Wednesday, 2014-12-10

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Sagelbt: locusf: filippz: someone who has free time can take that n9-n950 repo for sure as I don't :/04:40
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locusfSage: ok we need to discuss who would like to take over06:01
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hedayat\o/ :P06:34
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MAX83filippz : can you please tell me how to enable wifi in your nemo tar ball?06:55
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filippzMAX83: ifconfig wlan0 up in terminal  does bring it up - I'm not sure why it's not enabled by default08:38
filippziwlist wlan0 scan will show you wifi networks that are in range08:40
filippz/usr/lib/connman/test/test-connman enable wifi will make it visible in Settings app08:41
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MAX83thanks filippz09:28
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MAX83filippz: I tried nemo tarball, but it's restart the device every 5minutes, I tried the your new kernel on hedayat's image, but the screen goes to landscape09:44
MAX83do you face the same problem?09:44
hedayatMAX83, Yes, that's OK since the kernel has returned back to normal rotation.09:57
hedayatMAX83, however, it can be easily fixed. I don't have the link to sample fbset-N9 service, but filippz can provide it09:57
hedayatMAX83, using it, the screen will rotate back to portrait mode using the new kernel09:58
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hedayatMAX83, I was wrong, I know a link for the commands:
hedayathowever, a service file is needed to run this command early on boot, which is not yet included in my .ks.10:01
MAX83thanks hedayat, I will look to it10:10
hedayatMAX83, you're welcome10:14
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MAX83hedayat is it this line?11:14
MAX83#Hack Toucshscreen needs to be rotated to match screen dimensions, and PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS should be empty sed -i 's/QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS=.*/QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS="rotate=90"/' /var/lib/environment/compositor/60-n9-n950-ui.conf sed -i 's/PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS=.*/PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS=/' /var/lib/environment/compositor/60-n9-n950-ui.conf11:14
hedayatMAX83, this line and the fbset-N9 script below it; until the next "# Hack" line11:18
hedayatthe fbset-N9 script should be run on boot, using a service file which is not given here. You can find it in older Nemo/Sailfish images.11:18
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locusfqwazix: where did you get your peoples faces?11:59
qwazixlocusf, google images, but chose free to use in search tools12:06
locusfqwazix: ah ok12:06
qwazixhope the search algorithm is accurate abt copyright12:07
locusfI'm trying to create the contacts but the old code of qtcomponents pushes the buttons too far above the current view for them to be clickable12:08
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SK_workqwazix: can't you browse flickr for this ?13:29
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qwazixSK_work, didn't think of it, prolly yeah13:33
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xavinuxHi people14:42
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locusfw00t: ping15:56
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locusfw00t: I was wondering about qmlgallery, it doesn't somehow see my images I have in Pictures15:57
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locusfoh yeah16:02
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locusfI wonder why it hasn't picked up the new images16:08
locusfCould not establish a connection to Tracker: Error spawning command line 'dbus-launch --autolaunch=eaa747df9e4ba22b32329f2b547cb611 --binary-syntax --close-stderr': Child process exited with code 116:08
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sandsmarktracker-control -se kills, nukes, and reindexes, iirc16:13
sandsmarkif you want to try that16:13
sandsmark(stuff like this seems pretty common with tracker, according to posts on at least)16:15
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phaeronsandsmark: I don't always agree with that solution, but I don't have time to investigate all problems :(17:13
phaeronplus I am not a tracker developer17:13
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locusfqwazix: there is no way to limit the number of contacts which PersonModel provides, so I end up rendering 643 contacts as number dials :p18:09
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locusfqwazix: I should probably do some API research before acking the designs :)18:20
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sandsmarkphaeron: I tried debugging it myself as well18:56
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filippzlocusf, hedayat: I was looking at the reason why connman doesn't bring wlan0 if up by itself and found a reason to be a problem connman-configs-mer package18:58
filippzthe other day I've created ngfd-settings-nemo package and profiled-settings-nemo (each in their own repo on github)18:59
filippzfew days before that pulseaudio-settings-n950-n9 (and sadly few days after that) needed fixing18:59
filippzIMHO we should move those packages into nemo-configs-n950-n9 (or some other package maybe?) and add n9/n590 to their names18:59
locusffilippz: okay18:59
filippzBased on that similar repos could be used to create settings packages for different devices (P3110, Jolla, etc) -  any other ideas?18:59
locusfwell p3110 already has config repo19:00
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locusfbut not jolla19:00
locusfits configs are proprietary19:00
filippzyup - jolla-common-configurations19:01
locusfand sbj-configs19:01
hedayatfilippz: And what was the problem? (IIRC, it works on my Nemo!)19:01
filippzhedayat: well on my nemo I need to do ifconfig wlan0 up, but if I add PreferredTechnologies = bluetooth,wifi,cellular in /etc/connamn/main.conf then it works by itself19:03
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filippzNot a big deal, but those settings packages are scattered around, and seems logical that we group them together and (if needed) by a specific device19:04
hedayatfilippz: hmmm I should re-check my Nemo and see how is that.19:05
hedayatfilippz: Yes, I was thinking if such a change is device specific or not19:05
locusfmy maguro won't connect to wifi at boot either, requires a connman restart19:05
hedayatBTW, there could be a -common config package and then a -device one19:06
filippzanyway using default/example settings was a viable option back when whole nemo/mer ecosystem revolved around n9/n95019:07
filippzprojects moved forward and those default settings got left behind and in some cases don't work anymore19:08
hedayatfilippz: Yes, actually I was thinking that AFAIK, we usually don't have such -config packages in other distros19:15
hedayatfilippz: usually, sensible default settings for each package is included in the package itself19:15
hedayatSo, if those connman settings are sensible defaults for any device, I think it should be in the connman package itself.19:16
filippzhedayat: agreed, but as mention in the examples above those settings don't work, since jolla didn't update them (they updated their own jolla-common-configurations and possibly others)19:17
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filippzso the question is should we create PR's against those or move them to our own configs like Jolla did?19:18
filippzwe probably don't want to simply include jolla-common-configurations in our ks for nemo :)19:20
hedayatfilippz: I'd vote for PRs against the packages themselves; otherwise someone should always check if the settings are valid for newer versions of the packages or not19:21
hedayator the packagers should check if there are settings related to their package inside the global -configs package19:21
filippzOK, I'll try to see if I can make PR's instead of separate packages (ngfd-settings-nemo, profiled-settings-nemo)19:24
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filippzAlso (just for the record) I'm just using configs from SFOS and testing if they work for Nemo - feels stupid to just c/p their settings and make PR's (especially since those packages are proprietary)19:29
filippzOn the other there seems to be no alternative to this...19:29
locusfhmm this really isn't optimal :/19:32
locusfbtw I got the ok to publish my Nemo on Jolla instructions19:33
hedayatfilippz: I wonder if such setting files can be 'proprietary'... ! What happens if e.g. you tell us here in IRC that foo-bar setting works. Now, what if someone create a PR with that setting? He might/might not have seen your message.19:36
filippzhedayat: I don't know, they are (mostly) pretty simple text files with a few lines19:39
ryukafalzI guess the question would be whether or not they can be copyrighted19:40
filippzmaybe we should ask about this at next #mer-meeting?19:41
* ryukafalz agrees19:41
* filippz looks when the next mer-meeting is19:42
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locusfnext week tuesday afaik19:46
locusf15 utc19:47
filippzOK, i hope I can make it :)19:48
locusf <- if you are on tjc, you can make a topic about it here19:49
ryukafalzYou do need more than 75 karma to edit the wiki post though heh19:51
filippzwell I'm not @ tjc - so 0 karma for me :)19:52
locusfok :)19:53
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locusffilippz: this my details post on the configuration availability " In Nemo Mobile, we have discovered that, for example, ngfd configuration files are quite useful and complete our user experience. Also it is to be noted that Jollas configuration files for the Jolla device are needed in order to make Nemo Mobile work on a Jolla device"20:00
locusfis it good or should I modify it?20:00
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filippzlocusf: Nice! Also we have some "hybrid" situation - Jolla config file as a base for Nemo one (profiled with different sound scheme), but I think that this should be OK as is20:18
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filippzmy time is up - thank you all, and see you all tomorrow!20:22
locusffilippz: ok, you can see my topic in the link above20:22
locusfok see yoj filippz20:22
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gogetamisters \O20:45
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m4g0gWho does rule buteo-sync-plugins-social repository and this theme?22:05
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SfietKonstantinthis theme ?22:14
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SfietKonstantinchriadam: is the king of buteo-sync-plugins-social22:15
m4g0gchriadam: hey22:15
m4g0gI should remember his name...22:15
SfietKonstantinhe is in australia22:16
SfietKonstantinI can help, but not sure22:16
SfietKonstantinwhat's the problem with social ?22:16
m4g0gI have found time for improvment of the goodle part and need support in it.22:22
SfietKonstantinfork & merge it22:42
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