Friday, 2014-12-26

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spiiroinlocusf: filippz: Legacy logic was: mce owns ps&als (not sensorfw). Now all sensors should be owned by sensorfw, but there are old leftovers  mce side -> if/when N9/N950/xxx has sensors  via sensorfw, the mce side cruft can/should removed.07:40
spiiroinalso the the lpm mode was effectively removed at one point; it needs to be reimplemented at mce (and ui side might need special attention too?)07:42
spiiroin... i mean the real lpm in N9 sense, not the generic "lpm"07:44
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filippzspiiroin: ty for the info - for now this frankenstein approach seems to work on n9, but I'll try to take a look at sensorfw to see how it could be done08:29
filippzAlso I can't seem to find any code that powers off the screen - it seems that only brightness is set to 0 - am I reading it correct?08:30
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filippzhm I'm no expert, but seems that mce built with ENABLE_SENSORFW already uses sensorfw for ps/als09:07
filippzthat's why my fix for N9 detection in sensorfw fixes mce behaviour also :)09:10
locusfmorning :)09:24
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filippzhi locusf09:30
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faenilgood morning! o/10:24
SK_workfaenil: so getting remots again10:29
SK_workgetting reboots10:29
faenilSK_work: yes, 3 reboots and 1 shutdown since update1010:30
faenilno reboots for months before this update10:30
locusfhey faenil10:30
faeniland WhatsApp android is broken10:31
faenilI have to close it and open it to receive messages every now and then10:31
faenilI'm sad, I don't think I can keep using it as daily :(10:31
SK_workfaenil: weired10:33
faenilI wonder what would have happened if they didn't wait this long before releasing it :(10:33
SK_workno reboots at all here10:33
faenilSK_work: the android WA problem is confirmed btw, read 2 more people with the same issue on FB10:33
SK_workhope that they will get a fix soon for this10:33
SK_workprobably related to android vm update10:34
SK_workbut the reboots is weired10:34
faenilsoonest is February, I guess..10:34
SK_workend of jan imo10:34
faenil20141226_112037 Startup:  pwr_on_status=pwr_on_by_RTC10:35
SK_workfaenil: do you know how it reboots ?10:35
SK_workha ok10:35
faenilnothing interesting in journal10:35
SK_workStskeepz: ^10:35
SK_workdon't know what's this pwr_on_by_rtc thing10:36
SK_workno thermal stuff, no nothing ?10:36
faenilI told Stskeepz a few days ago already, let him enjoy the holidays ;)10:36
faenilit always reboots when it's idle, so...10:36
SK_workof course, it is just for the logs10:36
SK_workhope he is not on irc when on holidays10:36
locusfI fortunately haven't had reboots but my oom killer has gone quite wild once10:37
faenilyeah, and then the bug that when you tap on a notification and the app is killed by OOM, nothing happens10:37
locusfI've yet to test glacier homescreen on my devel Jolla to confirm wether the app cover is black there as well10:39
locusfthen it would be a bug in lipstick10:39
SK_workfaenil: well, if the app is killed by oom, of course nothing will happen10:39
SK_workit is bad though10:39
kimmoliiirc i got rtc stuff when battery contacts were bad
faenilSK_work: no, it should relaunch at least..11:02
SK_workfaenil: yeah, maybe the feature should be implemented11:02
faenilof course it should XD11:02
SK_workbut I don't fully know how notifications works in SFOS11:02
faenilno feedback on a user action is as bad as a UX can get :D11:03
SK_workyou can publish them, but is clicking on the notification only showing the app11:03
SK_workor doing some dbus stuff11:03
faenilprobably, I don't know either11:03
faenilI'm sure it will be implemented one day11:03
SK_workthe best is to setup a test-case and reproduce the stuff11:03
SK_workso that debugging is easier11:03
SK_workbecause if clicking on a notif should launch the app, then it should relaunch if needed11:04
faenilof course11:04
faenilafter more than one year it still doesn't happen...11:04
faenilanyway, it's OT here :D I'll shut up now :)11:04
SK_workfaenil: I would say that public bug trackers would help this11:07
locusfclicking on notification does dbus stuff11:31
SK_workthis explians why closed notifications don't react11:36
locusfI gotta figure out why doean't clicking on missed calls bring up the dialer11:40
faenilah yeah then many times notifications don't popup in the events view11:43
faenillike...I heard the sound of email notification, I go to events view and there's no notification11:43
faenilsame happens for SMS and calls as well11:43
faenilthat's very annoying as well11:43
faenilbasically, no communication channel is reliable anymore :/11:43
locusfyeah, happens sometimes to me as well11:49
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locusffaenil: would you happen to have time to review glacier dialer as I have some more changes for it or should I just update it as I go by myself?13:22
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dr_gogeta86_jollhow to distribute notifications?15:47
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faenillocusf: I haven't setup my linux stuff yet :/ fixed notebook's heating issues yesterday...and now I'm quite busy with nieces :D19:29
faenilnot sure when I'll have enough time to review the code19:30
locusffaenil: alright, catch you later then :)19:30
faenilmaybe I'll just have a very quick look when possible19:30
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