Friday, 2014-11-28

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stephgmumble mumble FRIDAY :D08:59
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locusfmorning :)09:04
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SK_worktime passes TOO quickly09:06
Stskeepswelcome to a workman's life09:07
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sledgeslocusf: seen and asked vakkov to comment back, asking whether lack of cbs would break n900 modem or not09:41
locusfsledges: ok09:42
jonwilwhat exactly is cbs?09:54
jonwilcell broadcast SMS?09:54
locusfI don't actually know09:55
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jonwilguessing it is based on what I know about ofono09:55
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jonwiland how it names things09:56
hedayathey all!09:56
hedayatfilippz: I should correct the false information I delivered yesterday: power off does a restart in my SFOS image too.09:56
jonwil(I actually used some ofono bits in my work for Cell Broadcast SMS on a stock N900 Fremantle system)09:56
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hedayatI've checked out nemomobile ofono git repo, and checked out its upstream-1.12 branch10:00
hedayatIt still contains10:00
hedayatline in n900.c10:00
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hedayatSo I feel that commenting out this line is more like erasing the problem rather than solving it, since 1.12 works fine in N910:01
hedayatAnd as I said yesterday, it is very likely that ofono-1.14 crashes on N900 too10:02
locusftheres gotta be something new about cbs handling which makes it crash on 1.1410:02
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hedayatYes, this is why I think it would crash on N900 too10:04
hedayatlocusf: Isn't the modem used in N9 exactly the same one as in N900?10:04
hedayator it is a 'new generation' of that one?10:04
locusfhedayat: I'm not sure, according to ofono it is10:05
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locusfand the udev detection happens on the same driver available in the kernel10:06
locusf+ the same isi modem protocol10:06
locusfalthough it might be that the modem chip itself might be different10:06
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hedayatCurrently I'm running SFOS in landscape mode, trying to see if it crashes. Later today when I got some more free time I'll hopefully try to debug ofono10:19
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locusfnice, xulrunner built for armv7hl, this enqbles cutefox browser10:24
filippzhedayat: sorry for the late reply - it's being rebooted by watchdog - dmse gets killed too early or something after it hangs at shutdown10:28
hedayatfilippz: watchdog reboots or shuts down?10:30
filippzI get a (re)boot reason to be 32wd_to - I'd say it's watchdog10:30
filippzalso lipstick gets restarted on shutdown10:31
hedayatfilippz: ok!10:31
hedayatfilippz: so, probably its restart slows down the shutdown process?10:31
filippz(I get a glimpse of it after shutdown screen sometimes)10:31
filippzhedayat: probably lipstick and others10:31
hedayatfilippz: how does 'shutdown' work? does it tell systemd to shutdown or not?10:32
locusfhey filippz10:32
filippzhedayat: haven't looked at that yet - poweroff -f works10:33
* Stskeeps headdesks10:33
filippzlocusf: hi10:33
hedayatfilippz: P.S. I got lipstick crashes in landscape mode too. (SFOS)10:33
filippzhedayat: sorry to hear that - then it's not (only) fb orientation10:34
filippzhedayat: pvr IOCTL errors from kernel?10:35
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hedayatfilippz: yes.10:36
SK_workwhy so much hate against systemd10:40
StskeepsSK_work: some people really have problems with change10:40
SK_workwell, systemd being a hard dependency to gnome might be a problem10:41
hedayatYes, they like things to remain 'the old way'10:41
hedayatfeels more safe!10:41
SK_workfor an "init" agnostic distro10:41
hedayatSK_work: no problem, it will be there but not as PID 110:41
SK_workcan this work ?10:42
hedayatfilippz: Fingerterm works just fine, it's just Jolla-home (+ maybe some apps?) which should be rotated to have a working SFOS in N9 without fb rotation10:42
hedayatSK_work: AFAIK, yes10:43
locusfI'm afraid Nemo might lose potential developers/supporters due to us using systemd10:43
hedayatyou can use 'systemd --user' without having systemd as init daemon10:43
Stskeepslocusf: i disclaim in my recent talks that 'if you don't like systemd you're not going to like this device'10:43
hedayatlocusf: But almost every distro is using systemd nowadays, with exceptions being Ubuntu (planned) and Gentoo10:43
locusfat least if I or someone else mentions it in FOSDEM10:44
SK_worklocusf: it has been designed to use systemd, so maybe if it works well, people won't care10:44
locusfSK_work: yeah, hope so10:44
locusfStskeeps: for Jolla you mean?10:44
locusfhedayat: yeah but still people seem to have very strong opinions about it10:45
locusfthe majority won't change the opinions of the few unfortunately10:45
filippzhedayat: jolla-home behaves a bit incosistent - it gets rotated but without correcting x,y and swapping w/h. If it has no concept of orientation then the rotation should not be there10:45
SK_worklocusf: isn't this call trolls ?10:45
locusfin my opinion systemd seems to be necessary for nemo10:46
locusfSK_work: well trolls ofc but I think there are people who passionately hate systemd on good grounds10:47
locusfbut I don't really know systemd well enough to be against it10:48
SK_worklocusf: they have good easons10:48
filippzas for systemd in practice - does anybody have an idea how do log it's shutdown sequence?10:48
SK_workthey are also good reasons for it10:48
SK_workbut emphasizing on these reasons is called trolling imo10:48
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Stskeepsfilippz: journal persistent and loglevels?10:48
filippzStskeeps: I'll check that10:50
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hedayatfilippz: hmmm I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. jolla-home itself doesn't seem to be rotated at all.10:58
sandsmarkwhat are the reasons for not using systemd?10:59
sandsmarkI mean, people keep bringing out the integration with journald (and binary logs), but it can pass-through to syslog instead, so that is just misinformation11:00
hedayatsandsmark: using compiled code rather than scripts is one of the reasons mentioned11:00
sandsmarkyeah, but why is that bad?11:01
filippzhedayat: isn't it? IIRC (see picture 1 from my pdf I posted yesterday) it is rotated, if not - top of the text  would be on the right side of N9 - wouldn't it?11:01
sandsmarkif it is because of debugging, systemd has more debugging support than the shellscript mess that is sysvinit11:02
sandsmarkoh well11:02
hedayatsandsmark: they like being able to modify boot scripts. not having most boot logic into one process is another reason they mention11:02
sandsmarkbut you can modify the systemd units? they even allows scripting :V11:02
hedayatsandsmark: I cannot argue, since I'm not opposed to systemd :P11:02
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hedayatfilippz: What is that text actually? Since I don't see that dialog, I can't comment on that11:03
hedayatfilippz: but the home screen itself is not rotated. icons, date/time, etc.11:04
hedayatfilippz: and apps run unrotated, with one exception: fingerterm!11:04
filippzhedayat: maybe newer SFOS behaves different than - does rendered screen has it's top on the right, or on the top (where Nokia logo is)?11:04
hedayatfilippz: Top of jolla home screen? where you can pull down the pully menu? It is on right.11:05
hedayatfilippz: but notifications appear on top11:05
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filippzhedayat: then it's behaviour is changed - but notifications being in the "right" place are in fact "wrong" :)11:06
hedayatfilippz: interestingly, when fingerterm appears in portrait orientation, jolla home considers the orientation to be changed too:11:07
filippzeither everything is on the right (because of landscape) or everything is on top11:07
hedayatfilippz: normally I should swipe from left to right (top part of the screen) to bring up 'notifications' screen11:07
hedayatfilippz: but when fingerterm runs and rotates with phone's orientation and becomes portrait, I can bring up notifications screen by swiping from bottom to top!11:08
filippzhedayat: can you (just for fun) add GlacierRotation.qml from glacier home, and add it to jolla-home's qml ?11:08
hedayatfilippz: would you please give me the link, again? :P11:09
hedayatfilippz: it seems that jolla-home detects the orientation, but ignores it. fingerterm works completely OK.11:11
hedayatfilippz: I can close fingerterm by swiping from top to bottom, while for other apps I should swipe from right to left.11:11
filippz - please replace nativeOrienation with  "1" (Portrait)11:11
filippzproperty rotationParent is the object you want rotated, and leave unrotatedItems as empty array for now11:12
filippzthis is how we use it:
hedayatfilippz: ok, I'm looking at ti11:14
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hedayatfilippz: what are you actually rotating? ApplicationWindow?11:52
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filippzhedayat: nope, we are rotating LipstickCompositorProcWindow11:54
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hedayatfilippz: Oops, just figured out that I'm doing nothing! ;) when should I call rotateRotationParent? Just do what you've done there?12:11
hedayatWhich one happens in JollaHome? onOrientationChanged, onParentChanged?12:12
filippzhedayat: onParentChanged12:19
filippzonOrientationChanged should be called if you wan jolla-home to rotate as orientation from sensor changes (probably not)12:20
filippzparent should be of type LipstickCompositorProcWindow, so when jolla-home get's it's parent - rotate it12:20
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hedayatfilippz: There is a problem: I see an "ApplicationWindow" object, whose parent becomes 'null' in its onParentChanged12:38
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filippzhedayat: I don't know then, glacier's MainWindow.qml gets it's parent of type LipstickCompositorProcWindow and we rotate that parent12:40
hedayatfilippz: OK, thanks12:41
filippzyou are making me feel like flashing SFOS and taking a look :)12:41
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filippzI'll try to figure out why we cant' shutdown N9 first, and see about SFOS after that12:42
hedayatfilippz: :D like when locusf made me clone ofono repo12:43
hedayatfilippz: BTW, you don't need to flash SFOS over your Nemo12:43
hedayatfilippz: Can I somehow get the window from Lipstick.compositor object?12:43
filippzhedayat: I'm not sure, maybe it has some array of those, let me take a look12:44
hedayatfilippz: ok12:49
hedayatfilippz: well, as the crash problems are not fixed, its not a priority anyway :P12:49
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filippzhedayat: ther is a windowAdded signal on Lipstick.compositor. You should be able to get them then12:52
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filippzhedayat: by recollection I had crashes mostly  when keyboard was in play (I didn't check if the keyboard itself is to blame or pvr, but that might lead to something)12:54
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hedayatfilippz: OK, I'll try that signal.12:56
hedayatfilippz: sorry, what do you mean 'by recollection'?12:56
hedayatfilippz: you also see lipstick crashes in Nemo when using keyboard?12:57
hedayatfilippz: do you also see IOCTL errors?12:57
hedayatfilippz: (I forgot to say, if you have not re-partitioned your N9, you might use my n9 easy boot to boot both SFOS and Nemo)12:58
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filippzhedayat: no, it was back then when I managed to get Sailfish running on N9 in portrait ( - orientation was broken form months before (
filippzhedayat: I have repartitioned my N9 and use it for development, another N9 is my daily driver - so it's all good :)13:05
hedayatfilippz: aha! OK :)13:06
filippzlets see what happens when i activate keyboard in nemo...13:06
filippznothing special - apart from the fact that it's in the wrong place13:11
filippzstill didn't see any pvr IOCTL errors on nemo when in portrait13:11
hedayatinteresting, BTW I managed to rotate everything using windowAdded. it even rotated the notification bar13:13
filippzhedayat: is the window positioned/dimensioned OK?13:14
hedayatfilippz: 'which' window? :D things are 'weird':13:15
hedayatfingerterm looks awful, probably because it has rotated itself,13:15
hedayatsettings window still appears like when home screen was not rotated (probably because I've rotated it again).13:15
hedayatI think I should only rotate jolla home ;)13:15
filippzhedayat: you should only rotate jolla-home window :)13:16
filippzgreat minds think alike ;)13:16
hedayatBTW, there is something which is not rotated: background!13:16
hedayatfilippz: :)13:16
hedayatwhen I go from e.g. main area to the applications area,13:16
hedayatwallpaper moves a little from left to right!13:17
hedayat(un-rotated bottom to top):D13:17
hedayatAlso, notification area appears when I swipe from left to right13:17
hedayatOK, let me see what happens when I only rotate jolla home :)13:18
filippzhedayat: I had to fix swiping in glacier also:
hedayatabout IOCTL errors and crashes, I feel that they may be related to 'complex' graphics13:19
filippzdo you have also some other errors in journal when that happens?13:19
*** r0kk3rz_ has joined #nemomobile13:20
hedayatfilippz: In original SFOS, when IOCTL 20 happened lipstick crashed. This was because of an assertion in libwayland.13:21
hedayatfilippz: Now I've removed that assetion so it doesn't crash in that case13:21
hedayatfilippz: I see lots of IOCTL 7 errors, but most of the time it looks harmless13:21
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*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz13:22
hedayatbut sometimes I'll see crashes right after that IOCTL 7 errors13:22
hedayat(I'm not sure if it is actually 'right after' it thogh :P)13:22
hedayatI've also enabled debugging in PVR kernel modules and these are corresponding errors:13:23
hedayatJolla kernel: PVR_K:(Error): PVRSRVFreeDeviceMemBW: mappings are open in other processes [485, /home/hedayat/Projects/n9/kernel-adaptation-n950-n9/drivers/gpu/pvr/bridged_pvr_bridge.c]13:23
hedayatJolla kernel: pvr: fingerterm: IOCTL 7 failed (1)13:23
hedayatAnd for IOCTL 20:13:23
hedayatJolla kernel: PVR_K:(Error): GetHandleStructure: Handle not allocated (index: 4) [382, /home/hedayat/Projects/n9/kernel-adaptation-n950-n9/drivers/gpu/pvr/handle.c]13:24
hedayatJolla kernel: PVR_K:(Error): PVRSRVLookupHandle: Error looking up handle (1) [999, /home/hedayat/Projects/n9/kernel-adaptation-n950-n9/drivers/gpu/pvr/handle.c]13:24
hedayatJolla kernel: pvr: lipstick: IOCTL 20 failed (1)13:24
hedayat(It happens when PVR 2D map (don't remember exact function name) is called)13:24
hedayatto map a pixmap to memory13:25
filippzcould it be waylandwsegl ?13:25
hedayatfilippz: Stskeeps guessed that it might be a data race in waylandwsegl13:26
hedayatyes, it is the main suspect13:26
hedayatand it is who calls PVR2DMepMap and have the assertion if this call fails (which failes when IOCTL 20 error happens)13:26
*** rainemak has quit IRC13:27
hedayat(all my references to libwayland was actually references to waylandwsegl :D)13:27
*** WWDrakey has left #nemomobile13:27
filippzit would be nice if we could come up with  repeatable crash13:28
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile13:29
filippzthen we could try pinging the author :)13:29
Stskeepsi don't recall the waylandwsegl stuff anymore. and it was a prototype13:29
hedayatfilippz: I've tried that, we probably do it ourselves ;)13:30
*** rainemak has joined #nemomobile13:30
hedayatfilippz: but it's (usually!) easily repeatable: just open/close a number of windows13:30
filippzhedayat: yes "usually" :) I just *love* that kind of problems13:32
*** kjokinie has quit IRC13:34
hedayatfilippz: Surprise! I limited the rotation to only Home screen and events view. It fixed notification bar rotation, and fingerterm, but other apps e.g. settings, gallery, etc appear unrotated!13:38
*** rainemak has quit IRC13:40
filippzhedayat: yup the question for unknown apps is to rotate them or not...13:40
filippzhedayat: they should ideally decide by itself (like fingerterm does)13:40
locusfgood job hedayat :)13:41
hedayatfilippz: The 'interesting' problem is that even when I rotated all windows, they were appearing unrotated!13:41
hedayatlocusf: thanks :)13:41
locusfother apps probably don't react to the compositor changes in orientation13:41
hedayatlocusf: don't you rotate their windows yourself in GlacierRotation?13:43
*** r0kk3rz_ has joined #nemomobile13:43
filippzI think the AppliactionWindow  should use nativeOrientation property, and there should be a way (env variable) in Qt to set that orientation "by hand"13:43
filippzapps should react to orientation changes as an option13:44
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC13:44
*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz13:44
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:44
locusfhedayat: nope13:46
hedayatlocusf: ah,ok!13:46
locusfthats the only line which affects application rotation13:47
locusfthis propagates the orientation change to the child windows made by the compositor13:48
hedayatfilippz: about swipe, it already works fine for everything, except notification area. For apps, it depends on their own orientation:13:48
*** rainemak has joined #nemomobile13:49
hedayatin fingerterm, it works as expected. for unrotated apps it also works as expected: you should swipe from the app's visible 'Top"13:49
*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile13:51
filippzI'm not sure but call to QWindowSystemInterface::handleScreenOrientationChange should affect (at least) new ApplicationWindow objects - or am I wrong?13:52
hedayatfilippz: I remember once you talked about booster-'s remembering the orientation... isn't it related?:P13:56
filippzyup i think that QWindowSystemInterface::handleScreenOrientationChange sets orientation for new ApplicationWindow objects13:56
filippzbooster reuses those AFAIK13:57
filippzI'm thinkig that jolla's ApplicationWindow (silica) doesn't do that13:57
hedayatlocusf: I played with the same function in Jolla but with no luck13:58
hedayatfilippz: might be thta13:58
filippzWe should try with plain ApllicationWindow app and with Jolla's to confirm :)13:59
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile13:59
hedayatI love fingerterm; it just work! ;)14:01
locusftry the browser14:01
hedayatlocusf: not good14:02
filippzShutdown problem: localhost systemd[1]: Shutting down, localhost kernel: twl4030_wdt twl4030_wdt: Unexpected close, watchdog still running!14:02
filippzmaybe DSME leaves something behind...14:03
filippzI'll test that later, I have to go for now, o/14:03
locusfkthxbye :)14:03
*** ZogG has joined #nemomobile14:04
hedayatfilippz: thanks, bye14:05
*** filippz has quit IRC14:05
spiiroinfilippz: N9 wd at least did not support clearing no way out; dsme makes one more kick just before exiting -> power off needs to happen soon after that14:05
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hedayatofono debug output on crash, if someone else is also interested:
hedayatYou can follow how it proceeds :P15:53
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile15:54
locusfhedayat: exactly the same output as mine15:54
hedayatlocusf: eh... really? I thought that you only posted the gdb backtrace! :D15:56
*** ced117 has joined #nemomobile15:57
locusfhedayat: ah yes but I could have posted the same as you, just didn't :/15:58
hedayatlocusf: oh yes. just posted if others want to have a look at it. it's just ofonod output with -d.15:59
hedayatnothing special15:59
locusfyup me too16:00
*** zalan has joined #nemomobile16:03
hedayatlocusf: And it looks interesting (I should dig through code to be sure)16:05
hedayatofonod[687]: src/cbs.c:cbs_remove() atom: 0x14b1e816:05
hedayatofonod[687]: drivers/isimodem/cbs.c:check_resp() Error: Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown16:05
hedayatofonod[687]: src/cbs.c:cbs_remove() atom: 0x14b1e816:05
hedayatYou see, two cbs_remove() calls. I should follow that, but seems to be 'double free' error16:05
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile16:08
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*** Venemo_j has joined #nemomobile16:12
hedayatlocusf: drivers/isimodem/cbs.c:137 calls "ofono_cbs_remove" if "check_resp" failed. removing it might help! If you've everything ready to test easily, it'd be great if you can try this. However, it might crash/fail somewhere else :P16:13
hedayatI can't test it right now16:13
filippzspiiroin: how soon? I get dsme wdd: /dev/watchdog: cleared nowayout state - and 2 seconds after that twl4030_wdt: Unexpected close, watchdog still running!16:13
locusfhedayat: hmm can't right now16:15
locusfsorry :)16:15
filippzDoes someone has an idea how to clear rtc alarms (I did systemctl stop dsme && dsmetool --clear-rtc && systemctl start dsme w/o success)?16:16
filippzmy N9 boots by itself from time to time with reason rtc_alarm specified...16:17
hedayatlocusf: np; I'll do it later. thanks anyway16:18
hedayatfilippz: No! Don't you have harmattan to remove all alarms? :P16:18
filippzhedayat: booted to it and removed the alarms, but it didn't help.16:19
hedayatfilippz: !16:19
filippzmaybe theer are some left, but  dsmetool --clear-rtc should do it AFAIK16:19
filippzas someone said - "but the beast is hard to kill" :)16:20
*** Venemo_j has quit IRC16:22
filippzI had to look: :)16:24
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile16:27
hedayatfilippz: :))16:29
*** tealMage has quit IRC16:37
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has joined #nemomobile16:46
filippzhm, now I get omap_wdt: Unexpected close, not stopping! also16:47
*** KaIRC has quit IRC16:49
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filippzdamn: removing CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT from kernel config makes shutdown work17:15
filippzbut mer_verify_kernel_config says it should be set to y17:16
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC17:17
*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz17:17
locusfit could off course be thhat the newest kernel checker only works for android kernels17:19
filippzmaybe omap_wdt.c needs some love :) I'll see what has changed after 3.5.3...17:21
*** cristi has quit IRC17:22
*** flash1 has joined #nemomobile17:31
filippz CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT is dropped from omap_wdt.c at some point17:32
filippzI'll have to think about what to do with this one...17:32
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vakkovis there an n9 kickstart file19:45
hedayatvakkov: yes! For Nemo or Sailfish?19:45
*** vakkov has quit IRC19:50
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vakkovhedayat: both, if possible ;D i need a kickstarter with the new kernel20:06
hedayatvakkov: links to both of them should be available in channel logs, but for Sailfish you can also use my .ks at
hedayatyou can ask about latest nemo .ks from locusf or filippz20:08
hedayatyou're welcome20:08
vakkovno need20:10
*** tealMage has quit IRC20:10
vakkovi just checked the adaptation20:10
vakkovnothing new wxcept for the kernel and some fixes, right?20:10
hedayatvakkov: I think so20:11
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vakkovfilippz: sledges: thank god hedayat didn't give me the .ks for nemo on n9 and told me to look back at the log; and i found your document about the framebuffer23:32
vakkovi think i know what happened with the n900 one year ago, that winter vaccantion when i got wayland running but it was all broken23:33
vakkovand the display was not being found23:33
vakkovi am 99% sure the error was Assertion `ioctl(drawable->display->fd, (((1U)23:33
vakkov<< (((0+8)+8)+14)) | ((('O')) << (0+8)) | (((54)) << 0) | ((((sizeof(struct omapfb_update_window)))23:33
*** nodevel has quit IRC23:34
vakkovand i had to delete this asserion from the ti-omap3-wsegl package so that i get a half working wayland23:34
*** canardxh has quit IRC23:34
w00tvakkov: the ioctl for display updates isn't needed on (and shouldn't be used) on the n900, but is required for the n950 - you'd need to write code to identify the difference somehow23:40
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vakkovagh, let's try with hybris again :D23:44
*** tealMage has quit IRC23:52
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