Tuesday, 2014-12-09

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MAX83hello everybody03:52
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Stskeepshello faenil14:55
Stskeepsnow you have all the time in the world to code?14:55
faeniland play videogames :D14:55
Morpog_PC__no videogames for faenil :D14:55
faenil(actually, I'm quite sure at least one VRAM module of my GPU died the day before my graduation....grr)14:56
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faenilMorpog_PC__: aw :(14:56
iekkuahoy faenil14:56
faeniliekku: sis! ahoy!14:56
Stskeepsfaenil: https://build.merproject.org/project/show/mer-core:i486:devel:gcc4914:56
faenilStskeeps: ahahah great :)14:56
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locusfhey faenil :)14:59
faenillocusf: o/15:00
locusfcongrats again on graduation15:00
faenilthanks mate :) I'm so relieved..15:00
Morpog_PC__faenil, we got a small discussion today on 18utc abiut glacier dialer app btw15:00
faenilyeah I read the tweet about the meeting, but couldn't join15:01
Morpog_PC__couldn't? it's in the future15:01
Morpog_PC__today, lol15:01
faenilI thought it was yesterday!15:01
locusfat least no-one joined yesterday15:01
faenilok, my friends' gonna kill me, we're about to start playing :D15:01
faenilI see15:02
Morpog_PC__well you are not forced to :D15:02
faenilhaha sure ;)15:02
iekkufaenil, you have other friends than we here?15:02
hedayat:)) congratulaions faenil; but I should leave now. :P15:02
faenilhedayat: thanks, have a nice day :)15:02
faeniliekku: hahaha, this is my family, they're my friends ;) (touché)15:02
faenilJust back from a chinese-japanese buffer, I'm stuuuffed15:04
phaeronbuffer overflow ?15:04
SK_workbuffet overflow I guess15:05
giucamfaenil: congrats!15:07
Morpog_PC__haha :D got that by myself yesterday evening in a chinese buffet15:07
Morpog_PC__I skipped breakfast today ;)15:07
giucamin the north we use to sing a little song to newly graduates, but i'm not sure you know it15:07
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faenilgiucam: does it have something to do with "ass" ? :D15:10
giucamfaenil: yep :P15:10
faenilgiucam: ahahha yes yes, same here ;)15:10
faenilMorpog_PC__: hehe15:10
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*** SK_work has joined #nemomobile15:16
faenildownloading F21...15:18
faenillooking forward to being back into linux world :D15:18
tbrfaenil: how was the party? you had a big celebration party, right? also congrats!15:19
netvandalfaenil: even in italy we have a nice song for newly graduates, but i think you know it :)15:19
faeniltbr: yeah, it was great ;)15:19
netvandalanyway congrats :)15:19
faenilnetvandal: ehm...I'm italian :P15:19
netvandalfaenil: i know :)15:19
netvandalfaenil: quoting myself " but i think you know it :)"15:20
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SK_workfaenil: didn't you always had a Linux install ?15:21
faenilSK_work: nope, I did a format when started working on my thesis ;)15:22
SK_workformat to get rid of all these games :D15:22
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locusfhey qwazix18:05
qwazixhi locusf18:06
qwazixSo, everybody here? Shall we get started?18:07
locusfwell if everybody is just you and me :D18:07
locusfMorpog_PC__: ping18:07
qwazix(Sorry for making it more of a formal meeting this time, but time is limited on my side)18:08
locusfah ok :)18:08
Morpog_PC__here, but we can wait for more people joining?18:08
Morpog_PC__oh time18:08
SK_workI won't stay for long, so I will probably just read the logs18:08
qwazixstill, it's good to get some things decided to avoid duplicate work18:08
* Morpog_PC__ is unfortunately a bit busy, but tries to follow18:09
qwazixhopefully starting end of this week we can return to normal, "just ping me" style18:09
qwazixAnyway, the dialer brings an interesting topic18:10
*** r0kk3rz has joined #nemomobile18:10
qwazixthat of reuse of screens as component (think android intents)18:10
Morpog_PC__I like the first design you made, just needs some fintuning18:10
qwazixthx, we'll get to it in a minute or two18:11
Morpog_PC__my first thought was using glacier keyboards buttons as dial buttons, but i like qwazix idea more18:12
qwazixSo, including whole pages helps consistency and reuse of code. One such page is obviously the people list page18:12
qwazixDifferent filters apply (those that have phone, email, etc) in various apps, but the list should be the same18:13
qwazixIt has to allow selecting a number/address, search, etc.18:14
qwazixThe question is: how do we do that?18:14
locusfthe underlying models are always different from the middleware perspective18:14
qwazixSK_work, faenil, locusf, please give it a thought and propose ideas (doesn't have to be today)18:15
qwazixjust sharing a ContactModel is not enough, as we want to share a consistent UI too (avatar positions, best practices for smooth scrolling, name/surname/nickname user preferences etc18:16
SK_workcan't the middleware be wrapped in a model that expose the same properties ?18:16
SK_workso that the UI can be the same ?18:16
qwazixI suppose it does, don't really know.18:17
qwazixAlso, at what level do we want this wrapper? I said page before, but I was probably wrong18:18
qwazixI think ListView would be a better candidate18:18
qwazixContactList{ filter: blabla;  height: 500; ... }18:19
SK_workContactList { model: blabla; height: ... }18:20
qwazixSomeone might want to apply contactlist layout to a list of buddies in his app, should be possible18:21
*** filippz has quit IRC18:22
qwazixbut, this requires model blabla to adhere to specific API18:22
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile18:22
locusfI wonder if libcommhistory would be enough18:23
qwazixdoes libcommhistory provide a list of contacts?18:24
qwazixAnyway, just food for though at this time. locusf, have in mind that the contact list qml might be split away when coding the dialer18:24
locusfnope contacts are nemo-qml-plugin-contacts18:26
sandsmarkhmm, is the yaml file that this is generated from available somewhere?: https://github.com/nemomobile-packages/maliit-plugins/blob/master/rpm/maliit-plugins.spec18:28
locusfsandsmark: https://github.com/nemomobile-packages/maliit-plugins/commit/ad299e84df2528792327020a2c44f95d47cf5c8918:29
sandsmarklocusf: ah, thanks :D18:29
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile18:30
qwazixsorry for pause, let's go to the dialer design topic18:31
qwazixMorpog_PC__, locusf here's the same image as yesterday, with explanations: http://play.qwazix.com/shared/dialer.pdf18:31
*** tealMage has quit IRC18:31
locusfqwazix: still puzzled about the call circle there :)18:32
qwazixI'm stealing a little from google this time :P18:33
qwazixIt's just a circular button18:33
Morpog_PC__call circle should be hidden with no numbers entered18:33
locusfah which activates the call18:33
qwazixI ran out of space wanting to keep all the avatars square, so I decided to overlay the call button18:33
Morpog_PC__maybe remove the black framing18:34
Morpog_PC__and not sure about the cursive font18:34
qwazixfrom the bottom?18:34
Morpog_PC__nope, framing around each picture/numberpad18:34
qwazixMorpog_PC__, ok just a sec18:35
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile18:36
*** netvandal has joined #nemomobile18:37
qwazixstill vertically spaced18:39
qwazixand no spacing at all18:40
Morpog_PC__I'm all for no spacing at all18:40
qwazixFor the other pages, I didn't have much time to do a mockup but I'm thinking a big listView appropriately laid out18:40
locusfyup looks better18:41
Morpog_PC__qwazix, yep sounds legit18:41
locusfjust noticed that the header is supposed to be tabbed?18:41
locusfwe won't use TabView etc?18:41
Morpog_PC__not implemented yet, or?18:41
qwazixlocusf, we do have18:42
Morpog_PC__instead of fading to black when selecting a speeddial, i think it would be better to have opacity 0.2 or 0.118:42
qwazixI checked the header sources and I didn't see a tabbing option as specced so I thought let's scrap it and use a regular header with three buttons as tabbed18:42
Morpog_PC__with black we would use the button layout18:42
Morpog_PC__use = loose18:43
qwazixIf the tabbed view is already there but somewhere else, and Glacier styled, by all means, let's use it18:43
locusfwell its not yet styled :)18:43
Morpog_PC__argh :D18:43
locusfbut definitely possible18:43
qwazixMorpog_PC__, yeah that's what I meant18:43
locusfsorry offtopic, lets continue :)18:47
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:47
qwazixand http://play.qwazix.com/shared/dialer4.pdf here's the faded state, with another style18:50
*** martyone has quit IRC18:51
qwazix(ok my alignment isn't too good, but I did these in a hurry, I promise I'll fix'em18:51
Morpog_PC__looking good18:51
qwazixI still prefer the other, smaller numbers though18:52
*** flash1 has joined #nemomobile18:52
qwazixand I think I like the vertical spacing (dialer2.pdf)18:52
*** flash1 has quit IRC18:53
qwazixno strong feelings either way though18:53
Morpog_PC__i like both18:53
Morpog_PC__vertical styling could be also great with some finetuning18:53
qwazixSo the edit mode is similar to the home screen edit mode (no mockup yet)18:53
qwazixevery number fades out and gets a pencil, x and pin button18:54
Morpog_PC__yeah, thought so18:54
qwazixpencil: change the contact assigned (the new one is automatically pinned)18:55
Morpog_PC__pin for unpinning18:55
qwazixx: dismisses this contact and the next most popular fills it's place18:55
qwazixpin: pins a contact to a place even if it's not the most popular (see firefox speed dial)18:55
locusfhow do we define popular?18:56
locusfnumber of calls and texts?18:56
qwazixlocusf, number of calls only18:56
qwazixhow to enter edit mode? pls vote:18:56
qwazix1. menu item in header: leaves room for direct dialing of contact by long press18:57
qwazix2. long press: user needs to press 1 then CALL to speeddial18:57
qwazixI first suggested (1) but now I vote (2)18:58
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile18:58
qwazixok I declare number 2 a winner due to absense of voters :P18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
locusfwas thinking :p19:00
qwazixokay np, you can still vote19:00
qwazixMorpog_PC__, your vote is the deciding one19:01
Morpog_PC__reads :D19:01
Morpog_PC__too much clicks annoy19:02
Morpog_PC__we could wait for more input from sledges faenil hedayat filippz or others?19:03
qwazixMorpog_PC__, we could, but let's have 1 unless massive outrage breaks out19:04
locusfbtw its not possible to raise a call window in Glacier dialer19:05
qwazixso that locusf has things to work on. Anyway coding-wise it isn't a huge change to make afterwards in case people call accidentally or sth19:05
locusfit is possible in Jolla dialer as it assigns special category "alarm" to it19:06
qwazixno idea about that...19:06
*** notmart has quit IRC19:07
locusfjust wanted to point this out :)19:07
qwazixwhich brings the call ui into consideration19:07
qwazixI'd put a textarea on that so that you can just take notes while in call19:09
Morpog_PC__nice idea19:10
qwazixNotes can be attached to the call history, and then saved with the contact, or in a special folder in the notes app19:10
locusfyeah there is a note field in the contact19:11
qwazixanyway, I think we covered most things, I will refine the main dialer screen and start working on the other two and edit mode19:13
locusfscratch that19:13
qwazixbtw, do you like straight-up numbers better than italicized ones? (dialer.pdf vs dialer2.pdf and later)19:13
locusfits not available to qml19:13
qwazixnote field in contact?19:14
qwazixthat's not a problem, we can edit it through C++, but anyway might be better to store seperately19:15
Morpog_PC__not sure about italiced, as we got it nowhere else19:15
qwazixthere might be important things there that can be erased in the hurry of a call19:15
qwazixa new blank note for each call in a seperate folder of the notes app sounds better to me19:16
qwazix(and notes should be plain text files in the filesystem, I'm sick of sqlite db's to store ****in notes)19:16
ryukafalzI'm curious what dialer4 would look like with non-italicized text but otherwise the same style19:17
qwazixMorpog_PC__, ok, normal it is then19:17
qwazixryukafalz, just a sec19:17
locusfand thats not really our textedit it is using, right?19:17
locusffor the numbers?19:18
qwazixlocusf, no it's not19:18
*** tealMage has quit IRC19:19
qwazixI thought of that, but it's a very special textfield, and having a border is really redundant19:19
qwazixryukafalz, dialer5.pdf19:19
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile19:19
qwazixwithout the shading too (i.e. normal view)19:19
locusfwhere is dialer5?19:19
ryukafalzhm, doesn't work as well as I thought it might19:20
qwazixlet's go with dialer2 or dialer3 IMO19:21
qwazixbtw, I submitted a talk for the Open Source Design Devroom in FOSDEM19:22
ryukafalzI have to agree with that - the blue background for the numbers could also help readability as it's possible someone's contact pic could be a problem for dialer4 or dialer519:22
locusfexcellent :)19:22
Morpog_PC__locusf is also there iirc19:22
qwazixdon't know if it's gonna be accepted yet but let's hope19:22
* ryukafalz wishes he lived in Europe for FOSDEM19:22
qwazixMorpog_PC__, you coming?19:22
Morpog_PC__nope :(19:23
qwazixok, so meeting adjourned? anything else?19:25
locusfprobably not19:25
locusfI'll start hacking19:25
*** tealMage has quit IRC19:25
qwazixgood! I'll be around but probably busy. See you around19:25
locusfok see ya :)19:26
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ryukafalzSo what do you guys use for making nemo concept art?19:42
*** VDVsx_ has joined #nemomobile19:47
*** netvandal has quit IRC19:47
qwazixryukafalz, inkscape mostly19:48
ryukafalzah, hmm19:49
ryukafalzthe background images are raster though right?19:49
*** VDVsx has quit IRC19:50
qwazixusually yeah19:50
qwazixthough the one with the circles I think it was vector initially19:50
*** tealMage has quit IRC19:51
ryukafalzI suppose vector for the UI components is good for scalability19:51
qwazixyeah, but its bad for performance, so we convert them to raster19:51
qwazixnow on compile time, but the plan is to do this at install time19:52
qwazixto cater for different device ppi's19:52
ryukafalzoh right I think I heard talk about the performance issue before19:52
ryukafalzI guess it makes sense as it has to be converted to raster in the end to be displayed19:54
qwazixI didn't think that it would be an issue, given that S60v1 used svg icons but people that know better insist19:54
ryukafalzso converting it before then is like a form of caching19:54
qwazixyeah, something like that19:54
qwazixthen the device just needs to map pixel to pixel19:55
* ryukafalz nods19:55
ryukafalzdoing that at install time will be nice right now though, right now glacier home looks really small on my n4 :P19:55
ryukafalzs/right now//19:56
qwazixinstall time is for the apps, for devices that would be already converted in the image (i.e. at image creation time)19:56
qwazixs/devices/base OS/19:56
ryukafalzwell, could be install time if you install glacier home on a device that didn't initially have it, right?19:57
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile19:58
sandsmarkhow can I select the keyboard plugin maliit loads?19:58
qwazixryukafalz, didn't think of that yeah, glacier home as an app is different than glacier home in an image19:58
qwazixor I don't really know if rpm postinstalls are being honored when an image is created19:59
*** tealMage has quit IRC19:59
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile19:59
ryukafalzAh, I see - I'm not sure what the mer image creation process is so I don't know19:59
ryukafalzactually, I think it uses kickstart, so it should20:01
qwazixit uses that AFAIK yeah20:02
ryukafalzso you're basically just giving it a list of packages to install among other things20:02
qwazixAh, ok that solves it then. Install time for everything.20:03
ryukafalzqwazix: actually no that might not work20:07
ryukafalzthe machine you're building the image on isn't typically the phone... hmm20:07
ryukafalzso can't just detect the ppi in the postinstall script20:07
qwazixno, but you can have a fallback parameter in the .ks file20:07
ryukafalzoh, so specify the ppi in the .ks file for the device?20:08
qwazixwhen it detects this is not actually nemo device, just read the envvar or sth20:08
ryukafalzthat could work20:08
ryukafalzI'd be curious to see how Jolla does it for sfos20:08
*** Jef91 has quit IRC20:09
Stskeepssame way practically20:09
* ryukafalz needs to run through the HADK at some point20:09
ryukafalzaha, nice20:09
*** filippz has quit IRC20:13
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Morpog_PC__qwazix, jolla is planning to do a similar approach for it's scaling, icons in future need to be SVG, so they can get rasterixed for the right scale (tablet / phone, etc.)20:21
Morpog_PC__if it's open, we can use it, after all it was our idea :D20:21
* Stskeeps patents20:22
Morpog_PC__prior art by irc logs :D20:22
* Stskeeps looks at where the logs are.. :p20:22
Morpog_PC__lol :D20:22
Morpog_PC__Stskeeps, maybe intersting read for you? http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2014/12/09/multi-process-embedded-systems-with-qt-for-device-creation-and-wayland/20:26
qwazixMorpog_PC__, ofc20:26
StskeepsMorpog_PC__: yeah it's on my list20:26
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