Thursday, 2014-10-16

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locusfhmm I have a .ks but I think that filippz is using a modded one04:41
OksanaHello! How is it going with Qt5.2 migration? xulrunner-qt5? and others?04:44
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locusfit appears xulrunner-qt5 was the lone package that failed, but otherwise it works05:00
locusfI have 2 devices that have the qt 5.2 packages05:00
locusfwith nemo middleware05:00
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mkosolafaenil: I am not sure that filippz have proper kernel, because of this: Oct 15 20:03:01.828258 localhost systemd[924]: Perhaps the kernel version is too old (< 3.4?)05:38
mkosolafaenil: It would be nice to get that image, so we could try that05:39
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locusfmkosola: I have one image but its without filippz's fixes05:42
mkosolalocusf: ok, lets wait filippz05:42
filippzmkosola: I think you are refering to p6 boot from locusf, not N905:43
mkosolafilippz: Ah you are here, morning05:43
mkosolafilippz: ok, I'll check again05:43
filippzmkosola: morning people o/05:43
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filippzI'm currently working on new image (getting a few tweaks I noticed so far into ks file)05:44
filippzIt will take some time, but when I'm done it will either boot properly, or get published so someone smarter can fix it05:45
mkosolafilippz: ok, sounds good05:45
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filippzto cut the long story short - kernel should be "good enough" as sailfish ( boots OK with same systemd05:46
mkosolafilippz: ok, then it should be some other problem05:47
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filippzcoderus in #sailfish announced that he was testing with Qt5.2 version of sailfish, so it boils down to stuff done in jolla-session-qt5, and nemo not having that05:48
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filippzdeep discharged my N9 - I have to chrage it first :(05:53
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faenilmkosola: maybe I mixed the logs and posted locusf's one? :D06:37
mkosolafaenil: yes, seem so, no problem06:37
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locusffilippz: did you get your n9 charged?07:00
filippzlocusf: apparently N9 and netgear chargers don't get along very well, so I'm using my PC which will take some time07:09
locusffilippz: okay, no rush :)07:10
filippzlocusf: I can post ks file, so you can try - If you are interested07:10
locusffilippz: sure, I'll check it out in the evening07:10
filippzlocusf: I must package kernel first, as I've set some things as described by systemd and newer mer_verify_kernel_config07:12
locusffilippz: ok07:12
filippzI'm having a terrible Déjà vu moment regarding this kernel stuff07:13
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filippzlike - I was doing this before, and I'm spinning in circles07:23
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faenilfilippz: I update ofono yesterday btw, don't know if you're rebuilt an image in the meanwhile07:36
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faenilZogG_laptop: o/08:54
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ZogG_laptopfaenil: \o09:20
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filippzOK, I've tried but failed - here's is my ks file:
filippzand the jouranl from it:
filippzSomeone who knows insides of systemd should take a look at this and see why lipstick.service doesn't get started13:12
faenilphdeswer: spiiroin mkosola kjokinie (sorry for bothering guys, don't reply if you're busy ;) )13:16
phdeswerfaenil: it's ok ;)13:17
phdeswerfilippz: did you do the shutdown in that log?13:19
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filippzphdeswer: yes - DSME is running and responding to power button13:19
lbtPSA Nemomobile bugzilla is updated to latest version - let me know of any issues13:19
filippzI'm going home now - I'll be back after some R'n'R , o/13:20
phdeswerOct 16 12:35:19 localhost systemd[1]: Starting Graphical Interface.13:20
phdeswerOct 16 12:35:19 localhost systemd[1]: Reached target Graphical Interface.13:20
mkosolafilippz: faenil: I think you should fix ofono to use N9 modem, not ril13:21
phdeswerfilippz: I would say it finished booting. Just lipstick is not working13:21
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mkosolaI think that might be one problem13:21
faenilmkosola: do you think I have any clue how to do that? :D13:21
mkosolaphdeswer: Was it so that session is waiting ofono13:21
phdeswermkosola: see higher. I don't think so13:22
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spiiroinalso missing users/groups might cause problems13:23
mkosolafaenil: I think in /var/lib/environment/ofono/ is conf file for disabled plugins for ofono13:24
spiiroinJan 01 00:00:14 localhost dbus-daemon[221]: Unknown group "system" in message bus configuration file13:24
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spiiroinJan 01 00:00:14 localhost kernel: onenand_wait: correctable ECC error = 0x0001, addr1 0x4, addr8 0x5813:27
spiiroin^ does not look good either13:27
mkosolafaenil: Do you know if that image is somewhere available, or how we can build image from that kickstart to get similar image like filippz has?13:27
faenilmkosola: he posted the ks right above ;)13:27
locusfI'm building it now13:27
mkosolafaenil: yes, but how I get image out of it :)13:27
faenilmic cr fs ?13:28
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faenillocusf: paste the command please13:28
locusfsudo mic cr fs -A armv7hl -o nemo-mer-armv7hl-devel --pack-to=nemo-mer-arv7hl-devel-rnd-10162014.tar.bz2 --record-pkgs=name /home/locusf/shared/Desktop/nemo-armv7hl-n950-filippz.ks13:28
locusfwhat I used13:28
locusfthis is ofc inside mer sdk13:29
mkosolalocusf: ok, let's try13:29
locusfI was wondering about connman messing with usb13:29
faenilmkosola: great! thanks!13:29
locusfI used connman config from jolla which doesn't break usb connection13:30
locusfbut that doesn't make much sense as we don't have a initrd like we do in hadk13:30
faenilI wonder why he's using all those repos13:32
locusfI did that13:33
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locusftouchscreen wouldn't work after using just the default hw adaptation repos13:33
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phdeswerlocusf: I am worried about the modules also. Normally there should be no android things.13:34
locusfphdeswer: indeed13:34
* phdeswer checks the ks again for obvious problems there13:34
faenillocusf: why using testing repo?13:36
faenildoes it have something which devel doesn't have?13:37
locusffaenil: I don't know, ask filippz as its basically based on his sfos repository13:37
faenilmm ok13:37
locusfsfos ks13:37
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locusfgot a reboot out of the first try13:41
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile13:42
phdesweryeah and I think that usb-moded-n950config package is quite outdated13:43
faeniland why does this fail Oct 16 12:35:18 localhost oneshot[264]: Failed to set capabilities on file `/usr/bin/timed-qt5' (Operation not supported)13:43
faenilit's 3.5, it should handle that13:43
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faenilphdeswer: though there's no usbmoded warning before the android stuff13:46
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile13:46
phdeswerfaenil: well the config package is not a problem. There is however no mode configured. So nothing will work, so it must be charging mode.13:47
phdeswerWhich probably means no kernel modules13:47
locusfhrhm rebooted my desktop iso n913:47
faenilphdeswer: I'm confused now :)13:47
phdeswerfaenil: well there is only one mode usb-moded knows by default. That is charging mode. All the others are defined by config packages13:48
faenilphdeswer: and what has that to do with android13:48
phdeswerCharging mode is empty mass-storage. So first g_file_storage, if that module does not exist g_mass_storage, and when that fails it tries to use the usb gadget driver13:49
faenilphdeswer: yes but why no warning about the first 2 attempts13:49
faenilg_file_storage, g_mass_storage...13:49
faenilwhy does it warn about android and not about the rest13:50
faenilis that intended?13:50
phdeswerBecause usb-moded is not in debug mode. And in the case of those android files it is the open that prints the error13:50
faeniland how to enable debug mode? (just leaving info for filippz)13:51
phdeswerStart usb-moded with -D -T13:52
*** msava has joined #nemomobile13:53
locusfdo you guys wanna see my journal?13:54
phdeswerlocusf: if there is anything different?13:56
phdeswerlocusf: lots of missing depenencies13:57
faenillocusf: this is with same kernel as filippz log? :/13:58
locusffaenil: I don't know, haven't checked13:58
locusfphdeswer: yeah due to dbus not starting13:58
locusfsame kernel13:58
phdeswerDo you have usb plugged in?13:58
phdeswerCan you do lsmod?13:59
locusfthis is from moslo telnet13:59
faenilso why no iptables error in yours... :/13:59
locusfnot now as I'm not inside the n913:59
locusfand the kernel isn't loaded13:59
phdeswerah ok :)13:59
faenilah I just missed it13:59
phdeswerno usb_moded error though14:00
faenilyeah :/14:00
locusfI wonder if moslo busybox has fsck14:00
locusfthere is but not for ext414:01
locusfI wonder what setup filippz is using as he can boot it further than me14:01
phdeswerlocusf: seems to be pretty much to the same spot.14:01
phdeswerAnd then there is systemd randomness14:02
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faenilso RIL is only for the android frankenstein?14:03
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*** ilpianista has quit IRC14:05
phdeswerfaenil: RIL is qc stuff afaik14:06
faenilah ok14:06
locusffaenil: why are you calling it frankenstein :D ?14:06
faenillocusf: because it's android HAL with real linux on top? :D14:06
locusfwell yeah but its teh future :)14:07
faenildoesn't change its nature :P14:07
locusfyep :p14:07
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faenilphdeswer: then this should maybe be configs-qc more than configs-mer?
phdeswerI have no idea. It could be RIL is more generic14:10
faenilphdeswer: doesn't look like that
phdeswerfaenil: I honestly don't know for sure, so somebody else should answer that14:11
*** spiiroin has joined #nemomobile14:13
faenillocusf: can you show me content of /etc/ofono14:20
locusffaenil: / # ls -la /mnt/etc/ofono/14:25
locusftotal 1614:25
locusfdrwxr-xr-x    3 0        0             4096 Oct 16  2014 .14:25
locusfdrwxr-xr-x   61 0        0             4096 Oct 16  2014 ..14:25
locusfdrwxr-xr-x    2 0        0             4096 Oct 16  2014 push_forwarder.d14:25
locusf-rw-r--r--    1 0        0              344 Oct 15  2014 ril_subscription.conf14:25
faenillocusf: can you try deleting the conf file and reboot, and see log14:25
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locusfthe problem obviously is dbus14:30
*** Termana has joined #nemomobile14:32
faenilit seems RILD is the general term (at least in ofono), it's not the android/qc stuff14:32
*** Termana is now known as Guest442514:32
faenillocusf: try reproducing jolla's "system" groupo on the n914:35
Aardfaenil: it's the interface to the android rild (which is not qc specific)14:36
faenilAard: mmm14:37
locusfOct 16 14:26:59.448242 localhost systemd[305]: dbus.socket failed to listen on sockets: Permission denied14:37
faenilAard: do you know how ofono chooses the modem?14:38
Aardfaenil: I used to know, but that was 2 years ago14:38
*** Venemo_j_ has quit IRC14:39
faenillocusf: whoa, all those failed dependendies14:40
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:40
faeniland still, ofono trying to connect to RILD...14:40
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:41
faenilAard: so this is android specific stuff?
faenilmm ok14:41
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:42
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:43
faenilcontent of you user@.service?14:49
locusfrrebooting to check out14:51
*** msava has quit IRC14:52
faenilalso check  /var/lib/environment/ofono/ as mkosola said14:54
faenilmaybe there's a config for ofono there14:54
mkosolafaenil: My N9 battery was dead, so took a while14:55
locusfI don't have ofono environment directory14:55
faenilmkosola: no problem ;)14:55
mkosolaI got it now flashed but seems that kernel does not have console enabled, so not so easy to debug...14:55
*** sletta has quit IRC14:55
*** msava has joined #nemomobile14:55
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:56
faenilmkosola: mmm14:56
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:56
faenillocusf: no wonder, it comes from sbj-configs14:57
*** ilpianista has quit IRC14:57
locusffaenil: what does?14:57
locusfah ofono14:57
faenilyep, and it contains "--noplugin=LONG_LIST_HERE"14:58
*** ilpianista has joined #nemomobile14:59
locusfnewest journal with some usb_moded action15:00
faenilif you look at user@.service from jolla you'll see it's different15:01
faenilit includes all nemo env vars15:01
faenilcopy and reboot .D15:03
locusfhmm lets try that15:05
locusfnothing new happened15:06
mkosolafaenil: here is what I got it boot to moslo, but don't get anything after that15:07
mkosolafaenil: have to try more on monday, I don't have much time for tomorrow or weekend...15:08
faenilok :( pity that filippz isn't her enow15:08
faenilI have never tested it, I'm just looking from the outside15:09
locusfmkosola: your kernel is old15:09
*** ilpianista has quit IRC15:09
faenilmkosola: if you still have time now, locusf maybe can upload the tarball?15:09
locusfof the image, sure?15:09
*** solarius has quit IRC15:10
faenilwhy is he on 2.6 :/15:10
locusfits moslo kernel bootup15:11
locusfnot the image bootup15:11
faenilhe said he can't get past moslo15:11
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile15:11
mkosolafaenil: I have mkosola@leno:~/nemo/nemo-mer-armv7hl-devel$ cat nemo-armv7hl-n950-filippz.packages | grep kernel15:11
*** ilpianista has joined #nemomobile15:12
mkosolahow you can access device after moslo?15:13
locusfin no way15:13
faenilmkosola: so what happens? you get to the green moslo screen?15:13
locusfyou have to telnet to moslo and then mount mmcblk0p4 to /mnt and chroot to see the journal15:13
faenilah ok so his setup is good ;)15:14
mkosolalocusf: ok, have to figure out more :)15:14
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile15:14
*** mhall119 is now known as mhall119|vacatio15:17
faenilmkosola: life's good with a serial console eh? :P15:23
mkosolafaenil: yeah, if I just got it to work also after moslo ;)15:23
faenilah, so telnet + mount doesn't work?15:23
mkosolafaenil: yes, it works, but would be easier to see from console what is happening15:24
faenilof course :) if you already know how to enable it in kernel write it here so that filippz can add it ;)15:24
mkosolakernel command line should include "console=ttyS0,115200n8"15:25
faenilmkosola: but you can overwrite that from moslo, can't you?15:25
mkosolafaenil: yes, but according to this it should be correct...
faenilmkosola: so the problem is not there :/15:29
mkosolamaybe not, but I'll check my journal how it looks like...15:30
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile15:37
filippzeverybody's having fun I see :)15:38
filippzmkosola: are you running n9 or n950 ?15:38
mkosolafilippz: cureently N9, but I have both15:38
filippzmkosola: maybe using ubiboot would be easier than msolo IMHO, but locusf is using moslo AFAIK without problems15:40
faenilfilippz: I tried to push stuff forward for you in the meanwhile15:40
faenilI hope something helps15:41
filippzN950 is untesetd - apart from HW kebyboard wlan is connected differently, and camera modules are different - maybe sometnih else I forgot15:41
*** flash1 has joined #nemomobile15:42
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:42
filippzfaenil: all the stuff mentioned is good stuff - but why doesn't lipstick gets tarted by systemd is the big ticket item15:42
filippzonce we get it to boot and run ssh/usb it will be easier to play with it15:43
faenilwell, difficult to say as long as we're packed with errors everywhee15:43
faenilwhat about iptables? is it really missing the module?15:43
*** flash1 has quit IRC15:43
filippzI've intentionally ommited usb moded config - it used to bring usb networking iirc because w/o GUI one can't select usb mode :)15:44
*** zalan has quit IRC15:44
* tbr sends M4rtinK a PacketRadio message over AX.2515:44
*** zalan has joined #nemomobile15:45
faenilhey tbr o/15:45
faenilfilippz: what about the repos? why so many (and custom) repos?15:45
filippzI saw iptables that error - I'm not sure why it's teher - maybe CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES needs to be set - I'll try that15:46
faenil(it shows on my nemo as well btw, which has something from nov 201115:47
filippzcustom repos: nemo-adaptation-n950-n9-testing is because newer kernel requires newer wlan firmware15:47
faeniland devel doesn't have that?15:47
filippzIt wasn't there the last time I checked15:48
filippzfilippz repo contains 3.5.3 kernel only15:48
*** zalan has quit IRC15:49
filippzjalnmwr is there because of missing package dependency - (videoep something iirc) - this one comes from sailfishos images15:49
faeniland let's hope it doesn't cause any conflict? :/15:50
faenilbtw, has same ti-connectivity package as :testing15:50
filippzfaenil: OK, I'll change to that one instead15:51
faenilit's there already15:51
faenilin the line right below testing15:51
faenilfilippz: could you also try deleting jalnmwr and see which package is causing issues?15:54
filippzfaenil: np, faenil - let me fetch ks I posted from my VM machine, and try15:55
mkosolafaenil: filippz: I have to leave for today, sorry. I promise to help latest on Monday...15:56
filippzmkosola: ty for your time o/15:56
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:57
faenilmkosola: no proble, thanks a lot!15:57
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile15:57
filippzfaenil: nothing provides ohm-plugin-videoep needed by policy-settings-basic-n950-0.1.6-2.9.Nemo.Adaptation.N950.N9.noarch15:58
filippzfaenil: still with all that repos we do get sailfish to boot to lipstick15:59
*** WWDrakey has left #nemomobile15:59
faenilfilippz: yeah...just trying to clean things up a bit16:00
faenilto be 100% the problem is not there16:00
filippzfaenil: of course - I'm still convinced that we don't get that systemd stuff right16:01
faenilsure, the problem is probably there16:02
*** Guest4425 has quit IRC16:02
filippzalso why did stuff from jolla-session-qt5 became "jolla"? we do have that stuff in different nemo packages, but they are not updated for systemd 20816:03
filippzand we obviously need to fix that16:04
*** ilpianista has quit IRC16:04
faenilyou mean why it became proprietary?16:04
faenilmaybe MSameer can help us with the videoep thing btw,16:04
faenil requires it16:04
filippzon a side not - I'm ready to set kernel vram and 32 bit mode from kernel for wayland16:05
filippzthat way we can ditch fbset-N9.service nad ubiboot kernel boot params16:05
*** ilpianista has joined #nemomobile16:06
*** Termana has joined #nemomobile16:06
faenilvideoep was disabled during the nox11 move it seems16:06
*** Termana is now known as Guest2639316:06
filippzI'll wait to see if we need to set buffer orientation for Silica components first16:06
faenilbut first, get systemd to boot :D16:07
faenilyou already got stuff from jolla's user@.service right?16:07
locusfits the damn dbus, fix it first16:08
locusfeven with jolla's user@.service it doesn't work16:08
filippzfaenil: no - locusf did try that already but didn't make any difference16:08
faenillocusf: we don't know where to look...16:08
faenilfilippz: well, those mods are needed for sure16:08
faenilor jolla wouldn't be including all those env vars16:08
locusfthey are not needed on the frankensteins16:08
locusfn7000 and hwp616:09
faenilare you sure they have pristine user@.service files?16:09
locusfI can boot one up to check16:09
faeniland also, what about that "system" group?16:09
faenilmaybe the system doesn't get enough permissions to do stuff without it16:10
filippzlocusf: point me to dbus problem in journal please16:10
locusfyeah default systemd user@.service16:10
locusffilippz: line 94 and 8316:11
locusfalthough thats my setup to be fair16:12
locusfyours might just boot up16:12
filippzlocusf: that looks bad, I'll check my log for those16:12
faenilI don't remember filippz's log having those socket errors btw16:12
filippzI'm looking - and there are not there16:13
locusfyeah noticed the same16:14
faenilso you guys forgot to share some improvements :P16:14
locusfI also have user-session@.service on my p616:15
locusfand working mce16:15
filippzlocusf: yes mce could be a problem, but with it I cant get it to boot at all16:16
filippzmaybe dsme can't get started quick enough with mce to disable watchdog16:17
locusfhmm I remember not removing nothing worked the first time around16:17
locusfyeah lets see about mce16:17
filippzlocusf: crazy isn't it - yours lipstick.service (user service) gets started without running systemd user service - systemd's strange beast16:18
locusffilippz: yep :)16:18
filippzand sailfish has no user-session@.service file at all16:20
*** zalan has joined #nemomobile16:23
locusfI'm still puzzled by the working bootup I had on saturday16:24
filippzlocusf: I'm still puzzled how p6 and n7000 boot without any problems we have!16:26
faenillocusf: can you past a frankenstein bootup again?16:28
locusfits too large with ofono messages16:33
locusffor pastebins16:33
locusfand I'm too lazy to cut it down :p16:33
filippzfaneli: here we have twice systemd saying "session closed for user nemo", and it still starts "user" service!16:36
faenillocusf: that log has its good share of errors D16:37
filippzon N9 (with current ks) there are no such messages and systemd stil doesn't start "user" services16:37
filippzeven when using setup like locusf we can't get lipstick to even get called by systemd, let alone work16:38
faenilfilippz: couldn't it be that lipstick is not getting launched because some systemd target is not being reached?16:39
filippzof course - target is not reached16:39
filippzI was looking as to why - but I have no clue16:40
faenilno that comes later, I think16:40
faenilRequires=dbus.socket pre-user-session.target16:40
faeniland we have dbus.socket errors ,don't we16:40
locusfI have16:40
filippznot on my boot AFAIK16:40
locusfbut not filippz16:41
filippzthe trick is - there is no user-session@.service, but there is user-session.target16:41
filippzhow to make to be reached when user@.service starts?16:41
faenilhave you already understood why one has issues and the other doesnt?16:42
filippzno, I'm using posted ks file - all the hack used are in it16:42
filippzlocusf - any modifications to ks, or the image itself?16:43
*** cloanta has joined #nemomobile16:43
filippzlet me check mic command from locusf...16:44
locusffilippz: <- hwp6 .ks16:44
locusf <- n9 .ks just used and not booting16:45
*** piggz has quit IRC16:45
*** notmart has quit IRC16:45
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile16:45
filippzlocusf: you have commented out my hacks about user@.service - thats different for sure16:47
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile16:47
filippzalso last hack with - was desperate move - systemd should call if nothing is specified16:48
filippzI'll try putting just for fun16:48 is graphical.target16:50
faenilwhich is a system unit16:50
filippzin /usr/lib/system/user dir?16:51
locusfnow I have OOM_ADJUST errors when enabling user-session.target16:52
faenilno, that holds user units16:52
filippzwe get systemd --user to be started - shouldn't that start from that /usr/lib/system/user?16:53
filippzif not who should call default.tagret there?16:53
faenildoes systemd --user actually get started?16:54
*** messerting has joined #nemomobile16:54
*** jreznik has left #nemomobile16:54
faenilit looks to me as if it's starting the system, not the user one16:55
faenilin fact it gets to complete graphical.target16:55
filippzuser@.session is what get's it started16:55
faenilOct 16 14:50:31.816528 localhost systemd[1]: Reached target Graphical Interface.16:55
faenilone it gets there, its jobe is done, as I see it16:56
filippzbut if that's the case who/how should start for user?16:56
filippzisn't that the point of systemd --user command?16:56
filippzto start user targets/services...16:56
faenilbut it doesn't seem like it's doing it16:56
*** Eztran has quit IRC16:57
filippzyesm, but is rather clear16:57
faenillook at p6 log16:57
faenilit never reaches graphical interface target16:57
faenilit goes another way16:57
faenilafter Sockets targets it starts the user session16:57
locusf <- here is with enabled user-session16:58
faenilwhile in our case, we start graphical interface16:58
faenilwhich device16:58
filippzthat was the whole reason I started looking at systemd stuff16:59
*** eekkelund has joined #nemomobile16:59
locusfuser-session@100000.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE16:59
filippzI'm thinking that systemd --user should start /usr/lib/systemd/user/, and user@.service is doing systemd --user stuff17:00
locusfUnit user-session@100000.service entered failed state17:00
faenilyes I would agree17:00
faenildoes p6 have it?17:01
locusfalthough I can't check since I've shut it off17:01
filippzfaenil,locusf: please check archlinux and the part  Since systemd 206...17:02
filippzwhat does that mean? Who/how should start /usr/lib/systemd/user/
faenilwtf :O17:03
filippzsomeone  (at jolla) must know the answer, and it's somewhere in jolla-session-qt5 package17:05
faenilyep, if only we had access to the commits..17:05
locusfhey I got gui17:06
faenilwe can always download 2 versions and compare :)17:06
locusfI mean lipstick17:06
faenillocusf: tell us more :p17:06
locusfremoving OOMScoreAdjust from /usr/lib/systemd/user/dbus.service helped17:07
locusfbut now it rebooted17:07
locusfshort lived joy17:07
locusfbut its better than nothing17:07
faenilsave log save log17:07
*** eekkelund has quit IRC17:08
filippzwe probably need PAMName=systemd-user in user@.session - let's try that17:09
faenilisn't it there already?17:10
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile17:10
filippzfaenil: yes - I'm getting tired...17:11
filippzfenil: I'm browsing trogh jolla-session-qt5 looking for clues17:11
*** messerting has quit IRC17:12
faenillocusf: have you deleted user-session@.service already? if not, try that17:13
faenilthere are too many sessions running here17:13
faeniloh, but this log contains many reboots17:14
faenil"local root user (on guest) cannot set the OOM on any value. Set OOM on any value required except CAP_SYS_RESOURCE also full root privileges."17:16
faenilI guess we're at the point where whatever contains OOMScoreAdjust will not run17:16
faenilwe're missing something about oom17:17
faenilfilippz: locusf check /etc/group, do you have nemo in the system group?17:19
faenilmaybe that's the culprit17:19
locusfther is no system group17:20
locusfjust systemd-journal17:20
faenilI have system:x:1000:nemo17:21
faenilin my jolla17:21
faenilp6 doesn't have those warning17:23
*** cloanta has quit IRC17:23
faenilcreate a system group and add nemo to it guys :)17:23
*** cloanta has joined #nemomobile17:23
locusfwhere did you figure this out?17:24
faenilspiiroin said that as his first hint17:25
*** ilpianista has quit IRC17:27
*** Eztran has quit IRC17:27
*** ilpianista has joined #nemomobile17:29
locusfhmm now only flashes of gui17:30
faenilnow that you added system?17:31
faenil(and did you add nemo to the group?)17:32
locusfnope and nope17:32
filippzfaenil: I tried adding system:x:1000:nemo, what else need to go there?17:33
faenilnot sure :/17:33
locusfI used groupadd -r system17:34
locusfand then usermod -a -G system nemo17:34
faenilthat's the list on my jolla17:34
locusfnow lipstick graphics are frozen17:35
filippzI just cant0 figure out how systemd would start - i added to user@.service and there is no error reported, but still no user services starts17:37
*** olesalscheider has quit IRC17:37
faenilit started in locusf's case after commentin oom stuff in dbus.service17:38
faeniland dbus.service enabled the rest to start17:38
faenilso I'd say you still have issues with dbus17:38
faenilotherwise it would start17:38
filippzI'll try omm stuff17:38
*** flash1 has joined #nemomobile17:39
*** olesalscheider has joined #nemomobile17:39
*** flash1 has quit IRC17:40
*** flash1 has joined #nemomobile17:41
faenilI'm asking for help about OOM stuff in #systemd17:42
faenil[19:42] <michich> faenil, /proc/self/oom_score_adj must exist for OOMScoreAdjust= in unit files to work.17:43
filippzI dint' get lucky with OOM commented out17:43
*** flash1 has quit IRC17:43
*** flash1 has joined #nemomobile17:44
*** sletta has joined #nemomobile17:44
*** Jonni has quit IRC17:45
*** sletta has quit IRC17:45
*** Jonni has joined #nemomobile17:48
locusffaenil: is that a kernel option which creates it?17:48
faenilhe doesn't know17:48
locusfsome graphics bugs:
locusfmaybe something that w00t knows about?17:53
faenillocusf: filippz we don't have SELinux enabled, do we?17:54
faenil[19:53] <michich> the writing to oom_score_adj happens in a process forked from PID1, while it's still running as root. Do you have any MAC framework involved? SELinux?17:54
locusfits in the kernel if it is17:55
filippzI'm not getting any OOM adjust errors  from dbus or anything else17:56
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile17:56
filippzand I stil can't get lipstick to start17:56
filippzlocusf - you are still using user-session@.service?17:57
locusffilippz: yes17:57
filippzI'm not sure how to proceed - user-session@.service is obsolete from systemd 206, but I cant' get any user service to start without it17:58
filippzjolla has no user-session@.service, and with it we get something to start, but wit all kinds of errors :(17:58
faenilfilippz: what about selinux17:59
filippzfaenil: I really don't know - how to check?17:59
filippzkernel config is here:
filippzI'must say once more that this kernel boots sailfish os just fine - we have userspace issues AFAIK18:01
*** coderus has quit IRC18:01
faenilfilippz: right....18:02
filippzI must go now - I'll try to see all the bits and peaces from jolla-session-qt5 and try to see what's missing18:03
filippzbut that will have to wait for saturday :(18:04
faenil:/ cya18:04
filippzty all for your hard work - have a good night!18:05
faenilthank you! o/18:05
*** filippz has quit IRC18:05
faenillocusf: have you tried install jolla-sessions-qt5 package on top?18:06
faenillike, as an addon to the ks, from a local repo18:06
*** cloanta has quit IRC18:07
*** cloanta has joined #nemomobile18:08
faenilI'm out for the evening o/ cya18:08
locusfas I have now a functional lipstick18:08
locusffaenil: cya, me too18:08
faenillocusf: that could be a valid try :)18:09
faenillocusf: ah functional? no reboot?18:09
faenilwhat did you change?18:09
locusfinstalled glacier-home18:09
locusfand newest qtquickcontrols18:09
faenilwasn't that all installed laready?18:09
faenil:O ?18:10
locusfas the ks didn't include them18:10
locusfthe graphics are _extremely_ buggy though18:10
faenilshare the ks with filippz then :)18:10
faenilcya !18:10
faenilah :(18:10
faenilbuggy as in?18:10
locusfI have made so many changes which aren't in the ks18:10
locusflaggy and a piece missing from the botttom18:10
faenilbye bye18:11
*** cloanta_ has joined #nemomobile18:13
*** cloanta has quit IRC18:13
locusfI gotta go now, see you guys tomorrow18:13
*** cristi has quit IRC18:18
*** Guest26393 has quit IRC18:22
*** Termana has joined #nemomobile18:23
*** Termana is now known as Guest8751118:23
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*** mjones has joined #nemomobile22:59
OksanaHello! How is it going with Qt5.2 migration? xulrunner-qt5? and others?23:04
coderusOksana: what the question exactly?23:22
OksanaWhen will the next Nemo image be available?23:22
OksanaThe 2014-02 is not something which tolerates zypper dup23:23
OksanaSomething which does not have a beta release, cannot be beta-tested :(23:24
*** ilpianista has quit IRC23:35
*** ilpianista has joined #nemomobile23:39
*** plfiorini has quit IRC23:43
coderuswell, jolla gyus is finishing migration to qt5.2, so it should be *soon*23:45
*** SK_work has quit IRC23:48
*** morphis has quit IRC23:48
*** morphis has joined #nemomobile23:53

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