Thursday, 2014-12-11

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chriadamm4g0g: sounds good - let me know what you've got planned and we can figure out how to make it happen :-)03:26
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locusfmorning :)07:41
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MAX83halo filippz, please confirm if your github .ks file has latest patch for WiFi and autorestart, thank you08:05
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MAX83also battery indicator08:06
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qwazixlocusf, if you use simple items instead of a repeater and just get their numbers by something like personModel[0].number08:57
qwazixI'm sure there is a way to get just a few contacts instead of all of them08:58
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filippzMAX83: for WiFi you need to use this:
filippzIIRC you sad that reboot occurs every 5 minutes or so - I personally don't have that issue09:07
MAX83I recently installed the tarball from ur .ks file09:08
MAX83but there are few problems09:08
MAX831. appearance of keyboard in horizontal mode09:09
MAX832. typing glitch in keyboard09:09
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MAX833. wifi glitch in case of wrong password09:10
MAX834. keyboard in terminal one step behind and stucks09:11
MAX835. after connecting to wifi sucessfully ping request response unreachable destination09:14
MAX83my guess is that resolv in /etc doesnt have proper values09:14
MAX836. wifi prompts in settings location is out of screen bound09:17
MAX837. recent opened apps close button font size is too large that creates overlapping09:18
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filippzMAX83: well, you can look at those as an areas where opportunity for improvement exists :)10:00
filippzyou are more than welcome to take a look at those issues and fix them if possible10:01
locusfqwazix: I'll try to figure something out10:03
MAX83well I don't know too much about Qml and Qt programming, my major is DBA10:03
MAX83totally unrelated10:03
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MAX83is there any chance to port your kernel to my old image10:04
MAX83my old image is still much responsive than all the releases that exist so far10:05
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MAX83when I ported your kernel to my own image the screen rotated and there will be few seconds of delay then it restart the device10:06
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filippzMAX83: have yo used ks for image generation? 3.5.3 kernel needs linux-firmware-ti-connectivity package to boot10:23
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locusfsledges: tyvm13:11
sledgesfingers crosscompiled13:12
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sledgesi used this mic command:13:13
sledgessudo mic create raw --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=i486 nemo-vm.ks --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,SSU_RELEASE_TYPE:rnd,FLAVOUR:devel13:13
sledgesWarning: repo problem: cannot install both pulseaudio-modules-nemo-common-5.0.16-10.1.Nemo.i486 and pulseaudio-modules-nemo-common-5.0.15-1.1.1.i486,13:15
sledgesWarning: repo problem: commhistory-daemon-0.5.28-55.9.Nemo.i486 requires, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: statefs-contextkit-subscriber-0.2.29-20.8.Nemo.i486[nemo-mw]13:15
sledgesWarning: repo problem: nothing provides needed by qt5-qtquickcontrols-5.1.0+git0-2.2.Nemo.i486,13:15
sledgesis the havoc im getting13:15
sledgesi guess you're already >=qt5.2 there13:15
sledgesso last one can be dealt with13:15
sledgeshow about the first two13:15
sledgesis where i bumped the wall13:16
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locusfsledges: yup all the problems were due to i486 target not being available to the new mer-core:devel version of nemo:devel:ux15:25
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locusfalso the .ks still had the original nemo-mw repo15:26
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locusffaenil: hi, I'm making the i486 virtual machine image now15:29
faenilhello people o/15:29
Stskeepshello faenil15:29
faenillocusf: oh great!15:29
faenilI'm now looking for solutions to my F21 issues...15:30
locusffaenil: we currently have only blown up .ks files, ie. no patterns for the repositories15:30
faenilonce that's fixed, I'll start installing everything, and be back on track15:30
faenillocusf: I see15:30
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faenilnote to myself: no more AMD radeons in the future, not for notebook15:35
faenilwhat a shame :/15:35
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faenilStskeeps: how's life15:36
Stskeepsdoing last motions finally on mer-nemo merge15:36
locusfStskeeps: did anyone get ahead on the gcc49 issues?15:37
Stskeepsnot yet15:37
Stskeepsi think gcc4.8 will be it15:37
faenilaw...big issues?15:38
Stskeepsi think gcc4.8 is mostly mature15:39
faenilok, then I'll scratch the 4.9 link, I had already started having a look at the compiling issues :D15:41
Stskeepsit always helps15:42
Stskeepsbut i think 4.8 is better atm15:42
faenilok, well if 4.9 it's not a priority anymore ;)15:42
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locusfmy mersdk vm is painfully slow now15:49
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locusffaenil: also Nemo on Jolla is a reality now16:00
faenillocusf: great!16:00
faenilI read you were about to publish a tutorial, is it ready?16:01
locusfyeah just posted to twitter16:03
locusfI was gonna say that one needs 2 jollas but that isn't exactly true16:04
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* faenil reads16:09
faenilcool ;)16:12
faenilwe should probably find a way to make the process easier16:12
locusfyeah and minimize the number of proprietary packages16:16
locusfI have started a adaptation repo for sbj but thats quite dead at birth since we don't have the android headers16:17
faenilwhich ones16:18
Morpog_PC__locusf, I read on TJV, that lbt is working on getting HADK working intrernally in Jolla on Jolla phone16:20
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Stskeeps huh?16:20
SK_worklocusf: thanks !16:20
Morpog_PC__if I read that correctly :D16:20
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Stskeepsyeah, not that16:21
Morpog_PC__"making the community hardware adaptations approach they use for android devices works internally for our devices (yes, reread that); "16:22
Stskeepsbit vague16:22
Morpog_PC__Maybe I should reread it again then :D16:22
Stskeepshadk is the future of any hw adaptation anyway16:22
* Stskeeps reads about TPM and key storage and getting a headache16:22
locusfMorpog_PC__: cool16:23
locusfSK_work: np :)16:24
SK_workMorpog_PC__: nice article, thanks for sharing16:24
faenilthat's the "dead" one?16:32
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Morpog_PC__no headers16:33
Morpog_PC__and no libhardware16:33
locusfthere should be pulseaudio modules as well16:34
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sledgeslocusf: so the vm.ks was just few fixes away?18:18
locusfsledges: yes18:19
locusfah and it has finished finally18:19
sledgesnice, let's try :)18:19
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locusf3.0G Dec 11 18:06 mic-output/nemo-mer-i486-devel-sda.raw18:21
locusfI wondered what took it so long18:21
sledgesallocating nils?18:22
tbrmic doesn't do sparse?18:22
locusfI dunno18:23
locusfits a raw image18:23
Stskeepsit shoould use sparse18:23
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* sledges needs to inform khertan18:26
sledgesis it clickable?18:28
sledgesi wonder how is the transparency bug doing:))18:28
locusfon call18:28
locusfits not clickable18:30
locusfthe time has frozen18:30
locusfdoesn't respond to clicks18:31
sledgescheck lipstick options for input18:32
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locusfhad to start with nat networking for port forwarding18:36
sledgesi hope you retain notes ;)18:36
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locusfgood point18:38
locusfalthough I have yet to do anything meaningful to it18:38
locusfah it crashes18:38
locusfI wondered where it had gone earlier18:38
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locusfits still the same old18:42
locusflipstick options I mean18:43
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locusfwe need info from Richard Braakman, he's still in Jolla?18:45
Aardwe tied him up, he can't go18:46
locusftell him I said hi :)18:48
locusfbut it seems that a lot has changed at least in Sailfish for it to work on the emulator18:49
phaeronemulator still works here. what changes ?18:49
phaeronlocusf: missing touch ?18:49
locusfthis is the nemo version18:49
locusfphaeron: nope it is installed into it18:50
locusfphaeron: and it shows up in journal18:50
locusfit just doesn't react to touch18:50
phaeronI mean touch is not working ?18:50
locusfor rather my mouse18:50
phaeronyeah that's mce proximity sensor18:50
phaeronneeds to be disabled18:50
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locusfaand I lost ssh18:51
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locusfcouldn't gather logs about the crash18:51
locusfDec 11 20:50:33 localhost systemd-logind[149]: Power key pressed.18:51
locusfI surely didn't do anything18:51
locusfphaeron: how do I disable it?18:51
phaeronlocusf: I am trying to find the config18:52
locusfok :)18:52
locusf[root@localhost nemo]# mcetool |grep prox18:53
locusfDouble-tap wakeup policy:      proximity18:53
phaeronput /system/osso/dsm/proximity/ps_enabled=false in /etc/mce/70-emul-mce.conf18:55
locusfmcetool -Z and -z helped18:56
locusfphaeron: ok cool thanks :)18:56
locusflipstick segfaults when anything is clicked on18:58
Stskeepsprobably need the vboxtouch thing?18:59
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locusfit already got that19:01
locusfthis is probably due to the missing sensors19:01
locusfinstalling gdb to make sure19:01
locusfah hmm19:02
locusfctrl+h is power button19:02
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locusftheres the backtrace19:11
phaerondid you recompile vboxtouch plugin against the qt you are using ?19:12
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locusfgood point19:16
locusf <- this is the repo which needs the mer-core:devel as dependency, could you do it phaeron ?19:17
locusfas target19:17
locusfok its probably not for this evening, lets see about it tomorrow19:23
phaeronso switch it to mer-core:devel completely ? or add new repo ?19:30
Stskeepsi'd say switch19:30
Stskeepsnothing in that chain works19:30
Stskeepsphaeron: btw, isn't our emulator using a nemo repo in it's ks19:31
phaeronStskeeps: I don't remember :)19:31
phaeronlet me check19:31
phaeronsome snapshot of x86 common , but we build our own vboxtouch19:32
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locusfphaeron: excellent, thank you :)19:40
phaeronI hope it doesn't blow up :)19:40
phaeron2 failures ...19:41
phaeron3 ..19:41
locusfseems that I gotta nuke the current VM now and build another one19:43
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phaeronprobably best to plan to move sailfish-emulator configs to the open19:49
phaeronbut things take time.19:49
locusfyeah its nothing urgent19:49
locusfthe last time I played with Nemo VM was last october19:49
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locusfthe failed packages don't seem quite critical19:52
locusfacpid, btrfs-progs and parted19:52
locusfaah and virtualbox failed19:53
locusfit only builds on gcc 3.x19:53
locusfhmm ok the vm image needs acpid19:54
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phaeronthey all failed because of the new gcc20:01
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locusfseems so20:03
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locusffaenil: here is the x86 VM kickstart file if you want to play around with it:
locusfI gotta head to bed now but I'll probably look at it again tomorrow20:20
faenilthanks, I'll have a look once I sort my fedora issues20:20
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locusfactually I'll put one cooking for the night20:21
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locusfaw man20:24
locusfthis is a real mess now20:24
locusfwe really need that virtualbox20:24
locusfWarning: repo problem: nothing provides kernel-adaptation-pc = 3.6.11-9.4.Nemo needed by virtualbox-guest-modules-4.2.12-9.14.Nemo.i486,20:25
locusfwe probably need a newer virtualbox but I guess oracle stopped with the GPL version of it20:26
tbrthey did?20:26
locusfapparently not20:26
locusfit requires some work20:27
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locusfnot just some, a lot20:33
locusfto backport the patches the new virtualbox from nemo one20:33
locusfdo you Jolla guys have a working virtualbox setup from nemomobile-packages with gcc4.8?20:34
*** piggz_ has joined #nemomobile20:34
phaeronwe have not switched to new toolchain yet20:34
phaerontonight actually was setting up the trial builds20:35
phaeronfor that20:35
locusfjust in time for the weekend :)20:35
phaeronyeah keep the workers warm20:35
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