Sunday, 2014-11-09

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Stskeepsmorn faenil10:51
faenilStskeeps: aloha10:52
Stskeepsfaenil: why u not earning 100k eur yet10:52
faenilsrsly, why ;D10:52
faenilmy adsl could drop each second's so unreliable this morning...10:55
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locusfthe vsenn and puzzlephone seem like target for libhybris adaptations11:09
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locusfhedayat: hey :)11:25
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hedayatlocusf, I should play with it some more, but the new image looks promising11:30
locusfhedayat: on nemo or sfos? :)11:31
hedayatlocusf, sfos. It feels more responsive, and more stable.11:32
locusfhedayat: ok nice11:35
Morpog_PChedayat, still on 1.0.8.?11:36
Stskeepsbtw, has kernel source/open bootloader/etc if anybody wants to play in this space11:36
Morpog_PCohh, care to upload? :D11:36
hedayatMorpog_PC, sure. I'll upload tonight, if it's ready. Before upload, I'd like to enable call/sms, and see if it can be more stable.11:38
Morpog_PCawesome :D11:38
tbrStskeeps: any idea on the battery life of that thing?11:38
Stskeepstbr: supposedly 2 days on android sw11:38
Stskeepsso with a bit of modding, more, i guess11:39
tbrI think I'll stick to my metawatch :)11:39
locusfyeah pebble lasts a week too11:39
Stskeepsthat mips geak thing is a bit puzzling11:40
Stskeepsbut says 'crowdfunded' so it probably violates the laws of physics11:40
tbryeah, kickstarter seems to bring out suspension of disbelief in people...11:41
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hedayatfilippz, have you seen this:12:45
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filippzhedayat: I have, but I didn't try it yet. I was looking to do it from QML (with some success)12:48
filippzmainly because (IIRC) locusf said that P3110 also has landscape orientation, but it seems that libomap3camd (camera) has it's own rotation12:49
filippzhedayat: I guess I can try it now - there is no harm in that, but it may be impossible to replicate on P3110 since nokia display driver in N9 is the one who also does it's own rotation to match12:51
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hedayatfilippz, no actually I meant trying it on N9 to see if it really improves performance as anticipated12:57
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hedayatfilippz, it does prevent nokia lcd panel warnings, but I'm not sure it affects performance that much12:58
filippzhedayat: I'll try it now, and see how it behaves (I've seen wsegl crashing with strange settings like this one...)13:01
hedayatIt didn't crash, but a narrow bar was added on top of the screen :P13:02
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locusfI'll try adding allowedOrientations: Qt.PortraitOrientation to the MainScreen.qml of glacier homescreen13:04
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filippzhedayat: yes, narrow screen is there, but I've also added screen rotation to compensate for fb orientation, and there are a lot of panel-nokia-dsi display0: warning, slow update: p01(15899) p12(8270) p23(1068) p34(9887)13:06
filippzlocusf: iirc that didn't work13:06
locusffilippz: did you try it?13:06
locusfoh yeah its bound to applicationwindow13:06
hedayatfilippz, I added touch screen rotation, but not screen rotation!13:07
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hedayatjust used 2 for kernel device rotation13:07
filippzhedayat: so we know can use it 'upside down' :)13:07
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hedayatfilippz, yeah. Just wanted to try to see if using half update mode affects performance13:09
filippzlocusf: I've managed to get (trough parent properties in QML)  to LipstickCompositorProcWindow which is basically a QQuickItem so we can apply rotation to it13:09
hedayat:P because normal update mode was only used when rotate==013:09
locusffilippz: we don't wanna patch lipstick for this :/13:10
filippzlocusf: I did that from glacier :)13:10
locusffilippz: oh you did? cool13:10
filippzlocusf: I've just reflashed my N9, so give me a couple of minutes to replicate that13:11
locusffilippz: ok cool I was just starting up mine13:11
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filippzlocusf: I think that we should emulate "nativeOrientation" from Qt using that env variable so we can use decide to apply -90 or 0 for rotation (those 187,-187 numbers can be calculated - no need to hardcode them)13:13
locusffilippz: ok interesting13:14
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locusfah I have completely forgotten about LIPSTICK_COMPOSITOR_DEBUG13:17
locusfI can see screen orientation signals in the journal now13:19
locusfso we just have to react to them either in main component or our compositor13:20
locusfor something :p13:21
filippzlocusf: that would be the second step, connecting that signal instead of using env variable (well use it for inital state) if we want rotation of glacier13:21
locusfdo we absolutely have to rotate homescreen?13:38
locusfcurrently the only bug that we have on orientation is that some apps don't flip on the orientation change13:39
locusflike jolla browser13:39
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filippzlocusf: paste this into MainScreen.qml of galcier-home right after Page { at the top13:46
locusffilippz: what does it do?13:46
filippzlocusf: it just rotates the home screen so we can have original fb and ts setting as in older 2.6 kernel13:48
locusfdidn't work too good on Jolla :p13:49
locusfoh yeah this is just for n913:50
locusfwe gotta be more generic13:50
locusfglacier-home is for multiple devices13:50
filippzlocusf: this should be done if there is some env variable present, so it will be present on N9 not jolla13:50
locusfnot sure how to do it in qml though13:51
filippzlocusf: we should then use the same variable to position other elements as notification screen and the like13:51
filippzlocusf: I'll search for examples of env variable usage in QML13:52
hedayatfilippz, you should check Qt object in QML Javascript.13:53
filippzthis seems easy enough (last answer):
hedayatfilippz, if it doesn't provide that functionality, then we should add a new class ourselves13:54
filippzhedayat: the link above is just that :)13:55
locusfthis smells quite like a hack13:55
locusfjust for n913:55
filippzlocusf: and the P3110 - is it portrait or landscape in regard of framebuffer dimensions?13:56
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locusffilippz: landscape13:58
hedayatfilippz, :)13:59
filippzlocusf: so it needs this kind of "attention" also?13:59
hedayatlocusf, I don't think that it is just for N9; it might happen with any other devices too13:59
locusffilippz: not really13:59
locusfits quite natural that it is landscape13:59
locusfhedayat: what do you mean?13:59
hedayatAnd I think, it is always good to have such things configurable by the user; so that it can decide the orientation of glacier home screen14:00
hedayatlocusf, I mean that there could be some other device with N9 dimensions, which also is landscape naturally14:01
hedayatlocusf, but having portrait glacier is preferable14:01
hedayator reverse (portrait orientation, but landscape preferred)14:01
locusfhedayat: hmm I dunno14:02
hedayatalso, rotating glacier based on device orientation might be interesting for some users14:02
filippzI think that nativeOrientation is for - if Qt::PrimaryOrientation!=nativeOrientation() { rotateMePlease() }14:03
filippzbut nativeOrientaion is set to Qt::PrimaryOrientation on most platforms14:03
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filippzI have to go for now, bbl o/14:08
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locusfok bye14:09
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hedayatme too! bye14:17
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gogetagood evening20:26
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OksanaGood morning22:14
hedayatOksana: :) good morning! (I'm going to sleep, we're at night!)22:15
OksanaGood night :-)22:23
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