Sunday, 2014-11-02

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hedayatfilippz: CMT definitely works; I was able to talk in Sailfish. :)17:50
filippzhedayat: you are the first one! Great news!17:50
filippzdo microphone and speaker/IHS work?17:50
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hedayatfilippz: I did nothing, but using older ofonod! What is IHS? :P I was able to both talk, and hear the voice of the other end. I did not try headphones though.17:51
filippzIHS = IntegratedHandsFree :)17:52
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filippzI tried headphones when fixing buttons on them - they should work :)17:53
hedayatfilippz: :D Still don't know what IHS is!17:54
hedayatfilippz: great. the main problem i have with Sailfish is that it is too slow. And I'm unable to SSH to it to see if there is high CPU usage by some process (ethernet doesn't appear when in Sailfish). Now, I want to inspect its journal logs.17:55
filippzit's just the speaker used for music playback, and calling "handsfree" (the "louder one" on the bottom, not the one you use against the ear)17:55
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filippzhedayat: we saw no CPU hogs - there was nothing to kill and get great performance17:56
hedayatfilippz: Aha, it probably works: I enabled audio in Sailfish with your fix, and now I hear sounds. Also, I heard its ringtone when I called myself using another phone. So, it works.17:56
hedayatfilippz: It's weird. Nemo doesn't exhibit such long delays.17:57
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filippzhedayat: I'm currently looking into converting N9 back to landcape device, and try to path eglfs plugin from qt to see if we can use nativeOrientation and orientation on QScreen to get the desired behaviour17:58
filippzthat could help with the EGL problems, and slow display updates17:59
hedayatfilippz: Great! I was also thinking that we should try this. But I had no idea where I can start; I decided to start looking around.17:59
hedayatfilippz: I was also thinking to try Sailfish in landscape mode, to compare the performance.18:00
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filippzhedayat: Before fixes (both trough kernel, and a service file) to display orientation - the performance was (more/less) terrible18:01
hedayatfilippz: But I think Sailfish slowness is not just related to graphics (or maybe its related, because of their heavy use of alpha channel?!).18:01
hedayatfilippz: yes,18:01
filippzwe saw a lot of infos in the journal regarding ofono-ril, but other processes could be also to blame18:02
hedayatfilippz: because sometimes its toooo slow: I am unable to answer a call, because the GUI is completely freezed while the phone is ringing!18:02
filippzI guess they are being restarted by systemd every now and then becase of their failures, and contribute to low performance18:03
hedayatfilippz: forgot to disable it (is it enabled in Sailfish? ofono in Nemo doesn't work at all while it's active)18:03
filippzI guess that by fixing stuff in nemo, we should eventualy get decent performance in Sailfish also18:04
hedayatfilippz: hopefully I'll get some logs this time!18:04
filippzhedayat: I was able to ssh into Sailfish trough usb (I did transfer ssh keys first) - did you try usb at all?18:05
hedayatfilippz: But currently my Nemo state is acceptable IMHO. Just one service which doesn't start (IIRC messageserver5), and no DBus permission denied errors. Performance is acceptable I think, specially in landscape mode.18:06
hedayatfilippz: I connect the phone, but its ethernet device doesn't appear. I've tried both 'developer mode' options.18:06
hedayatfilippz: hmmm do you use the same image which is publicly available?18:07
filippzhedayat: try uninstalling usb-moded-config-n950-n9 - that should select SDK mode without asking18:08
hedayatfilippz: OK, thanks!18:08
filippzhedayat: I build the images myself, and usually remove that package while testing18:09
filippzI had to transfer ssh keys because I was unable to connect with username/password into Sailfish, but let's first get USB networking to work18:10
hedayatfilippz: Yes!18:10
filippzhedayat: I just noticed that i was using IHS instead of IHF - sorry about that :)18:13
hedayatfilippz: :) That was OK, didn't differ for me! :P18:14
filippzhedayat: did you remove usb-moded-config-n950-n9? Is usb networking working now?18:15
hedayatfilippz: Not yet, I'm in sailfish trying to work a while to generate some logs. I'll reboot soon.18:17
filippzhedayat: np, let me now if I can help with networking18:17
locusfhey all18:18
hedayatfilippz: thanks! locusf: hi18:18
filippzlocusf: hi18:19
locusfhave you guys noticed that /sbin is not in the PATH for root?18:19
locusfon n918:20
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filippzlocusf: yes, i had to /sbin/ifconfig (for example) when in root for ages :)18:21
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locusffilippz: ok, its weird since the hadk monster do have it18:21
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hedayatfilippz: what is functionfs? "mount: unknown filesystem type 'functionfs'"18:36
hedayatfilippz: After which dev-mtp.mount  fails. Should be related to MTP!18:36
hedayatlocusf: or maybe some userspace packages are needed?18:37
locusfhedayat: yeah, seems so, although the kickstart files are based on the n9 .ks18:38
filippzhedayat: I don't know, someone should take a look at that sometime18:39
hedayatlocusf: (maybe I should report sailfish problems somewhere else? :P #sailfishos-porters?) Also, apparently 'radio' user and 'system' group are expected to be present.18:39
hedayatfilippz: OK!18:39
Morpog_PC__could whipping sledges help? :D18:40
filippzlocusf: what's the quickest way to compile a package from github (using mb2 or similar?)18:40
locusfhedayat: its ok, there are some sailors here as well18:40
locusffilippz: mb2 yes18:40
filippzlocusf: first git archive is needed?18:41
hedayatDoes N9 has any 'battery thermal sensors'?!18:41
locusffilippz: hmm oh you mean without cloning?18:42
filippzhedayat: you'll probably need to check public schematics, but if bmestat dosne't have it, then probably no18:42
Stskeepsjust clone the repo, then mb2 -t sb2target -s rpm/rpmfile.spec build18:42
hedayatfilippz: thanks18:43
filippzlocusf, Stskeeps : I did used  mb2 ... make not build - thanks :)18:44
locusffilippz: ah :)18:45
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filippzOn a sidenote: lbt thanks for the "Webhooks for all" - it's really easy to use it (even for me:)18:48
sledgesdoes sailfish have mtp? :p18:50
hedayatsledges: Seems so!!18:56
hedayatCan anybody help with this: [W] QQuickCustomMaterialShader::updateState:148 - ShaderEffect: source or provider missing when binding textures18:57
hedayatlocusf: Missing file: /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/private/Wallpaper.qml:27:5: QML Image: Cannot open: file:image://theme/graphic-wallpaper-application19:01
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locusfhedayat: nothing I can do :/19:02
hedayatlocusf: Ah, thought that maybe some packages are missing from .ks. :P19:03
Morpog_PC__hedayat, is that on nemo or on sailfish?19:04
hedayatMorpog_PC__: Sailfish19:04
Stskeepsmm, martini and bacon chips19:07
Morpog_PC__that graphic seems to be missing even in official sailfish on my Jolla19:07
* Morpog_PC__ salps sailors for hardcoding stuff that is missing :D19:07
hedayatMorpog_PC__: OK, thanks. :)19:07
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hedayatMorpog_PC__: sorry, do you see the "ShaderEffect" warning in your Jolla logs too? :P19:19
Morpog_PC__tell me where and how to look and I check for you hedayat19:21
hedayatMorpog_PC__: Thanks. Just run this (preferably as root, but running as user might work too) on your phone: journalctl -lfn 10019:21
hedayatMorpog_PC__: Then work with the phone UI a little19:22
hedayatand see if you'll see such error messages19:22
Morpog_PC__doesn't seem so, or I'm doing the wrong stuff :D19:26
hedayatif you can see ANY output, then you are doing OK. Thanks a lot. :)19:27
Morpog_PC__lots of output19:27
Morpog_PC__you must be root to see anything19:27
Morpog_PC__I'm on update9, maybe they fixed it there?19:28
hedayatMorpog_PC__: :) OK, thanks. there are probably some missing files, as it seems that the error happens when an image is not loaded (or something like this!).19:28
hedayatMorpog_PC__: I've no idea :P19:28
Morpog_PC__hedayat, but the file is not in theme folder, so that makes no sense19:29
Morpog_PC__theme provider checks jolla theme and could maybe also inherit base theme, but there the file also is not present19:29
Morpog_PC__theme provider doesn't check other locations19:30
hedayatMorpog_PC__: No, the shader warning is not necessarily related to the image not found warning19:30
hedayatMorpog_PC__: But it'd be interesting if you also don't see any warnings about the image19:30
hedayatMorpog_PC__: (You might try: journalctl -l | grep wallpaper)19:31
hedayatMorpog_PC__: hmm.... it actually doesn't look like a file name, it might be an alias19:32
Morpog_PC__hedayat, it is an alias of theme provider :D19:32
hedayatQt's resource system supports aliases too19:33
hedayathmmm yes19:33
Morpog_PC__it can be a .jpg, .png, or .svg19:33
hedayatYes, and the name can be anything19:33
hedayatIt is a placeholder for the selected wallpaper, which (probably) can be changed by the user too19:33
Morpog_PC__the name of the file must be the one called there19:34
hedayatsure? IIRC, if it is an alias (in Qt's resource system), it can be anything.19:35
Morpog_PC__it could be generated on the fly, but it still has to have the exact name and must be in /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons or in /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/icons19:36
Morpog_PC__it's not in Qt's resource system I think, it wouldn't have theme as image provider if it was19:37
hedayathmmmm OK19:37
Morpog_PC__still got some little knowledge of that from when I did the the nemo-theme-glacier19:38
hedayatMorpog_PC__: :) Great19:38
Morpog_PC__ sledges was very helpful back then19:38
Morpog_PC__my bet is that they fixed that error in u919:40
* Morpog_PC__ boots his N9 with SailfishOS on it19:41
hedayatfilippz: usb-moded-config-n950-n9 is not installed! but usb-moded-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl19:42
* Morpog_PC__ remembers it takes ages to boot it19:44
filippzhedayat: I don't know then - something else is providing configuration for usb-moded19:48
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Morpog_PC__hedayat, I just checked on my N9 with SailfishOS, there I also don't get that error19:49
hedayatfilippz:  My packages: usb-moded-developer-mode-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl usb-moded-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl usb-moded-defaults-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl usb-moded-diagnostics-config-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl19:50
hedayatMorpog_PC__: !!! :P Do you use the latest SFOS image?!19:50
hedayatMorpog_PC__: What about Shader warning/19:50
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile19:50
filippzhedayat: the one that gives usb-moded.ini file would be the one19:50
Morpog_PC__erm, iirc19:50
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hedayatfilippz: no one! :P Should I remove this .ini file? (it is on 'ask' now), or just disable usb-moded service?19:52
hedayatMorpog_PC__: sfos-n9-extra-devel-10112014.tar.bz2? It's mine.19:53
Morpog_PC__nah, I think the one from locusf was it19:53
filippzhedayat: try renaming that file if it exists19:53
hedayatfilippz: OK19:55
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hedayatMorpog_PC__: I have this one: Is there any newer images available?20:00
Morpog_PC__that is my post, lol20:00
hedayat:D yeah20:01
Morpog_PC__thats the one I still use20:01
Morpog_PC__I don't think there are any new ones20:01
hedayathmm... interesting. Well, I have played with the gallery app a little, and tried to select an ambiance, maybe that causes wallpaper errors, and missing wallpaper causes shader warnings20:02
*** DrCode has joined #nemomobile20:02
Morpog_PC__I have created an own ambiance from a new pic20:02
Morpog_PC__try that and see if it vanishes20:02
sledgesMorpog_PC__: what's up dude?:)20:03
Morpog_PC__hey sledges :D20:03
hedayatMorpog_PC__: where is it? :P20:04
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Morpog_PC__hedayat, just choose an image in gallery and select from pully to create a new ambiance20:04
hedayatfilippz: no success :(20:04
Morpog_PC__sledges, I'm amazed how the work on nemomobile winded up again :D20:05
Morpog_PC__bit sad you seem to be too busy to jump in too ;)20:05
filippzhedayat: then I don't know - nemo, if usb-moded-config-n950-n9 is not installed defaults to SDK mode20:05
filippzhedayat: let me check for usb-moded.ini20:06
hedayatfilippz: sailfish went into developer mode.20:06
Aardfilippz: are you aware of usb-modeds rescue mode functionality?20:07
hedayatWhat's the root password of Sailfish? :P20:07
Morpog_PC__it's the one you set in developer settings20:07
filippzAard: obviously not - that's what's is called ?20:07
filippzhedayat: do you now have usb networking?20:09
hedayatfilippz: no! :(20:09
hedayatfilippz: try to login in its terminal app20:09
filippzhedayat: I somehow do have usb-moded.ini - let me check from where it comes from20:10
Aardfilippz: there's a package 'jolla-rnd-device', which iirc is available in the u9 repositories for the first time20:10
Aardwhen we build a sailfish image we nuke the passwords at the end of the image builds, and you need to set it via settings. good for security, bad for debugging something not coming up to ui20:11
hedayatfilippz: I have one, but it is not part of any packages. apparently, generated when I selected the settings.20:11
filippzhedayat: I do have usb-moded-config-n950-n9-0.3-1.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N950.N9.noarch installed - try with that one20:11
hedayatfilippz: OK20:12
filippzAard: that's why I had to transfer ssh keys to connect :)20:12
Aardso this package, when installed during image build, does two things: 1) delay clearing the password until the ui came up fully once 2) put usb-moded into 'rescue mode', meaning that before the UI is up usb-moded will _always_ go into developer mode when the cable is plugged in, no matter which mode setting you have selected in the ui20:12
Aardone part is in /var/lib/environment/usb-moded/usb-moded-args.conf20:13
Aard# Start in rescue mode20:13
Aardobviously a security risk with bad passwords, as it lets you login bypassing devicelock20:14
*** piggz has quit IRC20:14
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile20:14
Aardthe other one is installed in /usr/bin/turn-usb-rescue-mode-off and basically contains "dbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=com.meego.usb_moded /com/meego/usb_moded com.meego.usb_moded.rescue_off" and the usual copyright boilerplate20:14
filippzAard: thanks for the information, maybe hedayat can use it to get usb networking up20:16
Aardfilippz: which is called by a simple systemd service running after init-done.service finished20:16
Aardyou'll have to check if the modes for n9 are correct for that to work (it used to work, but that was long time ago)20:17
Aardbut it's definitely something you'll want to have set up for n9 as well20:17
Morpog_PC__but Aard if I understand you correctly, that stuff is in U9? Cuurent images for N9 are based on U8 still.20:18
hedayatAard: filippz: thanks. It's really hard without ssh!20:18
Morpog_PC__hedayat, why don't you connect via wifi?20:18
hedayatMorpog_PC__: I changed the password, but it was not accepted in Sailfish terminal20:19
Morpog_PC__hedayat, did you use devel-su ?20:19
Morpog_PC__or su ?20:19
hedayatMorpog_PC__: Because I don't have an access point right now; and unfortunately Sailfish(and Nemo) don't like Ad-Hoc networks! (I wonder why?!)20:20
hedayatMorpog_PC__: su! Do we have devel-su here too?! :D20:20
Morpog_PC__because they liked it ad-hoc :D20:20
Morpog_PC__yes, sure devel-su20:20
Morpog_PC__for su you need to set a root password20:20
Morpog_PC__via terminal20:20
Morpog_PC__with passwd20:21
Morpog_PC__but using devel-su should be enough20:21
hedayatMorpog_PC__: yeah, OK.20:22
hedayatMorpog_PC__: what's wrong with connecting to ad-hoc wifi networks? :P20:22
Morpog_PC__it never worked on N920:23
hedayatMorpog_PC__: ?! I use it on daily basis in Harmattan! Works for me.20:23
AardMorpog_PC__: the usb-moded rescue mode functionality has been there from the very beginning. what got added with u9 was a package with configuration files + the systemd service scripts which were only in internal repos before20:24
hedayatMorpog_PC__: Maybe because I create them in GNU/Linux?!20:24
Morpog_PC__wait, maybe I'm mixing that up with infrastructure mode :D20:24
Morpog_PC__daily Harmattan usage is a year ago :D20:24
AardMorpog_PC__: you can get that package on a jolla, and just take the handful of things I mentioned. it's all plaintext20:25
hedayatMorpog_PC__: Infrastructure mode is the normal mode used with access points.20:25
Aardthe only binary thing in there is the tool to turn the password off (but that could be just taken from a jolla and put on an n9 as well)20:25
Morpog_PC__hedayat, if you're interested I could rip it off my Jolla for you20:26
filippzkids are going to bed, so I must run - good night to all!20:26
hedayatMorpog_PC__: For me, nothing has replaced Harmattan for N9 yet :P20:27
hedayatfilippz: good night20:27
*** filippz has quit IRC20:27
Morpog_PC__hedayat, you should get your hands on a Jolla ;)20:27
Aardhedayat: tl;dr for ad-hoc: it's technology obsolete for a very long time, and it's very dirty and smells very, very bad20:28
hedayatMorpog_PC__: I'll tell you if I need that files. And Jolla is not provided near our region, and it's slightly expensive ;) :P20:30
Morpog_PC__249 atm :D20:31
Morpog_PC__but better you don't get one, as it would stop u working on the N9 ,)20:32
hedayatAard: :) But, AFAIK still many laptops are unable to create an infrastructure WiFi networks; and creating an ad-hoc network to connect your phone is really convenient.20:32
hedayatMorpog_PC__: :))20:32
Aardhedayat: turn your phone into an access point and connect your notebook to it? :p20:33
hedayatAard: and PCs still support connecting to it. I wonder why mobile OSes doesn't like it that much!20:33
Aardit's pretty hard to get it working reliably, and pretty hard to do a usable ui for it20:33
hedayatAard: hmmm... does N9 wifi module support it? If I'm not mistaken, Harmattan created an ad-hoc network too.20:34
hedayatAard: and does Sailfish support creating an access point?20:34
sledgesMorpog_PC__: happy about nemo!20:34
Aardhedayat: basically everything should support creating adhoc on lower level, but you don't want to20:34
Aardfor chipsets with infrastructure support it's included in sailfish (go to settings, something sharing, enter ssid plus passphrase, and you're ready to go)20:35
hedayatAard: OK, I'll see if I can enable that.20:36
hedayatAard: Thanks.20:36
Aardfor adhoc, simplified: you ask your computer to join a cell. it tries to find one with the matching ssid, if that times out (which can be for a lot of reasons) instead of telling you about it it'll go "eh, I guess he didn't really want me to join an existing network", and will just set up a new cell20:36
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Aardso to join where you wanted you need to figure out that that happened, tell your computer to forget what it just did, and try again20:37
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Aardon top of that, switching your card into ad-hoc mode disables power saving, so you'll permanently blast on full power. not really what you want on a battery operated device20:38
hedayatAard: You are right; but... sometimes you don't have much options, and being able to connect to an ad-hoc wifi can be a great assistance.20:39
hedayatAard: You might warn the user when it tries to connect to an ad-hoc: "Hey, this is un-reliable-broken technology, so use at your own risk!"; but let it try to do it!20:40
Aardhedayat: honestly, I spent a lot of time cursing with the n9 hotspot (which only does ad-hoc) until I had a connection up. I replaced the n9 hotspot by usb-tethering to a sailfish device in early 2013, because even with cable stuff it was more convenient than ad-hoc networks20:42
Aardand since we have the accesspoint I've been just using that20:42
Aardnever had the need to do ad-hoc for anything but trying to use the n9 hotspot20:43
hedayatAard: certainly I'd prefer an access point too !20:43
lpotterconnman does not support ad-hoc20:44
Aardwe were not the first ones not support ad-hoc, so there wasn't any pressure to do it for not being the first ones. and from technical side it just does not make any sense to do it20:45
AardI guess if there's a community contribution enabling it without breaking stuff we'd integrate it, but it's very, very unlikely we'll ever spend own resources on it20:45
hedayatAard: Yes, Android doesn't support it too.20:46
lpotterI don't see any advantage with ad-hoc over the current tethering20:46
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hedayatlpotter: ad-hoc doesn't have any advantages to other methods. It's just better than 'nothing'! :D :P20:47
tbrthe only use for ad hoc was when the wifi chipsets in phones wouldn't come with AP mode drivers. Google _enforced_ AP mode drivers in ICS and since then it's completely useless to support Adhoc.20:48
hedayattbr: Actually, I was talking about the ability to connect to ad-hoc networks, not creating them.20:49
Aardhedayat: same story, basically :p20:50
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tbrsome laptops still try to do ICS through ad hoc mode, but meh.20:51
tbrI think there also MS started enforcing AP mode for certification or such20:51
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hedayat:) OK!20:58
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