Wednesday, 2014-11-26

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vakkovis it still possible to have a qt4 target03:02
vakkovfor an old qt4 x11 release03:02
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hedayathi! :P07:15
filippzhedayat: o/07:45
filippzhedayat: I'm thinking of reverting kernel back to landscape for N9 - but that would mean reintroducing fbset-n9.service for SailfishOS builds - any thoughts?07:49
filippzlocusf: I've noticed another glitch with rotation - when swiping away from apps, wrong gesture is reported in different orientations07:54
Stskeepsgah.. and of course, when having one xulrunner fixed, other stuff starts breaking.. :P07:55
filippzlocusf: meaning that the down gesture for closing is not OK - I'll send a PR for this in a few minutes07:55
filippzStskeeps: Murphy's law :)07:58
Stskeepsfilippz: i call this kind of work distribution jenga..08:01
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filippzStskeeps: yup, that sums it up nicely08:06
filippzlocusf: Can you reproduce this: when in landscape orientation start qmlsettings (they are landscape also). Close qmlsettings change orinetation to portrait and start qmlsettings again - they are still in landscape?! Close it and start it again and - they are in portrait now?08:10
filippzfaenil: morning o/08:10
Stskeepsmorn faenil08:11
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Stskeepswill fix python in a moment which will break everything08:24
Stskeepsbut otherwise \oooo/08:24
hedayatmorning faenil08:27
hedayatfilippz, I think having fbset-n9.service is not a big deal :)08:27
hedayatIt'd be great if we could somehow patch SFOS to make it portrait without changing framebuffer rotation too08:28
hedayatbut, well, without much trouble ;)08:28
filippzhedayat: OK, reverting fb will make glesplash work also08:32
filippzas for rotation from qt - you can see in glacier how much small fixes are needed (mostly becasue we wan to rotate dynamically - but still...)08:33
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Stskeepsok, python committed08:46
Stskeepslet's see how this builds now..08:46
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SK_workdeztructor: hi !08:59
SK_workcan you give me a crash course on statefs ?08:59
SK_work(cf yesterday's discussion about orientation in emulator)09:00
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locusffilippz: sorry, can only test in 5 hours :/09:09
locusfmerged your pr though09:10
filippzlocusf: np, thanks for merging :)09:10
locusfalso morning all :)09:12
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deztructorSK_work: first, there is (need to update it periodically if there is no autodoc yet)09:33
deztructorDo you want to understand client-side or provider-side?09:33
SK_workdeztructor: haha09:33
SK_workwe discussed abotu being able to emulate screen rotation in Sailfish emulator09:33
SK_workwhat's in place ATM09:33
SK_workI guess client side09:33
deztructorSK_work: so, first:
SK_workso I need to write a provider that connects to a "controller" to emulate these actions isn't it ?09:34
deztructorthen -
SK_workdo you know what's done ATM ? is there a dummy provider for orientation ?09:36
SK_work(let's start with orientation, we can do more stuff later, like network switching for example)09:36
deztructorSK_work: it seems there is only, so there is not prop for orientation yet09:37
SK_workdeztructor: hum ok09:38
SK_workthe inout only expose statefs properties isn't it09:39
SK_workhow to change them ?09:39
deztructorSK_work: when you are using inout, it creates namespace with @ prefix for input (to avoid mixing of RW props with inout write-only side)09:41
jonwilLooks like the leaked PowerVR stuff has caused a bit of a kerfuffle with the guy who posted the original git repo (the contents of which seem to have come from a tarball on the LG open source website) being sent legal threats by some guy who claims "I worked on PowerVR for N9 and I think sharing this code is bad"09:42
deztructorSK_work: you can try to install any inout provider and play with /run/state/09:42
jonwiloops, wrong channel09:42
SK_workso echo "stuff" > /run/state/<something>09:42
Stskeepsjonwil: libv?09:42
deztructorSK_work: e.g. echo "stuff" > /run/state/namespaces/@Cellular/SignalStrength09:42
SK_work@something is for input09:43
deztructorand you get it reflected in the /run/state/namespaces/Cellular/SignalStrength09:43
SK_workand something is for output09:43
SK_workso, I need to write some statefs config files09:43
jonwilSeems like firstly he is on a mission to make every single copy of that leaked code vanish and to tell anyone who downloaded it to delete it09:43
* deztructor is going to hunt for smb. to eat :)09:43
SK_workwrite a system daemon that listen to the controller app, and this system daemon just write into these @<something> files09:43
deztructorSK_work: yes, and you can see examples in and in rpm spec - how to install it (generated by python script inside rpm dir)09:44
SK_worksound easier than expected09:45
deztructorStskeeps: I think this smb. is already catched and cooked by predators from sodexo :)09:45
jonwilSecondly he is saying that because of the leaked code, it is now impossible to write a FOSS clean usable PowerVR driver (since its impossible to prove that said driver doesn't use any of the leaked stuff). That to me sounds like BS as there are plenty of examples of FOSS projects where there is also "leaked" code out there for the same thing.09:46
deztructorSK_work: hopefully :) so, basically there can be any script echoing data into corresponding props09:46
* deztructor is blown away by wind...09:47
jonwilThe FOSS community has experience in how to track the code back to where it came from so it can be proven leaked code wasn't used.09:47
jonwilAnd thirdly he seems to say "dont bother writing a driver for PowerVR, PowerVR is such a mess that every single part that has a PowerVR core in it has a totally different set of compile options and microcode and getting everything right is impossible"09:48
jonwilWhy he is so against the idea of a FOSS PowerVR driver is beyond me...09:48
hurrianjonwil: he doesn't like ImgTec for the crap they continue to pull with PowerVR, apparently09:56
hurrianthat plus a bias for working with the Mali GPU (Lima open driver), which is admittedly nicer to work with09:58
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stephgscarred perhaps too ;)09:59
hurrianalso, I was surprised to see that nvidia's leading the way in having an open source GPU driver in the kernel10:03
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Stskeepshurrian: welcome to the upside down world..10:03
hurriannot too long ago (Tegra 2), they were the absolute worst SoC vendor to deal with10:04
bencoheven broadcom is releasing opensource videocore drivers (and wifi drivers too)10:05
bencohit's ... upside down world indeed :]10:05
hurrian...and Atheros, a long-time friend of OSS, is going the other way with required firmware on ath10k.10:06
bencohyeah :/10:07
hurrian(ever since being swallowed whole by Qualcomm, who blows in terms of community cooperation)10:07
bencoh(qualcomm eventually killed them I guess)10:07
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jonwilWhat about'10:17
jonwilDoesn't that signal a change at Qualcomm to be less crap?10:17
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Stskeepsjonwil: i think it's more over that you end up in a situation where your own driver might be conflicting with 'taken into kernel' drivers..10:25
Stskeepsso it's better to improve what's there10:25
jonwilI think qualcomm is an Android house these days and is less interested in Linux10:26
jonwilso if they can get someone else to maintain the Linux kernel bits so Qualcomm doesn't have to, its good for Qualcomm10:26
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filippzhedayat: I've just remembered - if we rotate kernel back to portrait, we should also loose QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS="rotate=90" in 60-n9-n950-ui.conf11:39
filippzwould it be acceptable to append that line from ks directly?11:40
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* tbr now has a working nexus 7 again! ripped out the broken display and glued in the replacement that arrived today \o/12:40
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filippzlocusf: seems that the booster is to blame for odd behaviour of apps (ie qmlsettings) I mentioned - it seems that chached ApplicationWindow "remembers" old orientation12:53
filippzbut how is that it remembers orientation for just one time, and is ok the next time you start it...?!12:54
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hedayatfilippz, OK, thanks. Yes, that's just fine. I'd prefer to do close OS hacks inside their .ks. :P13:03
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filippzhedayat: OK, I'll move to landscape  orientation and provide ks for both nemo and sailfish to match in a day or so13:14
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hedayatfilippz, thanks :) I hope to be able to put my changes into .ks soon too13:22
hedayatthen will start to fight with ti wayland driver13:22
hedayatfilippz, locusf haven't you experienced UI crashes in Nemo on N9? I don't feel that they affect Sailfish only.13:23
filippzhedayat: no crashes here :) I've been playing with rotation and restarted lipstick about 1000 times without errors in wayland/pvr drivers13:27
filippzbut I use it in landscape mode mainly, because of glesplash and kernel messages from display13:27
filippzAlso I did your "sed" command in and effort to get list of wireless networks in qmlsettings but that didn't help - I haven't investigated further13:29
hedayatfilippz, did you restart after sed ing? hmmmm and I'm not sure if I saw the list in qmlsettings. But I could see them in glacier UI by touching the wireless icon13:31
filippzhedayat: restarted, but didn't try wireless icon - I'll try it now13:32
hedayatI've not experienced UI crashes in portrait Nemo too. But I guessed that maybe Sailfish uses more graphics effects and is more complex and that might be the reason. Anyway, I should see how debugging proceeds.13:34
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hedayatIf it turns out that the problems is with SFOS only, I might focus my efforts somewhere else.13:38
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filippzhedayat: wifi icon becomes blue and nothing else when i touch it - as if turned on - WiFi settings page states "Wireless networking is unavailable"13:39
filippzdmesg show no activity from wlan, and ifconfig doesn't list it13:39
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filippzbut dmesg shows some "pvr: lipstick: IOCTL 20 failed (1)" now and then - maybe when stopping starting lisptick - I haven't seen any effects of it in UI13:41
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filippzifconfig wlan0 up does make it load it's firmware - but there is still nothing in qlmsettings13:49
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hedayatfilippz, hmmm I should try again. I don't remember the details now; maybe I've done something else...14:01
filippzhedayat: don't bother, I'll find it later today - I have to go for now14:02
hedayatfilippz, interesting, IIRC "pvr: lipstick: IOCTL 20 failed (1)" causes a crash in SFOS immediately because of an assert on the original function call!!14:02
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hedayatfilippz, ok :)14:02
hedayat(the call is in ti-omap-wayland (whatever!) package)14:02
filippzhedayat: I'm not sure if I got these messages in landscape or portrait - we'll find out when we switch to portrait for sure :)14:04
hedayat:) yaeh, ok14:05
filippzthis looks broken: lipstick[640]: [D] NetworkManager::getTechnology:534 - Technology  "wifi"  doesn't exist14:07
filippzwell I'm off for now... o/14:07
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locusfargh just got back14:19
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locusfseems that Alien dalvik is getting some special handling inside lipstick
hedayatlocusf, might be useful if someday we had our own Android compatibility layer!14:26
locusfhedayat: yup14:27
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hedayatI should go, bye14:29
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locusfok bye :)14:30
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hedayatfilippz: hi again! What does 'iwlist scan' produce?19:20
filippzhedayat: I just fixed wifi :)19:21
hedayatfilippz: :) what was the problem?19:21
filippzuser nemo must be in users group or the call dbus-send --system --dest=net.connman --print-reply / net.connman.Manager.GetTechnologies would fail19:22
filippzalso I had to issue /usr/lib/connman/test/test-connman  enable wifi manually19:22
hedayatfilippz: oh yeah, you should have done it sooner! It was required to get some other things to work too. I just doesn't remember what was it. probably ofono also needed it.19:22
filippzhedayat: I used my fresh build with portrait kernel and glesplash and your sed at_console command in ks19:23
hedayatfilippz: probably my sed command also assumed users group too (I don't remember what was it!).19:23
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filippzI just added sed -i 's/at_console="true"/group="users"/g' /etc/dbus-1/system.d/* in ks and user --groups=audio,video,users --name=nemo --password=nemo19:24
hedayatfilippz: aha. I've told faenil that nemo user should be added to users group, but I don't remember where it was supposed to be fixed.19:24
hedayatfilippz: that's good19:25
filippzI just added it to ks :)19:25
filippzI have to just figure out why /usr/lib/connman/test/test-connman  enable wifi is needed19:25
hedayatfilippz: hmmm IIRC such groups should be listed somewhere else, where nemo user was added to multiple groups. it was used by oneshot binary or something like it. I don't remember right now. Adding it to .ks is more like a temporary solution.19:27
hedayatfilippz: What happens when you try to turn wifi on/off in UI? Might produce some dbus errors too!19:28
filippzhedayat: I'll try now, on the other hand - no pvr errors in dmesg for now :)19:29
filippznothing suspicious regarding wifi when I play with wlan icon - but when starting lipstick there is NetworkManager::getTechnology:534 - Technology  "wifi"  doesn't exist19:33
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filippzI was sure that it was premission issue, but it seems to be something else. I'll look into that later on19:34
filippzwell - I'm off - see you all tomorrow19:38
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hedayatfilippz: ok, thanks!19:46
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SfietKonstantindeztructor: for information, you cannot install cellular inout packages in Sailfish emulator, as it uninstalls ofono provider, and leads to uninstalling lipstick-jolla-home21:16
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin21:16
Sfiet_Konstantinwho to ping around for this issue ?21:17
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OksanaGood morning21:37
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phaeronSfiet_Konstantin: try forcing it temporarily21:52
phaeronSfiet_Konstantin: what's the zypper error ?21:52
Sfiet_Konstantinphaeron: I could21:53
Sfiet_Konstantinbut not nice21:53
Sfiet_Konstantinit is a simple conflicts21:53
Sfiet_Konstantinbetween ofono and inout statefs providers21:53
Sfiet_Konstantinphaeron: probably need less strict dependency in lipstick-jolla-home side21:53
phaeronI'll have a look tomorrow where the conflicts really is21:54
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deztructorSfiet_Konstantin, phaeron: jolla home: Requires:   statefs-provider-ofono >= 0.2.6222:17
deztructorwhile it should depend on statefs-provider-cellular22:17
Sfiet_Konstantindeztructor: yep22:18
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deztructorquite easy to fix, afaik just should be checked ofono provider is explicitely listed in patterns to avoid replacement22:22
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