Sunday, 2014-12-21

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faenilgood morning o/11:36
Stskeepsmorn faenil11:37
faenilStskeeps: yo11:37
tbrmoo™ faenil11:44
faeniltbr: o/11:44
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locusfhey all12:45
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faenillocusf: morning o/12:53
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locusfoh the packt publishing offer is still on15:54
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marxistveganlocusf: what is that?15:56
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locusfmarxistvegan: https://www.packtpub.com15:57
locusfebooks for 5$ a piece15:57
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kimmoliconversionrate $5 = 4.80 € ?16:05
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locusfhey hedayat17:39
hedayathi locusf :) Thank you for the new nemo release.17:39
locusfhedayat: np, had to do one before holidays :17:41
faenilwell done guys :D17:47
locusffaenil: its been great to work with such brilliant guys like hedayat and filippz, they have fourhandedly revived Nemo :)17:56
faenilyeah \o/17:57
locusffaenil: and you of course with the help on the merge :)17:57
faenilnp :)17:57
faenilI have to reinstall fedora once more, and then I should be ready to setup sdks and everything17:58
hedayatlocusf: faenil thanks, what I did was nothing much compared to your work & filippz's17:58
faenilno way ;)17:59
faenildo you guys plan to spend some time on it during the next few days?17:59
faeniljust to know how alone I'm going to feel :D17:59
hedayaton what? I plan to try debugging N9 wayland driver (because of SFOS crashes which I guess it'll happen in Nemo in future too)18:01
locusfI'm somewhat gone till thursday :)18:03
locusftomorrows gym day + a important meeting at work18:03
faenillocusf: ouch..ok ;)18:03
faenilhedayat: nothing, just to know if someone else is going to be active here18:03
hedayatfaenil: ok. :)18:10
w00tfaenil: 'once more'? :p18:15
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hedayatfaenil: how many times have you installed it till now? :P What do you do with it? :D18:49
faenilhedayat: I installed it twice because of GPU driver issues18:51
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faenilhedayat: it seems I'll have to disable gpu power mgmt to get it to work :'(18:56
faenilbecause of current kernel bugs18:56
hedayatfaenil: ah yeah, do you also have a hybrid GPU? Or an AMD one? (or both!)18:56
faenilyeah AMD muxed solution18:56
faenilIntel 1st gen + HD565018:56
hedayatfaenil: oops, do you have problems after installing proprietary drivers or even before that?18:58
faenilbefore that18:58
faenilit doesn't boot at all18:58
Merbot` bug 89731 in Video(DRI - non Intel) "System doesn't boot on muxed IntelHD + HD5650" [Normal,New]18:58
hedayatfaenil: looks really bad! good luck :P19:01
faenilit boots if I disable the integrated videocard19:02
faenilbut that means no longlasting battery19:02
hedayatIf it is a very recent bug, you should be able to use Fedora 20 kernels.19:03
hedayatIIRC, it has kernels from 3.11 to 3.1719:03
faenilyeah, that's one thing I have to tr19:04
faenilnot sure it has no side-effects though19:04
phaeronthere are 3.18 kernels for f22 already19:07
phaeronwork fine on my f2119:07
hedayatUnless systemd-216 needs a more recent kernel compared to systemd-208, I guess :P19:07
hedayatphaeron: the bug doesn't seem to be fixed yet19:07
hedayatso 3.18 probably has the same bug, faenil right?19:08
faenilhedayat: I have 3.17, F21's default...haven't tried with F18, but I don't expect it to be fixed19:09
faenilas there isn't any sign in that direction19:09
phaeronit seems some patch made it to 3.17-rc6 ?19:09
Merbot` bug 61891 in Config-Hotplug "Cannot switch off Radeon 6400M with vgaswitcheroo" [Normal,Reopened]19:09
hedayatphaeron: this is a pre-3.17 patch, so should be present in F21 3.17 kernels I think19:10
phaeronok I guess faenil is the unlucky one who has to try and maybe even git bisect :)19:11
faenilphaeron: that patch should be included already19:11
hedayatphaeron: As you have 3.18 kernel and Fedora, it'd be great if you can try something for me. I'd like to see if this bug is still present in latest 3.18 kernels:19:12
Merbot` bug 1154518 in os-prober "When the os-prober script is run (on my system) the newns program in /usr/libexec enters an infinite loop." [Unspecified,New]19:12
hedayatJust run os-prober and see if it terminates19:13
phaeronI don't have other os on this system though19:13
phaeronhedayat: it terminates fine though19:14
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hedayatphaeron: Thanks. It probably doesn't matter that you have any other OS (if it runs newns): /usr/libexec/newns ls19:15
hedayatphaeron: *don't* have19:15
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hedayatOops, I meant that would you please run this: /usr/libexec/newns ls19:16
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phaeronthat works too19:16
hedayatphaeron: thanks :)19:16
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phaeronnow back to glibc.spec :)19:20
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hedayatLatest Nemo image looks good, specially glsplash!20:03
hedayatlocusf: but it still doesn't include statefs-provider-ofono20:04
hedayatlocusf: which is needed to show GSM network info in glacier20:05
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hedayatfaenil: locusf: please add statefs-provider-ofono to the nemo .ks20:13
locusfhedayat: ah forgot about that20:18
locusfthe .ks is from filippz20:18
hedayatlocusf: ah... so filippz .ks. :P20:19
hedayatlocusf: And glacier rotation works great too20:19
locusfas it should20:20
hedayatlocusf: hmmm while you use systemd-208, why /etc/systeconfig/clock is used rather than /etc/adjtime?20:21
locusfI don't know20:22
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hedayatlocusf: OK, thanks20:23
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hedayatlocusf: bug report: (reported before, but confirming now): sometimes glacier UI signal strength bar is not updated when I enter PIN. But sometimes it works. But the signal strength is provided in statefs. (So, it should be a UI issue).20:35
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hedayatok, bye :)20:41
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