Saturday, 2014-12-20

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locusfmarxistvegan: here it is01:44
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marxistveganlocusf: now I just need to figure out how to get he kernal up to speed05:16
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locusfmarxistvegan: the kernel is included in the image09:34
locusfit should just boot up09:34
gogetahi locusf09:35
locusfhi gogeta09:35
gogetaFinally in holydays09:37
locusfgogeta: yeah me too :)09:44
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locusfdoes anyone know whats the weather like in Belgium at the time of FOSDEM?10:50
locusfI really would hope theres no snow, cold I can manage however10:50
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Stskeepsit really depends, weather has been really tricky so far11:00
Stskeepsit is usually warmer but..11:00
tbrlocusf: usually no snow, but if then it's the wet and muddy kind11:02
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locusfargh the worst then :/11:04
locusfI fortunately now have proper winter gloves which are really waterproof11:05
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gogetalocusf, tomorrow11:12
gogetaand near  my house11:13
locusfgogeta: cool :)11:13
gogetanext yr nemomobile conference at vulcano etna11:14
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gogetathere was an official app for n911:15
gogetaStskeeps, did you know about 3.5kk msm drivers _11:21
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locusfhmm theres a finnish meetup at some random restaurant11:31
Stskeepswe'll probably also go for a steak dinner, lbt or others would know if it's in street height11:31
locusfyeah that one is at a bus lenght from my hotel, but if yours is closer I might join yours more likely :)11:33
locusfhotel capital11:34
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locusfit would of course help if its near ixelles or something :p11:36
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locusftrams are probably not a problem either11:43
Stskeepsyeah they are flat trams11:44
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coderusomg, i never spotted there is a DOCS!
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coderusis there are way to bind dbus properties?13:07
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locusfStskeeps: tbr: have you guys used the bus to get from the airport or the train?13:34
tbrlocusf: sorry, context?13:34
locusftbr: FOSDEM :)13:35
tbrlocusf: ah, you pack your hiking shoes, and have a nice refreshing 2km walk from the gate to the airport railway station13:35
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tbrthere is no other way of transportation inside the terminal13:36
locusftbr: oh ok :)13:36
locusf2km, inside ?!?!13:36
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tbrlocusf: dunno how long, but BRU is a damn hiking trip13:38
tbrthe terminal is a couple 100m long, then there is a maze of twisty little passages all alike13:39
locusfwow lol, its really gonna be an adventure then :)13:41
tbryou arrive top right13:41
tbrwalk to the silver square, then down to the basement, then through a long corridor to the south, then through security, then through another corridor, then up, another corridor, down buy ticket, down to the trains13:42
locusfstairs along the way?13:42
jonwilWhy do European airports always seem to be so hard to navigate compared to say Asian airports?13:43
tbrlocusf: elevators everywhere or escalators13:44
locusftbr: ok nice13:44
locusfescalators no but elevators yes13:45
tbrlast time it looked like they were building a bridge between terminals13:45
locusfbetween the one on the top and middle?13:45
tbrmaybe they finally realized that it's obnoxious to also make people go up and down all the time13:45
kimmoliisnt that the purpose of airport ?13:45
kimmoliup and down?13:46
tbroh and straight line it's about 1km. so it's probably at least 1.5km13:46
locusfit appears I need at least 2h to navigate in the damn airport, so early wakey in the monday morning13:46
locusfHelsinki-Vantaa is easy though13:47
locusfand Kuopio too, just 2 gates13:47
tbrHEL also sux if you need to go from T1 to T213:48
tbralthough it's all on one level, so that helps13:48
locusfI've only arrived in T2 a couple of times13:50
locusfok so, from Brussels airport by train, to what, Gare Centrale or Gare du Midi?13:50
jonwilThe one time I visited various overseas airports, I found that Singapore was easy to navigate and Heathrow was a pain.13:51
locusfit appears Centrale has a direct bus line to the hotel13:51
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marxistveganlocusf: do I need to build the kernel as the kernel instructions suggest or is there another way to install it?20:03
marxistveganlocusf: do I need to build the kernel as the kernel instructions suggest or is there another way to install it?20:03
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locusfmarxistvegan: if you are using moslo boot then the kernel will be loaded from the Alt_OS partition20:04
locusfso no need to build the kernel20:05
marxistveganlocusf: ohhh20:17
marxistveganlocusf: that's much easier20:17
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marxistvegani know this is on a whim but anyone want to meetup to watch the bruins tonight? are accurate?20:19
marxistveganand include the new kernel?20:19
marxistveganlocusf: ^20:20
locusfmarxistvegan: the tar.bz2 has thw newest kerneƶ but you do need to flash moslo first20:22
locusfmarxistvegan: so yes, that should still work20:22
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marxistveganlocusf: great thanks gonna set to do this shortly20:31
locusfmarxistvegan: just ping me if you get into trouble, its just that its been over a year since I flashed my n9 so I might not remember all the details :)20:41
marxistveganlocusf: yeah same for me20:42
marxistveganlocusf: do I need to install ubiboot?20:42
locusfmarxistvegan: its not compulsory, but if you want harmattan back you can just flash the harmattan kernel20:42
locusfthats what I've been doing instead of ubiboot20:43
marxistveganlocusf: ok i think i am going to opt for nemo the entire way since I have another device for daily driving20:43
locusfmarxistvegan: ok cool :)20:44
marxistveganlocusf: so I am going to start with the Single Boot by loading the kernel (TRY THIS FIRST)20:45
locusfmarxistvegan: yep20:46
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marxistveganlocusf: seems the rpm2cpio does not want to recognize the rpm file as an rpm file, wonder if me using debian is an issue20:51
marxistvegannever mind20:51
marxistveganold failed download20:51
marxistveganok partitioning is happening20:54
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marxistveganif all works i should be booting into it now20:58
marxistveganlocusf: it booted!20:59
marxistvegancourse i am not sure how to use the interface20:59
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locusfmarxistvegan: nice :)21:02
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile21:02
marxistveganlocusf: the font seems a bit large21:02
locusfit is21:02
locusfit overflows on the n921:03
marxistveganI am looking at the Glaviar UI now21:03
locusfglacier-hoem was originally designed to run on Jolla only21:03
marxistveganoh reall21:03
locusfyep, but its now the default for many devices, including the n921:04
bencohdefault ? you mean it's really usable now ?21:04
marxistveganlocusf: so how do I activate it?21:05
marxistveganor oh this is the glaciar then21:05
locusfmarxistvegan: yes21:05
bencohlocusf: is wiki up to date (glacier status) ?21:05
marxistveganlocusf: is there a functional sync evolution for it?21:05
locusfmarxistvegan: to unlock the screen, swipe from the outside edges towards the inside21:05
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bencoh(I guess not)21:06
locusfmarxistvegan: I don't know, probably not21:06
locusfbencoh: which wiki :) ?21:06
bencohmer wiki21:06
marxistveganlocusf: but should work right?21:06
locusfbencoh: oh I've completely forgotten about that page, no, the statuses are the same, just the homescreen works right now :/21:08
locusfmarxistvegan: I actually haven't tested openrepos for n9, it could work21:08
bencohhm, okay :)21:08
marxistveganlocusf: ok what other device has nemo be tested on ?21:09
locusfmarxistvegan: nexus 4, nexus 5, galaxy note, huawei ascend p6, galaxy tab 2 7.0, Jolla, n9 and galaxy nexus21:11
marxistveganoh wow21:11
locusfnexus 4 + 5 are blind ports, ie. I've done the hardware adaptations for them but not tested the functionality myself21:12
locusfother devices I own, except p6, thats Jollas property21:13
marxistveganlocusf: and the n9 is the most developed?21:13
locusfmarxistvegan: yes, since its the original device which runs nemo21:15
locusfothers are more or less android frnakenstein builds21:15
marxistveganha that just sounds funny21:16
locusfthats what faenil calls em, the name kinda stuck with me :)21:16
marxistveganlocusf: what is the correct boot process to get to nemo I shut it down but now I cannot get to the moslo green text screen21:17
marxistveganand it keeps botting me back to harmattan21:17
bencohlocusf: the name is quite accurate21:17
bencoh"omg it boots! aliiiive"21:18
locusfmarxistvegan: try reflashing moslo21:19
locusfbencoh: heheh, yeah its kinda like that, a gnu/linux monster risen from dead android parts :)21:20
marxistveganlocusf: does that mean i need to reinstall nemo?21:22
marxistveganahh got it21:23
locusfmarxistvegan: nope, just reflash the kernel21:23
locusfdo you get the nokia warning screen?21:23
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile21:25
marxistveganlocusf: should wifi work?21:26
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile21:26
locusfmarxistvegan: it did for filippz, he did a aimple change ro connman to make it work21:26
locusfmarxistvegan: the ui for entering the passphrase probably doesn't work though21:27
marxistveganlocusf: ahh21:27
marxistveganwell it does not seem to want to see the wifi i ahve21:28
marxistveganlocusf: this is looking great21:30
locusfbut it does see every other ap or none at all?21:30
locusfmarxistvegan: glad you like it :)21:30
marxistveganlocusf: none at all21:30
locusfok, that means wifi is completely turned off21:30
marxistveganlocusf: any idea on how to turn it on?21:31
locusfmarxistvegan: /usr/lib/connman/test/test-connman enable wifi21:32
marxistveganit may have locked up i can only switch between the lock screen and No apps open21:34
marxistveganbut not ablt to get to the place to open apps21:34
locusfok thats something new21:35
locusftry swiping little bit inner or the screen21:35
marxistveganshutdown works so restarting it21:35
marxistveganok that worked, but you are correct i cannot enter the passphrase successfullyt21:42
locusfmarxistvegan: try this
locusfI gotta get some sleep now, almost midnight here, have fun though :)21:45
marxistveganlocusf: thanks and thanks for helping out I am looking forward to this :)21:46
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