Sunday, 2014-10-19

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faenilmoaning o/06:37
Stskeepsmorn faenil06:39
* tbr liked the snow better yesterday, now it's just pouring rain06:41
faenilhere it got even more humid in the last 3 days06:42
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kimmolimo o/07:09
flash1kimmoli: moshi moshi07:10
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kimmoli... sunday rant... bitbucket hooks still not working07:12
faenilkimmoli: :D have you moved to the new method already07:12
kimmoliwhat new method?07:22
kimmolitried one py script, wh2service, that added build etc to service, and it failed to stage07:23
kimmoliwh is setup there, and everything should be ok (as far as i can see) bUt nogo. there was someone speaking about allowed ip adresses for bucket?07:28
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faenilkimmoli: ok, then lbt is the only one who can help, I guess07:56
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faenildon't say 9, it reminds me of the update :D09:39
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WikiwideGood morning! How are you?10:47
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lbtoh, that was a while ago15:45
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kimmolilbt: o/ ^^ bitbucket15:52
lbtyep - that's supposed to work - I'll need to look at it15:57
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lbtkimmoli: config typo I hope (no ,) try again16:00
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kimmolilbt: i'll check, i will have next commit soon16:19
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kimmolialso there is something broken in changes generation16:24
kimmolicompared to
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lbtyes - that looks like a problem in tar_git16:29
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phaeronlbt: please deploy the latest version from dev branch16:45
kimmolilbt: commit recognized, it was with tag, no build triggeered ?16:47
kimmoli * [new tag]         0.2.34 -> 0.2.3416:48
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lbtphaeron: I pretty much am:
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phaeronlbt: I mean the tar_git script on source service19:48
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kimmoliseems tag->build works now20:00
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ZogG_laptopSK_work: you work at nights?20:49
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OksanaGood morning!21:34
ZogG_laptopOksana: good night21:37
ZogG_laptopOksana: спокойной ночи =)21:37
OksanaHow are you? What are the latest news about Nemo image?21:37
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ZogG_laptopOksana: no idea21:41
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ZogG_laptopas well as i think there might be different images for different devices/archs?21:41
ZogG_laptopi'm off21:41
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hedayathi! I've booted latest Sailfish image for the first time. Am I the only one for which the tutorial is "not right"?21:42
ZogGbefore i'm gone — here is nemo image
hedayatFor example, when it is showing home screen/lock screen/etc, I just see a green background21:42
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hedayatOr when it says "This is the people app" I see a green screen where the 'people app' place is black!21:43
ZogGnot that i would know, but i think you sould ask on sailfish channel, maybe on porting channel and mention the device you run image on and what version and where dsid you get that21:43
hedayat(But when it shows the people app, I can see it)21:43
hedayatI'm using N921:43
hedayatNot jolla21:44
ZogGtry TMO21:44
ZogGthere is thread there21:44
hedayatZogG OK, thanks21:44
ZogGask there i think you'll get more attention21:44
ZogGor ask at other time, as i think this is the not best time to ask21:44
Morpog_PChedayat, latest image is WIP and very broken atm. New kernel needs to stabilize. There are LOTS of regressions21:44
hedayatZogG :P yes.21:44
ZogGOksana, your prev quest, check what Morpog_PC says ^21:45
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hedayatMorpog_PC: Yes, I know. I just want to know if others are also seeing the same issues, because I've booted sailfish "specially"!21:45
Morpog_PCyes, tutorial app is broken on many ways :D21:46
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hedayatMorpog_PC: (I didn't repartition my N9)21:46
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hedayatMorpog_PC: OK, thanks!21:46
Morpog_PClocusf had to skipp the whole first run (select language, colors, etc.) because it couldn't get finished21:46
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Morpog_PChedayat, I think locusf also didn't repartition21:47
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hedayatMorpog_PC: really? I searched a lot to see if there is an existing method but didn't find any :P21:48
Morpog_PCnot sure21:48
Morpog_PCI went the ubiboot way21:48
hedayatMorpog_PC: I'm polishing my method and will publish it later. I'm using ubiboot too, but can boot both Nemo and Sailfish from their file system image inside my MyDocs/ partition21:50
Morpog_PCoooh, convenient21:51
Morpog_PCI guess it still needs openmode kernel?21:51
hedayatMorpog_PC: Yes, specially for someone like me with a 16GB N9. Yes, it also needs ubiboot.21:52
hedayatMorpog_PC: Actually, it consists of an update for ubiboot ubiboot-02.menus.cpio file and some additional files21:52
Morpog_PCwell I don't care for the repartition, my 16GB N9 is just a play tool nowadays. Using my Jolla as daily device.21:52
hedayatMorpog_PC: Ah.. right. My N9 is my primary phone. Now, Sailfish+Nemo just use 1GB+700MB of my MyDocs/ partition.21:54
sandy_locke|mHedayat: and your data partition is shared between the three oses ?21:57
* Morpog_PC going to sleep21:58
hedayatsandy_locke|m: Almost. I've two files in my data partition: nemo.img (750MB, 100M of it is free) and sailfish.img (1GB, 200MB of which is free).21:59
hedayatsandy_locke|m: Each file is an ext4 filesystem image. It is mounted as the root filesystem of the OS during its boot22:00
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sandy_locke|mSo you actually get those free memories for apps and stuffs on the two other oses?22:00
sandy_locke|mBut can you access medias for instance outside of the images?22:01
hedayatAnd since they are files, it is much easier to resize them if needed.22:01
sandy_locke|mYeah I see that ;)22:01
sandy_locke|mA lot easier to maintain22:01
hedayatYes, my data partition is mounted at /mnt (can be any other path too) in the OS, so it is accessible22:01
sandy_locke|mMmh that's quite nice22:02
sandy_locke|mHow did you create the images to work with N9 ?22:02
hedayat:) Yes, I really like it!22:02
sandy_locke|mI trust you ;)22:03
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hedayatsandy_locke|m: I used the latest published images (.tar.bz2 files). Just created an ext4 filesystem inside a regular file and extracted their contents.22:04
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hedayatsandy_locke|m: the hard part was booting them, I didn't changed the images at all.22:04
sandy_locke|mSo you tricked ubiboot?22:06
hedayatI complemented it. I'm polishing the method currently. It'll be released as an update for ubiboot + some additional files.22:08
hedayatTo be more exact, I've created a small ramfs image which can loop mount the OS image. I tell ubiboot to load this ramfs when it is loading the kernel of the desired OS.22:10
hedayatThe OS kernel (e.g. Sailfish kernel) (the kernel should be put separately inside data partition) boots and runs my code inside ramfs, which in turn mounts the OS images and runs its init process22:11
sandy_locke|mDoes it slow the process ?22:12
hedayatsandy_locke|m: No. The boot process might be slowed down slightly (e.g. a few milli seconds), but it has no effect afterwards22:13
sandy_locke|mAnd are you a maintainer of ubiboot or did you fork it?22:13
sandy_locke|mThat's an interesting approach22:14
hedayatsandy_locke|m: Unless there are some slowdowns due to using loopback mounted filesystem, but I'm unaware of22:14
hedayatI forked it. But will contact its developer one it is completely ready.22:15
hedayatAnd fortunately, there is no need to flash a new ubiboot to N9,22:15
sandy_locke|mThe process is straightforward or will it be a diy approach like it currently is ?22:16
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hedayatI'll just update the ubiboot-02.menus.cpio file which is kept inside MyDocs/boot.22:17
hedayatIt will be straitforward22:17
hedayat(assuming that you have ubiboot already)22:17
sandy_locke|mI like it, wonder if I should upgrade my friends n9 with this...22:18
hedayat:) thanks22:18
sandy_locke|mI don't remember if I left it but I assume I did left nemo on another partition...22:19
sandy_locke|mI'll have to repartition to it's original state,thoug :/22:19
hedayatprobably the most 'technical' part for some users (specially non-GNU/Linux users) is creating the OS images. But those can be created by anyone and shared with others.22:20
sandy_locke|mI'd like her to use sailfish instead of the now defunct meego22:20
hedayatYou are not *required* to remove it. You can keep Nemo there and boot Sailfish with this method22:20
sandy_locke|mAnd I'd like to be able to test nemo once in a while :P22:20
hedayatIt is completely compatible with previous methods22:20
sandy_locke|mYeah, but upgrading nemo would not be easier ?22:21
hedayatsandy_locke|m: Well, currently none of them (Sailfish/Nemo/Nitroid) is ready to replace Harmattan22:21
hedayatsandy_locke|m: hmm.... not much difference sine all you need to do now to upgrade nemo is extracting a new image inside your Alt_OS partition22:22
sandy_locke|mAh, wasn't around for a long time so I wasn't aware of that22:23
hedayatThe upgrade process is almost the same in my method (unless images are shared by others, which can be simply replace your old image file).22:23
hedayatBut you can benefit by dedicating less space to Nemo. I think the Alt_OS partition is 4GB by default. right?22:24
sandy_locke|mYeah, I think it would be safer if I want to test nemo on my friend's phone to just replace the image than go through all the hassle of the 'old' method...22:24
hedayatSpecially useful for 16GB N922:24
sandy_locke|mYeah 4gig22:24
sandy_locke|mAnd that's what I got22:24
sandy_locke|mYeah, I'll definitely look into your solution :)22:25
sandy_locke|mThanks for sharing your work mate!22:25
hedayatI hope to be able to publish it in TMO the day after tomorrow.22:26
hedayat:) You're welcome22:26
sandy_locke|mOh so it's already well in place22:26
sandy_locke|mToo bad there's no easy way to install ubiboot22:26
hedayatYes :)22:27
hedayatYeah, but it probably can't be easier22:27
sandy_locke|mSeeing how nokia implemented things I think not22:28
sandy_locke|mYou don't happen to know how to install an xmpp server hedayat btw ?22:30
hedayatsandy_locke|m: Where? On a GNU/Linux OS all you need is to install a Jabber server, which should be available in the repositories.22:32
hedayatsandy_locke|m: But I'm not sure if it is available for N922:32
sandy_locke|mNo, freebsd22:32
sandy_locke|mNo, it's completely out of topic ;)22:33
hedayatsandy_locke|m: Well, it is very likely that the same server is available for freebsd too.22:33
sandy_locke|mBut I assume it does not work out of the box ?22:33
hedayat2 examples:22:34
hedayatejabberd : A distributed, fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server22:34
hedayatjabberd : OpenSource server implementation of the Jabber protocols22:34
sandy_locke|mOr is it that once the init script launched it just immediately listen to the dedicated port ?22:34
hedayatsandy_locke|m: I don't know. :P22:34
hedayatsandy_locke|m: Aha, yes. It'll run as a daemon22:34
hedayatlike other daemons: http server, etc22:35
sandy_locke|mYeah, but with good setup behind I assume, so I'll have to read the docs :P22:35
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hedayatProbably yes. At least for user management.22:36
sandy_locke|mNo, I wondered if it was a long trip to set it up or if I could do it in less than 30 minutes ^^22:36
sandy_locke|mAh yes, user management, I forgot about that :/22:37
hedayatsandy_locke|m: hmm... I wish you good luck!22:37
sandy_locke|mAh ah22:38
sandy_locke|mNo it's ok, but if I'm going to set it up I have to plan when (with work and all) :P22:38
hedayatwell, I don't know.22:40
hedayatOK, I should go for sleep22:41
sandy_locke|mOk, and again, I'll wait for your new images setup :)22:41
sandy_locke|mGood night22:41
hedayatthanks, good night22:42
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