Thursday, 2014-10-09

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qwazixIt's getting late, I think I'll have to go to sleep00:01
qwazixhave a good night00:02
M4rtinKgood night to you too! :)00:03
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locusfhmm seems that tut failed and it lead to a lot of packages unresolved04:30
locusftut failed due to tests failing, no compilation issues04:30
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locusfyeah it has tests in its build stage05:04
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faenilmorning o/08:18
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faenilI'm connected with phone line + 50mt cat5e *extension*, just for testing :)08:18
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faenilkimmoli: ping08:18
faenilit hasn't replaced the phone line yet, I just linked it as an extension to make sure the cable worked :P08:20
faenilStskeeps: do you already know why tut fails?08:21
faenilis it one of your dark magic related failures?08:21
SK_worktest failed ? Oo08:22
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Stskeepsupgrade it08:24
faenilStskeeps: the sha?08:25
rozhkov_faenil: i wouldn't expect embedlite_33 in nemo any time soon. Please go ahead with embedlite_31. Most probably the next release will be based on a LTS release.08:27
faenilrozhkov_: I see, ok thanks08:28
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kimmolifaenil: pong08:58
faenilkimmoli: nvm ;) I was a bit worried about the cat5e pair being much thinner than the current phone line pair08:59
faenilbut tbr said it's okay08:59
kimmolishould be ok with your distance imho08:59
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faenilI'm afraid that it's not enough if we switch to the Fiber-to-the-cabinet contact with 100mb/10mb09:00
faenilbut then, I'm electro-n00b09:00
kimmoliand (even if tempted) dont connect pairs in parallel09:00
faenilahah lol09:01
kimmoliwe have single-core 0.14mm2 non-paired telephonewires and 100/10 works fine over that, vdsl09:02
faenilcome on man, I don't know how thick my phone wire is! XD09:02
kimmoliah ok...09:03
faenilbut the phone wire is thicker and less flexible than the cat5e pair09:03
kimmoliI don't know how thick YOUR phone wire is ...09:04
kimmolibut just go and test it, then you see. you had shielded cable? Connect it first only at one end.09:05
faenilkimmoli: I have to wait for the ISP technician who'll come tomorrow or monday (hopefully)09:06
faenilatm I only have to pass it through the tubes from my floor to the base floor to reach ISP's cabinet09:07
faenilbut when I noticed the thickness disparity, I started searching on the web :)09:07
kimmoliand you ended up to trustworthy forums ?09:09
faenilkimmoli: I found this :D
faenilkimmoli: my cat cable is AWG2409:18
kimmolithat is solid wire then (?)09:20
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kimmoliso you should be just fine, even with those IDC connections too09:22
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faenilkimmoli: yes, solid!09:23
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faenilok, good to hear btw :)09:25
faeniltime to pass it through tubes!09:26
kimmoligood luck with that !... use the old cable as pull-wire (?)09:26
faenilI plan not to touch the old cable, you never know :)09:26
faenilkimmoli: but I have this
faenilok, I'll disconnect the extension now, bbiab09:27
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faenil#justforthelog: attn went up 1db in down, 0.6 in up, with the extension connected09:36
faenilSNR went down 0.1dB in down, 1.5dB in up09:37
faenil(2dB more in up)09:37
faenil(*even* 2dB more in up, not only 1.5dB909:37
faeniltime to pass it through the tubes, bbl guys o/09:37
faenilcrap, xulrunner failed on obs it seems....pff09:38
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faenilrozhkov_: ah right...branch 31 has *a lot* of destructors issues which had been fixed in branch 33 already09:45
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faenil(fixed by mozilla, I guess)09:45
faenilrozhkov_: but look what I found for ya :)
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faenilrozhkov_: not sure that fixes *all* of the issues, but as you can see there's maany of them :p only thing we can do is try and hope that commit has all of them09:51
faenillet me know ;)09:51
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rozhkov_faenil: that's bad. The commit is not enough. All the commits from are needed10:33
Merbot`Mozilla bug 1028588 in XPCOM "Add dangerous public destructor detection to much of the rest of nsISupportsImpl.h (still not covering NS_IMPL_ADDREF_INHERITED)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]10:33
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faenilrozhkov_: yes, I hoped that commit was the sum up of that thread10:33
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faenilrozhkov_: ok, so we're screwed basically, either cherry pick a thousand commits, or move to embedlite 3310:34
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faenilStskeeps: ^10:34
faenilout for lunch, bbl o/10:34
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dr_gogeta86VDVsx, hi11:18
VDVsxdr_gogeta86, hello11:18
dr_gogeta86hi Stskeeps11:19
dr_gogeta86finally i've found what i'm looking for11:19
dr_gogeta86but jolla mail use it ?11:19
Stskeepsask VDVsx ?11:19
dr_gogeta86was for VDVsx11:20
VDVsxdr_gogeta86, yes11:20
VDVsxyou can activate it if you like11:21
dr_gogeta86via ui ?11:21
VDVsxcommand line only11:22
dr_gogeta86better then nothing11:22
VDVsxinstructions here in comments:
VDVsx6th comment11:23
dr_gogeta86need to be sticky11:24
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dr_gogeta86VDVsx, one minute delay .... yuppiiii11:33
dr_gogeta86works great11:34
VDVsxdr_gogeta86, with update8 will break when device suspends, probably in up10 will be code to prevent that, is already in master, let see in which release it gets in11:36
dr_gogeta86if my phone suspends .... I don't care about it11:38
dr_gogeta86one of first lesson from jolla11:38
dr_gogeta86nowadays ios and droids are obesessive in notifications11:39
dr_gogeta86or spamming11:40
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lbtSage_: there are 2 dsme webhooks for nemo:devel:mw - both active! .. one is fix-verify-version branch, the other is master12:47
lbtdo you know which should be deleted ?12:47
lbtkjokinie: ^^12:48
lbtI see your name in recent commits too :)12:49
Stskeepsprobably master is the only one that should be active12:49
Stskeepsit's rather academic atm given that most people are pushing the mer-core:devel repos and then webhooks will go there12:49
lbtadding some uniqueness constraints and boom12:49
kjokiniedon't remember doing any changes to webhooks.. go with master12:51
lbtcool - ty12:51
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Sage_lbt: should be only master really13:27
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locusfwhere is qt5-qtv8-devel? Its basically needed for qqcn in ux repository13:50
locusfits apparently a javascript runtime for qt514:00
Stskeepsthat sounds weird14:03
Stskeepsno qtv8 in qt5.214:03
locusfSK_work: ^14:04
locusfSK_work: faenil: we need to rewrite qqcn to use whatever qt 5.2 has14:04
SK_worklocusf: what's going on ?14:05
SK_worktry to compile without this dep14:05
Stskeepsyes, what SK_work said14:05
SK_workwe never ever used v814:05
SK_workespecially the internals stuff14:06
locusfSK_work: ok will try in the evening14:07
SK_workthx :)14:07
locusfok fixed directly via github webui14:14
SK_worklocusf: :D14:14
SK_workcan you tag from github webui ?14:14
locusfand edit!14:14
SK_worklocusf: IIRC the tagging thing don't wokr that well with webhook14:14
SK_workplease double check :)14:14
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locusfit did work14:16
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locusfonly in devel:mw it built14:17
locusfit didn't update to devel:ux14:17
locusfwhich doesn't have a webhook14:18
locusfbut is branched off of devel:mw so it should update automatically14:18
SK_worklocusf: does it build ?14:20
locusfit built the old version14:21
locusfI manually triggered a rebuild through webhhooks14:22
locusfit did build it correctly too14:22
SK_worklocusf: no errors ? :)14:23
locusfyeah no errors14:23
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locusfits blocked now for the merged armv7hl repo for now, will probably resolve and build later14:31
SK_worklocusf: cool14:32
locusfglacier homescreen should resolve too when lipstick is built14:34
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locusfI should really update the nemo patterns too to use glacier-home instead of colorful-home14:38
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locusfSage_ or sledges
locusfI just wonder if they are even used in the merged repo?14:44
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faenilI'm done \o/15:22
sledgeslocusf: patterns are broken on that new OBS15:24
sledgescc lbt ^15:24
lbtI'm about to break webhooks too :)15:25
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faenilStskeeps: with passing the cable from 6th floor to ISP box at the base floor, of course!15:28
Stskeepsfaenil: oh cool, how many cuts did you end up with having on your skin? P15:28
sledgesfaenil: good to see you back up and running, literally too:))15:28
lbtfaenil: you can come help me lay my fibre soon15:28
faenilStskeeps: no cuts, just exhaused :) it was very tiring, we had to do one floor at a time, each time pulling in and out 50mt wire15:29
faenilnot easy, no :)15:29
Stskeepsdoes it improve your signal though?15:29
faenilStskeeps: remains to be seen, I can't open ISP box, have to wait for the technician15:29
faenilwho's coming....tomorrow? monday? who knows15:29
Stskeepsand probably needs either a bribe or a solid portion of pasta?15:30
faenilsledges: ahaha yeah, I'm having fun...though I should really disappear soon, as soon as the boring work is finished :)15:30
faenilStskeeps: nah, it seems it's ok, just have to wait for the company to schedule Pisa in the technician's agenda15:30
faenilbtw...while I was trying to ask my ISP to send the technician, I first tried via their twitter support15:31
Stskeepsthey said 'fuck off'?15:31
faenilreplies: "the technician already said your line is not fixable, we're not sending any technician"15:32
faenilbasically, yeah15:32
Stskeepsand a 'basta' in there somewhere?15:32
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faenilI said "yeah, let's say I just want to change my cable, can I have a technician? I can't open it myself, it's YOUR property, I need YOUR technician"15:32
faenilStskeeps: nah :D15:32
faenilthey replied the same as before15:32
faenilso I thought ok, let's call them15:33
faeniland it worked first time15:33
faenilI specified that I would have brought the cable down to their box15:33
faeniland they accepted to send a technician15:33
faeniland I was like "f*** you twitter support, take that"15:34
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faenilStskeeps: what about tut? you said upgrade but i don't know whaty ou meant15:56
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spiiroinlbt: I thought I removed the dsme fix-verify-version branch ... if it still is there I can take a peek, but IIRC it is old PR source branch16:55
spiiroinlbt: I guess I did not remove it... a sec16:57
spiiroinlbt: now removed16:59
Stskeepsfaenil: upgrade tut17:01
faenilStskeeps: upgrade to *what*17:02
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SK_workfaenil: latest version ? :)17:03
faenilSK_work: it's already the latest version, as I said previously17:03
SK_workfaenil: hum ...17:04
SK_workhum ...17:05
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Stskeepsfaenil: hmmm :P17:05
Stskeepsand it doesn't build on gcc 4.8? curious17:05
faenilStskeeps: it builds on i486, it doesn't build on arm17:06
faeniland the world falls apart because of that17:06
Stskeepshmmm :P17:07
faenilit fails selftests17:08
faenilwhich, for a test framework, can be both a good and a bad news xD17:09
Stskeeps2013-12-18 is latest17:09
Stskeepsdeztructor: can you investigate why self tests fail for tut since you're maintaining it/depping on it?17:12
Stskeepson arm17:12
faenilStskeeps: why dec2012? it's may1417:16
faenilthe latest version seems to have added the tests which are failing on arm17:17
faenil failed assertion: `ge str: `b` should be >= `a``17:18
faenilalso, this looks like a success to me, not a failure ^ xD17:18
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deztructorStskeeps: yes, I can. iirc there was some issue related to some exception handling available only with seh/windows17:28
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deztructorStskeeps: fixed (I hope, have now only x86_64 gcc 4.8) and tagged, but it looks like build should be triggered manually on build.merproject.org17:59
Stskeepsok, what sha?17:59
Stskeepslet's see..17:59
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deztructorStskeeps: it is built and passed. ty :)18:06
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kimmolifaenil: did you get cable in tube?18:39
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Stskeepsnow that doesn't sound wrong at all..18:55
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faenildeztructor: ty :)21:46
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faenilkimmoli: yes I did! it's been 3 difficult hours, but it's done now :) just have to wait for the technician to come21:50
faeniland open the box21:50
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faeniltigeli: that was by locusf ;)22:02
tigelifaenil: I know :)22:03
tigelifaenil: but you are awake ;)22:03
faeniltigeli: and I guess he changed it because it didn't build before :p22:03
faenilbut, well :D22:03
tigeliwell it broke jolla's builds at least :)22:04
faeniltigeli: do you want me to review it? or just wanted to inform me? (I'm no python guy :D )22:04
tigelifaenil: me neither ;)22:04
faenilalright xD22:04
tigeliI just want to revert the change which broke the thing :)22:04
tigelilocusf: you broke it ;)22:05
faeniltigeli: okay, but this way you break it on mer-core22:06
faenilwell, revert it for the moment...but since we can't test jolla builds, I think it's a sailor who has to find something which builds on both22:07
tigelifaenil: pygobject2 has not changed since 2011 on mer:core22:11
faeniltigeli: I don't remember why it didn't build on mer core22:13
tigelifaenil: pygobject which jolla has is much newer
tigelithan what there is on merproject git22:29
faeniltigeli: ok, maybe that's why then22:30
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