Wednesday, 2014-10-15

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filippzlocusf, faenil: o/06:19
filippzmy investigation into trouble while booting N9 has lead me to conclusion that nemo-mobile-session package needs some changes06:20
filippzbasically we have outdated /lib/systemd/system/user@.service (compared to the one installed on sailfishos)06:20
filippzwe also have user-session@.service installed by nemo-mobile-session package that we don't need and is causing problems06:20
filippzI'm not sure from where user@.service comes from, but I'm looking ate systemd package which is not building in obs because of missing gzip06:20
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filippzWho knows enough about systemd to take look at these?06:21
kjokiniefilippz: try rpm -qf /lib/systemd/system/user@.service06:26
filippzkjokinie: I'm unable to ssh into nemo, and would have to reinstall sailfish to check - but I'm quite sure that  user-session@.service must go away06:28
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kjokiniefilippz: you might be right, I got told over the desk that that user@ thing is from the new systemd06:29
filippzkjokinie: ty and OverTheDeskGuru :)06:30
filippzI'll wait for the systemd to start building as it should and see how user@.session looks then06:31
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filippzmaybe omitting user-session@.service from  nemo-mobile-session will  be enough06:32
kjokiniefilippz: if you are trying to run systemd on N9, you will get into trouble with systemd. it doesn't work that well with 2.6.* kernels06:33
kjokiniethere is a 3.5.y based kernel as well for N9, but that is limited in functionality :(06:35
filippzkjokinie: I'm running 3.5.3, and since we have bootable Sailfish on N9 with that kernel, nemo should also work06:35
kjokiniefilippz: nice :)06:35
locusfhey filippz06:40
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filippzmorning locusf07:06
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faenilkjokinie: filippz is one of the guys who worked on 3.5.3 to make it functional enough ;)07:43
faenilgood morning people :)07:43
faenilfilippz: about packages not building, basically everything is broken at the moment, because of that gzip conflict07:43
faenilStskeepz: would you please? :D07:43
SK_workmorning faenil07:44
filippzfaenil: morning o/07:44
faenil nothing builds since I added the busybox required by usb-moded :D07:46
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phaeronfaenil: you can fix that using the prjconf07:48
phaeronfaenil: just add Prefer: gzip07:52
faenilphaeron: boss said it's his job, I wouldn't want to steal job from other people :D07:55
SK_workfaenil: :D07:56
SK_workdo it07:56
faenilI guess I have to force rebuild? nothing changed07:58
SK_workfaenil: this project has no build target ?07:59
faenilok, I thought it would transfer it to all archs08:00
faenilso I have to do it manually arch by arch08:00
faeniland I can't do it, no permissions08:01 over :D08:01
SK_workfaenil: :D08:01
phaeronfaenil: each arch needs a prjconf08:04
phaeronon merproject.org08:07
SK_workphaeron: can you give faenil rights ?08:08
SK_workhe can't do this because of rights08:09
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phaeronfaenil: I've added two prjconf lines for i486 and armv7hl08:13
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dr_gogeta86good morning guys08:14
phaeronfaenil: not sure how handles prjconf. we do it with git08:15
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faenilstill all unresolvable mm08:18
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faenilah, all good now :)08:21
faenilfilippz: it should work now!08:22
faenilthanks phaeron :)08:22
dr_gogeta86faenil, italian dns fail at usual08:22
faenildr_gogeta86: ?08:22
dr_gogeta86[root@srvprd-l009p okconfig]# host
dr_gogeta86;; connection timed out; trying next origin08:22
dr_gogeta86;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached08:22
dr_gogeta86did you know in italy port 53 are always wiretapped08:23
dr_gogeta86and i don't know for what reasons just google ones aren't08:23
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dr_gogeta86shame on myself08:28
filippzfaenil: there is no user@.service in systemd rpm - it dint' rebuild :(08:29
filippzsorry- I'm stupid :(08:30
filippzpackage is systemd-config-mer - I'll check for user@.service there08:30
faenilI was about to say that :)08:30
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filippzwell, that user@.service looks like the default one from systemd, while jolla's one is customized08:33
faenilfilippz: but you have jolla's user@, don't you08:33
filippzfaenil: yes - but I don't know from what package it comes from08:34
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filippzfaneli: do you have Jolla: can you check rpm -qf /lib/systemd/system/user@.service08:34
faenilof course, I thought you could do that :)08:34
faenilbut it's probably a closed package08:35
faenilyeah, jolla-sessions-qt508:36
filippzOK, I'll try the systemd's one and see if something from Jolla's needs to be added to it08:37
faenilfilippz: why don't you just copy the one from jolla and adapt it08:38
faenildo you need the content of the file?08:38
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filippzI have it from SailfishOS build for N9 - I'm just trying to avoid modifying it if it's not needed08:39
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coderusfilippz: sorry i didnt check ed for a last days - is there any progress on EGL stuff? or did you found reason why sailfish ui on N9 is so laggy?09:03
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faenilcoderus: laggier than in pre qt5.2? laggier than first demos on n950? or?09:08
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coderusfaenil: yeah, its very laggy09:14
coderusfaenil: you didnt tried it? o_O09:14
faenilcoderus: nope, haven't touched n950 since a year09:15
faenilI tried it on early demos09:15
faenilbut it's laggy on Jolla device, so I don't see how it can be smooth on n9 :D09:15
faenilI just wanted to know if it's got worse lately, or you were referring to a lag that has always been there ;)09:16
coderusits buggy on jolla, not laggy09:16
faenillaggy as well, unfortunately :/09:17
faenilbut then, I'm a bit picky about smoothness09:17
SK_workfaenil: it is not laggy09:17
SK_workit has hickups09:17
SK_workthat's worse09:17
SK_workie: 60FPS09:17
coderusearly n9 demos have no gfx acceleration, but last fillipz kernel should have09:17
SK_workand sudden: 58 FPS09:17
SK_workit is horrible09:17
faenilwait wait, let's not start the smoothness discussion :D09:17
faenilcoderus: no gfx acce? hasn't it always used wsegl? the wayland driver?09:18
SK_workfaenil: read sletta's blog post about smoothness ? a nice one :)09:19
faenilSK_work: don't remember atm, but probably :)09:19
coderusin last fillipz kernel it should use egl, but its not optimized or missing something else09:19
coderusand yes its more laggy than before09:20
coderusif you have some n9 or n950 you can test it for fun :)09:20
faenilno I don't want to get into that as well :D but I will after I'm done with uni ;)09:21
coderushope it will be fixed this time :)09:21
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faenilcoderus: fixed?09:22
Morpog_Jollafaenil, ui on n9 with was slow, but now with it feels like symbian v5 on an 5800 express music09:24
filippzcoderus: I haven't looked at the egl. I'm looking to get nemo running on Qt5.2, and then see what's to blame for poor preformance09:25
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Morpog_Jollanice filippz09:25
filippzWhen testing 3.5.3 on older nemo performance was a bit slower than with 2.6 kernel, but not much IMHO09:26
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faenilmmm :(09:28
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filippzAlso (AFAIK) ti sgx drivers used are Nokia proprietary - not original TI - maybe they have some tweaks missing in newer kernel09:28
faenilfilippz: this is what we're using
faenilI once tried adding vsync to it, but failed09:30
filippzfaenil: yes, but I was looking for newer version the other day and stumbled on such explanation09:30
faenilthere's no new version, that's been made for the n900 by Stskeepz iirc09:31
faeniland then adapted to n950-n909:31
filippzI think w00t is to "blame" for wayland extensions - but I'm thinking of ti-omap3-sgx binary with version 1.4.26809:34
faenilthis may have juicy info though
faenilfilippz: w00t did the adaptation to n9, based on previous work for n900, iirc09:34
faenilfilippz: ok09:34
filippzfaenil: to be honest - I have no clue what is what in that regard, and since it's working (a bit slow maybe) I would leave that alone and concentrate on building a working nemo image09:37
faenilno I don't think you can use the official ti driver...but who knows, maybe some frankensteins09:37
faenilfilippz: yeah...09:37
Morpog_Jollaw00t shiuld have enough time to fix it now :)09:37
faenilMorpog_Jolla: why don't you tweet that :P09:38
filippzlet's see how it behaves under Qt5.2 qtwayland and 3.5.3 kernel, and then (if we need help) we should let the right people know :)09:39
locusfw00t actually asked me about the new n9 image last weekend, he said he could probably improve the performance09:39
faenilw000t? ::09:39
faenilfilippz: yeah09:39
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filippz^and the MAN is here :)09:42
faenilw00t: I was about to tweet "can't you hear your ears whistling?"09:43
locusfit was me ;)09:43
faeniloh :p09:43
w00tlocusf: bah, now the secret about our PM love affair is out :P09:44
w00thow can i help09:44
faenilw00t: current plans: get nemo to boot on new mer-core (5.2 etc), and see why performance on n9 got worse09:45
faenilfilippz is working on the first09:46
faenilbut other people reported that performance on sailfhs 1.0.8 is worse than 1.0.209:46
w00thard to say...09:48
w00tchecked vitals like memory stats and such?09:48
faeniland the issue with plan 1) seems to be that systemd changed and it now requires user@ instead of user-session@, and jolla is using a modified user@, and we have to adapt it nemo09:48
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w00tyes, it was updated a while ago. but changes to adapt should be pretty minimal afair09:49
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locusfbtw essentially the same .ks builds a good rootfs for n700009:52
dr_gogeta86hi w00t09:53
locusfso there shouldn't be anything wrong with user@session stuff09:53
faenilyou're on hadk setup though, not sure about the differences09:54
locusfbasically the diff is the hardware adaptation09:55
faenilthat's for sure :)09:55
locusfbut I don't kno for anything elsew09:56
filippzlocusf: do you have systemd-config-mer in ks file for n7000 ?09:56
dr_gogeta86is out09:57
locusffilippz: I'm not on my pc to check09:57
filippzOK locusf - I'll try with it and loose then  user-session@.service file (installed by nemo-mobile-session package)09:58
locusfat the gym now trying to do boxing and following your progress at the same time, not going so well :)09:58
filippznice ;) - don't get punched in the head - we need your head intact09:59
faenilfilippz: ah so you don't have systemd-config-mer atm?09:59
filippzI'm rebuilding with it now , together with kernel - it will take some time10:01
filippzafter thatm I'm removing mce.service (causes boot to crash), and  user-session@.service (despite it's name posssibly breaks users session from starting)10:01
faenilI don't thikn you'll have to remove user-session, if locusf has it10:02
faenilwhat about mce?10:02
filippzwith mce N9 just shuts off while booting10:03
spiiroinwatchdogs are in dsme10:03
filippzStskeepz: no10:03
filippzit reboot's before if I blacklist some module and later if not - basically somewhere after mce starts10:04
faenilserial console would be so handy here...10:04
spiiroinmce does some sysfs probing at startup10:05
filippzplan is to get user session running, and then ssh into it to try starting mce10:05
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sashaii am looking for Harmattan FIASCO binaries to nokia N910:06
sashainavifirmex is down i dont get the navifirmplus working10:06
sashaican anyone help me?10:07
spiiroinbtw, IIRC N9 has hw watchdogs active -> dsme needs to start early enough - or something else needs to feed them before dsme is started10:07
spiiroin... or does the updated kernel change some of this?10:08
faenilsashai: there is a mirror, but I can't remember the URL atm10:08
sashaifaenil: i was looking for someplace to download =)10:09
filippzspiiroin: I'we blacklisted all on network modules (CMT & WLAN) making it boot (and thus start MCE) a lot faster - still din't boot10:09
spiiroindsme is time critical in n9, not mce10:09
spiiroinbut the startup order has evolved over time so that now all kinds of stuff is started before dsme10:10
filippzspiiroin: I'll know for sure once I'm able to ssh into it10:10
spiiroinmax hw wd kick period is 14 secs, it reboot happens about that time it might the watchdog10:12
dr_gogeta86how to restart clipboard10:13
dr_gogeta86is stuck10:13
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dr_gogeta86i copy but is always the same value10:13
spiiroinhmm... or maybe the fixed 14s was N900 after all10:14
filippzspiiroin: tbh, I think it was about that time, but with blacklisted modules last entry was around 9 secs, and that's not it AFAIK10:15
sashaiI was looking for a file named like: DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin I couldnt find this kind of file from mr crab ;_;10:16
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sashainow i found it ^___^10:18
faenilsashai: first result of search engine10:18
sashaithanks guys10:18
faenil(can't guarantee it's actually the file you're looking for, of course ;) )10:18
sashaiprolly some virus trojan backdoorinfested crap10:19
sashaii trust mr crap ;)10:19
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dr_gogeta86faenil, but who made the clipboard ?10:27
dr_gogeta86are from yesterday clipboard is stuck to an url10:28
Morpog_Jollajust empty it?10:28
dr_gogeta86how ?10:28
Morpog_Jollalong oress on clipboard icon10:29
dr_gogeta86cleared but now copy past doesn't work10:29
dr_gogeta86i've restarted maliit10:33
dr_gogeta86and old value found again10:34
SK_workdr_gogeta86: reboot10:36
dr_gogeta86no way10:36
SK_workmaybe WL related ?10:36
SK_workI want to say: congrats you have found a bug :)10:36
SK_work(I think)10:36
dr_gogeta86How to replicate10:36
dr_gogeta86if you are a bug hunter10:36
SK_workdr_gogeta86: dunno :s10:36
dr_gogeta86you need how to replicate10:36
dr_gogeta86i know what i did10:37
SK_workor debugger10:37
SK_workor retry on another phone ?10:37
dr_gogeta86but is it a usefull use case10:37
SK_workdr_gogeta86: which OS ?10:37
SK_workSFOS / Nemo ?10:37
SK_workwhich Phone ? Jolla / N9 ?10:37
SK_workdr_gogeta86: tell me then10:37
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dr_gogeta86guys lipstick problem10:53
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile10:56
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filippzlocusf, faenil: progress report - now I do get user session to start, but none of the user services from systemd get started12:31
filippzhere is the log:
filippzIf there are no quick ideas, I'll have to continue this evening, or even tomorrow :/12:32
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lbtthe wh util is still in mer-tools:testing12:35
*** Venemo_j has quit IRC12:37
lbtfeedback appreciated - and I do expect some small glitches :D12:40
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SK_worklbt: will there be a webview or not ?12:57
SK_worklbt: not for webhook mgmt, but more to check current hooks12:58
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dr_gogeta86nexus 6 / 9 prices ... near the ipad price tag13:05
SK_workis the android L thing out ?13:07
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dr_gogeta86SK_work, i dunno and i don't give ...13:13
SK_worklbt: empty13:16
lbttry again as I watch the log13:16
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lbtthere must be an auth thing going on - it's supposed to be anon13:18
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locusfhey faenil, was just gonna test the glacier homescreen on my devel Jolla so we can proceed to merging the PR :)14:46
faeniphdeswer: I guess usb-moded got a bit android-centric :P14:47
faeniOct 15 11:40:09 localhost usb_moded[144]: open(/sys/class/android_usb/android0/enable): No such file or directory14:47
faenifrom filippz's log14:47
faeniand lpotter: Oct 15 11:40:08 localhost ofonod[178]: create_ril: can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory (2)14:47
faenianything you can say about that to help us ? :)14:48
locusfoh yeah I was loling too at that rild stuff :)14:48
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faenifor those interested in debugging the ofono thing:
faeniI'm leaving, bbl15:05
SK_workfaeni: lost your l ?15:05
faenioh crap15:05
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locusffaenil: fixed pull request and tested the changes on Jolla, now browser and terminal both work :)16:34
SK_worklocusf: :)16:34
locusftook just 4 months to realize it was the environment variables16:34
locusfqwazix: 0.15 will be the release to download :)16:36
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile16:38
qwazixLocusf: perfect16:38
qwazixthough my Jolla is out of order so I can't test16:39
locusfoh :/16:39
*** netzvieh has quit IRC16:39
*** netzvieh has joined #nemomobile16:40
*** zalan has joined #nemomobile16:41
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*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile16:43
locusfnext step: Nemo on Jolla16:44
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC16:47
locusfNemo on Huawei Ascend P6 is in progress16:48
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile17:04
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locusffaenil: yo, the PR has been updated :)17:45
M4rtinKPR 1.4 ? ;-)17:49
*** Guhl has joined #nemomobile17:49
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filippzlocusf: can you check from which package does user@.service comes from on n7000 (rpm -qf /lib/systemd/system/user@.service)?18:02
locusffilippz: systemd-config-mer-208-1.5.1.armv7hl18:02
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile18:04
filippzlocusf: do you have wait-session-to-start in /usr/lib/startup?18:05
locusfno such file at all18:05
filippzit's probably start-user-session then - and from which package is it?18:06
*** veskuh has quit IRC18:07
locusfah lib18:10
locusfwait a moment just rebooted it18:10
locusfyes I do have it there18:11
locusfno wait no I don't have it18:11
locusfstart-user-session is there18:11
filippzlocusf: np, I'm sorry to bother you with this - I'm just trying to understand why I need to modify start-user-session file to call user@.service instead of user-session@.service18:12
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile18:18
locusffilippz: no problem at all :)18:18
locusfnow I've got nemo on huawei p6 too :)18:19
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:19
locusfStskeepz: do you still have the environment variable to fix the fonts on p6?18:19
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:20
filippzlocusf: can you pastebin either P6 or n7000 journal - with user@.service and user-session@.service I was getting user-session@100000.service entered failed state, and all those OOM_ADJUST messages18:22
locusffilippz: sure18:23
locusfits got a couple of reboots but the full journal should still be there18:26
*** olesalscheider has quit IRC18:27
filippzlocusf: this is driming me insane, you also get two sessions for user nemo (declared as c1, and c2) and both fail - like on N9, but lipstick somehow gets started anyway?!18:31
filippzhos does lipstick behave - is it responsive or it's lagging/crashing/...18:32
locusffilippz: do you get any output?18:32
locusfto graphics18:32
locusfare you using colorful-home or glacier-home?18:32
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile18:33
*** notmart has quit IRC18:33
filippzno - lipstick.service doesn't get called at all - because user session is not running - how does lipstick start even when user session is not running on n7000/p6 ?!18:33
locusfwtf did you see that happening from the journal?18:34
locusfstart-user-session[919]: User session failed to start, status = failed18:35
locusfhmm interesting indeed18:35
filippzand that means systemd shouldn't start user services - right?18:36
locusfyeah I guess so18:36
filippzyet lipstick is started - would that mean that lipstick i system service instead?18:37
filippzcan you check where lipstick.service resides?18:37
filippzcrazy - I'm not understating systemd at all... user service gets called even if no user session is running18:40
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC18:40
*** \go has joined #nemomobile18:41
M4rtinKsocket activation maybe ?18:43
M4rtinKor something related18:43
M4rtinKIIRC it is possible to make it dump the graph of what was triggered by what and in which order18:44
M4rtinKmaybe ?18:44
filippzM4rtinK: unfortunately I can't even ssh into it, so I can't play with it like that18:45
filippzFor now I'll treat lisptick start as a lucky break - I'll get back to starting user@.service only, and see how to get user services running without user-session@.service like sailfish does18:47
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile18:47
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*** martyone has joined #nemomobile18:57
faenillet's see how long my line resists this time18:58
*** juergbi has joined #nemomobile18:58
*** Aard has joined #nemomobile18:58
*** marquiz has joined #nemomobile18:59
faenillocusf: so it worked? opacity: windowVisible?19:00
locusffaenil: yes19:00
faenilcool :)19:00
faenilI hope you made sure that covered all the cases, because I didn't :D19:00
locusfwell there is just one case, pressing the power button for a long time :) AFAIK19:03
faenilfilippz: any progress? (I read backlog)19:04
*** martyone has quit IRC19:05
filippzfaenil: not really - I'll try to make user@.service gets called instead of user-session@.service and see how to get to start all those user services depending on user-session@.service19:05
filippzI just have to figure out how it's being done on jolla19:05
filippzanyways - thanks everybody for help - I'm off to bed o/19:06
locusfme too o/19:06
faenilok good night people19:07
filippzfaenil: maybe you know someone that can give us a hint about user@.service?19:07
faenilfilippz: kjokinie phdeswer spiiroin one of them knows for sure :p19:08
filippzOK, I'm really going now - kids are sleepy :)19:08
faenilor mkosola ;)19:08
faenilfilippz: alright ;) o/19:08
*** filippz has quit IRC19:08
phdeswerYeah ping me sometime when you have time19:08
phdeswerToo late :(19:09
faenilphdeswer: :) don't worry he'll be back tomorrow ;) but you can read about his issue in the log ;)19:11
faenilbasically we can't get the user session to run, because of the changes that the new systemd brought19:11
phdeswerI quickly saw the log because of the usb_moded mention. But that thing might be due to no modules and no android gadget driver...19:12
faenilof course, it's on n9..19:12
faenilthe thing is, why is it looking for android stuff if we're on nothing like android :)19:12
faenilbut anyway, that's a side issue :)19:13
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile19:13
phdeswerAh it's n9 :) Well then there must be missing kernel modules. If going to charging only it tries g_file_storage, if that's not there the newer g_mass_storage, and if that module does not exists it tries it with an android gadget.19:13
phdeswerOr the developer mode config for android is installed instead of the regular one.19:14
faenilmm I what should he check? which kernel module and which android config?19:14
faenilfull log here -->
phdeswerWell I guess for sure there is no android gadget. So he should check if g_file_storage and g_nokia are there.19:22
*** gogeta_ has joined #nemomobile19:24
*** \go has quit IRC19:26
faenilphdeswer: ok thanks :) do you know something about systemd user session as well?19:28
faenilwhat could we be missing?19:28
phdeswerNot much. Still trying to figure out bits of systemd. And it's dependency resolving and booting capabilities are very weak imho.19:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:28
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile19:29
faenilbtw, have you seen theres' "usbcore" in the log?19:29
faenilUsb mass storage mode19:29
faenilJan 01 00:00:03 localhost kernel: usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage19:30
faenilanything to do with it?19:30
phdeswerJust means some support might be built in19:32
phdeswerIt's hard to know if I don't know anything about the software setup19:32
faenilit's nemo! :D19:33
*** olesalscheider has joined #nemomobile19:35
faenilon the other hand, I bet lpotter is awake already :D19:40
faenillpotter: high five! o/19:41
lpotterI know nothing19:41
faenillpotter: can you check the log and give us a hint about what's wrong with connmand? :D19:41
faenilhaha :)19:41
lpotterwhats not wrong with connmand19:41
faenilthere are about 10 errors, the more you can help us with, the better, of course :D19:42
faenilhistory: this is Nemomobile (qt5.2 based) on N919:42
faenil(and we can't get it to boot yet)19:43
lpotteriptables support missing error 2 (No such file or directory)19:43
lpotterand ofonod cannot find rild19:44
lpotterlooks like usb_moded needs some android thingies19:45
faeniltalked to phdeswer already, but is that related to the connmand errors?19:45
faenil(shouldn't be)19:46
phdeswerlpotter: that could be missing modules on the rootfs. I have no clue about the kernel config.19:46
lpotterok. don't think connman should not let it boot though19:47
lpotterit would just be without connectivity19:47
phdeswerdepends if some systemd target requires it and it does not start. Then systemd will just stop19:48
lpotterand mess with usb net if not configured to ignore that interface19:48
sashaii succesfully flashed N9 to previous firmware +o/19:49
sashaii am so much closer to multiboot =)19:49
faenillpotter: even if connmand is not stopping it from's still a lot of errors19:50
*** eekkelund has joined #nemomobile19:50
faenilso, if you have any clue... :D19:50
faenilwe'd spend days looking for hints19:50
lpotterdbus never reports it activated it's dbus interface19:51
lpottererr connman interface19:51
faenilfor example, where should we look if it's missing rild? why could it be missing rild?19:51
faenil(bbl, gtg)19:51
phdeswerrild should not even be on the N919:52
phdeswerfaenil: do you know if that image he uses is available somewhere?19:59
faenilmmm :/20:03
faenilphdeswer: he has his ks, maybe locusf has the file as well20:04
phdeswerI'll try to catch him tomorrow. Depends on when I get back from training20:04
*** Guest25313 has quit IRC20:07
*** Guest58912 has joined #nemomobile20:09
faenilphdeswer: thanks :)20:15
gogeta_hi lpotter20:15
gogeta_good morning20:15
*** sletta has quit IRC20:16
*** vakkov has quit IRC20:16
gogeta_a stupid question20:16
gogeta_i saw ... nemo can open tun device ... but to change default gw ?20:17
gogeta_or set static route20:17
lpottercan do that either with a connection settings config or through dbus20:18
gogeta_more safe ?20:20
*** jreznik has quit IRC20:29
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