Monday, 2015-01-05

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locusfsandy_locke: excellent :)03:28
locusfalso good morning :)03:59
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faenilsandy_locke: good news! :)10:26
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Stskeepslocusf: happy birthday12:45
locusfStskeeps: thanks :)12:45
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faenillocusf: right, happy bd! :)12:52
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faenillocusf: filippz do you use Ubuntu by any chance?13:12
faenilfor Nemo stuff13:12
locusffaenil: yeah I do13:13
faenilok, so it should be safe13:13
faenilto use ubuntu for nemo dev13:13
faenilok thanks13:13
locusfexcept if you get into trouble with mer sdk sometimes breaking13:13
faenilgoing to install that one then...I may need Ubuntu SDK in the future, which is Ubuntu-only13:14
locusfbut it only happens in my host machine13:14
locusfnot on my ubuntu vm13:14
faenilmm I see13:14
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SK_workfaenil: developing for Ubuntu ?13:30
SK_work(in the future)13:30
faenilSK_work: let's see, just getting ready, I don't want to format or install multiple linuxes multiple times13:30
Stskeepsshouldn't matter if it's fedora or ubuntu or whichever13:31
faenilStskeeps: ok ;)13:31
SK_workfaenil: true13:31
faenilI actually wanted to switch to something more cmd-line-friendly13:32
faeniland lightweight13:32
faenilbut well :/13:32
faenillooking forward to seeing QtDD14 videos :)13:33
SK_workfaenil: lubuntu ?13:34
SK_workyou just need a more powerful computer :D13:34
faenilSK_work: nah, I'll just install ubuntu and maybe use xfce, which I found to be quite nice :)13:34
faenilSK_work: one thing is for sure, no more Radeon, if you want to use linux :(13:37
faenil(radeon+intel igp, that is)13:37
SK_workfaenil: yeah13:38
SK_workmy next laptop will be intel13:38
SK_workmy workstation is intel too (but will maybe get a radeon or nvidia)13:38
faenilI'd gladly choose a notebook with IrisPro, but only freaking Macbooks have them13:38
SK_workwhat's iris pro ?13:39
faenilintel's integrated gpu, the good ones13:39
SK_workwait a sc13:39
SK_workbecause IIRC iris pro is HD 5000 ?13:39
faenilmmm nope?13:39
SK_workha no13:39
faenilah hd intel, yeah maybe13:40
SK_workwell do you need iris pro ?13:40
SK_workand (IIRC) linux drivers might not be the best13:40
faenilwell yes, some kind of decent gpu13:40
SK_workfaenil: on workstation, I have HD 4000, that is enough to play Civ beyond earth13:41
faenilbut only that :D13:41
SK_worknot good enough to play Trine 2 with full details13:41
faenilI also need it for 3d programming13:41
SK_workfaenil: well, that's "good enough"13:41
SK_workwhat kind of 3D programming13:41
SK_workI'm not sure that CivBE is not GPU intensive13:41
faenilby good enough I meant comparable to middle-range nvidias :D like gt740 or so13:41
SK_workuh uh13:41
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faenilfinally \o/15:39
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faenilfinally linux :D15:43
SK_workwb faenil15:49
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faenillocusf, would you mind guiding me through the setup for the latest nemo? like, is there a sb2 target ks somewhere?15:50
locusffaenil: there is one, one moment15:53
faeniland I guess I need the frankenstein mersdk setup^15:53
faenilStskeeps, what's the latest news on the merge?15:53
locusffaenil: well only if you want to build for droid devices :)15:57
locusffaenil: thats the minimal mer target15:57
faenillocusf, no I meant the frankenstein repo configuration16:04
locusffrankenstein == android?16:05
faenilno, I meant using the half-baked merge repos16:07
locusfwell that is in that .ks16:07
faenilI meant the mersdk installation itself16:08
locusfso its based on it16:08
locusfoh yeah16:09
locusfI've been fine with the default toolchain16:09
faenilmm alright... Stskeeps ? ^ do I need the updated toolchain?16:10
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faenilI guess he's still in his comfy holidays chair :P16:12
faenilwoah, 1ms reply :D16:13
faenilokay ;)16:13
locusfdepends on what you want to do16:13
locusffaenil: were you planning on helping out with the merge a bit more or do nemo stuff?16:18
faeniliiuc what's currently needed for the merge is a python script, and someone already volunteered to do that (I'd have to learn python, not optimal candidate)16:19
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locusfah that, yeah I guess SK_work could do it :)16:20
locusfthough Stskeeps asked m :p16:21
SK_workfaenil: what's the problem honestly16:26
SK_workwe can do it together16:26
SK_workI can work a bit on it but at work cannot really debug not push to github16:27
SK_workor I can give help in writing the script16:27
faenilSK_work, sure, I just think we have to focus on what one can do best :) but that's not the question, at the moment, I just wanted to know how to set up to help the current stage of development :)16:27
SK_workfaenil ok :)16:27
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locusftbh I'm doing homescreen and dialer sfos sdk :p16:29
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qwazixhi again, sorry for absense17:05
faenilqwazix, yo!17:12
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locusfhey qwazix17:58
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filippzcan someone with a jolla do upower --enumerate (with and without usb charger connected)?19:08
filippzafter that: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/DEVNAME org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.GetAll string:org.freedesktop.UPower.Device19:09
filippz^ for all devices returned by upower and pastebin that19:09
faenilappend the device at the end of the command?19:14
filippzfaenil: instead of DEVNAME above (thanks)19:15
faeniloh didn't see it xD19:15
filippzI've managed to write BME backend for upower, and I'm looking what properties need to be in there19:16
faenilenumerate returns the same19:16
faenilwith and without charger19:16
faenil(usb to laptop)19:16
filippztwo devices then ? no battery ?19:17
faenil3 devices19:18
faenilin both cases19:18
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filippzOK, that makes sense - "line power" can change state from online to offline when disconnecting (and vice versa)19:20
filippzmaybe I should take a look at mce part to see what it reads there...19:20
faenilthere you go19:20
faenil(great news btw! thanks!)19:21
locusfgood going on that upower, we can include it to other devices as well19:22
filippzfaenil: thank you - I'll check what's missing in new backend and fix that19:23
faenilcool :)19:23
filippzlocusf: other devices? It's kinda a BME proxy to upower - so N9, N950 and possibly N90019:24
locusffilippz: upower works also on android devices19:25
locusfand  I guess it is not part of n9 build19:25
faenilfilippz, my results are from Jolla device19:25
filippzfaenil: sure, I was just looking what upower should expose to the rest of the system19:26
filippzlocusf: since we didn't ave upower we relied on statefs-providers-bme but mce had obsolete battery-mce, and nothing provides dbus meeesages for it (anymore)19:28
filippzby adding bme support to upower we can use statefs-provider-upower and battery-upower in mce19:29
filippzI'm off - see you all tomorrow o/19:31
locusfbye :)19:32
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