Tuesday, 2015-01-06

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hedayatfilippz, locusf hi09:47
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hedayatfaenil, \o10:14
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tbrfaenil: they also have ARMv7 dedicated servers coming up at some point http://labs.online.net/try-it14:15
faeniltbr, hehe, that could be nice for experimenting14:15
tbrfaenil: that's what I meant though: http://www.online.net/fr/serveur-dedie/dedibox-scg214:15
faenilsure, read that already ;)14:15
faeniland it looks nice14:16
tbr*nod* just making sure14:16
tbrI have root on one of the gen1 machines for a few years now14:16
tbrit's solid for basic things14:16
tbrand you're alone on the hardware, which is nice too14:17
faenilthough not sure if it would actually make a difference?14:18
faenilvs a decent VPS14:18
tbrprobably not really14:20
tbralso if the HDD dies, you're obviously screwed ;)14:20
faenilmm right :/14:21
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tbrI'm still going to get me one of these14:42
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bencohit's still better than overcommited vps ;)14:46
bencoh(especially regarding IOs)14:47
faenilbencoh, mmm14:47
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tbralso IIRC they offer backup storage on some server. I'd probably do encrypted backups there.14:48
bencohthey do indeed14:49
faeniltbr, that's a good point14:50
tbrbtw: I tried their ARM server a few days ago and the performance seemed slower than that of the SCG214:50
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faenilI wonder where's the catch14:52
faenileveryone offers VPS at a higher price14:52
faeniland this also has backup space14:52
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bencohfaenil: they sell (well, let) a huge amount of those in france (there are two main hosters in france competing in this market : ovh and online/dedibox)14:57
bencoh(ovh being the biggest in europe afaik)14:58
faenilonline.net says they have 10k of them, not that much..14:58
bencohI think this is just for this specific model14:58
faenilmm ok14:58
bencoh(oh and, hosting 10k servers is a different thing than selling 10k servers ;)15:01
faenilalso looking at hetzner + backup space15:04
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locusfI was thinking about nemomobile.org site15:30
faenilwe find nobody who can update the wiki, who would update the website ?:D15:31
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locusflol :)16:13
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m4g0gchriadam_: ping17:36
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filippzI added new repository (Mer_Core_armv7hl) to my home project on obs, but after building the package there is no Mer_Core_armv7hl direcotry on repo.merproject.org for download - do I have to wait a bit more  or is something broken?18:41
locusfhmm maybe ping lbt?18:44
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locusfcheck that page out for the rpms if you need them18:45
filippzI was about to build an image - I guess it will have to wait...18:45
filippzor I'll use my devel subproject for now since it already has Mer_Core_armv7hl...18:46
filippzwh now refuses to make proper webhook - there is missing service tag for source in there, and the timestamp for _service file is from 3h ago?!18:52
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filippz^did it by hand - it builds now18:54
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filippznice - my devel subproject has Mer_Core_armv7hl folder but it's empty after the build :(18:58
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filippzlbt: I need a hand - my packages are built but they don't end up in repo.merproject.org19:02
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filippzImage building/testing postponed till tomorrow then - and I was looking forward to testing how upower-bme behaves with mce, statefs-prowider-upower, and QBatteryInfo19:12
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chriadam_m4g0g, I'm gmt+10 so your ping came at about 3 am for me ;-)23:50
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