glacier homescreen (includes glacier gallery too), they don't have cover windows13:41
faenillocusf: since when does nemo need cover windows? :D13:43
locusffaenil: we don't somethings wrong with nemo native apps though13:45
faenillocusf: ok13:45
locusfonly sailfish silica apps wiith covers work13:46
locusfnon-working apps also include android apps13:46
locusfI guess there is a connection between these, just need figure out why non-app covermwindows fail to arrive to the compositor13:48
locusflipstick doesn't handle app covers, that silicas job + ljh13:55
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faenilI wrote a nice big thread on an italian tech forum14:54
faenillet's see if anyone can provide nice info there14:54
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locusfyup its definately windows which don't have application covers defined that do not work16:02
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locusfhwcomposer reports a window being created but nothing else happens afterwards16:09
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OksanaAlright, I just flashed back to the 2014-02 image. Everything seems to be 'fine' (as in, dialler has no working backspace...). But, there are problems with incoming-outcoming calls. Probably hardware problems due to broken pins of SIM slot. There was some soldering to make them usable, but such fix has to break, sooner or later, right?22:37
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