Friday, 2014-10-10

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faenilmorning o/06:39
faenilStskeeps: cool, all errors are "missing libgrcrypt" now :)06:39
Stskeepsworking on it06:40
faenilawesome, ty06:52
Stskeepsjust.. sb2-tools is black magic06:52
faenilthose are, like, the packages which are installed in any case in any build?06:55
Stskeepsfor making builds faster06:56
faenilwhy faster? there are template vm with those installed?06:56
Stskeepsokay, so you know how sb2 works?06:57
faenilnot really06:57
Stskeepsit allows you to accelerate certain binaries with their x86 variants06:57
Stskeepsinstead of slow arm emulated binaries06:57
Stskeepsand to run x86 binaries what do you need? their dependencies06:59
faenilI the errors we have at the moment are because there's an x86 bin which is missing a dep06:59
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locusfoops I broke it :)07:01
faenillocusf: not your fault, mer-core is using a tool old pygobject2 it seems :)07:02
faenilcurrently pointing to*07:02
faeniltoo old*, gah07:02
Stskeepsmer-core:devel points to wrong one?07:03
faenilStskeeps: yep, its points to git:mer instead of github/mer-packages, which has the newer one07:04
Stskeepsok, i'll sort that out07:04
faenilwow, mer is using one from 2011 :D07:06
faenilStskeeps: I hope for you this is the last world rebuild :)07:31
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faenilStskeeps: why wasn't this needed for i486 though?07:47
Stskeepsi486 doesn't cross compile07:47
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locusfwhy does it require a world build everytime?07:54
Stskeepsbecause we don't have a better system yet07:57
locusfoh :)07:57
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faenillocusf: basically when you rebuild something everything depends on, everything rebuilds :D08:11
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stephghappy friday nemoers09:04
faenilno song today? :)09:04
stephgssh don't encourage sledges09:10
locusffaenil: seems so09:53
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faenilStskeeps: I was thinking, wouldn't it make sense to disable all the archs but one, while you make changes to sb2-tools?11:27
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WikiwideHello! How are you?12:35
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locusfnot long now for the rest of the packages to build :)13:46
WikiwideSo Qt5.2 packages will be ready soon? Thank you! Wake me up when the image is published :)13:49
locusfWikiwide: sure hope so and no more world rebuilds13:49
WikiwideWhat is a world rebuild :?13:50
locusfWikiwide: rebuild of entire nemo+mer merge project build repository13:51
WikiwideEven for an upgrade to Qt5.4?13:52
WikiwideGood night...13:54
locusfoh good night :)13:54
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SK_workit seems that w00t is also sending Qt 5.3 support patches to nemo14:03
locusfI only saw him sending them to hwcomposer14:04
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locusfqt building, fingers crossed :)14:27
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SK_worklocusf: cross them harder for webkit and xulrunner-qt5 :)14:36
locusfSK_work: yeah :D14:36
SK_worklocusf: for Qt 5.3 patches, also for libprofile14:37
locusfI was wondering when we start doing glacier apps, should we also release them to Jolla store as alternatives to the Jolla apps, like email app :) ?14:42
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SK_worklocusf: good idea14:52
SK_workproblem: it is hard to get into jolla store because of dependencies etc.14:52
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dr_gogeta86SK_work, did you ever deal proxy in qml ?15:07
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SK_workdr_gogeta86: never15:10
dr_gogeta86http proxy15:10
SK_worknever :D15:10
SK_workwhat's the problem ?15:11
dr_gogeta86doens't work at all15:11
dr_gogeta86i've followed qt example15:11
dr_gogeta86not works15:11
SK_workdr_gogeta86: what are you trying to achieve ?15:11
dr_gogeta86apps working behind proxies15:12
SK_workwhich platform15:13
SK_worknever used QNetworkProxy15:13
dr_gogeta86i think nemo is affected too15:13
SK_workdr_gogeta86: maybe try ?15:14
SK_workas a proof of concept ?15:14
dr_gogeta86time to build15:15
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locusfyay newest glacier homescreen is now built :)15:45
locusfnow to build an image tomorrow15:48
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locusfdamn xulrunner16:18
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locusfI've got like 3 devices to cover with new nemo+mer builds17:46
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lbtPSA: Mer webhooks will be updated tomorrow - expect some downtime :)18:08
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kimmolilbt: bitbucket support?18:17
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coderusis there a link to MerSDK tarball?18:26
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coderusvgrade: ping?18:50
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coderusvgrade: build this ks please
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faenilStskeeps: good progress on arm it seems :) good19:35
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faenilStskeeps: for xulrunner, we're doomed, someone has to take a decision19:50
Stskeepsok, what's the issue there19:53
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faenilchrome crashed :/19:56
faenilStskeeps: the issue there is, rozhkov_ said nemo is not moving from gecko31 anytime soon19:57
faenilthe issue with gecko31 is that there are *many* commits from Mozilla itself which fix *a lot* of stuff which, (+ my patches) makes it build on gcc4.8.319:58
faenilthose commits are included in gecko33, not 3119:58
faenilso, the choice is: replay all the commits mozilla has done to fix those issues in gecko33 and apply them on gecko31, *or* move to gecko3319:58
faenilit could be enough to take all the patches from here and apply them on gecko3119:59
Merbot`Mozilla bug 1027251 in General "Remove public destructors of NS_*_INLINE_* refcounted classes, outside of a finite explicit whitelist" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:59
faenilor maybe not, who knows19:59
Stskeepswhat's the difference in nemo vs jolla ooi?20:00
faenilno difference?20:00
faenilas in, jolla is using embedlite_31 and it's not moving from there until the new LTS version of gecko is out20:01
faenilwhile nemo, well, we have to decide20:01
faenilif want it to build on the new gcc we either need someone who spends time replaying all those patches and looking for new ones (which will take a lot of time, given how long it takes to build xulrunner)20:02
faenilif we*20:02
faenilor we have to move to embedlite_3320:02
Stskeepsokay, but there's a fix for embedlite 31?20:02
faenilthe fix is looking for all the patches from mozilla20:03
faenilwhich have been applied on version 3320:03
faeniland replay them on version 31, hoping you won't have to rebuild 100 times before you discover all the needed patches20:03
Stskeepsso the problem is that jolla is on gecko31 and would have this headache if we upgraded toolchain, too20:04
faenildon't know if it's *gecko*, it's *something*3120:05
faenileither gecko, or xulrunner, or whatever20:05
faenilhaven't understood what are the different parts of the mozilla chain yet20:05
Stskeepsnemo had a embedlite based browser?20:05
faenilahm...don't know, I think so20:06
faenilone of those commits ->
phaeronsailfish-browser is open at least20:06
faenilmakes sense to use that with a glacier ui layer20:07
Stskeepsneed to go20:08
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Morpog_PC__Stskeeps, sure cutefox, but was more a prrof of concept ui22:47
Morpog_PC__i think it was rozhkov_ who put it in nemo back then22:48
Morpog_PC__damn, I'm almost 3 hours late22:48
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