Saturday, 2014-10-18

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faenilmoo o/06:44
Stskeepsmoo faenil06:45
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faenilmoo locusf07:27
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faenillpotter: ping07:47
faenillpotter: where is the default modem driver for ofono set?07:50
faenilit seems to default to RILD now, but I guess it wasn't like this in the past07:50
lpotternot sure07:50
lpottersorry. I'd have to dig07:52
faenilno problem :) it' saturday, I'll ask you again on monday if I can't find time to dig it myself during the weekend ;)07:52
locusfthe testing is gonna have to wait until the evening, sorry :)07:56
faenillocusf: haha :) tyt07:57
* faenil wonders if Ofono has an IRC channel07:58
faenilof course it does :D07:58
lpottergood luck getting any answers there07:59
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faenillpotter: it was worth trying ^^08:01
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faenilOFONO_DRIVER env looked feasible, but it's not t...08:04
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OksanaGood evening! Or good night... Tired.11:28
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faenilOksana: it's saturday! Energy! :)13:10
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locusfhmm reboots after lipstick startup on n913:30
locusffull battery now13:30
faenillogs logs13:31
Oksanafaenil: It's late evening of Saturday. Read: first hour of Sunday. When I should be sleeping. Theoretically. Instead, I am dealing with Windows Permissions Hell (yes, it beats your Linux Dependencies Hell). It just 0-byted a file. For no sane reason whatsover.13:31
OksanaWhere are the logs?13:31
faenilOksana: :D seems fun!13:31
locusfok now it lasted13:31
locusfsecond reboot13:31
OksanaHow is it going?13:34
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OksanaI should clean up my dust filters; their noise could be contributing to my irritability. Recently [within last month] a wax pencil had molten just by being close to them.13:36
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faenilOksana: lol13:41
faenillocusf: how is it going13:42
locusffaenil: looking at logs now13:42
locusffaenil: just scroll to bottom once I can send this13:42
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faenilsomething tells me you still haven't deleted user-session and modded user@.servie :P13:46
locusfok ok I'll do it13:46
faenilyou see those xcb errors? that's because the env is missing wayland env vars13:47
faeniland I think user-session shouldn't start at all13:49
locusfhow do I fix those?13:49
faenilthere are env files in user@.service13:50
faenilthat's why I insist you fix that :p13:50
locusfok I did13:50
locusfcopied over from Jolla now13:50
faenilwatch out for copypaste errors13:51
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faenilfor example there's $TARGET in jolla's file13:51
faenilwhich we can't handle, you have to replace it with ""13:51
locusfSESSION_TARGET ?13:52
faenilif you grep that you'll see it's to handle actdead13:52
faenilI don't think Nemo has actdead handling13:52
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locusfI dunno13:53
faenil(or at least I don't remember)13:53
locusfanything else?13:53
faenildelete user-session, modify user@.service13:53
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faenilmaybe we should make sure we don't have outdated env vars13:53
faenilcompare jolla env files to ours?13:54
faenilthose in /var/lib/environment13:54
locusfwhich ones?13:54
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faenilsee which ones make sense to be used on nemo13:55
faenilif it's jolla/android/hybris specific then we probably don't need it (or not on n9 at leasT)13:55
locusfyep couldn't see anything important/already existing in nemo13:56
locusfI should go to sauna now, I'll be back in about a hour13:56
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gogetahi guys13:57
gogetalucky you locusf13:57
faenillocusf: have fun13:58
faenilgogeta: hey13:58
gogetaportings today ?13:59
faenilstill trying to resurrect nemo on n914:02
gogetayou say pure nemo14:02
gogetajust in time i don't use n9 anymore14:03
gogetanow I got 20gb LTE bussiness plan14:03
gogetawith unlimited call sms14:03
coderus20gbps or 20gbpm?14:03
gogetano no 20Gb of traffic14:03
coderusok, 20gbpm then14:03
gogetaspeedtest said 49Mbps14:04
gogeta20gb per month14:04
gogetai dunno who consume more bandwith ... mitakuulu or messaging framework for imap14:04
gogetawill be nice create a way to create such statistics14:05
gogetafaenil, there are some advance since filippz fist ks ?14:05
faenilyeah a few, but still unstable boot at the moment14:07
faenilI'm really tempted to flash it on my n950 and work on it a bit14:07
Oksana20gb per minute would have been interesting, yes... Task Manager: per process: CPU usage, Memory usage, Network usage14:07
faenilbut I'm resisting the temptation :D14:07
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gogetawhere are you testing ?14:09
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faenilI'm not testing, I'm just trying to help from the outside locusf and filippz who are those actually flashing it :)14:11
gogetamay I compile it ?14:12
faenilyou have to ask for the latest ks file14:13
gogetaat the sauna :-D14:14
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coderusgogeta: mitakuuluu have data counters14:35
gogetaI know14:35
coderusand btw, i can build your ks files on server and it will be automatically hoted to download :)14:35
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coderusmean i can build your images using your ks files :)14:36
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faenilcoderus: that would be convenient for the release process ;) though we already have tbr helping with the hosting14:37
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coderussure, just ask if you need it14:38
faenilcoderus: thanks!14:38
tbrfaenil: wasn't there an IMG for nemo/mer by now?14:38
faenilcoderus: what about you contributing to nemo instead ;)14:39
coderusi can just run mic on server and forget it until it will be done, and file will be automatically available to download :D14:39
faeniltbr: what do you mean?14:39
tbra build service, in goes KS out comes image14:39
faeniloh the img service!14:39
faenildon't know! I thought you only hosted tarballs14:39
Stskeeps(garbage in, garbage out!)14:39
tbrfaenil: yeah, but when I started doing that as, the idea already was to replace that with proper builds done by IMG14:40
tbrjust that IMG was nowhere near usable back then14:40
tbrit's been working reasonably well for Jolla the last year, from what I understand14:41
tbralso it looks like there is some instance already:
Stskeepsplatform sdk is made with it, afaik14:41
tbrI guess lbt or Stskeeps should know14:41
Stskeepsas lbt is o crap home connection14:41
tbrlbt: IMG for nemo or SFA images, is it possible?14:42
lbtnemo yes14:42
tbrfaenil: there is your answer. :)14:43
lbtthinking about SFA - don't see why not14:43
faenilso, how does it work?14:43
faenil(once we have a decent ks)14:43
tbrfaenil: I'm still happy to host nemo images, but preferably done using IMG. at which point that's a bit redundant. ;)14:43
lbtless sure on the license restrictions for SFA14:43
* lbt is doing jitter calcs on his capacitative touch system atm ... head is elsewhere :)14:44
coderusfaenil: i need real work, for now i cant spent more time for stuff without detting income :D14:45
faenilcoderus: understandable ;)14:45
faenilcoderus: have you finished uni?14:48
r0kk3rzcoderus: i think you have a location issue more than anything else14:52
r0kk3rz << this interface doesnt exist on sailfish? do i need to talk directly to pulseaudio to manipulate the main volume?14:56
locusfoh yeah img15:00
gogetalocusf, back from sauna ?15:00
locusfgogeta: yeah15:00
gogetacan you send me ks for n[9,950]15:00
locusfsure, one moment though15:01
gogetatnx a lot15:09
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faenilr0kk3rz: see if this helps
faenillocusf: can you remove jal repo please15:18
faenilit shouldn't be needed anymore15:18
locusffaenil: ok15:18
faenillet's get this in a better shape :)15:18
gogetawhy autologinuser meego15:19
r0kk3rzfaenil: im not sure what im looking at, this is a test script for mainvolume? as the doesnt appear to be on my jolla either15:21
faenilr0kk3rz: yeah it's supposed to be the test for that module15:22
faenilso I guess it should pass :/15:23
faenilgogeta: ??15:23
faenilah, don't know15:23
r0kk3rzfaenil: i havent tried running it, but afaik its going to fail to find the interface, because its not being advertised, or missing15:23
r0kk3rzi could be wrong though15:24
faenilr0kk3rz: check if you have that package installed15:25
locusfhmm mce still prevents booting up15:25
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faenilyes, but no log, no party :P15:26
faenilyesterday I read you were missing mce.service, don't know if that's still the case15:27
locusfI tried to copy it back but nothing happened after booting15:28
locusfand journalctl doesn't report anything when mce is enabled15:28
faenilnothing happened as in?15:28
r0kk3rzfaenil: pulseaudio-modules-nemo-mainvolume is there, maybe im looking in the wrong place15:29
faenilr0kk3rz: try having a look here
* gogeta installing windows95 osr 2.5 ita15:31
r0kk3rzfaenil: what service presents that interface? org.pulseaudio?15:31
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gogetafaenil, i've found stellaris iso15:33
gogetadid you remember15:34
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faenilr0kk3rz: com.Meego.MainVolume2 ?15:34
faenilah service, sorry15:34
faenilgogeta: nope15:34
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faenilr0kk3rz: org.pulseaudio.Core1?15:36
r0kk3rzyeah service15:36
faenilisn't that it15:37
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r0kk3rznot seeing that one either15:39
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locusfargh, was gonna install cutefox-qt5 but it required embedlite-components which aren't available due to xulrunner not working16:53
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filippzlocusf, faenil: I've finally made a ks file that boots to lipstick and can be sshed into :)17:55
faenilfilippz: yay :)17:55
faenilwhat else was needed?17:56
filippztrouble is that while building nemo-theme-glacier calls gconftool-2 but should use dconf (which can't be used in ks file afaik)17:56
filippzwe don't have any icons in lipstick (probably due to that)17:56
faenilsure, no problem17:56
faeniltell me more about what was missing17:56
filippzalso I get mirrored settings QML - isn't  QT_COMPOSITOR_NEGATE_INVERTED_Y supposed to fix that?17:57
locusffilippz: good job :)17:57
locusffilippz: nope, that requires a custom shader that glacier-home has17:58
faenilfilippz: it worked, months ago, but at one point I think that wasn't needed anymore17:58
faeniland jolla did it with the shader17:58
faenilwhich is the way locusf followed I guess17:58
faenilfilippz: I'm curious, come on :P17:59
filippzhm, I'm using colorful, but I've put glacier in package list?!18:00
filippzI'll rebuild and reflash - who knows...18:01
filippzalso i get Failed to get D-Bus connection: Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X11 with command: systemctl --user restart lipstick18:02
filippzbtw here is my ks:
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile18:04
filippzI've adapted this script to fix dbus issues:
filippzmaybe another approach would work better18:05
faenilfilippz: have you deleted jalmvw repo already, btw?18:06
faenilit shouldn't be needed anymore, and if it's still needed please let me know18:06
faenilok, so it's not needed anymore?18:06
filippzno, apparently not18:07
faenilok, cool18:07
filippzyes - good job with that one faenil18:07
faenilyeah I sent a pr to that package so that it doesn't require videoep anymore, since it was x11 specific anyway18:07
faenilfilippz: oh np18:07
locusffilippz: is your lipstick performance dreadful?18:10
filippznot really - it get's stuck after a couple of minutes - but work's OK18:10
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locusfhmm ok18:10
faenilfilippz: btw why did you need that script? wasn't new dbus enough? which issues did you have18:11
filippzproblem is that there are no icons duee to dconf/gcong theme package18:11
filippzfaenil: I'm not ussing user-session@.service anymore - without it i couldn't get user session to start18:12
faenillocusf: deleted user-session as well, but lipstick starts?18:12
locusffaenil: yeah18:12
filippznow I've noticed that jolla-session-qt5 has pre-user-session.wants to dbus - I'm not sure that we have18:12
faenilfilippz: did you get the env vars from jolla's user@.service?18:13
locusfhmm my n9 has died18:13
filippzjust Environment=XDG_RUNTIME_DIR18:13
faenilfilippz: there are many more...18:13
locusfor not18:13
faenil(files with env vars)18:13
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faenilalso, any reason why you skipped the other env vars from jolla's user@.service? (just trying to understand :D )18:14
filippzjolla has binary called autologin instead of start-user-session script, togehter with /etc/pam.d file for it - who knows why they need it, toghther with all the other stuff18:15
filippzI'm not inclined to c/p all the stuf without really knowing what for18:15
faenilfilippz: well, there are graphics env vars18:16
faenilmaliit env vars18:16
faenilthere is everything we need for nemo to work, in there18:16
faenilmaybe some outdated ones, sure18:16
filippzI'm trying to find minimum changes needed to start user session - everything other can be added if we find a reason for it18:16
faenilfilippz: you think I put those env files in nemo-sessions package just to kid? :D :D18:16
faenilok, I just wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel18:17
coderusfaenil: maype filippz want to create ellipse wheel instead of squicle?18:18
faenilcoderus: could be, could be :)18:19
filippzI'm not saying they don't have a purpose, I'm just trying to figure out why jolla has that binary and all that stuff inside18:19
faenilI just remember the times I wasted on this stuff in summer 201318:19
faeniland I would want us to concentrate on going forward, not repeating previous steps :)18:19
faenilfilippz: sure, that's another matter18:19
filippzI'll try with glacier lipstick now, and after that I'm going go take a crack at mce18:20
filippzI just hate when ubuntu creates /media/Alt_OS_, /media/Alt_OS__ ... etc - I extracted the image to the wrong place - again18:23
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*** bencoh has joined #nemomobile18:25
filippzso we dont' have dbus as "wants" for - I'll add it and drop the lines added to start-user-session18:26
locusfmy mic2 is taking ages right now18:28
faenilwhat's start-user-session?18:28
locusfbtw we have the second usable tablet for nemo now18:28
hedayatSorry for interrupting, anybody has experience with busybox's 'pivot_root'? I'm stuck with 'pivot_root: Device or resource busy' and cannot figure out what the problem is.18:31
filippzfaenil: /usr/lib/startup/start-user-session is a script that activates user@.service, that in turn calls systemd --user18:32
faenilfilippz: ps don't remember to send a PR to
faeniladding the symlink for dbus.service in pre-user-session.wants18:33
filippzfaenil: I didn't get user session to start with that change :(18:33
hedayat:( I'd like to boot Nemo from inside a directory, and pivot_root might help me. Actually, I'm trying to find a way for loop mounting nemo/sailfish.18:33
faenilfilippz: yeah but it's still adviced to have it, if jolla added it :)18:33
filippzI'll check what happened in log - I'm trying to get all the bit's and pieces first18:34
faenilfilippz: have you tried adding the env vars I was talking about ? just as an attempt...otherwise I don't get why locusf gets it to start18:34
locusfactually it stopped working after I added the env vars18:35
locusfsorry to report that so late, I just noticed it myself18:35
filippzI'll retest with them, I must first see to see what's the dbus trouble is now18:35
faenillocusf: LOL18:35
filippzfaenil: It seems that c/p stuff doesn't always work :)18:36
faenilfilippz: it's not cp, it's env vars which I put there myself, they're just not being considered at the moment18:36
faenilbecause of the user@service change18:36
faenilI wouldn't force you to do a random move :D18:36
faenilbut anyway, I'll just keep quiet and let you guys enjoy the work18:37
faenilI can't ask for logs every 2 mins :D18:37
faenilthe problem with ignoring those env vars is that18:44
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off18:44
faenilonce you'll have a problem with...say, libaccounts, nobody will be able to help18:44
locusfI got lipstick running now18:44
faenilbecause tracing back to an env var not being set is not easy, especially if you're so used to having everything set up as sailors are18:44
locusfbut everything is without text18:44
faenillocusf: cool, change?18:44
filippzadding  systemd.log_level=debug boot parameter causes my N9 not to boot anymore :(18:47
filippzubiboot is now broken - Boot menu script not found?!18:48
locusffaenil: its built with the latest ks18:49
locusfgui is frozen though18:50
locusfit did react previously18:50
faenilwhere is the ks for sailfish n9 btw?18:52
filippzI have to download Harmattan firmware to fix the ubiboot - that means I'm done for tonight...18:53
faenilI'm out as well, cya o/18:55
filippzfaenil: sailfish ks:
*** filippz has quit IRC19:03
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hedayatShould I boot latest sailfish using the same command line as nemo (vram=6m omapfb.vram=0:6M)?21:12
phdeswerhedayat: most likely yes21:14
hedayatphdeswer: thanks!21:14
*** onurati has joined #nemomobile21:25
gogetahi phdeswer21:34
phdeswerhi gogeta21:45
gogetawhy proxy settings are just in dbus21:46
gogetaand not in env ?21:46
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phdeswergogeta: connman insanity I guess21:58
gogetai can't use my phone at office21:59
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hedayatFinally, I found how can I boot nemo/sailfish/etc. without re-partitioning! :D22:33
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