Monday, 2014-09-29

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OksanaWhere can I find a camera app for N950, Nemo Mobile? I have flashed image from 2014-02.04:04
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tbrOksana: there used to be one, not sure about camera status of N950 in that image05:50
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OksanaThank you, I will try zypper in qmlcamera later?05:54
OksanaThe problem is, here an 'open' WiFi network acts like a bait, stopping N950 from attaching to proper secure network. And I cannot get to Internet through 'open' network, because I do not have a browser which is required to 'log in'.05:57
tbrzypper search might find something, or it was broken05:57
tbryou could route over USB networking instead05:58
OksanaUSB networking requires root access to Linux desktop. Here, I am using Windows 64bit desktop. There is a 'shared' Linux desktop, but I doubt I would have root access to its networking configuration.05:59
tbrare you able to turn on internet connection sharing on the windows machine?06:00
OksanaLet me try it...06:00
OksanaChoose homegroup and sharing options -> No Reaction. Must be blocked by some policy. It's an Enterprise Windows 7.06:01
tbryour last chance is to download packages manually and then copy them to the device while it's in MOSLO06:02
OksanaI tried that once; rpm acted as if the downloaded package was corrupted.06:07
OksanaI will go to not-here, the place where I have both full access to a Linux computer and normal WiFi network(s) (without open honey-bait), and will try to install qmlcamera.06:09
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tbrmight be a good idea06:10
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locusfgood luck Oksana :)06:22
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faenilgooooood morning everyone! o708:38
locusfmorning faenil08:40
locusfdamn multivariate analysis08:40
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kimmolianyone here who can setup me few webhooks?09:50
kimmolisledges: ^09:51
tbrlbt: also might know about webhooks09:54
faenilkimmoli: I can help in the afternoon09:56
faenilwhat do you need09:56
kimmolifaenil: these two
faenillast time I touched webhooks was last years09:57
faenilso...let's see :D09:57
faenilkimmoli: last one is package name?09:58
kimmolii have set webhooks in bucket and github09:58
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faenilok (sorry was afk)10:06
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faenilkimmoli: should be done, give it a spin10:09
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faenilnp :)10:09
lbtkimmoli: faenil I'm working on an open webhook system atm10:13
kimmolinot yet nothing on mer-boss (?)10:13
kimmolilgtm in
kimmoliboth has cibot as maintainer role10:16
faenila new entry with .git suffix just appeared10:17
faenilkimmoli: I renamed the old one adding .git10:18
faeniltry again10:18
faenil(the github one only)10:18
kimmolithat works10:19
faenilok, so it needs then final .git10:20
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faenilkimmoli: just renamend bitbucket repo as well10:21
kimmoliok, testing...10:21
kimmolibucket leaks.. not worky10:24
kimmolithere is not much settings in bitbucket hooks10:24
* tbr signs "there's a hole im maaah bukkit"10:24
kimmoliprotest-sign ?10:25
tbrmeh, typo, sings10:25
kimmoliit is a POST hook with
faenildon't know what to change, it's same as github, maybe lbt knows why it doesn't work with bitbucket?10:29
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lbtbitbucket are a pita and change/break their api - the new webhooks from islam may help10:46
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kimmoli"The hook receives an POST whenever user pushes to the repository." .. is the online commit considered as push ???10:59
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kimmoliah, so no way to see hook results: "Is there a way to see a log of the responses for these posts?  We are getting no notifications if the post fails. >> We don't have a public log, but if you open a support request to we can help troubleshoot with you."11:06
kimmolialtough that is from 2012 but i didnt find such .11:06
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stephgfaenil: ah you're online14:36
stephgyour new glacier14:36
faenilfaenil: sup!14:36
faenilnew? what where14:37
stephgwhen that PR gets pulled, will that be pushed to OR?14:37
stephgyou twatted(sic) about it last week14:37
faenilasks locusf, he's the homescreen dev ;)14:37
stephgbrainfart; nothing to see here14:37
stephglocusf ^^ ;)14:37
faenilI twatted about it? must have forgotten :D14:37
stephgone of you did14:38
stephgI remember a tweet about waiting for a PR to be accepted14:38
stephgit was like Thursday last14:38
locusfI did tweet about it :)14:39
locusfstephg: wassup?14:41
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stephgwas just asking whether once your new glacier PR is merged it'll automagically appear in the build in OR14:46
stephgor if I need to get a build separately etc.14:47
locusfstephg: nope, not automatically14:47
locusffaenil: is the pr otherwise ok except that qhash mess?14:48
faenillocusf: qhash?14:49
* faenil has really bad memory, forgive him14:49
locusffaenil: the pairing of window id and its title I mean14:50
faenillocusf: ah right, did you change that?14:51
locusffaenil: not yet, I don't know what to change it to :/14:52
locusfit makes sense to pair the two as when launching an app, only the title of the window is known14:54
faenillocusf: no way to know the id of the window you tapped on?14:55
locusffaenil: not in the launcher item delegate14:55
faenilwell, don't know, I don't know the code, and I have forgotten what I knew a year ago14:55
faenilso, go on if you think my idea is not doable with the current lipstick14:56
faenilor, implement it :D14:56
faenilwhatever you choose, write comments everywhere about this :p14:56
faenilso that we don't end up forgetting the missing feature14:56
locusffaenil: roger that14:57
locusffaenil: <- no window id as can be seen14:58
locusfbut window id is needed in order to switch to the running app14:59
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faenilgot to leave, cya later15:00
locusfas for the layouts question, I'd like to make the working implementation now and then worry about the layouts to the entire homescreen as well15:00
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locusffaenil: back already :) ?15:10
faenillocusf: yup :D15:10
faenilchanged plans15:10
locusffaenil: so I'd like to use layouts for the entirety of the UI, not just for that piece, but for a different PR15:16
faenillocusf: ok15:16
locusfI wonder if the statusbar could be done with layouts too, with a different panel for every resolution15:17
locusffaenil: so ok to merge?15:18
faenilyes, write a comment that we agreed it will be done in another pr, and pull the trigger15:18
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OksanaThank you! Qmlcamera is currently depending on Qt4, so it installs (together with 15-ish other packages) but does not work (cannot find X display 0, or something similar).22:23
stephgOksana: you get an X error?22:25
OksanaWhen trying to launch QML camera. Which is Qt4-ish.22:27
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stephgwhich device?22:27
OksanaI will recharge N950 (WiFi forgotten overnight), and then tell exact text of error.22:27
stephgso n95022:27
stephgit's going to be a very old nemo then?22:28
OksanaFrom February, 2014.22:28
OksanaJust recently reflashed. No "zypper ref" or "zypper dup".22:29
OksanaBecause attempt to upgrade leads to lipstick not having a new enough mce (>=1.31) to work properly (read: no GUI), and adding devel repository with mce 1.35 leads to lipstick-Qt-5.2 being incompatible with other Qt-5.1-libraries (and additionally openssh with broken dependencies, so the only exit is to reflash back to 2014-02-image).22:33
stephgcan't help you really Oksana, I don't know how much of the camera stuff was working back then and as you've just written half the deps will now be broken22:33
OksanaIf only I knew what exactly is the broken dependency of openssh... And where to get Qt5.2-ish libraries...22:33
stephgfwiw I think qt4 didn't disappear until very recently (if it's actually gone yet, better to ask in #mer)22:34
stephgwell worst case building an ssh that works shouldn't be hard22:34
OksanaNo problem, I will wait till Qt-5.2-ish libraries appear in repositories. Do not forget to tell me when it happens :)22:35
stephgbut you want camera specific things though?22:35
OksanaCamera would be nice, but if it does not work, then it does not. Maybe, I will find its code and fork it to Qt 5.2; it cannot become worse than it is now.22:36
stephgalso, forgive the stupid question, but are qt 5.2 things already in nemo/mer?22:37
stephgI think I'm right in saying sailfish is still 5.122:37
stephg^^ may just me being ignorant22:37
OksanaI do not know :) I just know that adding mer-core devel repository and upgrading led to lipstick being Qt 5.2-ish.22:38
stephgperhaps it is, I must admit I don't know what I'm talking about :/22:40
stephgbut from looking at that repo for qmlcamera that looks very old too :/22:41
OksanaI do not know either :) See qt5-default-5.2.1 in ?22:41
OksanaQml camera master branch was updated a year ago? And other branches 3 years ago.22:41
stephgso nemo, like sailfish is using wayland now, hence my confusion about X errors22:42
stephgbut iirc it was wayland in Feb14 too22:42
OksanaAnd on Jun 13, 2013? That was when the last commit to qmlcamera was made.22:49
stephgso that's probably a bad example app22:50
stephgwhat are you trying to do anyways if you don't mind me asking22:50
OksanaA working (preferably nightly:) ) Nemo Mobile on N950. And "working" includes apps like camera, maps, and drawing-sketching.22:55
M4rtinKI'm not sure how the current image is22:56
stephgI'm fairly sure it's broken22:56
M4rtinKbut the one I used in August didn't even have a working wifi22:56
M4rtinKso I had to coble together sub internet sharing from my PC22:56
stephgtho we disagree on which bits :)22:57
M4rtinKto update it22:57
OksanaSo far, nightly Nemo Mobile is not usable: mer:qt:devel is still 5.1.0, lipstick is linked against 5.222:57
M4rtinKwhich only made every application crash on startup :)22:57
stephgM4rtinK: we can agree on that ;)22:57
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OksanaThe latest image is
OksanaApplications do not crash on start-up, WiFi is working (as long as you can pull-click the invisible button to switch WiFi search on)22:59
OksanaMany buttons are invisible. Like, backspace in dialler. But it pretty much works.23:00
stephgTBH I don't know what the current state is, and more-or-less everyone who would know are sadly asleep23:02
stephgwhere in the world are you Oksana?23:02
stephgthe knowledgeable folks are largely in central Europe23:02
OksanaAnd I am at the opposite place of the planet :)23:02
stephgbeing serious tho23:04
M4rtinKoh that would explain why my wifi did not work23:05
M4rtinKstill, this needs to be improved23:05
OksanaSeriously, the most intensive attempt to upgrade the device to 'nightly'-latest Nemo Mobile was done by me overnight. :) Yes, switching WiFi on-off is tricky.23:05
M4rtinKit can put of potential contributors like this if the barrier for entry is this high :)23:06
stephgfor the morning: locusf faenil Stskeeps ^^ about 900 lines of backlog23:06
OksanaWhat barrier? There is no barrier :)23:06
stephgnot 900, 9023:06
M4rtinKI ting they are sleeping - or as for Stskeeps still hacking the upcoming Sailfish update :)23:07
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:07
OksanaThank you!23:07
stephgI know, it's for the morning, to be fair to stskeeps I think he doesn't hang out here much but I think sledges is on holiday still...23:08
stephganyway, is bed time. Good luck Oksana, g'night M4rtinK23:16
OksanaGood luck and good night!23:16
M4rtinKnight :)23:16
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