Sunday, 2014-10-12

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faenilmorning o/07:39
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locusffaenil: tagged 5.2.014:27
faenillocusf: seen it, thanks14:28
locusfnp :)14:28
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filippzlocusf: I'm still struggling with making bootable nemomobile image15:07
locusffilippz: yeah me too, can't get past switch_root on hadk :)15:08
filippzI can read journal from /var/log/journal and see what is happening15:08
locusfI haven't even dared to touch the n015:08
locusfso systemd does start?15:08
filippzBasically I'm looking at dsme - it requires usb-moded but busybox-symlinks-dhcp required by usb-moded is missing :(15:09
filippzlocusf: systemd does start - It's probably not (only) kernel15:09
locusffilippz: hmm15:10
filippzhow did this build -
filippzbusybox-symlinks-dhcp "provided by" is empty15:10
locusfyeah its not a buildrequire15:10
bencohfiddling with systemd and pre-switchroot stuff ... ouch15:11
bencohthat sounds painful15:11
faenilfilippz: as you can see, usbmoded actually didn't rebuild (read last lines of the log)15:11
faenilnot sure what that "skipped" means, if it actually tried to build it, it produced the same log, and it skipped15:12
faenilor if the smart system thought it didn't actually need rebuilding15:12
faenilmaybe lbt can shed some light15:13
filippzfaenil: who can kick it? But also can't be installed without busybox-symlinks-dhcp15:13
locusfyeah we should wait until the Mer boys are awake and at work15:13
faenilI can trigger rebuild, but not sure that would actually change something15:13
faenilit would probably just skip it again15:13
Morpog_PC__I think my tweet yesterday about that new sfos image running on my N9 is my most favorited and retweeted tweet ever15:14
locusfMorpog_PC__: congrats :)15:15
Morpog_PC__Now lets repeat that with nemo and glacier UI :D15:15
filippzfaenli: yes, and with missing busybox-symlinks-dhcp there is no point actually (I could rpm -f it in ks - but's that's just being stupid)15:15
faenilMorpog_PC__: haha15:15
locusfMorpog_PC__: indeed15:16
faenilfilippz: you could do that in the meanwhile to look for other issues15:16
faenilwould it install, in ks build phase, if it doesn't have that require??15:17
filippzfaenil: no - postbuild script would :)15:17
faenilfilippz: ah well heheh15:17
filippzfaenil: maybe I'll try it - in the meanwhile, does anybody know how to force journal from systemd to be alive till the "bitter" end - It gets shut off before I actually see the reason why?15:18
locusfit won't install via .ks15:18
locusfjust tried yesterday with hadk .ks15:18
faenilfilippz: mmm don't know15:19
filippzwell -  there's no harm in trying I guess15:20
faenilfilippz: btw, if dsme requires usb-moded, which requires dhcp, why does dsme install?15:20
flash1what is nemo mobile15:20
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faenilflash1: a linux distribution for mobile devices built on top of Mer core15:21
filippzfaenil: it's systemd service file waits for usb-moded.service to start15:21
faenilfilippz: so?15:22
faenildsme gets installed using the ks, right?15:22
flash1for what mobile os it is used15:22
faenilflash1: it *is* a mobile os15:22
filippzfanil: if I'm reading it right15:23
locusfflash1: it used partially for SailfishOS :)15:23
faenilit shares most of the non-UI stuff with Jolla's SailfishOS15:23
filippzI have to go... bbl15:23
faenilfilippz: you didn't reply xD15:24
locusfI can't stay long today, gotta wake up at 4 am15:24
flash1what non UI stuff Does nemo do15:24
faenilI don't how dsme can get installed, if it Requires usb-moded, and usb-moded Requires symlinks-dhcp...the installation should fail15:24
faenillocusf: cool stuff :)15:25
faenilI don't understand* how15:25
filippzfaenil: I guess dsme should have dependency to usb-moded, but it doesn't15:25
faenilflash1: well, when you take a OS, and you get rid of its UI, the rest is non-UI :P15:25
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faenillibraries which handle emails, messages, calendars, usb connections, wifi, bluetooth, voicecalls...everything15:26
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filippzfaneli: look at the service file for dsme - it's "after" usb-moded.service15:26
filippzI really have to go for now...15:26
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faenilfilippz: ah ok! it doesn't at the moment!!15:26
Morpog_PC__flash1, nemomobile = mer core + glacier UI15:26
faenilthen it's clear, of course!15:26
Morpog_PC__sailfishos = mer + silicia UI15:26
locusfhmm yeah it is now mer core, since mer and nemo are merged15:26
locusfnemo mobile doesn't technically exist15:27
locusfright now I mean15:27
Morpog_PC__well yeah15:27
Morpog_PC__faenil buried it ;)15:27
faenilfilippz: I thought you said dsme required usbmoded already....if it doesn't require it of course things will go bonky bonky (I've just created the term :P )15:27
faenilspiiroin: pingie pingie!15:28
flash1what is mer15:28
spiiroinfaenil: pongie pongie15:28
faenilspiiroin: have you read the discussion with filippz?15:28
spiiroin... catching up15:28
faenilspiiroin: don't bother, I'll sum up15:29
flash1Morpog_PC__: thnq15:30
faenilspiiroin: basically, dsme has "After= usb-moded.service" but it has no kind of requirement on usb-moded in the spec file15:30
faenilis that intended?15:30
spiiroinfaenil: ideally dsme should not depend on usb-moded15:31
locusfI wonder how he read the journal file15:31
spiiroinor rather should not "require" it15:31
faenilso we should just add usb-moded in one of the patterns?15:31
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spiirointhere was some reason for the systemd stuff. might have been act-dead & charger detection15:33
flash1is there mer sdk for windows 64 bit15:33
faenilspiiroin: there was, you mean the After is not needed anymore?15:34
spiiroinfaenil: I mean I do not remember exactly. phdeswer might.15:34
faenilflash1: the sdk is ideally for can setup a virtualbox VM on windows, but the wiki guide is very outdated15:34
faenilspiiroin: alright ;) thanks :)15:35
spiiroincould have been something like: boot to act dead via charger connect -> dsme did shutdown because it did not get charger-still-connected early enough15:35
flash1faenil: ok thanks15:35
faenilspiiroin: but wouldn't it make sense to depend on usb-moded?15:35
spiiroinfaenil: so techincally it might be that dsme might as well depend on usb-moded15:35
faenilto Requires it15:35
faenilbecause otherwise it will never run15:36
faenilspiiroin: ok, then I'll ask phdeswer when he's back and send a PR to add the Requires: usb-moded to dsme, does that sound good to you?15:37
spiiroinfaenil: yes15:37
faenilspiiroin: great, thanks for replying on a Sunday :)15:37
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locusfremoving dsme from systemd services doesn't fix the issue though15:38
faenillocusf: well, a system without dsme is really broken15:38
locusfyeah that too15:38
faenillocusf: just add mer-tools devel repo to the nemo ks, add usb-moded to the packages (until we mode dsme spec file), and build a new image :)15:40
faenil(if you want to try, that is ;) )15:40
locusffaenil: hurr okay15:40
locusfI'm doing hadk stuff first, lets see if I have time afterwards15:41
faenilsure, no problem15:41
locusfthe next generation is now my focal point, not dwelling in past hardware :)15:41
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flash1is mer sdk for VMbox15:47
faenilflash1: what do you mean?15:49
faenilyou can install mer sdk either on Linux, *or* on other OS, via a virtual machine ;)15:49
flash1is there mer sdk for virtualbox15:49
faenilyes, somewhere, but the wiki page has an invalid have to ask lbt15:49
faenilflash1: it's probably easier to create a virtual machine with an Ubuntu install, and install mer sdk in there15:50
faenili.e. install a virtual machine with ubuntu inside your windows15:50
flash1faenil: ok15:50
faenilspiiroin: can you check which package is providing busybox-symlinks-dhcp in jolla repos?15:51
faenilI can't find it on Mer, and the search on Mer OBS is broken (error 500)15:51
faenilspiiroin: nvm, I've found what I needed ;)15:52
faenilStskeeps: there's both mer-tools/busybox and mer-packages/buxybox, which should we keep? mer-tools is pointing to the former one, which doesn't provide busybox-symlinks-dhcp, and that causes usb-moded installation to fail....15:56
locusfhmm it seems that /sbin/preinit is needed for a successfull hadk device bootup, which is in jolla-sessions-qt5, non-oss :(16:00
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locusfnot a huge problem, we just skip the recovery console possibility at bootup16:10
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ZogGSfietKonstantin, o/20:32
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kimmoliwebhooks down?20:36
Sfiet_Konstantinhi zbenjamin20:37
Sfiet_Konstantinhi ZogG20:37
Sfiet_Konstantinnot here for long20:37
Sfiet_Konstantinyep kimmoli, lbt is working on new webhooks :)20:37
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ZogGkimmoli, sup dude :)20:38
kimmolitoholed featuregg20:40
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