Friday, 2015-01-09

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locusfmorning :)06:50
Stskeepsmorning locusf06:50
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locusfhey Stskeeps07:00
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filippzupower-bme works OK (LED & UI notifications from mce when charging) so I'll make a PR against
filippzany ide where should we put it on obs - nemo:devel:hw:ti:omap3:n9xx-common maybe?09:36
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filippzhi faenil09:41
spiiroin_filippz: that was for n9? if bme is needed, doesn't that mean upowerd should not be on the device?09:42
filippzspiiroin_: why not? I made a "proxy backend" in upower that talks to bme09:42
filippzso we can use battery-upower form mce, QBatteryInfo in qt, statefs-provider-upower...09:43
spiiroin_filippz: isn't there something else that already talks bmeipc? like some statefs provider. could that emit the signals too instead of having dummy daemon on the device?09:44
filippzwe have statefs-provider-bme, but that doesn't emit any BME specific stuff to dbus09:45
spiiroin_but it could, without adding otherwise unneeded daemon process09:46
spiiroin_or alternatively we could add battery_bmeipc plugin for mce (since nobody else needs those legacy signals anyway)09:46
filippzwhat about QBatteryInfo?09:46
spiiroin_Q* = not for mce09:47
filippzright, but IIRC it's used by lipstick09:47
spiiroin_yes, and probably that comes from statefs i.e. things that do not work are: leds + display policy / charger cable09:49
spiiroin_... but anything that works, might be ok as temp solution (once mce listens to statefs -> no longer needed)?09:50
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spiiroin_but even then, does it need to be piggybagged to upower? minimal proxy daemon should work as well09:51
* spiiroin_ wonders if hald-addon-bme sources are available ...09:52
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filippzQBatteryInfo is used in lipstick (just checked), and I'm quite sure that QBatteryInfo uses Upower on linux - so it made sense to patch upower09:53
filippzthis seems to be it:
spiiroin_deztructor: do you know if QBatteryInfo uses upower or statefs for battery data?09:58
spiiroin_^ open source version10:01
spiiroin_stripping hald related stuff away -> might work as proxy10:01
filippzQBatteryInfo is either upower or sysfs (if qtsystems is compiled with Q_NO_UPOWER)10:02
spiiroin_but if something else apart from mce needs upower interfaces -> might be that upowerd fix is the easiest way to go10:02
filippzeither way new daemon (upower or something new)10:03
filippzother daemon means patching QBatteryInfo10:03
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* filippz is enjoying looking at his N9 breathing on his desk10:09
locusfgood job on that :)10:10
filippzlocusf: spiiroin_ kept all the necessary stuff for n9 in mce (led, bme, lpm with a little fix) - a BIG thanks to him for that10:15
locusffilippz: ok cool :)10:16
filippzlocusf: does placing upower-bme (if we decide to use it) in nemo:devel:hw:ti:omap3:n9xx-common sounds right to you?10:17
locusffilippz: yes it sounds correct if both n9 and n950 use it10:17
locusfI still haven't gotten any word from Sage on someone adopting the n9xx adaptation10:18
locusffilippz: do you want to have it or should someone else take it?10:18
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filippzlocusf: why not you then?10:19
locusffilippz: well sure I could take it too :)10:19
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filippzspeaking of batteries I replaced it on N9 with non OEM one and it's being detected as LI4V2 instead of LI4V35 (4.2V vs 4.35V)10:37
filippzit's capacity is reported to be 1200mAh instead of 1450mAh, and last full capacity remains 0 in bmestat - does anybody have some clue what's wrong?10:39
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tbrfilippz: does it use a 2pin or 3-pin connector?10:50
tbrok, then the 3rd is likely some sort of ID pin. try using a multimeter to measure resistance to the negative pin10:51
filippzall kinds of trouble when 3-rd pin is not there (SIM not being detected, usb cable...)10:51
filippztbr: yay - opening N9 once more :(10:52
filippzI'll compare resistance to previous (OEM) battery10:52
tbrfirst check if it's an ID resistor. the other option is: temperature probe10:52
filippzbmestat reports temperature - so this could be it10:53
tbrdepends, if the phone reports a different battery type then it sounds like resistor10:54
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filippzthat makes sense - thanks tbr :)10:55
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deztructorspiiroin_: it uses upower but I am going to change it to statefs later - we are planning to get get rid of upower to decrease the amount of services (also taking into account that upower sometimes behaves weird - not as the energy management service should behave)11:32
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deztructorand qbatteryinfo (I hope) is not a stable interface - the api is not good11:34
deztructorfilippz: last full capacity is taken only after full recharge cycle and data (iirc) is stored in cal area. And iirc cal area is set to read-only by bootloader on n9 if your kernel is modified11:36
deztructormaybe I forgot smth. but last full capacity can be stored only when device is run under trusted kernel from nokia11:37
deztructorI did some hack with ld preload for libcal to write data to the file11:37
filippzdeztructor: OK, then upower-bme is temporary solution until QBatteryInfo goes statefs way together with mce11:38
filippzN9 with changed battery runs stock kernel and Harmattan, still it's set to 011:39
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filippzalso this explains why my last full capacity under nemo remains stuck11:40
deztructorfilippz: mce has statefs plugin to get powrer info, while spiiroin_ said he should still hack on it11:42
deztructorfilippz: you need to discharge battery to low and charge to full to get this data11:43
filippzdeztructor: does deep discharge count :)11:43
deztructormaybe only full cycle, I can't recall now11:45
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filippzI haven't discharged that battery fully - I'll try that and see - thanks11:48
filippzlocusf, faenil: I suggest we use upower-bme in our ks till both mce and QBatteryInfo start using statefs - no need to PR and find a home on obs for that :)11:49
locusffilippz: okay11:49
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faenillower right corner of my n950 display pixels are dead :( (due to compression during the last journey)17:04
faenilwell, it was bound to happen, sooner or later :)17:04
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faenilcrap, filippz not here17:07
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locusffaenil: does the latest image work or does it require some kernel work?17:12
faeniljust extracted it, now I guess I have to copy the kernel to ubiboot's path :)17:12
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faenillocusf, is this still needed? G_NEMO_INITSCRIPT="\/sbin\/init\ vram\=6m\ omapfb.vram\=0\:6M"17:15
locusffaenil: dunno, I don't use ubiboot17:16
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filippzhello faenil, no luck with n950?17:43
faenilcurrently trying to understand where's the problem17:44
faenilI get black screen after selecting the OS, but not sure if it's ubiboot's fault17:44
faeniland ubiboot logs are not being saved, it seems17:44
filippzfaenil: you may try to compile older kernel version and try with those - let me browse trough commits a bit17:47
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faenilnah not worth it until I know what's failing17:48
filippzhm, anything older than Feb 3rd, 2014  can't be used - no firmware loading for wlan without that17:49
filippzI'll try to clean boardfile (things sepcific to n9) - does that seem reasonable?17:50
faenilI think first I have to get updated logs17:51
faenilubiboot doesn't seem to write its logs atm :/17:51
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filippzsince I2C is not PnP enabled protocol, addresses and busses are hardcoded in board file - bad things can happen if drivers try to write to registers of completely different hw17:52
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faenilfilippz mmm then what's the point of testing on n950? breaking the device? :D18:54
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faenilme haz tha logz \o/20:03
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faenilit fails to initialize display, and a lot of other stuff :)20:04
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faenilfilippz -> SYSTEM journal
faenilUSER journal
faenila looot of issues :D but probably starting from display failure is a valid idea20:10
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faenilfilippz: I can confirm that *at least* the bits you mentioned are not working, i.e. producing errors22:12
faenildisplays are different as well though, that could be what's causing the display failures22:13
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