Thursday, 2014-11-27

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filippzmorning locusf06:11
OksanaMoin :-)06:11
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locusffilippz: does that sed command on dbus files now make ofono functional?06:14
filippzlocusf: didn't try the ofono, but if IIRC hedayat said that it is needed for ofono to work06:16
locusffilippz: ok, remembered the same then06:17
locusfI'll be getting a maguro soon so I can finally test with a prepaid sim, also test on n906:17
filippzlocusf: nice :)06:18
filippzsomeone still needs to merge this for sound to work
locusfgotta ping jusa_06:23
filippzalready did the other day - no reply so far :(06:25
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jusa_locusf: pong06:43
locusfjusa_: could you take a look at that pull request above?06:44
jusa_yes, already did but forgot to merge..06:44
jusa_I will merge that pr when I get to proper keyboard06:45
filippzjusa_: ty!06:49
locusfjusa_: ok thanks :)06:55
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jusa_locusf: is n950 adaptation using PulseAudio 4.0?07:07
jusa_filippz: ^07:07
locusfhmm I'm not sure it does07:07
locusfthats the package we're pulling in07:08
locusfseems like its 5.007:08
locusfthats from mer-packages07:09
jusa_good.. just that I did some changes to pulseaudio-settings for 4.0, but seems I never tagged those.. that's why I was wondering.07:10
filippztbh, I just added the file that was missing based on the one used in Jolla. Since sound was working OK, I didn't loose too much sleep over it :)07:10
jusa_let me know if everything breaks now. :)07:10
locusfjusa_: could you please tag as well :) ?07:11
locusfhmm the settings package isn't linked from github07:12
jusa_I will, just started thinking about the version and all before did.. and fixed small packaging error.. but will tag now07:13
locusfjusa_: ok thanks :)07:14
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hedayatmorning all!07:18
locusfhey hedayat :)07:19
hedayatlocusf: filippz: adding nemo to users group and the dbus file modification is necessary for ofono, but not enough07:19
hedayatlocusf: hi :)07:19
filippzhedayat: o/07:20
hedayatThe problem is a bug in ofono 1.14: it'll crash on N9 right after entering PIN (if PIN is disabled, it'll crash immediately then). ofono 1.12 works fine.07:20
locusfah it was that too07:20
hedayatSomeone should investigate ofono-1.14 backtrace and debug it to find the problem. I just found out that it was not due to Mer patches since ofono-1.14 from Fedora repositories behave the same07:21
hedayatI wonder where ofono is being developed because the link to git repo in its main site is dead07:21
hedayatBTW, since ofono-1.12 works, I'll probably not work on 1.14 fix anytime soon; (unless I feel that it can be easily fixed). I'd prefer to spend my free time on stuff which doesn't work at all07:23
locusfthere is debuginfo for ofono07:28
locusfso it shouldn't be too hard to debug07:29
locusfjust gotta gdb attach07:29
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hedayatlocusf: yes, the problem is if it is easy to fix too. ;) but, you are right. I'll try to have a brief look at it soon.07:30
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locusfhedayat: good luck with it :)07:40
hedayatlocusf: thanks!07:40
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filippzlocusf: I've converted kernel back to landscape and created a PR for nemo-configs-n950-n9 (
filippzhedayat: ^ I've update ks for nemomobile - do you have some newer one for sailfish - I need to put fbset-n9.service in it ?09:25
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filippzlocusf: thanx for merging09:28
locusffilippz: np :)09:30
hedayatfilippz: I've not put it in a repo yet. I was thinking if I should fork vgrade repo and create a pr there, or create an independent repo. Also, I've not added  my changes to it. But I think I should put it somewhere right now, so that it'll benefit from your changes ;)09:30
locusffilippz: could you please create a pull request for nemo .ks to ?09:31
filippzhedayat: currently only nemo benefits because on sailfish we still must rotate fb09:31
hedayatfilippz: yes, at least I'm not required to add fb rotation myself ;)09:32
filippzhedayat: also still no pvr IOCTL errors when in landscape - maybe we can think of soemthing else for sailfish instead of rotating fb...09:32
hedayatreally? hmmm maybe I should try sailfish in landscape mode. It'd be enough if I can start apps. Is it possible?09:33
hedayatIf it prevents IOCTL errors, I'd be willing to see if sailfish can be rotated in software too.09:34
filippzhedayat: small doc that led me to rotating fb - some stupid thinghs inside, but maybe you'll have some other ideas:
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hedayatfilippz: thanks.09:43
hedayatfilippz: I'm thinking if I should go the other way around: use Nemo in portrait mode and see if it causes such IOCTL errors, and more importantly, crashes. I still wonder how did you get IOCTL  20 error but no crashes!09:44
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hedayatvgrade: there?09:49
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filippzhedayat: I'm not sure about the crashes - those errors might have been timed at closing apps/lipstick thus making it undetectable10:03
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filippzI have to ask (hedayat, locusf) does your N9 shutdown properly? Mine restarts instead after some time.10:05
filippzAlso I boots by itself at random times - being shutdown by 8 sec power press (I've removed all the calendar reminders from Harmattan just to be sure)10:06
bencohit never sleeps !10:12
bencohit's watching you!10:12
hedayatfilippz: IIRC, nemo has such behavior (restart rather than poweroff) on my phone too10:15
hedayatfilippz: I'm preparing my .ks here:
filippzbencoh: yup - maybe it's trying to call home :)10:16
filippzhedayat: we have to add creation of fbset-n9.service to ks since it doesn't exists anymore. Basically c/p proximity-fix.service already in ks10:20
hedayatfilippz: ok, thanks10:22
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filippzhedayat: also sed line for QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS need to change because now there is no QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS= line to change :)10:32
hedayatfilippz: :) ok!10:33
filippzand second sed  (PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS) has no effect - PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS are already empty10:34
hedayatfilippz: should it be filled with the options used before?10:38
filippzhedayat: no, that is the beauty - it was used only by wizard on the first run, lipstick was ignoring it. Now when in portrait it breaks that wizard :)10:40
filippzIf same settings are to be (somehow) applied to jolla's home - then we wouldn't have to play with framebuffer10:41
hedayatfilippz: wait! Are you suggesting modifications for portrait-by-default-kernel or landscape-kernel?10:41
filippzhedayat: landscape-kernel - I've changed it back to landscape:)10:42
hedayatfilippz: This .ks worked fine for portrait-kernel10:42
filippzthis way glesplash works, and there are no pvr IOCTL problems (for now)10:42
hedayatfilippz: aha, ok. you said "Now when in portrait it breaks that wizard" I just wondered if you are talking about portrait kernel10:42
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hedayatfilippz: for landscape kernel, shouldn't we have these options to rotate the wizard to portrait mode?10:43
filippzhedayat: yes - by using fbset-n9.service you are going to portrait fb orientation and leaving  PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS would break first run wizard10:43
filippzkernel set it to be landscape -10:44
filippzfbset_n9 sets it to be portrait10:44
hedayatfilippz: ah! I just forgot that we'll be changing the kernel to portrait for SFOS. Just confused. :D :P10:44
hedayatfilippz: forgot about fbset_n9. So this ks should work fine when fbset_n9 is added back. The sed commands will just print errors as it did for me.10:46
hedayator do nothing.10:46
filippzhedayat: If lipstick (wayland compositor) is to "convinced" to use the old PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS then all of this would be unnecessary10:46
hedayatSuddenly I was thinking that we are rotating SFOS in higher level software too!10:46
hedayatfilippz: yeah, OK. :)10:47
filippzmaybe lipstick (compositor) or even qt wayland plugin would be a good place for applying these settings10:48
hedayatfilippz: what do you do in Nemo now? do you rotate lipstick or glacier itself?10:49
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filippzwe are now using GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION env variable in glacier-home and rotate it according to that setting from qml10:50
filippzwe are comparing that to QtScreen primaryOrientation and calculating the rotattion and x,y correction, together with swapping w/h if needed10:51
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hedayatfilippz: hmmm I wonder if SFOS supports such rotation, specially it might be useful on their tablet version10:52
filippzit gets messy when you have rotated element that is a child of another rotated element together with x,y and w/h correction10:52
locusfnope, there is no rotation support in jolla-home10:52
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filippzhedayat: you can probably patch jolla's qml and adjust rotation property, x, y, width and height - but you would have to do so with every update10:53
hedayatfilippz: if it works, I'd be fine with applying the patch to updates.10:55
filippzI was thinking of using qt wayland plugin to fool lipstick into thinking that the screen is 480x854 and do a correction there - maybe that would be feasible10:55
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filippzif qml is to be patched then glacier-home has what you need :)10:56
hedayatlocusf: ok then10:56
hedayatfilippz: probably I'll try that first.10:56
hedayatfilippz: the plugin should also do the rotation I think10:57
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locusffilippz: and no, my n9 does not always shutdown, it also starts again10:59
filippzhedayat: hows that on SFOS (shutting down)?10:59
hedayatIs it possible to copy some files from outside build root into it in .ks file? Or use wget to download something?10:59
hedayatfilippz: IIRC, it actually shuts down10:59
hedayatit might be related to systemd11:00
filippzthen it's not kernel - probably dsme gets colsed too early11:00
filippzhedayat: regarding rotation - IMHO, locusf is reffering to the fact that jolla-home doesn't respond to orinetation changes from sensor (it doesn't have to) but instead is using Qt primaryOrientation as a reference which in the case on N9 is landscape but should be portrait11:00
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hedayatfilippz: and what will it do when it is landscape?11:01
filippzit does so because QtScreen reports it to be wider than taller (854x480) - qt wayland plugin could report it different (IMHO)11:01
hedayatdoes it support running in landscape mode?11:02
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filippzit's unaware that display it rotating by itself , so you get to see 480x480 square on top, and not seeing other 854-480 pixels to the right11:04
hedayatIf the plugin just swaps width and height values, wouldn't jolla home try to render half of itself off the screen? I mean, trying to draw in landscape orientation but assuming the width is 480 and height is 854?11:04
hedayatyeah, I mean the same thing11:04
hedayatso we will still need a rotation somewhere?11:05
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filippzhedayat: who knows - orientation is good even if it thinks that the display is landscape11:06
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hedayatfilippz: ah! I remember reading in the pdf that some orientations are correct11:07
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filippzit's a mess really :) jolla-home just needs to be 480x854 and no rotation is needed because it's already displayed ok11:09
filippzbut who knows what about touchscreen then...11:09
hedayathmm I think I can use %post --nochroot to copy some files to the image11:09
hedayatfilippz: :))11:09
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filippzPicture 1 from my pdf displays the problem - using x,y and correction and swapping w/h in qml would do it11:12
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locusfhedayat: I got the ofono backtrace now, will try to debug11:21
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locusfhedayat: my ofono crashes on something of sms and cbs functions11:40
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locusfhedayat: I disabled isimodem and now I got working n9 modem12:06
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Stskeeps <312:10
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locusfStskeeps: nice :)12:16
locusfoh its already building for armv7hl12:18
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hedayatlocusf: Do you mean that without it really works?12:27
hedayatlocusf: Are you able to enter pin? or do some other activity?12:28
locusfyep, at least it doesn't crash on ofono startup12:28
locusfhedayat: I can't enter pin as I have disabled it12:28
hedayatlocusf: what about call/sms? recognizing modem is not enough.12:28
locusfhedayat: I can't call due to those dbus errors12:29
locusfI haven't modified the dbus stuff yet :/12:29
locusfdo I need to reboot?12:31
locusfor just restart dbus=12:31
hedayatlocusf: but in my experiments, it doesn't work without isimodem.12:31
hedayatlocusf: if you've also added nemo to users group right now12:31
hedayatits better for you to reboot12:31
locusfhedayat: ok it might be that I gotta enable it once dbus12:31
locusfit is12:31
locusf[nemo@localhost ~]$ id12:31
locusfuid=100000(nemo) gid=100000(nemo) groups=39(video),100(users),996(ssu),998(timed),999(oneshot),1002(bluetooth),1005(audio),100000(nemo)12:31
hedayatso maybe it should be enough to restart dbus daemon12:32
hedayat(the system instance)12:32
hedayatbut probably it12:32
hedayatit'll cause/need all user session to be restarted12:32
hedayatHowever, in my tests, it won't work without isimodem plugin12:32
hedayatboth n900 and isimodem plugins were required12:33
locusfwill test some more12:33
hedayatn900 plugin recognizes the modem, but not all its functionality12:33
locusfis your error always a segfault?12:33
locusfon ofono startup that is12:33
hedayatyou can use ofono tests to see if it recognizes sms services, etc12:34
hedayatyes, when isimodem is enabled I got a segfault when sim is activated12:34
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hedayatalmost same behavior IIRC12:34
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locusfI have traced the sources but I still haven't figured out why it crashes12:37
hedayatlocusf: I'm pretty sure that you'll need to enable isimodem, because I was forced to remove it from disabled plugins to get call/sms working in my SFOS image12:37
locusfhedayat: ok I did enable it now12:37
hedayatI can't also guess anything useful from the backtrace. if the pointer is actually malloc'ed somewhere, then it has probably freed twice.12:39
hedayatI don't know how much ofono has been changed since 1.12, but checking the differences might also help. Or, if you know the git repo of ofono, it might be easier to find the problem using git bisect12:40
locusfwill need to compile ofono with disabled optimizations12:41
hedayatlocusf: and you can run ofono without --nobacktrace, it might provide some more details?!12:41
locusfhedayat: I already run it with -n -d to get most of the debug information12:42
locusfI compiled a non-debuginfo package12:48
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locusfthe question is how do I create a debuginfo package? Stskeeps lbt any helpers?13:00
locusfvia mb2 that is13:00
Stskeepsthere's a flag13:00
Stskeepsor the likes13:00
locusfI have --enable-debug there13:01
locusfin the .spec13:01
locusfalso %debug_package13:01
locusfjust copied the debuginfo binary from source tree13:03
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hedayatwhy you don't have automatic debuginfo package generation in Mer?13:04
hedayatIn Fedora, it is generated automatically without any changes in .spec, and IIRC it is possible to disable it somehow13:05
phaeronthat's already the case13:06
hedayatah, so what's locusf's problem?13:06
phaeronI don't know13:06
locusf <- here is the offending line13:07
Stskeepshedayat: we do, it's just that we're using a 'quick easy build' thing for easy development13:07
locusfnode is not accessible13:07
locusf(gdb) p *node13:07
locusfCannot access memory at address 0x7261777213:07
locusfthus the segfault13:07
locusfthe pointer is not null however13:07
hedayatdouble free?13:08
locusfthere either should be a check for this or something else is required for the patching13:08
locusfl->data is defined above13:08
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locusfhmm l->data is a void*13:09
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locusfI assume GS_LIST and gconstpointer stuff has something to do with glib(c)?13:13
*** tealMage has quit IRC13:13
hedayatlocusf: yes, looks like to be a glib function13:16
hedayatthe problem should not be there, it might be freed somewhere else again.13:16
locusfbut its not that, the memory in that area is not null so I guess its not freed?13:18
locusfI'm not that good at c though :/13:18
*** canardxh has quit IRC13:19
locusfand all the guys who keep ofono patched for nemo are working at tieto so I guess we can't contact them13:19
hedayatlocusf: I'll try to dig into it soon. No, if you free a pointer it does not change the pointer to NULL, it just frees the memory to be used by other stuff, and the pointer points to a memory which it should not.13:21
*** wazd has joined #nemomobile13:21
bencohcould be a mem corruption13:24
bencohpointer being overwritten by something else13:24
bencohunless the process released a huge amount of space gdb should still be able to access the pointer memory13:25
*** canardxh has joined #nemomobile13:25
bencohcompare this pointer to other (valid) heap pointers13:25
bencoh(and check the memory map of your process)13:25
locusfhedayat: seems that this isn't gonna be easy :)13:28
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hedayatlocusf: yes, this is why I said "if debugging is easy"! But you raised my motivation to debug this. I might really do so :P13:59
locusfhedayat: ok great :)14:00
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locusfStskeeps: did somebody forget about nemo-qml-plugin-email from the middleware merge?16:35
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*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz16:39
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Stskeepslocusf: might have slipped16:41
locusfStskeeps: ok :)16:43
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locusfwhee text message received on n9 :)16:48
SK_worklocusf: <316:49
*** KaIRC has quit IRC16:49
locusflpotter: maybe you could take a look at that? ^16:54
locusfcalling works now too16:57
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sledgeslocusf: \o/17:21
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile17:21
locusfsadly n7000 is still dead17:23
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locusfoh yeah I completely forgot about vakkov doing his things with n90017:39
locusfsledges: I did comment on why this is need on the commit, but I don't have anymore details on it unfortunately17:41
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sledgeslocusf: yes?17:50
locusfsledges: I was just pointing out that you probably gotta talk to Sage about this :)17:51
sledgeslocusf: ah just found the last email yes thanks17:51
sledgesgood find about how they emailed upstream17:52
sledgesit reads n95017:52
*** piggz has quit IRC17:52
locusfsledges: I'm reading upstream commits on this17:53
sledgesso locusf why are you picking up n900.c ?17:53
locusfsledges: well the driver for n900 works for n9 as well17:53
*** canardxh has quit IRC17:53
sledgesbut if you modify it, it potentially breaks n90017:53
sledgesor needs tests17:54
sledgesSage submitted a patch for n950.c17:54
locusfsledges: so if I find a "merge" commit in which the functionality for n9(50) and n900 are somehow made as one then its possible that n900 might not suffer17:54
sledgesyes, we need to find a trace of the "lost" n950.c in the ofono tree ;)17:54
locusfthe n900.c if from latest official upstream repo from nov 5 201317:55
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile17:57
*** phdeswer has quit IRC17:57
*** cristi has quit IRC18:00
*** notmart has quit IRC18:00
sledgeslocusf: looks like those were rejected first time round:
locusfsledges: there is no indication of n900.c being updated after april 201118:00
locusfsledges: yeah18:01
sledgeslocusf: that's true, n900 stayed untouched, and I think n950 never appeared (rather than accepted and then deleted)18:01
sledgesbut then i found this:18:02
locusfsledges: its strange that the n900.c driver just works18:02
sledgesif you want to make things proper ;)18:02
locusfespecially since n9 saw light in september 201118:02
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:02
sledgesto do things elegantly, I suggest you to do the last part of what was told to Marko:18:02
sledgesI would say that this patch doesn't add N950 plugin, but first rename some nokia gpio function, update N90018:03
sledgesplugin and then introduce the N950.18:03
sledges(i.e. introduce the N950 ;))18:03
sledgesfrom the patch above you could diff the two plugins, maybe n950 would work even better18:03
locusfumm... ok :p18:03
sledgesmy point being that modifications to n900 because of n950 quirks were also not accepted upstream, due to regression fear on N90018:03
sledgesall speculation, but i give you options ;)18:03
locusfhas ofono tested to be working on n900 on the latest releases?18:04
sledgesand we could also keep the n900 folk happy, even if modem efforts never see light of day18:04
sledgesthis puts us in good practise not to break legacy devices, should we see this scenario in future18:05
sledgesi know it's common to still name mach-omap2/ in kernel and have omap4 files inside ;) as many are backwards compat, but still once such compatibility is broken, things get refactored and split into diff technologies18:06
sledgeslikewise we ended up having n9xx paths ;)18:07
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile18:07
vakkovi'll be back with n900 soon :D18:11
vakkovi need a uart cable18:11
vakkovto get a proper kernel booting18:11
*** spiiroin has quit IRC18:11
vakkova kernel 3.0 with hybris for gpu18:12
sledgesvakkov: so you would use ofono via rild and not n900.c plugin (if i make sense)18:14
*** tealMage_ has quit IRC18:14
vakkovhavent though about that18:14
sledgeswell, you said hybris :P18:15
sledgesor only for gpu;) (i don't know if it's possibly to have hybris and non-hybris hybrid on a system :D)18:15
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile18:16
locusfI was thinking about porting Cyanogenmod 11 to Jolla and then use it as base for a hadk port of nemo so it would be all nice and pretty, in theory18:16
*** phdeswer has quit IRC18:17
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:17
locusfsledges: I can already tell that n950.c is a copypaste from n900.c, minus the renamed gpio function names18:18
locusfsledges: I'm literally looking at them side-by-side18:18
sledgeslocusf: yep, reading my mind :D18:18
locusfsledges: so you want me to patch a separate n950.c which has disabled cbs creation?18:19
sledgeslocusf: but this would then create too much redundancy18:20
sledgeshow about an #ifdef in this case?18:20
sledgesvery similar hardwares get away with those mostly18:20
locusfsledges: what defines n900 and n950 modems apart?18:21
locusfsledges: what should I use for the #ifdef?18:21
sledgesjust add #ifndef N95018:21
locusfbut the nemo core could build for both N9(50) and N900?18:22
sledgesbecause your situation says: disable cbs for n95018:22
locusfvakkov: my n900 is waiting for some nemo goodness, make it happen :)18:23
locusfsledges: but the package could be built for both n900 and n95018:24
locusfsledges: so a compile time ifdef would get tricky18:24
sledgesyes, need a way to know which device you're building for18:24
*** spiiroin has joined #nemomobile18:24
locusfso this is a generic mer-core repo18:25
locusfno way to know then :/18:25
locusfbut the commenting out is also a hack18:25
sledgeswhat selects taking n900.c plugin?18:25
sledgesits own interface?18:25
sledgese..g on an N95018:25
locusfsledges: yes ofono itself minus --noplugin separated plugins18:26
sledgeshow does it do device detection?18:26
locusfit doesn't18:26
locusfit just launches all plugins at start unless --no-plugin is specified with plugins that should not get loaded18:27
sledgesright, similar to ngfd behaviour with "fail silently" stuffs18:27
locusfofono does have some udev rules18:28
locusfbut they don't make any sense18:28
sledgesnow i understand you question - how to differentiate between n900 and n950 modem18:28
locusfok good :) sorry for being unreadable :)18:28
sledgesis ok, i didn't know the extra info you just told me;)18:28
sledgesand quite possibly we just answered ourselves why n950.c patch never made it18:29
sledgesnor cbd patch got accepted ;)18:29
sledgeslocusf: this is how selection happens:
sledgesvia udev18:33
sledges plugins/udev.c       |    2 +18:34
sledgesat the bottom18:34
sledges+++ ofono-0.48/plugins/ofono.rules18:34
locusfthe n900 udev rules overwritten by the n950 rule18:35
locusfso it doesn't make sense18:35
sledgesso a device should provide its own rules18:35
sledgesand we do so18:35
*** flash1 has joined #nemomobile18:35
sledgesofono-rules packages in HA repo18:35
locusfbut the modem systems are the same18:35
sledgescan't remember exact names18:35
*** flash1 has quit IRC18:36
sledgesthey aren't, one uses CBS the other doesn't ;)18:36
locusfarghh :D18:36
locusfthe kernel modem subsystems I meant18:36
locusfso the ofono driver gets picked for both n9(50) and n90018:37
locusfsince they have the same modem subsystems18:37
sledgesso an ofono rules package in nemo:devel:n900 provides plugins/ofono.rules18:37
sledgeswith n900 there18:37
*** phdeswer has quit IRC18:37
locusfno its here:
sledgesthis is overwritten on your system18:37
sledgesby a separate per-device package18:37
sledgescan't remember names18:37
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:38
sledgesthere we are ;)18:38
locusftheres only ofono-configs-mer for n95018:39
sledgessays who?18:39
locusfsame file18:40
locusfit still doesn't differentiate18:40
sledgesbecause you should change it yourself18:40
sledgespatch with
sledgesand then they'll do their job18:40
locusfok I accept this18:40
*** filippz has quit IRC18:40
*** flash1 has joined #nemomobile18:41
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile18:41
sledgeslocusf: we could stay as-is, if the world would guarantee n900 to work without cbs too ;)18:41
*** onurati has joined #nemomobile18:42
sledgesbut it was there for a reason i suppose, sad that for such a small change we have to go those extra miles18:43
locusfsledges: ok so18:47
locusfsledges: I can now change the driver by modifying that udev rule18:48
locusffor n95018:48
locusfand create a new file for ofono plugins n950, which is identical to n900 modem but has cbs creation disabled18:48
locusfand then make a PR out of that18:49
sledgesalso has gpio functions renamed18:49
sledgesand ofono's n950 selection in udev.c18:50
locusfI probably don't have to rename the gpio functions at all18:51
*** planasb has quit IRC18:51
*** planasb has joined #nemomobile18:52
sledgesyes, just to rub it in ;)18:52
*** piggz has quit IRC18:55
locusfok compiled19:03
locusfnow testing with changed udev rule and new n950 driver :)19:03
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile19:05
*** furikku has quit IRC19:06
locusfall good19:07
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile19:09
*** messerting has joined #nemomobile19:11
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile19:12
locusf endif19:12
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC19:18
*** arturo182 has quit IRC19:19
*** arturo182_ is now known as arturo18219:19
locusfglad thats fixed now19:19
locusfsledges: thanks for the comments and ride-along :)19:22
*** phdeswer has quit IRC19:24
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile19:25
*** tealMage has quit IRC19:27
locusfsledges: have you got power on nemomobile-packages?19:31
sledgesthey are sensitive stuffs ;)19:31
sledgesupstreamz and all19:31
sledgesit's usually a maintainer per  project also19:32
*** filippz has quit IRC19:35
vakkovconfession: i like x11/qt4 nemo on the n900 more than sfos on maguro :D19:47
vakkovlocusf: sledges:  actualy got hybris gpu built against ics on the n900. only the gpu... my crappy sd card f*cked the things back then19:50
vakkovaaand the sources are on my old hdd but it shouldn't be hard to patch ics again19:51
vakkovif there is a good reverse engineer who can hex edit the n9's jb libs it would be nice. i know it sounds ridiculous but the difference between the ics version of the two gpu's (rev 121 and rev 125) is not big :D19:52
locusfsounds like fun :)19:56
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile19:58
*** rainemak has quit IRC19:59
*** rainemak has joined #nemomobile20:00
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*** rainemak has quit IRC20:13
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*** hedayat has joined #nemomobile20:20
hedayathi locusf!20:20
hedayatI'm reading the backlog, and wanted to add something regarding n900 plugin,20:21
hedayatThe plugin from ofono-1.12 works fine on N9, and I assume that it should have worked on N900 too20:22
hedayatSo it's *possible* that ofono-1.14 has problems with N900 too.20:22
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile20:28
*** tealMage has quit IRC20:32
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile20:40
*** gogeta_ has joined #nemomobile20:47
*** sp3000 has quit IRC20:50
hedayathmmm, and I'm pretty sure that N9 modem supports CBS (if it is CellBroadcastService)20:51
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile20:53
*** jonwil has joined #nemomobile20:55
*** sp3000 has joined #nemomobile20:56
*** hedayat has left #nemomobile21:01
*** gogeta_ has quit IRC21:23
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile21:34
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*** w00t has quit IRC21:40
*** w00t has joined #nemomobile21:41
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile21:43
Morpog_PCso, any of you guys pledged for the Jolla tablet?21:45
* Stskeeps didn't, yet.. way too shitty connection at slush21:47
* w00t will, but hasn't yet21:47
* Wizzup prefers sending more money to the neo900 :) 21:47
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile21:47
*** tealMage has quit IRC21:48
Morpog_PCI was in a meeting and pledged in there :D21:48
sandsmarkwhat kind of GPU does the neo900 use?21:48
Morpog_PCsame as n900 I guess21:49
sandsmarkhmm, no, a TI DM373021:49
sandsmarkugh, powervr sgx21:50
sandsmarknever going to get a free driver, I guess21:50
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile21:50
sandsmarkthe jolla tablet uses some intel stuff with free drivers, afaik?21:56
*** arcean has quit IRC21:56
Morpog_PCyes and no21:56
M4rtinKwell AFAIK there are some free drivers for it or at least a possibility of them in the future21:56
sandsmarkthe project for it seems dead21:57
Morpog_PCjollu uses libhybris and closed android driver21:57
Stskeepsi personally plan on having a mesa and libhybris side by side configuration21:57
sandsmarkMorpog_PC: not for the tablet?21:57
M4rtinKbut Sailfish OS is going the libhybris route again21:57
Morpog_PCfor it21:57
sandsmarkit uses intel hardware21:57
Morpog_PCdriver support21:57
M4rtinKStskeeps: that would be much appreciated! :)21:57
Morpog_PCyou can still hack it to use the free driver it seems21:57
M4rtinKStskeeps: I can really see people wanting to run alternative distros on it and this can help a lot! :)21:58
sandsmarkyeah, at least it will be a possibility21:58
StskeepsM4rtinK: i'm fairly sure it'll just work with the right mesa setup21:58
M4rtinKand who knows, the open stack might overtake the closed one, etc.21:58
Morpog_PCdual booting the beast wouold be cool21:58
Stskeepsany help welcome, incl packaging work of a i945(i think) compatible mesa21:59
M4rtinKStskeeps: nice! :)21:59
Stskeepsi'll be happy to test on device21:59
Morpog_PCbtw,  pardon the evil question Stskeeps: would it boot windows? :D21:59
StskeepsMorpog_PC: no. maybe kvm?21:59
Morpog_PCah ok, thought maybe it could given all that atom windows tabelts lately22:00
M4rtinKwell it has the hardware visualization instructions needed for KVM :)22:00
sandsmarkI doubt that it is easy to rip out the windows installation from a atom tablet22:00
Morpog_PCerm, install via USB OTG?22:00
Morpog_PCworks fine on my dell venue 8 pro22:01
Stskeepsdon't make me try that22:01
Stskeepsanyhow: libdrm, mesa, all that stuff: we need recent packages for it, mer's is configured for llvmpipe exclusively22:02
Stskeepsif you have a hd graphics it probably matches22:02
M4rtinKlooks like that the baytrail tablets can boot from USB just fine:
M4rtinKsee "Booting from USB on Venue 8 Pro"22:02
stephgStskeeps: naive question: packaging all of that: how much of that is 'work' work versus just an exercise in cobbling spec files/repos etc?22:03
Morpog_PCI can even enter UEFI with touch support on that beast22:03
Stskeepsspec files+repos work and waiting for stuff to fail22:03
StskeepsMorpog_PC: ooi, how?22:03
stephgok so not entirely work work22:03
Morpog_PCit got a mouse and VKB in there22:03
sandsmarkMorpog_PC: I mean copy out the windows installation, to get it onto the jolla tablet :p22:03
Stskeepsstephg: mostly packaging in practice22:04
Stskeepswhat else is there..22:04
StskeepsKMS and qt522:04
Morpog_PCStskeeps, see from second 0:40
Stskeepsah it's like reboot into uefo?22:06
Morpog_PCsandsmark, well, that should be easy with some bootable acronis :D22:06
Morpog_PCStskeeps, yep22:06
sandsmarkMorpog_PC: haha22:07
Morpog_PCsandsmark, check the video I posted22:07
Morpog_PCbut you can also do some button tricks to enter UEFI22:08
Morpog_PCand also a hidden diagnosis mode22:08
sandsmarkhaha, ok, that's kind of cool22:08
*** shentey_ has quit IRC22:08
sandsmarknot that I really want windows on a tablet..22:09
Morpog_PCbad thing about the dell venue 8 pro is it's 32bit uefi, which no linux really supports22:09
sandsmarkheh, ok22:09
Stskeepsthis is for sure a 64bit uefi :P22:09
Morpog_PCyeah, I guess Intel switched on all later cpu's to 64bit uefi support22:10
M4rtinKnice ! less crazy nonstandard shit is always good :)22:12
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:16
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile22:16
*** phaeron has quit IRC22:19
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:31
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:41
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile22:41
*** onurati has quit IRC22:48
stephgbed time, gnight nemo peeps, happy jolla day and see you all in a few hours22:49
M4rtinKgood night! :)22:49
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:53
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:15
sledgeslocusf: always a pleasure to help if i can, hope ofono maintainers will be the same as crazy and accept the PR :D23:21
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile23:21
*** wazd has quit IRC23:24
*** plfiorini has quit IRC23:30
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC23:32
*** zbenjamin has joined #nemomobile23:34
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*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:56

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