Monday, 2014-11-10

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filippzmorning hedayat07:39
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hedayatfilippz, :)08:07
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locusfgood morning all08:41
filippzlocusf: o/08:44
hedayatmorning locusf08:45
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locusfI wonder if Nemo runs on the new A+15:23
locusfjust 256 MB ram15:23
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filippzlocusf: I've found a way to listen to orientation changes that lipstick compositor generates so we can act on them in QML15:54
locusffilippz: excellent, tell me how :) ?15:54
filippzstill, I thing we also need an enviroment variable to specify which is a native orientation in order to apply that setting to screens that don't need rotation (Shutdown for example)15:55
filippzlocusf: can I send a little patch?15:55
locusffilippz: sure15:55
locusfor pull request15:55
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filippzlocusf: I just want you to see it first - it's just another proof of concept - we need to decide which route to take :)15:57
locusffilippz: ok :)15:58
filippzlocusf: pastebin is OK?15:58
filippzlocusf: here it is:
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filippzorientationTxt should indicate 1,2,4,8 dependig how you rotate N916:00
filippzIt should also work on jolla :)16:00
locusffilippz: where is compositor.js?16:00
filippzit got left on my VM :( just copy desktop.js and rename it - they are same16:02
locusfah ok16:02
filippzyoui don't really need to rebuilt the package - c++ changes are just there to inject nativeOrientation into QML based on not (yet?) used  env var GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION_PORTRAIT16:04
locusfand this just changes the text, not the entire homescreen?16:07
filippzlocusf: the code from yesterday would do just that - we could listen to those events and call that function if we need16:08
filippzIt think we have all the bits and peaces now - we just need to put them together :)16:09
locusfone change :)16:09
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filippzlocusf: do you know if P3110 is rotated to the right like n9 is so we also need -90 rotation, or is it rotated in some other way?16:16
locusffilippz: I actually don't know :)16:17
locusfit runs landscape as natively16:17
locusfI guess we need the same rotation for its portrait then16:17
locusffilippz: you just fixed a glacier home bug too :)16:25
locusffilippz: apps now rotate16:25
filippzI was wondering why setting LipstickCompositor.instance.screenOrientation didn't make any difference  :D16:26
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filippzanyway - I'll be using QtScreen::angleBetween to calculate how much rotation to apply, and if remineder of division by 90 is odd I'll swap height and with, and do x,y correction16:29
filippzsadly, I'm not going to have much time in next couple of days - maybe I'll play with this during the weekend16:30
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locusfok, its alright :)16:34
locusffilippz: your patch essentially changed to be a oneliner in compositor.qml :)16:40
locusfor 3 lines actually16:40
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filippzlocusf: I was experimenting  :)16:42
locusffilippz: ok :) I essentially removed compositor.qml as import org.nemomobile.lipstick gives us Lipstick.compositor instance16:44
filippzlocusf: that makes it a lot easier!16:44
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locusfok right I got some early rotation of the homescreen going on but different results on n9 and Jolla17:55
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filippzlocusf: I'm coding for the N9 just now :)18:00
locusfthat myRotate function doesn't work too well :D18:01
locusffor the first rotates it does the job just fine but subsequent ones fail18:01
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filippzlocusf: I'm adding Screen.angle between into it instead of hardcoding rotation value18:02
locusffilippz: excellent18:03
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filippzlocusf: I have something similar but behaviour is erratic - maybe it's need to rotate to 0 angle first and then rotate to desired one or maybe just rotate the difference18:26
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locusffilippz: mine is too18:30
filippzlocusf: all this rotating is making me dizzy :) It's probably something simple...18:31
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locusffilippz: heheh, we should move all this to the compositor for the parent item rotation18:32
locusffilippz: then we don't have to worry about notifications etc18:33
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filippzmy net died for a minute :(18:38
locusffilippz: ok18:42
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filippzlocusf: got it! ugly as hell but it works :)19:30
locusffilippz: show me :)19:31
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filippzlocusf: just to tidy up, and patch away...19:31
filippzlocusf: darn - it breaks when upside down?!19:33
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locusffilippz: lol :)19:33
locusffilippz: going to sleep now, happy hacking till weekend :)19:34
filippzlocusf: it breaks if you switch too fast - some kind of race condition19:34
filippzlocusf: I'll send you the patch in a second!19:34
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filippzlocusf: pacth and rotation.js file
filippzI have to go also... see ya :)19:41
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hedayatMorpog_PC: I uploaded the new sfos image.
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gogetaanyone ?22:05
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OksanaGood morning22:12
stephgohai Oksana wakey wakey :)22:24
OksanaMoin :-)22:25
OksanaWhat does it mean? * Don't plus USB cable during the first boot, or you might need to re-install!22:28
Oksanaplug*, even?22:28
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