Friday, 2014-12-19

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spiiroinfyi/review appreciated:
spiiroin^ wakeup from / block entry to suspend for glib based C programs too08:02
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tbrspiiroin: so I'd then be expected to rewrite my usage of iphb to use this?08:26
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spiirointbr: in the end this too uses iphb, so it is not a "must" thing to do...08:28
spiiroinbut it does at least try to deal with some subtle things, and if fixes are needed everything that uses these gets the benefits08:29
tbrI'll have to read the additional interfaces this provides. I'm currently only using scheduled wakeups to service a tcp based protocol timeout08:30
spiiroinonce we get timed & alarm wakeups use some form of iphb wakeups, the implicit suspend blocking after rtc alarm will be made shorter -> that might break some iphb-only code out in the wild08:31
spiirointbr: btw, if you think something in the api should change - now is excellent time to raise concerns08:33
tbr*nod* - though I suspect with me needing only to make sure that the sleep/wait/whatever unblocks once, this isn't a problem08:34
stephghappy friday folks08:34
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tbrspiiroin: let's see if I manage to motivate myself, coherent thoughts over more than a few minutes are a bit of a challenge at the moment08:35
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locusffilippz: are we ready for a full release now since pulseaudio and ofono now should work out of the box, unless you want the ngfd configs on it?09:16
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filippzlocusf: I didn't have time to do PRs, but you can use ks file from my fork of faenils repo - it has ngfd-settings-nemo and profiled-settings-nemo09:20
filippzboth will go away (probably, as profiled has references to different sounds than jolla) but can be used for now09:20
locusffilippz: okay, will use those, thanks :)09:21
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* filippz looks why his ADSL is acting up09:31
filippzlocisf: maybe we can stick in connman settings also, without that wifi doesn't start on its own?09:31
locusffilippz: sure09:32
locusffilippz: was it because of rfkill?09:34
filippzlocusf: sorry for the delay, kinda busy ATM, but IIRC it was because of connman-configs-mer package not being up to date - settings from jolla work OK09:43
filippzafk for 30m, we can continue then09:44
filippzah here it is:
locusffilippz: ok09:50
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filippzlocusf: I've tested with PreferredTechnologies = bluetooth,wifi,cellular added to etc/connman/main.conf and WiFi seems to work11:11
filippzI'm rebuilding with modified ks now, and will update ks on github with it when done11:12
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locusffilippz: ok thanks11:38
filippzlocusf: now, with th new image, it doesn't work (of course) - debugging it now...11:39
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filippzhedayat: o/11:40
hedayatfilippz: :) \o/11:40
hedayathappy to see steady progress around here!11:43
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filippzjolla-common-configurations package in u10 seems skinny :)12:00
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locusfreally? thats odd12:24
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filippzlocusf: ks is updated on github. I'm not sure if wlan will work OK - seems to work now, but didn't at first12:40
locusffilippz: ok, will give it a try :)12:41
filippzalso u can use ngf-client to test ngf/profiled sound/vibration alerts (play sms or play pwroff for example)12:41
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locusffilippz: did you remember to push? :)13:16
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filippzlocusf: yes (this has been added:
locusffilippz: ah you have amended you commit :)13:20
filippzlocusf: faenil asked for a couple more days before taking a look at my PR, so for now I'm just amending stuff :)13:22
locusffilippz: thats ok13:22
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marxistveganhey folks I know development is focused on sailfish and it is coming along well, but I guess I am at least curious on the libre software version, is it likely to come back to here?14:00
locusfmarxistvegan: it already is here, what are you talking about :) ?14:00
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marxistveganlocusf: the last build of nemo I thought I saw was from feb, no?14:16
locusfmarxistvegan: there is one from october and I was planning on doing one tonight14:16
marxistveganlocusf: ohhh14:17
marxistveganwell then I stand corrected14:17
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marxistveganlocusf: what devices are best?14:18
marxistvegani have the n9 or a nexus 4, but am considering another14:18
locusfmarxistvegan: n9 is the prime one now, have done releases for n7000, p3110, Jolla, maguro, nexus 5 and nexus 414:18
marxistveganlocusf: is that the n9 with the 2.6 kernel?14:19
locusfmarxistvegan: nope, its 3.5.314:19
locusffrom filippz14:19
marxistveganlocusf: woah i missed, where is that located/14:20
marxistveganlocusf: i am an idiot i thought that was dead but great14:21
marxistvegani have my work cut out for me this weekend14:21
locusfmarxistvegan: np :)14:21
locusfmarxistvegan: do you want a fresh release right now for n9?14:22
locusftheres things like calls, sms, vibration, ringtones and such things available14:22
marxistveganlocusf: if you have a link :)14:22
locusfrotation works correctly too and no more lags in the ui14:22
locusfmarxistvegan: well I will once I build the image, was gonna test a local one first :)14:23
marxistveganfor the moment the sailfish on the nexus4 is my daily driver so hacking on the n9 is completely open14:23
marxistveganlocusf: please test first14:23
marxistvegani am off to work now so really wont have a chance until tonight or tomorrow14:23
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locusfmarxistvegan: alright, will ping you anyways, you're always here though?14:23
marxistveganlocusf: yeah I am always around14:24
marxistvegantz is boston14:24
marxistveganor utc -5 i think14:24
marxistveganthanks for the update off to work i go14:24
locusfsee you14:25
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locusfstill having issues with wifi on n916:40
locusfI guess its due to something wrong with my connman config16:40
locusfalso somethings up with ofono not reporting correct signal bars to homescreen16:40
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locusfbut thats minor, everything still good for a release16:43
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locusfthankfully I'm not the release master for Sailfish :p16:45
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faenilfilippz: sorry for making you wait on the ks stuff, I should be able to get to it this weekend16:57
filippzfaenil: np, locusf used it anyway :)16:57
filippz(by the way) locusf: can you try  /usr/lib/connman/test/test-connman enable wifi16:58
locusffilippz: sure16:59
filippzit seems that PreferredTechnologies doesn't fix it16:59
filippzremoved them and mine still works16:59
filippzalso I now have a twitter handle (@fi1ippz) so you can use it :)17:00
locusffilippz: ah good :)17:01
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locusfhmm I can't connect to my n9 now17:02
locusfoh well wifi should still be on though17:02
filippzdid you restart connman? I need to reboot after that so that usbmoded uses sdk mode17:03
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locusffaenil: should I post my frankenstein .ks files?17:03
locusffilippz: yes17:03
locusfapparently the reboot should work yes17:03
faenilsure why not17:04
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filippzaha: connma has /var/lib/connman/settings file in which it states if WiFi is enabled or not...17:06
filippzdamn: file /var/lib/connman/settings is not owned by any package17:07
filippzwe should have switch for WiFi in QMLSettings17:08
locusfthere is actually, its just not visible17:08
filippzmaybe I've seen it when I installed meegotouch-theme-darko17:10
filippzI did take a look at maliit the other day (since keyboard is displayed in the wrong place) - and it seems it will be a hard nut to crack17:13
locusfyeah the orientation is reported as landscape, happens on Jolla, maguro and n9 etc17:16
filippzlocusf: so Sailfish is not using maliit?17:19
locusffilippz: it is, just not our maliit plugin17:20
filippzI just cant figure out how orientation handling "should" be done with Qt - there seem to be too many ways without all the bit's and peaces rigged to work together as one :(17:22
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filippzlocusf: if i understand it correctly one needs to build a switch according to this: ?17:52
locusffilippz: it has already been done, as a checkbox in glacier components17:52
* filippz goes to take a look17:53
qwazixcould still be improved a bit tho17:54
qwazixi.e. when use flicks it to move accordingly17:55
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mordlocusf: did anything emerge from the attempt to switch to using jolla's autologind btw?18:40
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locusfmord: hmm I don't actually know18:41
locusfwere would we have been using it on?18:41
locusfit was something about systemd18:41
filippzmord: hedayad scripted something similar IIRC18:42
filippzthis should be it:
* filippz should use autocomplete and not make typos all the time18:44
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filippzlocusf: sent small PR for qmlsettings, so we can switch wifi from there18:50
mordlocusf: istr seeing a log discussing the user session startup that referred jolla's setup (with the binary autologind)18:51
morda #nemomobile log, that is18:51
locusfmord: ah ok :)18:52
locusffilippz: thanks, I'll merge it now18:52
Stskeepsautologind is a sleep 86400 fwiw18:53
mordoh okay, so pretty much "something to keep systemd from rebooting"?18:54
Stskeepspretty much18:55
faenilmord: it's all in the logs :) it could take a few log days to get to the culprit though :P18:57
mordi'm trying to figure out how much of the /lib/startup stuff is actually relevant if handling ACT_DEAD is not required -- starting to look like a simple basic systemd autologin on a fake tty might be sufficient18:58
mordfaenil: indeed :)18:58
filippzjust for the record: we still have issues with systemd not shutting down, but somehow restarting user services on shutdown (maybe unrelated)18:58
*** Dynamit has joined #nemomobile18:59
locusffaenil: wasn't the suggestion from #systemd channel something like "use gdm" :) ?18:59
mordfilippz: #1 make sure there are no onetshots that do not actually ever exit18:59
mordthat tends to mess up systemd no end18:59
faenillocusf: yep :D18:59
filippzmord: we do have a log (I can look for it) if you can take a peek ?19:00
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
mordi can, i assure you it's very unlikely i can spot anything, but sure19:00
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filippzmord: thanks -
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mordfilippz: i assume things start to go horribly around after line 126 or so in
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mordmake that 12419:08
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filippzmord: "session closed for user nemo" ?19:10
filippz^ that line?19:10
mordyes, well after that; i don't mean that would be out of the ordinary19:11
mordat least tracker complaining of dbus disappearing from under it seems wrong to me19:12
filippzOK, we were looking at 214 (Created slice -.slice.) - but unable to figure out why it gets (re)created19:14
mordah the default slice, it tends to get created and recreated19:14
mordlemme see if i have a log handy of a setup that actually shuts down nicely, it does do that phantom slice thing as well19:15
*** cristi has quit IRC19:15
mordto me that looks like something keeps bugging the session bus after anything that's supposed to access it should've died already19:16
filippzthanks mord, will try to figure it out one of these days - maybe that oneshot stuff you mentioned could be to blame19:21
mordsomething to check as well, do you have a session service with StartLimitAction=reboot-force or some such19:23
*** zalan_ has joined #nemomobile19:23
mordit's unlikely a failing session service can actually force a reboot -- it can mess up the user session though19:24
mordjustasec, capturing a log from boot to reboot19:24
filippzwell, this has it:
*** zalan has quit IRC19:27
mordhow do i rotate the journal again, SIGUSR2?19:29
filippzmord: our reboot seems to be from watchdog, since systemd session restarts user session and after enough time has passed we get a reboot - not by systemd itself19:31
filippz^ compiling kernel without CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT fixes this19:32
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coderuswhat package contains qmlplugindump binary?19:33
*** tealMage has joined #nemomobile19:33
coderusfound in qt5-qtdeclarative-devel-tools :)19:34
*** tealMage has quit IRC19:35
*** tealMage_ has joined #nemomobile19:35
mordfilippz: any "non-systemd-compliant reboot attempt" could easily mess up systemd service teardown ; i've seen that happen with accidentally invoking a non systemd-awayre "reboot"19:36
mordi.e. reboot linked against the underlying bionic19:37
mordi'm being unnecessarily cryptic here but that's due to me not entirely understanding what happens when a system tries to shut down without telling systemd about its intentions19:38
filippzwell, I'm sure that DSME is systemd aware - it states "Issuing /bin/systemctl --no-block poweroff"19:40
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile19:43
filippzmord: ty for your help, I must go now19:45
filippzgoodnight everyone, o/19:45
*** filippz has quit IRC19:46
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marxistveganlocusf: if you are around i am back at home if you have a link to the latest build I am game :)23:29
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