Monday, 2014-10-13

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* faenil is connected via the new cat5e cable! (cc tbr kimmoli )12:56
tbrfaenil: how's the snr?12:56
faeniltbr: the "standard" value is the same as before, which is quite surprising to me12:57
faenilbut let's see if it drops like before as well...fingers crossed it doesn't12:57
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faenilyeah I Would have expected at least 1db more :(12:57
faenilat least...12:57
tbrlet's see how stable it will be12:58
bencohhow long ?12:58
faenilbencoh: about 40mt12:59
faeniltbr: yeah let's see :/12:59
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sledgesclose #1 pls (check comment there what to do)13:39
sledgesand delete qqc from nemo-ux, we should keep things tidy and hold upstream packages manageable under -packages13:39
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sledgesfaenil: db is an exponential metric ;)13:41
faenilsledges: I know well ;I)13:42
faenilsledges: and it's exactly for that reason that I expected 1db more, not 10 :p13:42
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sledgesisn't actual increase by 1 db depend on how you have now?;)13:42
sledges18:30 <@faenil> sledges: ahaha yeah, I'm having fun...though I should really disappear soon, as soon as the boring work is finished :)13:42
faenilthe SNR in routers is actually "10 * log_10(sig/noise)"13:42
sledgesclingy df mode on:13:43
sledges18:30 <@faenil> sledges: ahaha yeah, I'm having fun...though I should really disappear soon, as soon as the boring work is finished :)13:43
sledgesclingy gf mode off13:43
faenillol, what's going on :D13:43
sledgesmy 2p13:43
sledgesor 2db :D13:43
faenilhahah :)13:44
dr_gogeta86i see fun here13:48
sledgesalways fun with Italians;)13:50
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faenilis there any way I can convince libreoffice Calc that it MUST NOT convert my 12.6 to 12.06.00 time format?13:54
faenilit's making my SNR analysis more difficult than it should have been :P13:54
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sledgesFormat Cell, number (+decimal)13:57
sledgesfaenil: ^13:57
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faenilsledges: nope, doesn't help13:57
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faenilthat takes 12.6, converts it to 12.06.00, and then converts it to number, giving 0,50something13:58
SK_workfaenil: ever tried entering 12,6 instead ?14:02
SK_workeither use a mass replace14:02
faenilthey say I should prefix all items with ' so that they're interpreted as text14:02
faenilSK_work: yes it works with the comma, tried already14:02
SK_workfaenil: do you want a number or a text ? plus from where does this data comes from14:02
faenilbut I don't intend to script replace all my files14:02
faenilmy logs14:03
SK_workfaenil: finally, tried changing the separator in your localization settings ?14:03
SK_workfaenil: windows or linux ?14:03
SK_workfaenil: in both OS you should be able to find localization settings, change the "number separator" here from , to .14:03
SK_worksettings panel > clock language region > change date format, time or number > additional settings > set the "." instead of "," here14:05
faenilall this because they can't have a "disable automatic dumb conversions" :(14:07
SK_workfaenil: well, the conversion isn't that dumb :)14:07
SK_workyour number formatting is wrong14:07
faenilSK_work: it's coming directly from routers, it's not mine14:08
SK_workplease tell to the american (or the europeans) that a point (or a comma) is a bad way to separate decimal part for a number14:08
SK_workfaenil: what comes from routers ?14:08
faenil12.6 and similar14:08
SK_workfaenil: I told you how to fix the separator issue :)14:08
SK_workgave it a try ?14:08
faenilI'm trying...rebooting libreoffice as it didn't make a diff14:08
SK_workfaenil: maybe rebooting windows is needed ;)14:09
faenilmmm ok, don't want to reboot now14:10
faenilrebooting libreoffice didn't help14:10
faenilanyway, it's not like using a dot as a decimal separator is "unlike" (TM)14:10
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile14:11
SK_workfaenil: in France (europe ?) we use ,14:12
SK_workplease respect our difference :)14:12
SK_workand run sed in your logs14:12
faenilSK_work: routers from different brands use "."14:12
dr_gogeta86SK_work, is not in locales this infos ?14:12
dr_gogeta86for anglosaxons14:12
dr_gogeta86here in italy due this thing14:12
SK_workdr_gogeta86: I asked faenil to change the separator, didn't help14:13
faenilso I'd say it's quite common, so common you shouldn't make it automatic14:13
dr_gogeta86for a 10,00 euro fee14:13
SK_workfaenil: because router brands are all american ? :)14:13
dr_gogeta86we made a bank order of 10000 euro14:13
faenilSK_work: and you think America is a small country you can ignore? :)14:13
dr_gogeta86faenil, use timestamp14:13
SK_workfaenil: as I have said: we are different14:13
faenildr_gogeta86: you misunderstood, I have a number, I don't want a timestamp :P14:14
dr_gogeta86as rule14:14
SK_workthey are ruling the IT world since the beginning, so they are overwhelming us14:14
SK_work(proof: we are using english :))14:14
faenilSK_work: of course...hence me saying why doesn't libreoffice give the option?14:14
dr_gogeta86they rule tnx Agnelli family ( FIAT now FCA owners )14:14
SK_workfaenil: I think that libreoffice is based on system localizaton14:14
faenilanyway, it's basing on locale, so it makes sense, maybe it works after win reboot14:14
SK_workbut for an unknown reason it is not picking it up14:15
faenilSK_work: indeed it is, but if it doesn't work after changing locale options :D14:15
SK_workor does it have it's own localization settings ?14:15
faenilSK_work: yeah14:15
SK_work(checked in LO settings ?)14:15
SK_workfaenil: maybe it is windows who is dumb ?14:15
SK_workor LO ?14:15
SK_workor both ?14:15
faenilI read this "LibreOffice Calc automatically converts certain entries to dates. For example, the entry 1.1 may be interpreted as January 1 of the current year, according to the locale settings of your operating system, and then displayed according to the date format applied to the cell.  To ensure that an entry is interpreted as text, add an apostrophe at the beginning of the entry. The apostrophe is not displayed in the cell."14:15
dr_gogeta86better use LO14:15
Stskeepsdon't assume that these things are harmless.. does anybody remember the 10+5E jolla order numbers?14:16
faenilhahaha I almost forgot that :)14:16
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, you fix that ?14:17
Stskeepsi certainly hope so14:17
SK_workwhich one ? I didn't remember :(14:17
faenilSK_work: DHL sent emails like "congrats for your Jolla order! Order number: 1.5*e+10"14:18
faenilin preorders phase14:18
SK_worklike 1.5e+10 written like this ?14:19
faenildon't remember if it was DHL of who else14:19
dr_gogeta86dhl i found email14:20
dr_gogeta86hipped ByTracking Number14:20
faenilphdeswer: ping14:23
phdeswerhi faenil!14:23
faenilphdeswer: yo man :)14:23
phdeswerWhat can I help you with today ;)14:24
faenilphdeswer: quick question, do you agree that dsme should "Requires:" usb-moded since in its .service there is "After= usb-moded.service"14:24
phdeswerWell not based on that alone. But I think dsme's battery tracking also uses usb-moded to check charger connection etc. But I need to check that14:25
faenilphdeswer: ok, thanks for confirming, I'll send a PR to dsme then ;)14:27
phdeswerfaenil: yep please do. You can mention the usbtracker module depends on it14:28
phdeswerIt won't cause disasters if it is missing though.14:28
faenilphdeswer: it will, nemo ks wasn't installing usb-moded because there was no dependency, so dsme never got to run14:29
phdeswerfaenil: Oh yes indeed. Another case where things should not break in boot but systemd just can't help it.14:30
faenilwell, if you say it has to run after a service ,and servicedoesn't exist...14:30
phdeswerfaenil: yes. But that is ordering. It does not Require: the service.. So if the After service does not exist, it should not care about it.14:31
faenilphdeswer: mmm, not sure I agree but yes, you have a point14:31
phdeswerfaenil: well I can understand why you might not want it. But imagine the situation that you order for performance reasons. For example you have two different services starting at the same time using too much IO or competing for the same resources. But if they do not depend in any way on each other, the ordering is void if one of them is missing and that does not mean the service should not be started.14:33
faenilphdeswer: yes I agree14:34
phdeswerBut in any case since dsme's usb tracker is included by default the Requires: in the rpm should be there ;)14:36
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locusfsledges: we decided to move to a newer upstream too, should I pr that as well?14:52
faenilphdeswer: dsme BuildRequires dsme of an older version?14:55
faenil(older or equal)14:55
faenilnah, >= 0.6.3,  what's the sense?14:56
phdeswerfaenil: I think it used to require a dsme dev package... Or still does.14:56
faenilok, pkgconfig(dsme >= 0.63)14:57
faeniljust saying, because the built rpm fails to install on the i486 target14:57
faenil'_tmpRPMcache_:dsme=0:0.67.0-0' not found in package names. Trying capabilities. No provider of 'dsme = 0:0.67.0-0' found.14:57
phdeswerYep requires
faenilI wonder why the installation fails14:58
phdeswerfaenil: do you have a longer install log? As from what you posted it just seems the package does not exist15:00
phdeswerOr somehow the dependencies are not generated correctly there.15:00
faenilthat's all it say15:04
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faenilI don't understand why though, dsme is a build requires, not an install requires15:05
phdeswerfaenil: well install during the image generation you mean right? Seems it does not find a dsme with the right version. I wonder what that extra 0: is.15:06
faenilno install via zypper install I mean15:06
sledgeslocusf: sure, first merge #2, afterwards just update it (like libhybris), need help?15:06
faenilin the sdk i486 target15:07
faenilphdeswer: zypper install generatedRPM.rpm15:07
locusfsledges: I'll let you know if I do :)15:07
phdeswerfaenil: try with rpm -Uvh generatedRPM.rpm (after copying it to the device) it might tell more15:08
faenilphdeswer: which device :P15:08
sledgeslocusf: k15:08
phdeswerfaenil: Oh wel in the target then ;)15:09
faenilphdeswer: it says usb-moded is needed15:10
faenil(as i added it in the requires)15:10
phdeswer:D Well that is what you just wanted ;) You can maybe install that one first15:10
faenilphdeswer: zypper install should take of that15:12
faenilit's there for a reason xD15:12
faeniltake care*15:12
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locusfdidn't usb-moded require the busybox dhcp symlinks?15:12
phdeswerfaenil: well yes, but here we are trying to find out why dsme does not install.15:12
faenillocusf: nvm I fixed that already15:13
*** coderus has joined #nemomobile15:13
locusffaenil: oh you did, great :)15:13
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faenilphdeswer: installing usb-moded didn't help15:14
faenilphdeswer: I think it's just a name clash or something, due to the chroot etc15:14
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phdeswerfaenil: could be. I am worried about the extra 0: check what the older dsme versions do...15:15
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faenilphdeswer: it does it with the current master branch as well15:23
faenilphdeswer: spiiroin
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phdeswerfaenil: ok. Maybe some weird obs/rpm issue15:34
faenilphdeswer: can you merge/tag?15:37
phdeswerfaenil: I'll check with the dsme maintainer first. But it should go in soon if it is ok.15:39
faenilphdeswer: ok no problem15:39
phdeswerI don't like doing merges on parts I don't manage and where I know somebody else knows it in detail.15:40
faenilno problem, I understand ;) we're not in a hurry afterall15:41
phdeswerfaenil: ah ok you already discussed it with him :)15:42
phdeswerfaenil: on a related note, what's the current state of usb-moded in nemomobile? As last time I looked at in obs it was very old...15:45
faenilI can update it to use 80.7, fwiw15:46
phdeswerThat might be nice. But at least it is not stuck anymore at 0.4x :)15:46
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile15:47
faenilupdated, latest version now15:47
phdeswerfaenil: wow. Lighting fast :D15:47
faenilphdeswer: mmm spec says version 0.87, changelog says 0.80.715:48
faenilis that intended?15:48
*** eekkelund has quit IRC15:49
phdeswerfaenil: just noticed that there is a typo in the nemo tag :(15:49
faenilphdeswer: yep :p15:50
phdeswerfixed ;)15:51
*** Venemo_j_ has quit IRC15:53
locusfwhat about the symlinks dep, its still present :P15:53
faenillocusf: it's allright15:53
faenillocusf: there's something which provides it now15:53
locusfoh ok15:53
faenilphdeswer: have you pushed? I still see 0.87 on web ui15:54
phdeswerfaenil: I did. maybe the web ui is a bit slow?15:54
phdeswerOh wait I pushed it to the original repo only...15:55
faenilwhat's the original repo :D15:55
*** vakkov has quit IRC15:55
phdeswerYep the original usb_moded repo was/is in gitorious.15:56
faeniloh, I see15:56
phdeswerThere was a copy made to github as it was predicted that once Nokia stopped paying everything would go. But well that did not happen15:56
phdeswerNow it looks ok :)15:56
phdeswerI hope it will not cause any issues with updates now with the 0.87 version stuff :(15:59
phdeswerWorst bit is that the usual tag has the right version number...16:00
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faenilphdeswer: yeah..fingers crossed for you :)16:09
*** jmlich has quit IRC16:10
faenillocusf: when you want to have fun, you should already be able to create a new image adding usb-moded in the ks16:12
faenil(until dsme PR is merged)16:12
faenilor filippz ^16:14
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile16:19
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kimmolifaenil: hows the new cable? :)16:36
*** Venemo_j has joined #nemomobile16:36
faenilkimmoli: standard SNR value is the same it seems...16:36
faenilabout the issues, I don't know, connection hasn't dropped so far16:36
faenilbut it's too early to say16:37
*** faenil has quit IRC16:42
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o faenil16:48
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locusffaenil: will do16:55
*** vakkov has quit IRC16:56
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locusfusb-moded is pretty much the key to android adaptations as well18:00
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kimmoliwebhooks working again \o/ ... but not bitbucket one >:/19:41
*** sletta has quit IRC19:41
lbtyeah, I think that's blacklisted still19:43
lbtI could do with some help validating the new webhooks though19:43
lbtkimmoli: mmm
lbt"8 minutes ago" ?19:45
lbtoh github, nm ...19:46
lbt(the logs are vast so it's hard to see exactly what's going on sometimes)19:46
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kimmolitriggered manually by editing sha in _service, for bitbucet one19:51
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:51
lbtI'll ask phaeron about the IPs to whitelist for bbucket19:55
kimmoliyou mean these?
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faenillpotter: ping21:44
faenilmy jolla is in wifi connection loop21:44
faenilit says auth failed, but it worked until a few hours ago21:44
faeniland it keeps trying to connect21:44
stephgdo nasty things to connman?21:45
faenilI have rebooted the phone already, fwiw21:45
stephgeek and still?21:45
stephgis there something wrong with the wifi? (i.e. does it work with another device)21:45
lpotterhmm.. what version os?21:45
faenilI know that you'll say it's very outdated21:45
faenilbut I thought I'd let you know, maybe it's a bug that's still there and hard to reproduce21:46
faenilnot my fault if your company doesn't release anything newer :D21:46
lpotterya, u9 taking longer than expected21:47
faenillpotter: yeah I know21:47
lpottermaking it just exactly perfect21:47
faenillpotter: do you want logs/something? otherwise I'll try deleting and readding the network21:47
lpotterlogs might be good. but lots of connectivity work done in u921:47
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile21:50
faenillpotter: the logs begins at 1 MINUTE ago21:51
faenil(because of the connman/wifi spam)21:51
faenilif you want me to install something, be quick as I'm going to bed soon :p :D21:54
tigeliOct 13 23:49:07 Jolla kernel: wlan: connection failed with 00:00:00:00:00:00 reason:3 and Status:721:55
tigeliOct 13 23:49:07 Jolla kernel: wlan: connection failed with 00:00:00:00:00:00 reason:1 and Status:921:55
*** piggz has quit IRC21:55
tigelifaenil: check if rmmod wlan; modprobe wlan helps21:56
faeniltigeli: except we're like 5 people using the AP :D21:56
tigelifaenil: yeah, probably driver gone mad..21:57
faeniltigeli: that did it!21:57
faeniland a reboot didnt!21:57
tigelifaenil: hah :D21:57
faenilhow comes a reboot didnt? isn't it equivalent?21:57
tigeliit should have fixed it21:58
faenilmmm :/21:58
stephgmaybe it did but there's an environmental factor too21:58
tigeliunless the hw stayed in some weird state over reboot21:58
faenilbut anyway, it shouldn't keep connecting, even if it's disconnected, should it?21:58
faenil(or maybe it's a really rare case)21:59
*** faenil has quit IRC22:03
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*** faenil has joined #nemomobile22:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o faenil22:04
faeniltbr: kimmoli ADSL just disconnected :'(  minus 1.9dB22:10
faenilI'm screwed :(22:10
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