Sunday, 2014-12-07

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hedayat\o/ :D06:01
filippzhedayat: I was looking at shutdown log from the other day ( - at some point non system systemd (PID!=1) creates -.slice - any ideas as to how/why?06:37
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hedayatfilippz, no, not yet. Unfortunately, I have not looked at the issue yet.06:49
filippzhedayat: np, just I can't figure it out. If I'm understanding it correctly -.slice should be created by systemd of PID=1 and there is no mention of other ways...06:50
hedayatfilippz, IIRC, it was not a -.slice but a client-.slice. No?06:51
filippzhedayat: no, it states "systemd[315]: Created slice -.slice."06:51
hedayatfilippz, ah, ok. I don't see (currently) that it is essentially created by PID=1. It is called 'root slice', maybe it is also a root slice for systemd --user06:55
hedayatThe whole user owned services (including his systemd instance) should be under user.slice06:56
hedayatSo probably we have two -.slices: one created by systemd PID=1, the other by user systemd06:56
hedayatAnyway, I'm not sure, but it seems that creating -.slice is caused by starting some other services. What I suspect,06:57
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hedayatbut have not investigated yet, is that it is related to the services which systemd says (well, alsmost!): ..... handoff timer, restarting06:57
hedayatfilippz, You might try completely stopping such services manually before shutdown, and see if it has any effects06:58
filippzhedayat: will try that, but even if user system should create -.slice, shouldn't it do so on its start (only)?07:00
hedayatfilippz, My guess: all user services are terminated, so it stops -.slice too; then another service is going to be started, so it starts -.slice again! :P let me check the logs you posted.07:07
filippz^ maybe it's because  "Stopped target User session" before that... So we have to figure out why buch of services get  "holdoff time over, scheduling restart."07:07
hedayatfilippz, I don't see any messages about stopping -.slice, so I should be wrong!07:09
hedayatdon't count on my guesses, I should stop guessing before investigation. :P sorry07:09
hedayatbut the holdoff timer is weird. systemd should not try to restart any services when it is stopping07:10
filippzhedayat: yup - also should it state "Stopped target Shutdown" or should it in fact start that target?07:11
hedayatfilippz, You are right, it should probably say 'Starting target shutdown' followed by 'Reached target shutdown'07:13
filippzhedayat: I'm right? I'll have to show this to my wife :)07:14
hedayatfilippz, :))07:14
hedayatfilippz, or maybe 'systemd --user' should not bother with 'shutdown' target at all!07:15
filippzit seems that after "Stopped target User session" bunch of services are still running and get "holdoff time over, scheduling restart"07:16
filippzI'll try to google for some shutdown logs from a Jolla, and see how it should be done07:18
hedayatthat'd be good; but since there are no persistance logs by default, it might not be easy07:20
hedayathowever some users of this channel might be able to help us07:21
hedayatlike Morpog07:21
filippzhedayat: (from N9 but shutdown seems to be OK)07:23
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filippzI have to go but now I have better understanding of the problem - ty hedayat!07:31
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hedayatfilippz thank you too07:40
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hedayatlocusf, morning09:08
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locusfit seems that voice calls are a quite complex beast, at least by looking at Jollas implementation of their dialer09:57
Stskeepsthey are09:59
tbra brazilion of corner cases in specs, long forgotten but still to be supported network features, ...10:00
gogetai've cryed ...10:03
gogetasorry without #post10:04
locusfgogeta: nice10:05
gogetanowadays is a futile project ...10:09
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locusfhmm nemo-qml-plugin-folderlistmodel is out of the merged middleware13:22
Stskeepsprobably a slipup13:23
Stskeepsi'm checking everything through atm13:23
locusfok thanks :)13:24
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locusffirst call made with glacier dialer :)15:19
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filippzlocusf: nice :)15:28
locusfnow to make answering capabilities15:28
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locusfand answered15:41
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* filippz wonders why systemd-analyze --user doesn't work15:43
filippzlocusf: \o/15:44
locusfcalling from Nemo Jolla to Nemo Maguro would be cool15:48
locusfactually I can't15:51
locusfthe buttons width is fixed in Qt Components Nemo15:51
locusfthus the UI won't fit to Jolla screen15:52
locusfalthough its just fine in Maguro15:52
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locusfyup, calling from hadk implementation to Nemo Jolla just worked :)16:13
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Wizzupwin 2117:24
Wizzupoops. hurrrrr17:24
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hedayatlocusf: The change I told you the other day fixed the ofono crash. I should check if that line is not needed in any situations.19:42
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locusfhedayat: oh cool, have you made a pull request yet?19:42
hedayatNo, not yet. I should make sure that that line is never needed. If not, I'll remove that line; otherwise that line should be conditioned.19:44
hedayatThen, I think the change should be sent upstream.19:44
hedayatBut I'll add a PR to nemo anyway19:45
locusfhedayat: ok, good19:45
ryukafalzlocusf: Hmm, is voice call logic not handled through Telepathy as messaging is?19:55
ryukafalz(reading through scrollback a bit, heh)19:55
locusfryukafalz: it is in the background19:55
locusfryukafalz: <- using this atm19:55
ryukafalzHmm... well I can't claim to fully understand the Qt-specific aspects of it at this point, but it seems pretty straightforward19:59
locusfit is once I got the right provider19:59
locusfthe telepathy one didn't work on Nemo Jolla19:59
locusfbut it did on maguro19:59
locusfso I ended up installing voicecall-qt5-plugin-ofono on both, which solved the problem19:59
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ryukafalzhmm... wouldn't that indicate that it's using something else on Jolla?20:00
locusfI can't really tell20:01
alteregoIf you hsve questions about voicecall I'm probs the guy to ask ;)20:01
locusfbecause telephony.defaultProviderId doesn't tell it20:01
locusfalterego: cool :)20:01
alteregoThough I've not touched it in a while, it is my baby ;)20:02
ryukafalzwell I'm curious as to what kind of connecting work would need to be done for XMPP audio call support as gabble already supports it20:03
ryukafalz(video is of course quite another beast ;)20:03
alteregoand it should be using telepathy20:03
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alteregoryukafalz: well, funnily I'll be working on SIP support a bit over the next week. It mostly works, or has done in the past.20:04
alteregoDoes XMPP use farstream?20:05
ryukafalzWell XMPP itself doesn't require it ofc, but I believe telepathy-gabble does use it20:06
ryukafalzActually, isn't that part of the telepathy specification?20:06
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ryukafalz(so not part of the spec per se, but yes gabble does use it)20:08
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alteregoryukafalz: just means it should "just work" when I clean up all that part.20:09
ryukafalzactually hold on, I think I'm mistaken re: telepathy architecture20:10
alteregofarstream is just the nice way to handle media streams.20:11
ryukafalzright, and using farstream or not is the responsibility of the handler rather than the CM20:11
alteregoThat the rest of telepathy uses for call handling.20:12
ryukafalzin any case, that's good to hear :)20:12
alteregoThough not sure off hand if the right audio policy is in place.20:13
alteregoYes, to play nice with all the other media playback stuff in a phone.20:14
ryukafalzahh right20:15
alteregoAnyhow, got things to do. Laters :)20:15
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hedayatlocusf: My PR against ofono:
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