Friday, 2014-11-14

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stephgIT'S FRIDAY, PEOPLE!08:25
Stskeepsit's first friday for me when i can sit in the train with a beer08:25
stephgI hope you're not sat on a train, with a beer, right now :P08:26
Stskeepsnot yet.. maybe after  my talk today08:28
stephgoh yes08:29
stephgthe best kind of beer is the one you deserve &c. &c.08:29
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locusffilippz: saw your pr, thanks :)09:17
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filippzlocusf: saw your comments - I'll get right to it now10:38
locusffilippz: thanks :)10:39
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filippzlocusf: I just saw ( that you pushed the v variable to qml instead of nativeOrientation - is that a mistake?11:10
locusffilippz: woops11:10
filippzlocusf: np, I'll commit fix that also :)11:11
locusffilippz: ok thanks :)11:11
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filippzlocusf: PR is updated - take a look at it when you have some time11:18
locusffilippz: thx11:18
locusffilippz: it works, merging11:22
filippzlocusf: great - thank you!11:23
locusffilippz: np :)11:23
locusfI was planning on releasing 0.16 to openrepos but seems that 0.17 is a better bet :)11:24
locusffilippz: this will be integrated to next release11:24
locusfwe really need a device lock implementation too, just pointing out :)11:26
locusfJolla is using encpartition implementation but thats propietary11:26
locusfand only available to Jolla device11:27
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locusffilippz: you are actually the second contributor to glacier-home :) I've been doing it all by myself thus far :)11:31
locusfah no sledges also has committed, forgot about that :)11:31
filippzlocusf: what's next on agenda, I was thinking of taking a look at locking orientation on lockscreen/shutdown screen tomorrow - is that OK?11:33
locusffilippz: sure, thats ok :)11:33
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locusfMorpog_PC: what would you like to see on a tablet edition Glacier :) ?15:56
Morpog_PCmulti window support?15:56
SK_workMorpog_PC: +115:56
Morpog_PCAnd I'm sure qwazix would have lots of great ideas for it :D15:57
locusflol wow why not :)15:57
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coderusnemomobile have something similar with libupnp?16:07
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hedayatcoderus: Apparently, it just needs compilation/installation:
hedayatHe has built it for both nemo/sailfish16:29
sledgeshedayat: you could ask special about booster prob (point him to porters channel)16:32
hedayatsledges: whome? Stskeeps? He's on both channels already.16:33
Morpog_PCits hius nick16:33
Morpog_PCand a special one :)16:33
specialsorry, I don't have time to answer now16:33
hedayatsledges: I found him and w00t_ as contributors to ti-omap3-sgx-wayland-wsegl, but none of them answer currently.16:33
specialI'm leaving for an airport shortly16:33
sledgeshedayat: looks like beginning of weekend turned against you now sorry ;)16:34
hedayatMorpog_PC: sledges aha! :)16:34
specialif you leave questions here with more highlights or email them to me ( you can probably get a response16:34
hedayatsledges: yes :) thanks anyway16:34
hedayatspecial: Thanks, OK16:34
* sledges wonders what faenil is up to (he also sniffed around boosters)16:34
hedayatsledges: He is writing his thesis these days :P16:34
sledgesspecial: thanks, you are special :))16:35
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hedayatWhat's all about 'messageserver'? It seems to terminate if no online accounts are set up. But, its .service file says that it must be restarted if terminated.17:22
hedayatSo, if there are no online accounts, it'll be restarted many times by systemd.17:22
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hedayatwhat's the expected behavior when no accounts are being setup? Currently, it just slows down everything and produces error messages in the logs.17:26
hedayatIt should probably not terminate if there are no accounts, and wait on-hold; or there should be another service to enable this one only when there are accounts.17:27
Stskeepsvdvsx might know more17:28
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hedayathmmm not here now17:34
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VDVsxhedayat, that's fixed when we switched to newer systemd allowing more tricks17:52
VDVsxupdate9 has it IIRC17:52
VDVsxso not accts it bails and does not start on boot17:52
VDVsxbefore it was failing 5 times17:52
VDVsxsystemd limit17:53
hedayatVDVsx: yes. so we need it in Nemo too.17:53
VDVsxjust grab it then :)17:54
VDVsxfix was here:
hedayatVDVsx: thanks. I think it should work with systemd 208 then, right?17:56
VDVsxyes, 208+17:57
hedayatThanks. problem fixed :P17:58
VDVsxwelcome :)17:58
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silver_hookIs there a list of core apps that are missing like e.g. Mail etc?20:57
Oksanasilver_hook: Camera missing (ask about waylandsink) and maps missing21:02
silver_hookOksana: That’s it?21:03
hedayatsilver_hook: VoiceCall, SMS I think!21:03
hedayatat least I have not seen them in recent N9 images21:04
hedayatThere is voicecall-ui, but all I can see is a white screen21:04
silver_hookIs there any list of these anywhere (on the wiki)?21:04
hedayatsilver_hook: I'm not aware of. But I think it's better to ask what core apps exist! It seems that a few ones are in working state after wayland transition.21:06
silver_hookhedayat: Makes sense …but is there a list of those at least?21:06
hedayathedayat: I don't know. locusf should be able to help, but he's probably gone for sleep now. :P21:07
hedayatI should leave now too, good night!21:10
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faenilhello :)22:08
faenilread the logs, just popped in to say that we actually need to finish Glacier components22:08
faenilbefore writing the apps22:08
faenilall apps have to be rewritten using Glacier components, once they're all finished22:08
faenilsilver_hook: ^22:08
faenilhedayat  ^22:08
faenilfilippz ^22:08
silver_hookfaenil: Cool. Will keep in mind :)22:09
faenil:) any contribution is welcome22:09
faenil more info here22:09
silver_hookAnd I guess a (dual-boot) Mer/Nemo port for Jolla is on the way?22:09
faeniland these are the specs22:10
faenilif you're missing a spec to implement a UI control, ping Morpog and qwazix and ask their help ;)22:10
faenilsilver_hook: about dual boot on Jolla, I don't know22:11
faenilwhat you can do at the moment is install Glacier homescreen on SailfishOS, the package is on OpenRepos and maintained by locusf22:11
faenildual boot ---> sure, we should do it, we're just missing people/time :)22:11
faenilif you need help just ask away, I'm sure someone will answer withn 10mins-24h22:12
silver_hookfaenil: That’s a good start :)22:12
Aardit actually would be nicer to not do dual boot, but be able to do ui-switching on the jolla22:12
silver_hookI can’t help with actual coding, but once I get a Jolla, I’ll do a hell of a job to promote Nemo and Mer on it.22:13
faenilAard: UI switching means using all jolla middleware, and core apps22:13
faenilit's not exactly what people usually want :) (afaik)22:13
Aardjolla middleware is (with very few exceptions) nemo middleware22:13
faenilmost of the times people who want to use nemo do it because they want the fully OSS22:13
Aardand not necessarily using the jolla core apps22:13
faenilnot that very few nowadays, come on ;)22:13
Aardon middleware side, almost nothing22:13
faenilok, but then the user should have both jolla and nemo core apps installed all the time22:13
Aardnot counting the alien stack, I think it's mostly that we rebuild libav and similar stuff with more codecs we can't put to mer/nemo for license/patent issues, the exchange-stack, and the xt9 stack22:14
faenilI should have another look at Stskeeps' graph ;)22:15
faenilanyway, not saying it's not a viable solution...just not what nemo contributors usually look for, at least as far as I could see22:16
faenilAard: how are you btw :) long time no talk22:18
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faenilso no news :P22:19
Aardwas just checking our build system, there are a few small other parts, but the list contains the majority of non-oss middleware22:20
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faenilwas sociald opensources?22:21
faenilI seemed to remember something about it22:22
faenilbut could not find it now22:22
faenilah it's
Aardthat was a mistake to have that closed anyway, and never really intended to go like that. we just lacked time for a long time to make sure we didn't do non-opensourcable bits in there by accident22:23
faenilI don't see UI-switching as something easy, btw ... you mean also changing graphics of silica apps?22:24
faenilto glacier theme?22:24
faenilotherwise, the UI-switching is just a matter of installing glacier homescreen and core apps22:24
Aardthe only tricky bit is having a way to make the ux you want to boot in selectable during startup22:25
faenilyes, but if it's only about having a different homescreen and core apps...I don't know :/22:26
faenilI mean, there's not much left...but it's not even that small part22:27
Aardwell, the rest of the stack is pretty similar22:27
Aardeven all apps are buliding on nemo qml components22:27
faenilit's always safer not to rely on closed source settings/packages, the way I see it22:27
faenilthen the UI switching could be "another" way of trynig nemo, that's ok22:27
faenilAard: the UI switching could be the ideal solution for those who want to keep the closed source features, in any case22:30
Aardthe main bit you get from that 'ui switching' is that you can have data sharing between nemo and jolla apps, which should help with attracting people/users, as it does not hurt that much when you don't have implemented features when you can just go back to a full ui without losing data for something22:30
faenilyep, true that22:30
faenilmmm :)22:31
faenilanyway, time for me to dive back into rush-writing :D cya Aard! take some rest ;)22:32
faeniltrue story22:32
Aardjust blow it, I guess you have more than 1 try? :p22:32
faenilhaha no way, I want to be out of uni, and start working on cool stuff :D22:33
Aardhave fun22:34
faenilin less than a month I'll be freeeeeeeeeeee22:34
Aardhm. :)22:34
* Aard starts thinking22:35
silver_hookfaenil: ,o/22:35
* Morpog_PC makes the nemomobile chains ready for faenil22:35
faenilit will be a pleasure for me to get back to nemo hacking22:35
faenilI'll cheer you guys up :D22:36
Aardfaenil: so you decided not to search for a job anytime soon? :p22:36
faeniland we'll start a new volunteers recruiting campaign!! o/22:36
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faenilAard: of course, I'll be sending CVs starting in a day or two (as soon as I have to rewrite my cv)22:37
faenilhave time to*22:37
Aardgood luck with the 'time for nemo hacking' then :u22:37
faenilAard: well, it depends how long it will take to find a proper job :)22:38
faenilI haven't studied years to end up working in a pizza shop :D (no offence to pizza makers! I <3 pizza)22:38
Aardtrue, I think your qualifications would be more appreciated at mc donalds22:39
faenilmc donalds is already full of philosophists :p22:40
faenilanyway, got to focus, cya people :) o/22:40
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