Saturday, 2014-10-11

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locusfso anyway we go we don't have a browser engine for nemo now?07:36
Stskeepsneed to query about when we switch to the next LTS..07:37
Stskeepsit might just be greasework07:37
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locusfthere are a lot of packages missing from the merged repo including eg. ssu data for nemo and qtquickcontrols08:26
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locusfoh heck we should have responded to Stskeeps's email about the packages maintained, to include both qtquickcontrols and qtquickcontrols-nemo into the supported list08:35
locusfthats what I get for not subscribing to mer-general08:36
Stskeepsit's a bit above what mer-nemo mw should be doing, though08:36
Stskeepsi did look at ti08:36
Morpog_PC__that mer maillist is a mess08:38
Morpog_PC__so much spam08:38
Stskeepsthe idea is to kill it and re-create it08:38
Stskeepsat this point08:38
Morpog_PC__good idea08:38
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locusffingers crossed for the first nemo+mer merged image boot08:53
locusftheres no usb-moded so no ssh available08:54
locusfnothing happens though, not even sure it booted or not08:54
locusfsystemd is 208, does that need a newer kernel than 2.6.32 which n9 has?08:56
Stskeepswasn't there a mail by aard or the likes about that?08:56
tbrIIRC it needs the newer kernel that was floating around?08:56
locusfyeah from filippz08:56
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locusfok trying with filippz's kernel now09:46
locusfsfos didn't seem too glorius compared to the possibilities the merged repo offers now :)09:47
vakkovis the obs broken09:47
vakkovi cant search in it09:47
vakkovgives error 5009:47
vakkov500 *09:47
locusfseems to be yes09:47
Morpog_PC__i think lbt works on webhooks09:47
AardStskeeps: there was a tmo post of me09:52
Stskeepsah right09:52
lbtStskeeps: can you get a sub list from smoku09:52
Stskeepslbt: i think we should just start from scratch and ask people that are interested to re-subscribe09:53
Stskeepsi suspect there's spambots on there09:53
lbtnot sure that really matters09:54
lbtany bot things that post will be banned09:55
lbtand we'll make it subscriber only09:55
lbtwith moderator override09:55
Stskeepsalso, the address is on way too many spambot lists. :P09:55
tbrwe need the subscriber list and we need a mailman VM on mer infra09:55
Stskeepsso that's why i think we should just start from scratch09:55
lbtdoesn't matter though09:55
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lbtif its sub only then we just filter out any bad eggs09:56
lbtif we really can't get the list then that's different09:56
tbrdo we have a mailman vm yet?09:56
tbrit will need port 2509:57
lbtnot sure - it's not really that hard to setup09:57
tbrsurprisingly it looks like I might have some idle time today, it's up to you guys if you want help from me09:57
lbtno mailman vm yet09:57
lbttbr: debian ?09:58
tbrlbt: preferably10:00
tbrlbt: stale is fine, doesn't need (automated) updates that often10:00
lbtI need to find a sane host10:01
Stskeepsis there a debian stale?10:01
tbrbroken, rusting, stale, rotten or so, IIRC. SID, testing, stable, old-stable.10:02
locusfnow I got a booted lipstick-colorful-home10:04
* Morpog_PC__ is reading tutorials10:05
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locusftbr: could you create me some more folders for n9 sfos and mer image releases?10:11
locusfor rather symlink :p10:12
locusfto devaamo I meant10:12
locusfoh yeah sfos image contains Jolla software which I'm not sure I'm supposed to distribute10:13
tbrwhat bits specifically?10:15
tbrbtw: directory and symlinks created10:16
locusfit contains some Jolla applications like the clock and stuff10:16
tbrin the web side there is also n950→n9, just for the people who don't believe that the same image will run10:16
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locusfthe mer image works but touchscreen doesn't, reason yet unknown10:18
tbrlocusf: note that n9 and n950 are the same directory10:21
locusftbr: ah ok10:21
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locusfhmm the hadk images also contain Jolla software, should the n9 still be treated differently?10:22
Morpog_PC__I don't think so10:23
locusfI don't remember wether they had the same apps though10:23
Morpog_PC__maybe stuff like that xt9 or aliendalvik10:23
locusfStskeeps: what do you think?10:23
Morpog_PC__or some audio codecs10:23
Morpog_PC__and video10:23
locusfyeah but those are disabled in .ks10:23
locusfat least xt9 libs and programs10:23
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Stskeepsxt9 not good, at least10:37
locusfyeah those are not included10:38
locusfalso some progress on nemo+mer image, now touch works as expected and can launch apps, just needs the glacier home in which the shader reverses the orientation of launched apps10:38
locusfalways a but here10:39
locusfqtquickcontrols won't resolve because of missing v8 javascript qt library in newest mer+nemo core10:39
Morpog_PC__i thought we never used v8?10:40
locusfso we don't have glacier controls either or glacier home for that regard10:40
Stskeepsso .. what kind of mix are you using?10:40
locusfwell vanilla qtquickcontrols uses it10:40
locusfStskeeps: <- this is my .ks10:41
locusfalso no more lipstick crashes for launched apps in qtwayland 5.2 \o/10:41
Stskeepsah, i thought it was a unholy mix of sailfish latest and the updated repos10:41
locusfStskeeps: the .ks for sfos is unmodified from filippz's last nights10:42
Morpog_PC__a fresh flashed harmattan PR 1.3 is quite smooth10:43
locusfhmm we probably need to upgrade qtquickcontrols to more saner version10:45
locusfbut this might break qqcn10:45
locusfneed to discuss with faenil10:45
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locusfand SfietKonstantin10:45
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locusfqtquickcontrols had a v8-private Qt dependency but it didn't need it anywhere10:56
locusfcompiled just fine without10:57
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locusfsledges: if you'd please :)
sledgesgood old times with pleasure :)11:08
locusfthanks a ton :)11:08
sledgesummmm :(11:08
sledgesmove to nemomobile-ux instead?11:08
locusfoh yeah sure11:09
sledgeslocusf: I don't havae commiter rights in packages11:11
locusfsledges: yes, modified webhooks to reflect this11:11
locusfhmm seems I broke something or webhooks are down11:16
sledgesthey are down11:16
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sledgeslocusf: cherry-pick this instead pls:
sledgesand adopt the same upstream tracking as we do for libhybris11:20
sledgesin mer-hybris11:20
locusfhow to do that?11:20
locusfoh yeah, say upstream on the upstream branch11:21
locusfeg. mkdir upstream and then11:21
vgradeI had a ping to buils a ks from coderus , is this still needed?11:22
vgradelooks like a n9(50) ks with new kernel and fixes for rotation issues11:23
locusfvgrade: yeah I built it11:25
vgradelocusf: ok11:25
sledgeslocusf: mer-hybris/libhybris is using subtrees, nemo-p/qqc is using submodules :(11:28
locusfsledges: rah11:29
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sledgeslocusf: i'll try to convert11:48
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Morpog_PC__extracting sailfish takes ages12:37
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locusfsledges: did you get anywhere or should I just update sha in _service?15:30
locusfgrr updating the sha doesn't upload the latest revision of the submodule15:36
locusflbt: ping15:42
locusflbt: how to activate the submodule init in .spec file or do the webhooks do it automagically?15:42
lbtautomatic I think - I don't use them :)15:43
locusfhmm its not triggered when _service has updated sha15:44
locusfso I guess I have to wait for the updated webhooks then15:45
lbthooks are down15:45
locusfyeah I know15:49
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faenilhola o/17:15
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locusffaenil: yo17:18
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faenillocusf: why the repo change?18:32
locusffaenil: we needed to remove v8 from QT includes18:32
locusffaenil: + we don't have access to nemomobile-packages18:32
faenilwasn't that done upstream already?18:32
locusfnot in our upstream18:33
locusfours was a detached head situation for qtquickcontrols18:33
faenilwell, we have to update our upstream anyway18:33
locusfwe do?18:33
faenilof course, our upstream is using qqc 5.118:33
faenilwe have to move to 5.2, or 5.3 if it builds18:33
faenilor 5.4 even!18:33
locusflol lets not get ahead of ourselves :p18:34
faenilwell, the higher the better18:34
faenilas long as it builds on top of 5.2, it should be OK18:34
faeniland we get new components, fixes, etc18:34
faenilso, do we still need a private repo? :)18:35
locusfapparently not18:35
faenilgood :D18:35
Morpog_PC__faenil, do you know how swap is added on sailfishos?18:38
faenilMorpog_PC__: what do you mean by "is added" ?18:38
Morpog_PC__well, on my jolla i got swap and on my n9 I don't :D18:38
locusfmkswap /dev/foo && swapon /dev/foo18:39
faeniln9 doesn't use swap? I seem to recall it used a compressed swap?18:39
Morpog_PC__on sailfishos faenil18:40
faenilahhh on sf, ok18:40
locusftheres nearly 800MB left why do you need swap?18:40
Morpog_PC__well, because I want to get roid of the alggs :D18:40
locusfsorry 70018:40
locusfyou don't with swap18:41
locusfswap is slower than ram18:41
locusfso no speedups from that18:41
Morpog_PC__unless ram is full18:41
locusfthats besides the point :p18:41
locusfspecial case :p18:41
locusfwell lets see if newest qtquickcontrols builds on top of qt 5.2 from merged repo18:43
* faenil is curious18:45
locusflets see the build18:49
locusfhmm no18:50
locusfneeds 5.418:51
locusflemme try to checkout 5.218:51
faenilcrap :/18:54
locusfyeah 5.4 specific18:55
locusf5.2.0 built18:56
faenillet's look for the highest version we can build :)18:58
faenilwhat about 5.3?18:58
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locusf5.2 just built19:01
locusfcan't we be happy about it :)19:01
faenilwhy should we ? :)19:02
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locusfyeah why not19:02
locusflets go further then19:02
locusfv5.3.0 stops to qquickrendercontrol19:04
faenilmmm no even 5.3 uses qquickrendercontrol19:04
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faenilcrap, that's not fair19:06
faenilit will take a year before jolla moves to 5.3 :p19:07
locusfat least now the image with latest nemo+mer ships glacier homescreen \o/19:08
faenilgreat :)19:08
faenillocusf: so, do we have a new working nemo?19:09
locusffaenil: we had one today afternoon19:11
locusffaenil: not anymore19:11
locusffaenil: reasons unknown, will try to reflash my n9 now19:11
faenillol? :D19:11
locusfit did boot earlier today but we tried to debug it with filippz in #sailfishos19:11
locusfnewest sailfishos boots though, same kernel, same cmdline and config19:11
locusfnow it booted19:17
locusfI was sure it booted but it just ran out of battery19:17
bencoh"we had *one*" :]19:18
locusf13:38 was the last seen good boot19:22
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Morpog_PC__I got the small hope Jolla skips 5.3 and goes straight to 5.419:28
faenilwho knows, hopefully19:29
faenilbut sometimes you just have to be careful...19:30
faenilthank God that was spotted before release of 5.4, but what if it weren't19:31
locusfthats a nasty one19:35
faenilyeah, it's not that common of a use case19:37
faenilbut still...3Gb memory leak? whew19:37
locusfI had a .readahead file in my Alt_OS partition after rm -rf *19:40
locusfit referred to sailfishos files19:41
locusfdidn't fix the reboots though19:43
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M4rtinKstill good enough for Microsoft I guess (referencing that exponential update algorithm on XP) :)19:50
faenilwhat is that?19:51
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faenilM4rtinK: :D20:06
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vakkovMorpog_PC__: congrats for the n9. looks awesome20:33
vakkovare you the first that got it working20:33
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Morpog_PC__vakkov, I just flashed the results of hard work by fillipz and locusf20:54
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cxl000locusf, faenil I would suggest that once mer-nemo merge has stabilized and a new mer latest is cut updates to various packages such as qt5.4 could be pushed to next23:12
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