Thursday, 2014-12-25

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faenilMerry Christmas to all Nemomobile contributors!! Let's keep rocking! \m/01:51
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marxistveganlocusf: how would i get the dialer to work on the n9?16:40
locusfmarxistvegan: I have posted fixes to upstream, I'll see if I can find the commits16:43
marxistveganlocusf: cool16:44
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marxistveganlocusf: it should support at this point sending and receiving calls?16:45
locusfmarxistvegan: yes16:46
marxistveganlocusf: i just tried calling the phone and that works though not sure how to answer16:47
locusfmarxistvegan: just check those lines16:48
locusfI'll tll you more when I get home16:49
marxistveganlocusf: ok cool, how can I commit them?16:49
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locusfmarxistvegan: see /usr/lib/qt5/qml and /usr/share/voicecall-ui directories17:23
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marxistveganlocusf: checking now18:11
marxistveganlocusf: not exactly sure how to get into the device via ssh at least no known ip to hit18:12
locusfmarxistvegan: ah ok18:12
locusfthats gonna be a bummer then18:12
locusfmaybe fingerterm could help?18:12
locusfprobably too tedious18:12
marxistveganlocusf: is there a default IP to ssh into?18:13
locusfmarxistvegan: via the usb it is
locusfjust set your interface right in your host os18:14
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marxistveganlocusf: i am not having luck with the usb connection :(18:33
locusfmarxistvegan: try rebooting18:33
marxistveganlocusf: do you currently use nemo as a daily driver?18:33
locusfmarxistvegan: not currently no, sfos is still the prime choise I'm afraid :/18:34
locusfmarxistvegan: but for deving I use nothing but Nemo18:34
marxistveganlocusf: i get torn cause I like sfos but the proprietary parts bug me a lot18:36
marxistvegani feel at least now that nemo is really not that far from being a daily driver18:36
marxistvegani still don't fully understand why the UI is not free18:38
locusfme neither :)18:39
marxistveganlocusf: there are so many different free lincenses that could be used18:39
locusfbut I still feel that if the UI of SailfishOS is not gonna be open then Glacier UI might still have a fighting chance18:39
locusfmarxistvegan: yeah but that doesn't help Jolla if their UI is shamelessly copied by a chinese manufacturer and then selling the same UI for much less money than Jolla has put in the massive effort of developing18:40
marxistvegani gather that18:40
marxistveganbut it does prevent a lot of free software folks from embracing it18:41
marxistveganlocusf: but so far at least i like the glacier UI18:42
locusfnice to hear that :)18:42
marxistveganlocusf: it reminds me of harmattan18:42
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locusfmarxistvegan: I guess thats the main point that qwazix Morpog_PC hurrian designers wanted to do :)18:47
locusfmy Harmattan usage time is countable in less than hour18:47
marxistveganlocusf: ha so what is your daily driver device?18:48
locusfmarxistvegan: Jolla is18:49
marxistveganlocusf: ahh18:49
marxistveganso we are in the same boat18:49
marxistveganexcept that mine is the nexus 4 running sfos18:49
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filippzMerry x-mas everybody19:04
locusfhey filippz merry x-mas to you and your family as well :)19:04
filippzty locusf, I've decided to go back to coding now - I've been eating too much :)19:07
locusflol happened to me as well :)19:07
filippzjust a quick note - I've sent an PR against sensorfw: it detected N9 as N950 and  couldn't inform mce about the state of proximity sensor19:08
locusfoh cool19:10
filippznow we can unlock by double tapping, and with installing mce-config-legacy, and kernel from yesterday we now have working led notifications19:10
locusfexcellent :)19:10
locusfI've been doing the dialer now19:10
locusfbut my qml skills suck so its not turning out too good looking :p19:10
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filippzI'll try to figure out why n9 screen glows in the dark - it seems that mce keeps it on somehow...19:11
locusfand phonesim filled my address book with contacts which won't have avatars19:11
locusfyeah that can be seen on the libhybris devices as well19:11
locusfits as if the screen is not really not turned off all the way19:11
filippzah, so it's not just a difference between kernel versions - maybe mce should do something different then19:12
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filippzand your qml skillz are by order of magnitude better than mine - maybe it's just the way qml works :)19:14
filippzI had some weird moments working on glacier homescreen - I'm blaming qml of course - not me :)19:15
locusfheheh :)19:15
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filippzecho 0 > /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/enabled does the trick, but that's probably not how it's supposed to wrok19:29
filippzhm, also echo 1 > /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/lpm - this could be it (at least for n9)19:33
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