Saturday, 2014-11-01

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Stskeepsmorn locusf08:04
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Stskeepsmorn filippz08:07
filippzcan someone give me a push in the right direction: we have libpng 16 in mer:core, but obs builds against version 1508:08
Stskeepsmer-core:devel right?08:08
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Stskeeps.. are you doing glesplash, or?08:10
filippzyep (
Stskeepsjust change the pkgconfig and should work?08:11
filippzI have BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libpng) - what should it be then?08:12
filippzor would I have to use next_armv7hl instead of latest?08:13
Stskeepsactually i don't see a build error..?08:13
filippzI can't install it since in mer-core we have libpng16, it build OK, but against libpng1508:14
Stskeepsinstall on where? ;)08:14
filippzN9 (rpm -i blala)08:14
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Stskeepsokay, but is that image built against mer-core:devel?08:15
filippzks uses mer-core:devel , so it has libpng16 not 1508:16
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filippzI'm stupid I know :)08:17
Stskeepsmake it point at mer-core:armv7hl:devel in
Stskeepsand Core_armv7hl08:17
filippzI can't save it from web - let me find some other project that has that and I'll c/p it08:21
filippzIt's building - but yet again it uses libpng1508:24
filippzI was using release instead of devel - my bad :(08:26
filippzty Stskeeps!08:26
filippzI get "Unable to create EGL surface: 12291" - which is EGL_BAD_ALLOC08:44
filippzI'll have to take a look at this later :(08:44
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locusfits just too bad that glesplash is propietary09:29
w00tlocusf: you're in luck (
locusfw00t: yea but still it even says so in the rpm09:32
w00tthen smack Aard with a plank, as i suspect that is unintentional09:32
locusflol ok :)09:33
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Aardwhat did I do?14:05
locusfglesplash is propietarilly licensed14:07
locusfso we can't modify it as we wish14:07
Aardlocusf: mit  should give you enough freedom?14:08
locusfAard: yeah I guess so14:08
Aardlocusf: see the license file in there? its mit14:08
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locusfAard: I don't see it, unless I'm completely blind14:10
Aardlocusf: pull? i addedit after publishing it14:11
locusflicense: propietary14:13
locusfalso no license at start of source files14:13
locusfor LICENSE file at root of dir14:14
Aardhm. need to check if i pushed it whenback home14:14
Aarddidnt update s14:14
Aardpec file, but added license file stating its mit14:15
filippzAard: do you by any chance know what might cause "Unable to create EGL surface: 12291" (EGL_BAD_ALLOC)?14:16
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Aardneed to read backlog when home14:19
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filippzif I revert landscape->portrait thing, then glesplash works14:42
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locusfyes, plymouth supported only landscape as well14:51
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filippzlocusf: I'm unable to figure out why would OpenGL ES have trouble because of orientation14:52
filippzmaybe TI driver used in N9 has some "optimizations" and wasn't meant to be used in portrait mode14:54
filippzwe also have that nasty info "panel-nokia-dsi display0: warning, slow update" in dmesg14:55
filippzand camera displays in wrong orientation (
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Aardlocusf: I pushed the license stuff to the jolla internal repo. now on github as well15:08
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locusfAard: thanks :)15:21
Aardalso note the weird offsets required for the ti glx drivers to paint at the correct location, on a sanish devices the offsets should be 0/015:23
Aardso that should be made generic somehowe15:23
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locusfMorpog_PC__: ping18:19
locusfMorpog_PC__: could you do some startup graphics for nemo if glesplash starts to work for us?18:22
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Morpog_PC__locusf, sure, but did you check the already available ones? :D
locusfMorpog_PC__: didn't know about that, thanks :)18:39
* Morpog_PC__ wonders why Jolla's startup pic is 854x480 :D18:53
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hedayatMorpog_PC__: :)18:56
hedayatlocusf: sorry (off topic), have you any idea why N9 is not recognized as an ethernet device when running latest Sailfish image? (yes, I select developer mode, none of them work (why there are 2 developer mode options?!))19:09
locusfhedayat: I have no idea, maybe the latest usb-moded doesn't work too well with n919:09
hedayatlocusf: OK, thanks.19:10
locusfhmm it should work though, I have nemos usb-moded19:12
locusfand I got a ethernet device19:12
locusfalthough just for the first connect to device19:12
hedayatIt works for latest Nemo for me flawlessly.19:12
locusfyeah, somethings up then with Jolla's usb-moded19:16
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StskeepsMorpog_PC__: n919:45
locusfI guess you guys needed to start early on Sailfish development, not wait around on a device to land and then start19:48
locusfglesplash commits date to 201219:48
Stskeepsof course19:48
Stskeepsnever do hw development and ui development at same time19:49
Stskeepsmeans that the things people factually need to develop are very hard to get19:49
Stskeepslike stable prototypes, etc19:49
Stskeepspart of the reason qt5 transition of sailfish was so delayed was due to the fact that a working emulator for qt5+wayland wasn't available19:50
Stskeepsso people had no way to develop for those parts, continuing on qt4 code19:50
Stskeepssome things you have to learn the hard way19:55
locusfas always :)19:56
w00tStskeeps: when did we even get hardware again..19:57
Stskeepsi certainly remember panicing over not being able to get a ui up.20:08
Stskeepslike, any egl/gles20:08
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Morpog_PC__oh btw, it's 1st october, where is my update 10? :D20:13
* Morpog_PC__ hides20:14
Morpog_PC__errrrrrrrrrrr november, rofl20:14
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Stskeepsworking on it.20:15
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Morpog_PC__I guess you got that i was joking :D20:16
* w00t nails Morpog_PC__ to the wall20:19
Morpog_PC__hey, after all you can relax now w00t ;)20:20
w00tI still feel sympathy for those chained at the oars20:20
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lpotterno relaxation for the wicked20:39
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