Saturday, 2014-12-06

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elcot_new mobile09:57
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salyavinUpdate OS ;)10:00
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filippzlocusf: I've updated my ks for n9 to include 2 existing packages (meegotouch-theme-darko, nemo-theme-default) and 2 new ones (profiled-settings-nemo, ngfd-settings-nemo)18:04
gogetahi filippz18:04
filippzhi gogeta o/18:04
filippzlocusf: meegotouch-theme-darko contains sond theme and depends on nemo-theme-default. Should we move those sounds into nemo-theme-glacier and skip these two?18:04
locusffilippz: yes since darko conflicts with glacier theme IIRC18:05
locusfso lets move the sounds to glacier theme18:05
gogetafilippz, news on n9 HAL18:05
locusfI'm doing Glacier dialer18:05
filippzlocusf: kida - Settings app looks nicer (has icons and all:)18:06
locusffilippz: ah ok18:06
filippzngfd-settings-nemo is basically repackaged ngfd-settings-sailfish (it has "proprietary" licence but phaeron  said it "should" be OK to use those files)18:06
filippzprofiled-settings-nemo is kinda hybrid between the default one from profiled repo and the one used in sailfish18:06
filippzI've tested with ngf-client and it works, but you can test with the real thing (working ofono:)18:07
gogetalocusf, ready for forssdem18:07
locusfgogeta: yeah looking forward to it :)18:07
gogetai'm trying to book it18:07
gogetastrange facts18:07
gogetabruxell to rome 19 euro18:07
gogetarome to bruxell 190 euro18:07
gogetabut to sleep there ?18:07
filippzgogeta: HAL? well I'm not working at kernel at this time - we haven't bumped into any trouble with it so far :)18:08
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gogetamaybe i got an old version18:09
gogetaI can't call at this stage18:09
gogetaad everything lags in order of seconds18:09
filippzgogeta: it's ofono that had problem - locusf knows more18:09
locusfhurr do I :) ?18:10
filippzgogeta: lag @ SFOS or Nemo?18:10
filippzlocusf: have you sent a patch to ofono?18:10
locusffilippz: yeah and its been accepted and merged and tagged and will be packaged as well18:11
filippzlocusf: so calling should work with that patch ?18:11
locusffilippz: yes18:11
gogetalocusf, something to try ?18:11
locusfgogeta: what to try?18:12
locusfgogeta: nothing yet18:12
filippzgogeta: you can build an image yourself (  and see how it behaves :)18:13
gogetamine comes from that ks18:13
filippzgogeta: well, that's the best we have (you can try in again since it has pulseaudio working and that was filling journal with a lot of messages)18:17
gogetatoday i was in thinker stage18:18
gogetaWhy opensource professional and personalities18:18
filippzlocusf: we still don't have webhooks for pulseaudio-settings-n950 - I saw you had a chat with Sage about that...18:18
gogetause Mac and iPhones18:18
gogetasometimes are also extremists18:19
gogetapeople are strange18:19
locusffilippz: and it might take another week or so for him to reply back, hes super busy in Jolla :/18:19
locusfexcept if, lbt could you please fix pulseaudio-settings-n950 webhook ?18:20
gogetalocusf, they are migrating to qt5.418:20
gogetai've saw some compositor things18:20
locusfgogeta: yes, noticed from lipstick18:21
gogetame too18:21
gogetaThe reason bluez 518:21
locusfI have no clue18:26
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alteregolocusf, filippz: might be better if you ask them during business hours ;)18:49
locusfalterego: ah ok :)18:49
alteregolocusf: Though w00t may be able to help also.18:49
filippzalterego: willco :)18:49
Stskeepswe're what?18:50
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filippzmisspelled wilco as in "will comply" :)18:55
Stskeepsnono, qt5.418:56
Stskeepsah, qtwayland has always been out of syn19:00
Stskeepsit doesn't make sense to move to qt5.4 before 5.2 is stable19:01
alteregoQt 5.4 looks cool, I've started hacking with it.19:07
alteregoIt's the QQuickRenderControl stuff I like.19:09
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locusflets see about that first call with Glacier dialer now19:20
locusfit would be cool to call a hadk phone with that :p19:20
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lbtlocusf: pulseaudio-settings-n950 webhook ?19:22
filippzlbt: ^ yes please19:22
lbtwhat OBS project ?19:23
filippzlocusf: beat me to it :)19:23
filippzlocusf: also "sound" theme PR sent to nemo-theme-glacier19:24
lbtok - so sage is maintainer there19:24
locusffilippz: roger19:24
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filippzlocusf: ringtones should work if you use that and ngfd-settings-nemo & profiled-settings-nemo from
locusffilippz: those aren't in any upstream projects?19:27
locusfwe should really have em, I'll add those19:28
locusfalso we really badly need a proper ssu config19:28
filippzlocusf: yes they should be in nemomobile-ux19:28
locusffilippz: have you PR'd?19:29
locusffilippz: or are those non-upstreamable as is?19:30
lbtfilippz: locusf: so really the point is to have the maintainer add webhooks directly to their project19:30
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lbtit feels like sage may want to delegate that for some HAs19:30
locusflbt: okay19:31
filippzlbt: +119:31
locusflbt: there is a webhook for that package, it just points to the wrong project fwiw19:32
filippzlocusf: those 2 packages are new - they don't have upstream (yet)19:33
locusffilippz: ok19:34
lbtgive me the wh command you'd use19:34
locusfwh nemo:devel:hw:ti:omap3:n950-n9 pulseaudio-settings-n950
locusfI wonder if its in the interests of Jolla to maintain the n950-n9 HA anymore, so should the command move to us, the community instead?19:37
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filippzwell, I'm done for tonight - thank you all for playing :)19:41
* lbt has a go19:41
lbthmm apparently wh doesn't tidy up :D :D19:41
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lbtok - building and hooked19:42
locusflbt: thanks a ton :)19:43
lbtnb .. wh command was a cut'n'paste so that's easy19:44
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locusfit failed .. sigh19:58
locusfsome mb2 error19:58
locusfor rather rpmbuild19:58
gogetalocusf, how to pack kernels for exynos devices ?20:01
locusfgogeta: what problem do you have?20:04
locusfgogeta: and on what device?20:04
gogetasgs2 i910020:04
gogetais similar to note and galaxy tab220:04
gogetasame generation20:04
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locusfgalaxy tab 2 is omap420:06
locusfyou need the repacker for the kernel, I just don't remember where I got it20:07
locusfmaybe its that20:07
gogetarecovery in kernel20:07
gogetahow shitty is samsung20:07
lbtlocusf: build failed20:09
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locusflbt: yeah20:13
locusfFile /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SOURCES/pulseaudio-settings-n950-n9-2.1.5.tar.gz: No such file or directory20:13
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gogetaerror: line 88: Unknown tag: %{_oneshot_requires_post}20:23
gogetasomething changed in last month20:23
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locusfgogeta: just install oneshot to target20:27
gogetais while building20:28
gogetamb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/ build20:28
locusfgogeta: as I said, install oneshot to target20:33
locusfsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper in oneshot20:34
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locusfhmm I can't get either ofono or normal voicecall managers to make a call20:47
gogetalocusf, fixed20:50
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gogetalocusf, kernel config hell wait me :(20:58
locusfgogeta: good luck, I'm gonna hit the sack soon :)20:59
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