Tuesday, 2014-10-07

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locusfoh I saw in mer-boss that qt5sparql is fixed now?04:29
locusfok faenil fixed it04:31
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dr_gogeta86hi locusf07:45
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Stskeepsmorn faenil07:51
faenilStskeeps: hey, I really need some raw power to fix xulrunner07:52
faenilStskeeps: also, can you prod denexter about this? https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-qtmultimedia-plugins/pull/607:52
Stskeepsi'll handle that one07:53
faenilxulrunner -> there's a lot of public constructors which should be private as they refer to reference-counted classes07:53
faenilupdating to embedlite_33 branch fixed most of these, basically I think mozilla fixed those in the meanwhile07:54
faenilbut there are still a few on embedlite files (which don't seem to be mozilla stuff anymore? I couldn't find them on mozilla upstream, only on github dev personal repo)07:55
Stskeepsbit of a difficult setup, i don't think it's upstreamed07:56
Stskeepsas in07:56
Stskeepsupstream didn't necessarily want it07:56
faenilyeah, so basically the errors left should only be in the nemo-specific stuff07:56
faenilso, I need the dev to take a look, *or*, I need to compile it myself and fix them one by one07:57
faenilif you handle me your horse, I'll compile it myself, otherwise, I'll ask somebody the dev to have a look at it :D07:57
Stskeepsyeah, moment..07:58
Stskeepsjust pondering if xulrunner would build sanely on my buildbox07:59
SK_workfaenil: dear :(08:00
SK_workfaenil: how many packages left ?08:08
SK_workonly xulrunner ?08:08
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rozhkov_faenil: feel free to submit PRs for embedlite to https://github.com/tmeshkova/gecko-dev08:15
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faenilrozhkov_: oh hey! :) are you tmeshkova?08:18
faenilSK_work: xulrunner-qt5 and qtwebkit5!08:19
faenilqtwebkit -> I'm waiting for rainemak, because it's about plugins he removed08:19
Stskeepsfaenil: and buteo-mtp-qt508:19
rozhkov_faenil: no way :) i'm rojkov at github08:20
SK_workwebkit ...08:20
faenilStskeeps: ah right I overlooked it thinking it was an unresolvable08:20
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Stskeepsused to be08:30
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* faenil is sending the communtiy meeting email, with a bit of a delay :/08:36
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faenilrozhkov_: I just cloned gecko-dev10:34
faenilbut it doesn't even build10:34
faenildoesn't even *start* building10:34
faenilImportError: No module named wptrunner10:34
SK_workfaenil: why gecko-dev ? :(10:34
faenilSK_work: ?10:34
faenilbecause it's xulrunner-qt5 ?10:35
SK_worksounds like a missing python package10:35
SK_workah ?10:35
SK_workgecko-dev /is/ xulrunner-qt5 ?10:35
SK_workor xulrunner-qt5 is extracted from gecko-dev ?10:35
SK_workanyway, IMO missing python package10:35
faenilwell, it's the repo which has xulrunner-qt5.spec10:35
faenilyes I know it's missing package xD but is that supposed to happen ?just asking someone who's done this already10:36
SK_workfaenil: i guess10:36
faenilpity, I wanted to start the build before leaving for lunch10:36
faenilwell, cya later!10:36
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SK_worktoo bad10:37
SK_workhave a good lunch10:37
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adrianocampos__Someone know what mean "SSU_RELEASE_TYPE"?11:50
adrianocampos__on using mic to create a image of Mer11:51
adrianocampos__Someone know this project "https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Wayland_Nemo_VM_Image"11:54
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locusfI hate android12:14
locusfits so much easier to build for Nemo/SFOS12:15
rozhkov_faenil: you may find this post useful http://blog.idempotent.info/posts/how-to-configure-devel-environment-to-work-on-gecko-for-sailfishos.html12:16
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faenilrozhkov_: thanks! I just want to build xulrunner though12:18
faenilbuild.sh seems to build everything (with browser as optionaL)12:18
faenilrozhkov_: also, why are those sed needed? shouldn't it install the build requirements automatically?12:19
rozhkov_faenil: if you just want to build a rpm package then you'd better clone https://github.com/nemomobile-packages/gecko-dev12:20
rozhkov_faenil: this repo contain the latest packaging for nemo12:20
faenilrozhkov_: ok but I need to send the patch upstream...12:20
faenilI need to check if upstream builds12:21
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faenilbecause if it builds, there's no point in spending time on patching the nemo repo12:21
rozhkov_faenil: well, I can confirm that it builds then12:22
rozhkov_at least the branch embedlite_3312:23
faenilrozhkov_: are you using gcc 4.8.3 and glib 2.1,9?12:23
rozhkov_lemme check12:23
faenilrozhkov_: because that's what I'm working on :P12:23
rozhkov_faenil: ah,  got it. I'm on old environment12:24
faenilrozhkov_: ;)12:24
rozhkov_faenil: then switch to embedlite_3312:24
faenilrozhkov_: on upstream repo? I tried already nemo embedlite_33, it doesn't build12:24
rozhkov_yes, upstream12:25
rozhkov_what's the message?12:25
faenilok, let's see12:25
faenilrozhkov_: reference-counted classes which have public destructor, it should be private12:25
faenilmozilla had tons of errors, but they fixed those recently, while embedlite still has them12:26
rozhkov_faenil: i'm trying to refactor embedlite currently. but for the time being you could try to to add12:26
rozhkov_DISALLOW_EVIL_CONSTRUCTORS(EmbedLiteViewChild) macroses12:26
rozhkov_to the classes12:26
faenilStskeeps: what do you think? ^12:27
faenilrozhkov_: that's for constructors, not destructors12:28
rozhkov_hm... ok, then there are problems. even though some classes are marked as refcounted the embedlite code uses new and delete12:29
faenilrozhkov_: EmbedLitePuppetWidget is one of those, but that's the only one I know atm, I won't know the others until I get to build the code :/12:30
faenilrozhkov_: it looks like embedlite_33 branch is building, with mb2 -t targetname build12:31
faenilah no12:31
faenilImportError: No module named reftest12:32
rozhkov_faenil: wierd. you need to add the module to PYTHONPATH in build.sh12:33
rozhkov_faenil: btw, what are the build.sh options you use?12:33
faenilrozhkov_: I used mb2 at the moment12:33
rozhkov_faenil: ic. I don't use it12:34
faenilokay...I wonder why it works with the nemo repo, the spec doesn't seem to be that different expect a few patches here and there, for bugs12:34
rozhkov_faenil: the rpm folder in upstream is no up to date. PYTHONPATH may lack some modules12:36
faenilrozhkov_: ah, I see!12:37
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faenilrozhkov_: I'll try that, otherwise, what's the official way to build xulrunner only?12:38
faenilsb2 with build.sh -e ?12:38
rozhkov_for me the safest way is `sb2 -t jolla-arm -m sdk-build+pp ./build.sh -j -t mer`12:39
faenilrozhkov_: which builds the browser as well, right?12:39
rozhkov_faenil: replace -j with -e to build engine only12:40
faenilrozhkov_: is that what the OBS does?12:40
rozhkov_faenil: no12:40
faenilok, so the obs can build it, using another method? :)12:40
rozhkov_faenil: the specs says something like %{__make} -f client.mk build STRIP="/bin/true" %{?jobs:MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS="-j%jobs"}12:41
faenilok, first thing I'll try modding pythonpath12:42
rozhkov_faenil: the official way of build gecko is to use `mach build`, but I haven't spent enough time to adapt it for scratchbox and OBS12:43
faenilrozhkov_: well, it's okay as long as it works the way it is xD12:44
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faenilPR ready! https://github.com/nemomobile/buteo-mtp/pull/5612:57
faenilwho should review that? it seems VDVsx this time has nothing to do with a buteo repo :D12:58
VDVsxfaenil, well, easy one12:59
faenilVDVsx: I knew this would have worked haha ... <313:00
VDVsxguys working on that not in this channel, I tried to delegate first :P13:02
SK_workfix with only 3 harmless includes13:02
faenilSK_work: still needs someone to review it though, I can't just go on and merge myself13:06
SK_workfaenil: :)13:07
faenilrozhkov_: https://github.com/nemomobile-packages/gecko-dev/blob/nemo_embedlite/rpm/xulrunner-qt5.spec and https://github.com/tmeshkova/gecko-dev/blob/embedlite_33/rpm/xulrunner-qt5.spec13:07
faenilhave mostly the same spec13:07
SK_worknp, I was just expecting something more exiting :)13:07
faenilonly thing missing is the patches, which are not build related13:07
SK_worklike some virtual destructors here and there ?13:07
faenilso I think the fix is somewhere else, maybe in build.sh itself13:07
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faenilgah, stupid me, I'm comparing the wrong nemo branch13:08
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faenilrozhkov_: I added the reftest module to PYTHON path and it's building now :)13:21
rozhkov_faenil: yep, usually it helps. the project hierarchy is constantly evolving in gecko13:23
faenilrozhkov_: is there anything I can to help nemo, like, make the main embedlite upstream branch build13:23
faenilso that nemo can update to that?13:23
faenilI can do*13:23
rozhkov_faenil: not at the moment. If my refactoring succeed then the code in embedlite will change significantly. Ask me again in two weeks :)13:27
faenilrozhkov_: I probably won't be aroudn at that time, but ok ;) good luck with that :)13:28
dr_gogeta86hi faenil13:28
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faenildr_gogeta86: o/13:29
dr_gogeta86all ok ?13:29
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faenildr_gogeta86: yeah fixing last repos13:31
dr_gogeta86if I can help in some way13:31
faenilnot sure, there's only xulrunner-qt5 and qtwebkit5 left, and we already know the failure reasons for both13:32
faenildr_gogeta86: but if you ask Stskeeps if you're he'll find something :13:33
Stskeepswell, there's the aarch64 and x86_64 issues13:33
faenildr_gogeta86: there you go! ^13:36
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, are already there or are needed to be created ?13:47
Stskeepshttps://build.merproject.org/project/show/mer-core:aarch64:devel , https://build.merproject.org/project/show/mer-core:x86_64:devel13:47
Stskeepsmay be related to bad prjconf some of them though13:47
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faenilrainemak: pingie pingie :P13:58
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rozhkov_faenil: rainemak is back on Monday14:02
faenilrozhkov_: ah ok, thanks for the info :)14:03
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dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, can you help me to setup x86_64 and aarch64 on my chroot env14:32
AdrianoCampos_hi dr_gogeta8614:35
dr_gogeta86hi AdrianoCampos_14:35
AdrianoCampos_What are you doing?14:35
faenilhi AdrianoCampos_ !14:36
AdrianoCampos_Hi faenil14:36
AdrianoCampos_how are you?14:37
faenilfine, fine, you?14:37
AdrianoCampos_Do you have some time today to help-me14:37
faenilyou can try14:37
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AdrianoCampos_So, I'm trying MerSDK14:38
AdrianoCampos_Now I've a basic mer machine and I can login inside by ssh14:39
AdrianoCampos_I made my mer machine with MIC14:39
AdrianoCampos_Now I want start on machine some QT5 aplication14:40
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AdrianoCampos_faenil do you have some tips for me14:41
faenilAdrianoCampos_: what do you mean?14:42
AdrianoCampos_I'm using your tutorial14:43
faenilAdrianoCampos_: ps if the question is not nemo-specific, there's #mer channel ;)14:43
AdrianoCampos_this is out-date?14:43
faenilit depends on what you want to do14:43
faenilwe're in the process of merging nemo and mer together14:43
AdrianoCampos_I want know how nemo work on top of mer14:43
faenilso things are a bit messed atm :D14:44
faenilnemo and mer are soon going to be one unique piece14:44
faenilnot sure, Stskeeps probably can give better estimates14:44
faenilthe work is ongoing14:44
AdrianoCampos_so, when I use your ks file14:45
AdrianoCampos_a got this error14:45
AdrianoCampos_ Warning: repo problem: nothing provides bme-rm-680-bin >= 0.9.95 needed by statefs-provider-bme-0.2.63-15.1.Nemo.i486,  Error <repo>: found 1 resolver problem, abort!14:45
faenilAdrianoCampos_: yeah, see, that's because repos are probably messed up at the moment14:46
faenilthough locusf may have additional info14:46
faenilI haven't played with nemo recently, I have just started helping out with the nemo-mer merge a few days ago14:46
AdrianoCampos_ok, but I'm a little messed about mersdk14:48
AdrianoCampos_and nemo14:48
AdrianoCampos_NemoMobile is a QT aplication runing on top of mer machine?14:49
SK_workfaenil: just wondering, does Mer + Nemo (the merge) build on aarch64 ?14:49
faenilSK_work: nope, that's why dr_gogeta86 is working on it :D14:53
AdrianoCampos_faenil in your tutorial what you mean with "Setup Wayland VM SB2 target "?14:53
SK_workah :14:53
SK_workteam play14:53
SK_worknice :)14:53
Stskeepshttps://build.merproject.org/project/show/mer-core:aarch64:devel , https://build.merproject.org/project/show/mer-core:aarch64:devel14:53
faenilAdrianoCampos_: so, Mer is the Core of the OS, Nemo is the MW (i.e. middleware, i.e. what's between the UI and the core)...and then there's either Sailfish UI or Nemo UI on top14:53
SK_workfaenil: thank you to explain to AdrianoCampos_14:54
AdrianoCampos_both Sailfish Ui and Nemo Ui is QT5 aplications?14:55
dr_gogeta86faenil, I'm trying ... SK_work teamup14:55
SK_workdr_gogeta86: well, I'm at work, no SDK etc.14:55
SK_worknot easy for me :(14:55
stephgthe meeting is in 5 minutes, no?14:55
SK_workfaenil: ^ ? :)14:56
faenilPSA: sailfish community meeting in 5 mins in #mer-meeting channel14:57
locusfjust in time then14:57
SK_workthanks for the classic spamming faenil :)14:57
SK_workalways useful14:57
dr_gogeta86can phonebot14:58
dr_gogeta86hi locusf14:58
locusfhey dr_gogeta8614:58
faenilAdrianoCampos_: yes the UIs are both coded using Qt5 and QML14:59
AdrianoCampos_only to comfirm :)15:01
AdrianoCampos_and about d-bus15:02
AdrianoCampos_D-bus only work on X-session, right?15:02
faenilwhat about dbus :)15:02
faenilNemo and sailfishOs are both Wayland-based15:02
AdrianoCampos_I know that15:02
AdrianoCampos_so, and about d-bus?15:02
faenil(don't know how dbus relates to x11)15:02
AdrianoCampos_I just seen d-bus is not running on my mer machine15:03
SK_workDBus is just a desktop bus15:04
SK_workAdrianoCampos_: ha15:05
SK_workyou have to install it I guess15:05
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faenilrozhkov_: so, it okay if I send the patches upstream and you bring them to nemo?15:07
faenil(still working on it but I should be done soon)15:07
SK_workfaenil: done soon15:07
SK_workyay \o/15:07
SK_workwon the fight against those private destructors ?15:08
faenilfighting :D15:08
faenilswitched public destructors to protected15:08
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile15:11
SK_workfaenil: the whole protected/private destructors makes me shill15:12
SK_workseriously, destructors are called by "delete", they should be public :S15:12
faenilSK_work: not if they're reference-counted classes15:13
faenil(which is what this is all about)15:13
faenilthe compiler just wants to avoid the situation where something tries to delete the class, and it really shouldn't because it's reference counted15:13
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SK_workfaenil: ha15:14
SK_workbut who deletes the class15:14
SK_workmakes sense indeed15:14
rozhkov_faenil: sure15:14
*** Dynamit has quit IRC15:14
SK_workbut there must be a way to destroy15:14
faenilrozhkov_: ok cool15:15
*** Dynamit_ is now known as Dynamit15:17
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faenilrozhkov_: so, it finished compiling the engine, it started compiling ICU, but it said "dpkg-architecture: command not found", I started the build again15:29
faeniland it started *from scratch* :'(15:29
faenilis that expected?15:29
SK_workdpkg-architecture :/15:30
SK_workand can't you use ICU from Mer ?15:30
faenilSK_work: don't know, it built it by itself15:31
faenilalso, there's no dpkg package in Mer-core it seems ... Stskeeps ?15:31
SK_workisn't there some configure --something15:31
SK_workfaenil: there shouldn't need to use a distro dependant tool15:32
SK_workso looks like a detection error to me15:32
faenilok...time to use the same configure pars as nemo15:32
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faenilStskeeps: ping17:34
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Stskeepsfaenil: pong17:44
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile17:44
faenilStskeeps: asking for an advice...the situation with xulrunner is that I fixed all compilation errors, but now it gets to the end and while installing it expects the host to have dpkg-architecture (because I guess it recognizes it's a debian) but that command is not available inside the sdk, and it fails17:45
faeniland when I call mb2 again, build starts from scratch :/17:45
Stskeepsshow me? :P17:46
faenilStskeeps: http://pastie.org/962855117:48
Stskeepsi don't want to clone xulrunner when i'm still sober.. grep -r dpkg-architecture in it?17:50
faenil(that's the end of the whole process btw, when it reaches icu17:50
faenilStskeeps: I have already17:50
Stskeepsand where is it called?17:51
faenilbbl dinner17:51
Stskeepsthis is within a mer sdk, right17:52
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faenilStskeeps: back18:20
faenilany idea?18:21
Stskeepsno, i'm boggled18:22
Stskeepsisn't that DEB_BUILD_ARCH somehow conditioned?18:22
faenilit could build on OBS, so I'm sending the compilation patch in the meanwhile18:22
faenillet's check18:23
faenilbtw, the .spec file has18:23
faenilso...I'm puzzled18:23
Stskeepsare you 100% sure that's the cause and not the chmod +x ?18:23
faenilStskeeps: no I'm not sure18:25
faeniljust noticed the errors18:25
faenilI'll try looking higher in the log, maybe something failed building a loong ago18:26
faenilbtw this is the file where the deb condition is18:27
faenillast few lines18:27
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faenilgrep error: buildlog only shows the last line, fwiw18:28
faenilso it shouldnt be any compilation error18:28
faeniland search for "not found" shows http://pastie.org/962866118:29
faenilI wonder if missing git has something to do with it18:29
faenilI hate it that it starts from scratch btw18:33
Stskeepsyeah some builds aren't mb2 quick friendly18:35
faenilStskeeps: but if I stop it in the middle, then it starts from the middle18:36
faenilit only starts from scratch if it had finished building before18:36
Stskeepsmaybe there's a make clean somewhere18:36
faenilbtw yeah it's probably the chmod18:36
Stskeepsstill odd no .so is made18:37
faenilStskeeps: installroot has them18:38
faenilit's the folder name which is wrong18:38
faenilha https://github.com/tmeshkova/gecko-dev/blob/embedlite_33/rpm/xulrunner-qt5.spec#L118:39
faenilin fact nemo branch has 33.0a2 ...18:43
faenilso it's a bug in the upstream branch18:43
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile18:50
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile18:55
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC18:56
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile18:56
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:00
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile19:00
faenilStskeeps: look in how many place the *version* number is hardcoded19:04
faenileverytime you switch version you have to change *all* of these!19:04
Stskeepsyou would be surprised how that is in gcc too..19:04
faenilno wonder bugs like this one happen!19:04
faenilgah, that's...oh well, nvm :p19:04
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC19:04
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile19:05
faenilanyway, the case is closed :) the spec had the wrong greversion, while the version it's supposed to show is the one in "config/milestone.txt"19:05
faenilI like doing this stuff :D19:05
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC19:07
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile19:08
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC19:08
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile19:08
* faenil launches the 3rd rebuild, which will take about 1h19:08
ZogG_laptopfaenil: \o/19:08
faenilZogG_laptop: hey o/19:09
faenilStskeeps: can I build qtwebkit at the time on this horse? :D19:09
Stskeepsprobably yes19:09
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC19:09
faenilStskeeps: without incurring in cpu limits?19:10
Stskeepswhat cpu limits..19:10
faenilwell, you know, if xulrunner uses 600% cpu :D19:10
* faenil notices he forgot "at the *same* time"19:10
Stskeepsit's a i7-920 quadcore with 24gb ram and 2x750 gb sata 6-gbit..19:11
Morpog_PCnot bad, but not a horse :D19:11
faenillet's see how much of it is used by xul19:11
faenilStskeeps: I have the same CPU on my desktop!19:11
*** AdrianoCampos_ has quit IRC19:11
faenilbut only 6gb ram19:12
faenilnah it's a good boy, it's using all the threads at 100%, can't do webkit at the same time19:13
faenilbut I could always try.... :D19:15
*** jmlich has joined #nemomobile19:15
*** jmlich has quit IRC19:15
ZogG_laptopfaenil: on your computer?19:18
faenilZogG_laptop: mm?19:18
ZogG_laptop6gb ram19:18
faenilyep, the desktop19:18
ZogG_laptopi got new with 16 :P19:18
ZogG_laptopbefoee it was 4 gb (which was 2 before :P)19:19
faenileheh, cool! can I use it to build webkit? lol19:19
ZogG_laptopfaenil: maybe19:19
faenilMorpog_PC: or can you offer something more powerful?19:19
ZogG_laptopfaenil: do you need it for arm?19:19
faenilnah don't worry, not worth setting up everything just for that ;)19:19
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i mean do i need SDK and all the other things to do it?19:19
faenilyeah, you need a special setup19:20
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i do compile everything on my system. have funtoo here :P19:20
ZogG_laptopfaenil: special setup for a special child :P19:20
faenilhehe yeah but the setup of the whole kit would take longer than the build itself :D19:20
ZogG_laptopi built gentoo on n950 so you will handle it :P19:21
ZogG_laptopbut at some point i do not mind to set up things and build them as i have new computer and it should be horse so i don't mind to share some CPU/RAM19:22
ZogG_laptopthough i would not compile things on ssd, only on HDD :P19:22
ZogG_laptopfaenil: btw if i want pure setup to help with nemo, can i do it with less separate SDKs and QtCreator copies?19:23
ZogG_laptopand go with regular QtCreator + plugins?19:23
ZogG_laptopas well what is minimal version19:23
ZogG_laptopit seems that 3 is hardmasked on funtoo coz of qt5 not yes being stable19:24
Morpog_PCfaenil, not at home :D19:24
ZogG_laptopat least time time i synced19:24
faenilZogG_laptop: I used mersdk + n950 target, no QtCreator19:28
faenillocusf uses QtCreator iirc, he can help you19:28
faenilI think you can use SailfishSDK for that purpose19:29
ZogG_laptopi do not want sailfishsdk19:29
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile19:29
ZogG_laptopi want to have one qtcreator on my computer19:29
ZogG_laptopnot 519:29
faenilok, then no, you can't do it, afaik19:29
faenilI understand your concern, but until the Mer plugin is included in the official QtCreator, that won't happen19:29
faenilor, well, you can use qtcreator as an editor, and then use cmd to build and deploy19:30
ZogG_laptopi do not have harmattan sdk anymore (it's on old hdd though and i would try to copy it, but fear it would not work)19:30
faenilI don't think it has anything to do19:31
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i do not need official inclue19:31
ZogG_laptopi think19:31
ZogG_laptopwe have madde plugin as use flag19:31
faenilZogG_laptop: yeah you could hack it, don't know how to do that though, I've never tried19:31
ZogG_laptopi think it depends on distr and it can be included separatly19:31
*** gogeta has joined #nemomobile19:32
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile19:34
faenilZogG_laptop: if you like cmd, I recommend doing everything via cmd, it's easy19:44
faeniljust one command to build and one to deploy19:44
ZogG_laptopi need only mersdk right?19:45
faeniland n950 target (which is in bad conditions atm)19:45
faenilor any arm target should do I think19:46
*** filippz has quit IRC19:47
ZogG_laptopyou deploy to n950 itslef?19:47
ZogG_laptopi think there is difference between arms19:48
ZogG_laptopthere are different setups (maybe big vs little endian and so on) not that good at that19:48
*** olesalscheider has joined #nemomobile19:48
faenilZogG_laptop: well once you choose the arch you're ok19:49
faeniland you want armv7hl19:49
ZogG_laptopafter all you should know better? how's your school?19:49
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i as well have rpi19:49
faenilits' fine, I should start writing the thesis report, time's running up19:49
ZogG_laptopfaenil: you have a lot of time till everything is compiling in background19:49
faenilwhat about you? is the job ok?19:50
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:50
ZogG_laptopit's small company and i do a lot of IT stuff while i prefer to do more coding stuff19:51
ZogG_laptopas well i use C# mostly19:51
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC19:51
ZogG_laptopbarely use C/C++19:51
ZogG_laptoponly few projects19:51
faenilI see19:51
faenilStskeeps: is this supposed to be handled by the local build process? i.e. mb219:51
ZogG_laptopand no developers with expirence on C/C++ i can learn from :(19:52
Stskeepsfaenil: arh..19:52
faenilbecause if I start putting with/without here and there, nothing seems to change19:52
Stskeepsthat's a bit..19:52
faenilyes I read that already19:53
faenilbut if in the configure options I put19:53
faenil"%if {with X11}" or "%if {without X11}"19:53
faenilnothing changes, the options are always the same19:53
faenilhence asking if the local build process takes those cond expr into account19:54
Stskeepsno such thing as {without}19:54
Stskeepsyou need to pass --with X11 to rpmbuild19:54
Stskeepshack mb219:54
faenilStskeeps: it's already taking the with X11 expr into account19:55
faenilbut I need it *not* to do something when there's x1119:55
faenili.e. don't disable the netscape plugin :P19:56
faenilbut okay, if there's no without (strange, because there's --without and everything)19:56
faenilI'll look for another way19:56
*** sp3000 has quit IRC20:00
faenilStskeeps: "you lose"...ahah http://rpm.org/gitweb?p=rpm.git;a=blob;f=macros.in;hb=HEAD#l10920:00
*** sp3000 has joined #nemomobile20:00
faenilso it cannot happen that it hits both with and without...either is not considering it, or I'm doing something wrong somewhere else20:01
Stskeepsjust build with --with X11 in rpmbuild..20:02
Stskeepslook at the build log20:02
faenilStskeeps: isn't it what this does? https://github.com/faenil/qtwebkit5/blob/master/rpm/qtwebkit5.spec#L220:03
faenilbcond_with defaults the cond to true20:03
Stskeepsit just signals there's such an option20:03
Stskeepsso make mb2 pass --with X11 to rpmbuild20:04
faenil"If you want to change whether or not an option is enabled by default, only change %bcond_with to %bcond_without or vice versa. "20:04
faenilok anyway...20:04
Stskeepsnever trust rpm documentation20:05
faenilI wonder what bcond_without does then, enables the --without maybe? mm I'm not convinced :P20:06
Stskeepsbcond_without just tells there's such an option, allowing %if without to work20:06
Stskeepsso you can pass --without X1120:06
faenil# Handle conditional builds. %bcond_with is for case when feature is  112 # default off and needs to be activated with --with ... command line  113 # switch. %bcond_without is for the dual case.20:07
faenilok this makes sense now20:07
faenilStskeeps: ok, clear now, thanks20:07
faenilbut since obs can't find WebPluginProcess, which is inside an if with X11...I'd say it's defined already20:08
faenilbut let's see20:08
faenilStskeeps: ok it's building :) but OBS has --with=X11 set already, right?20:18
Stskeepscheck buildlog20:19
faenilStskeeps: it's not coming from rpmbuild cmd at least20:24
faenilit behaves as if it's defined though, so it must be somewhere :) let's see..20:25
*** Guhl has joined #nemomobile20:25
faenilX11=1 .... in gcc parameters20:27
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:34
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile20:34
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile20:37
faenilStskeeps: aaand it's a succeeeess20:39
faenilxulrunner builds! \o/20:39
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC20:41
faenilforever alone xD20:41
gogetabut i see the worst ever meeting this noon20:47
faenilYAY! https://github.com/tmeshkova/gecko-dev/pull/2620:53
faenilrozhkov_: ^20:54
faenilrozhkov_: you only need the compilation commit for the nemo branch20:54
faenilrozhkov_: let me know if you need my help to speed up the process, or let me know when you merge/tag it to the nemo branch, so that I can bring it to the renewed Mer core ;)20:55
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