Wednesday, 2014-10-22

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locusfwe should ask vgrade about new mer core for raspberry pi06:25
locusfso that ZogG could get started06:27
locusfalthough the easier way would be hadk :)06:27
faenilStskeeps: a bit urgent, Oksana noticed this last evening
faenilno idea what happened, we did nothing to i486 in the last few days06:28
StskeepsOK, who broke shit?06:29
faenilI'm innocent, I swear! \o/06:29
Stskeepsyou're the only other with access :P06:29
faenilcheck what happened before blaming :P06:29
faenilbecause no other arch is broken like that06:29
iekkuoh boys, behave!06:30
faeniliekku: sissss!! protect me! :D06:30
Stskeepsi'll do a rebuild -f first06:30
faenilok, it fails in the installation phase anyway (at the beginning of every package)06:30
faenilso you can notice in no time if the problem is still there06:31
Stskeepswhat was the last packages _service you modded?06:31
faenilcan't remember, it was a few days ago...06:32
faenilStskeeps: would that cause a failure at *installation* phase?06:33
faenilthat looks very weird06:33
faenilbuild vm setup phase06:33
Stskeepsnss perhaps06:33
faenilyou guy break everything! haha06:34
* Stskeeps mumbles06:35
Stskeepsi need stronger coffee for this shit06:35
* special wonders if the extra-strength coffee comes from a flask06:43
faenilspecial: ahah06:44
tbrstronger coffee comes in dopio and tripio, fresh out of a manually operated machine, with a complimentary puff of steam at the end06:48
faenildbus, sqlite, libresource, bluez, systemd, Stskeeps those should be the ones I updated last time (+ n950 configs)...not sure it's all of them, but most of them06:48
faenil(rebuild -f didn't work btw, still same installation errors06:51
faenilall errors like06:52
faenil[   12s] error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/include/qt5/QtNetwork/5.2.2/QtNetwork/private/qabstractnetworkcache_p.h;5447542a: cpio: Digest mismatch [   12s] error: qt5-qtnetwork-devel-5.2.1+git11+mer.stable.16669.1.g54f4344-1.8.1.i486: install failed06:52
faenilI doubt this is because of modded _service files...but who am I to say :)06:53
Stskeeps2014-10-17 05:23:10  sqlite                                             source change    succeeded             1m 17s      phost7:106:54
Stskeeps2014-10-17 05:23:34  perl                                               meta change      failed                0m 23s      phost7:106:54
Stskeeps2014-10-17 05:23:35  tracker                                            meta change      unchanged             3m  6s      phost4/306:54
Stskeeps2014-10-17 05:23:54  ncurses                                            meta change      failed                0m 20s      phost7:106:55
* Stskeeps looks at faenil06:55
faenilI'd think it's the gzip prefer that it's doing this?06:55
Stskeepsno, sqlite is the culprit06:55
faenil(which, btw ,was applied by whom? )06:55
Stskeepsno idea, wasn't me06:55
faenilsqlite? really>?06:55
faeniland, did I do something bad? or is the new sqlite just broken?06:57
Stskeepswell, something broke for sure.. now pondering how to fix it06:58
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phaeronI applied the gzip prefer07:05
phaeronand everything built successfully after that07:05
Stskeepsnod, i think sqlite is more suspicious07:06
* phaeron doesn't see an sqlite package there07:07
* phaeron ponders wtf obs failed in monitor doesn't link to build log anymore07:08
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faenilphaeron: I reported the bug already07:10
faenilphaeron: you can access it by going to package page, and then click on failed07:10
phaeronfaenil: I know the workaround, just wtf :)07:10
faenilbut even on that page, the Download buton doesn't work07:10
faenilphaeron: ok :)07:10
Stskeepsfaenil: what sha and repo did you change sqlite to?07:11
phaeronStskeeps: was the new sqlite with icu support enabled get picked up ? if so you need to add icu to preinstall and sb2 tools07:12
Stskeepsphaeron: ughhh is that it07:12
Stskeepswell that's better07:12
faenilI didn't update icu from the 1y old package fwiw, because it has a strange versioning, so I didn't risk07:13
phaeronfaenil: I ended up keeping old icu and creating icu52, they can coexist but packages can link to only one of them07:13
phaerona long transition cycle will be needed07:14
Stskeepsok, so a preinstall: icu might help..07:14
phaeronStskeeps: libicu or was the old package unsplit07:14
faenilI'm still thinking how this all leads to package extraction errors ^_^07:15
phaeronfaenil: rpm -> nss -> sqlite (linked to icu) -> no -> boom07:16
phaeronor something similarly wicked07:16
phaeronStskeeps: I believe it is libicu
faenilphaeron: I see07:18
Stskeepsphaeron: seems that was it07:27
faenilthanks phaeron :)07:27
faeniland sorry for the inconvenience guys :p07:27
phaeronnp :)07:28
faenilStskeeps: since we're at steps?07:28
Stskeepsfaenil: coffee. lot's of it.07:28
Stskeepsi need to read up on the webhooks stuff07:28
faenilok, understood, I'll ask again tomorrow :p07:29
faeniloff I go o/07:31
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Stskeepsevening faenil17:49
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ZogGlocusf, i need to learn a little bit more of distcc first :P18:43
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hedayatfaenil: I'm still struggling with the image! :P19:33
faenilhedayat: mm?19:34
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hedayatfaenil: Is it expected to boot fine and remain active? It freezes after some time.19:44
faenilthe image? did you apply the fixed I wrote?19:44
hedayatAlso, previously I thought that you don't have logind, but you have. :P19:45
hedayatoops, no19:45
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faenil_btw, filippz said he already tried starting user@service manually from start-user-session but it didn't work as the user session bus is not yet ready at that time19:48
faenil_damn my home connection :(19:48
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hedayatWhat do you mean by "user session bus"? DBus?19:49
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hedayatbut the user-session@ service doesn't look much different19:50
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faenilthere's a chance that filippz had many fixes in place which created some conflicts, so just try again ;)19:54
faenilworst case, we have the confirmation that it doesn't work :)19:54
faenilhedayat: I think this is the latest ks from filippz with all the fixes which he is using at the moment19:57
hedayatDid you mean user session dbus? who is expected to start it?19:57
hedayatI'll check it, but probably many fixes have gone into the packages themselves rather than .ks file?19:58
faenilnot sure, probably the symlink in
faenilno, no fixes in the packages I think19:58
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faenilyou shouldn't need those fixes, if your plan works20:00
faenilbut there are some graphical fixes in there, you'll need those for the orientation issues :)20:00
faenilbut that comes later20:00
hedayatfaenil: Currently, it seems that my main problem is this: "dbus.socket failed to listen on sockets: Permission denied"20:06
faenilyou applied all the fixes I wrote already?20:07
faenil(symlink, env files from jolla's user@, etc)20:08
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hedayatNope! sorry. I was busy with something and forget about that completely. really sorry. I'm up to it right now. User d-bus session depends on the system one?20:09
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faenilhedayat: no problem :)20:10
faenildon't know about the second question20:10
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hedayatfaenil: Sailfish, and Nemo with 3.5. kernel sometimes fail to boot for me. (And the phone shuts down). Has anybody else experienced the same issue?!20:30
faenilhedayat: well that's *the* issue20:31
faenilyour job is to get a stable boot :P20:31
faenil(it shouldn't do it with the sailfish image though, or at least I haven't heard anyone reporting that)20:31
hedayatfaenil: No, this is a separate issue. *sometimes* the phone early in the userspace boot. I don't even get much logs. Kernel boots fine. but systemd generates no logs.  I wonder if it has anything to do with my boot method using an initramfs20:33
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OksanaGood morning!22:12
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faenilOksana: good night :D22:18
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OksanaGood night, and thank you!22:18
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