Sunday, 2014-11-16

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filippzhedayat: hi, how are things?13:35
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locusfhey filippz13:57
filippzlocusf: hi, I hope my PR didn't make your head hurt :)13:58
locusffilippz: nope, I just came back home to test your PR :)13:58
filippzlocusf: I hope that's not the only reason. Anyway I'm looking at fixing notification position now.13:59
locusffilippz: ok, good to know :)14:00
filippzI've just noticed "TypeError: Property 'setNotificationPreviewRect' of object NotificationPreviewPresenter(....) is not a function" - so that needs attention14:01
locusfyes our notification needs some work on applying to the latest lipstick API14:01
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filippzlocusf: seems that NotificationPreview.qml goes to both qml/ and qml/notifications folder - that's not right - is it ?14:11
locusffilippz: it is right, to maintain backwards compatibility to older Sailfish releases which don't have the newest lipstick library14:12
filippzlocusf: ok then14:13
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locusffilippz: thanks for the notification fix, merged and tagged :)14:57
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filippzlocusf: np, I think that only animation direction for lockscreen remains15:01
filippzon N9 when using it in portrait mode lockscreen animation has swapped x and y (not a big deal, I'll check that out later)15:01
locusffilippz: ok15:02
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hedayatfilippz, sorry, didn't notice earlier.15:12
hedayatI'm a little bit busy these days, but my current effort in this area is on debugging ti-omap wayland driver on N915:12
hedayatCause crashes under SailfishOS, and probably later on Nemo when used more graphics by apps15:12
hedayatOK, I should leave now. Hopefully will be back when at home. :P15:12
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locusfwhat do you guys think about the Glacier OS idea I flashed around yesterday, sounds cool or should we continue as Nemo Mobile?20:17
hedayatlocusf: hmmm... I'm actually a bit confused about what is Nemo, and what is Nemo MW which is merged into Mer. What is called the middleware?20:21
Stskeepsnemo mw20:21
hedayatAnd what is your purposed Glacier OS? How is it different from Nemo UX? :P20:21
locusfour own apps, configuration for hardware adaptations, hoescreen and whole concept of using mer core and middleware20:23
hedayathmmm... is there anything as "Nemo apps" currently? I mean, up to now, I was thinking that Glacier, its UI components and the apps is what is called "Nemo UX". Which has replaced colorful.20:25
locusfyes there actually is20:25
hedayatbut from your words it seems that Nemo UI and Glacier are two different things. eh... really? Do you mean colorful and its applications in older Nemo images?20:26
hedayatIf so, then Glacier OS feels like a right choice. Then I just wonder if there is anyone working on "Nemo" anymore?20:27
hedayatDo you mean killing "Nemo" and having just Mer + SailfishOS/GlacierOS/Plasma Active?20:28
locusfthose are our old apps20:28
locusfin Nemo20:28
locusfdone with old MeeGo component for Harmattan, no longer functional20:29
locusfyes new Nemo UI project is Glacier but I'd like to endepthen the relation20:30
locusfok some apps are still functional but unusable due to image provider code in Glacier components20:32
hedayatIt seems fine to me, specially since I know what Glacier refers to but have no idea about Nemo :P ;)20:32
hedayatAlso, this would more clearly separate old and new things20:32
locusfI've made #glacieros on FreeNode now, just in case this gets wind under its wings :)20:36
hedayatgood. it motivates me again to try running glacier OS on my laptop too! ;)20:37
locusfheheh :)20:38
hedayathmm... just wondering if Plasma Active is actually active anymore?!20:46
locusfI have no idea, never tried plasma active before20:47
hedayatlocusf: thanks anyway :)20:48
locusfgotta check out the freenode channels guide tomorrow, now to sleep20:49
locusfhedayat: no problem :)20:49
hedayatlocusf: :) Have fun with channel moderation20:49
hedayatgood night20:49
locusfhedayat: yup, good night to you too :)20:50
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