Sunday, 2015-01-18

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sledgeslocusf: mako doesn't boot (suspected kernel panic) with CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR01:44
sledgesso weird01:44
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locusfsledges: sorry about the mako config mess, I just went and enabled everything :)01:44
locusfdamn, awake at this hour again :/02:33
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sledgeslocusf: no worries, hope i didn't wake you up:p08:54
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locusfsledges: you didn't, I was already awake when you hilighted me :)08:58
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sledgesit's the wrong time of year for polar day in .fi;)09:18
* tbr zombies in09:23
Stskeepsmorn tbr09:24
tbrmoo Stskeeps09:30
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gogetahi guys10:24
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gogetaphdeswer, help me to find a good location for fossdem10:25
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tbrthe main station is a good location, transportation to everywhere10:29
gogetai'm trying to convice my  fiance to travel to belgium10:31
gogetabut she scared about bomb allarm10:31
gogetaand so on ... btw yesterday was another bomb allarm here in rome10:31
tbrwe are all going to die…10:34
tbr…some day10:34
* tbr isn't the least concerned10:35
gogetai'm ready since 12 yr10:36
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phdeswergogeta: No need to be scared really. Moreover those terrorists don't care about FOSDEM ;)10:45
phdeswerBut what kind of stuff would you like to know?10:46
gogetawe are two10:51
gogetame and my gf10:51
gogetaa good place to stay10:51
gogetamy gf is allergic to nuts and origano10:51
Stskeepsgogeta: hotel wise many of us are in
Stskeepsgood location, near public transport10:51
gogetahi Stskeeps10:52
gogetaStskeeps, is cheap ?10:52
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Stskeepsnot terribly, like 75 eur ish per ngiht10:52
gogetasingle ?10:54
Stskeepsno clue what it is for two10:55
Stskeepscheck it out10:55
gogetai'm doing it right now10:55
tbr - same price range or more, breakfast not included10:55
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tbrdid the saturday dinner venue get settled?10:56
tbrwho was on that? sledges?10:56
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lbthey people - I'm probably going to need help sorting out that meal thing11:28
lbtI got a reply :
lbtso up to 50 people - over 15 we need to sort out a menu11:29
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hedayatHi! Is there any VOIP client specifically considered for Nemo?12:47
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tbrhedayat: built in SIP stack12:58
tbrhedayat: supported by the older dialer ootb12:58
hedayattbr: thanks, I suppose that it'll (sooner or later!) be supported in the new dialer too. What is the backend? (I want to check what features it supports, like SIMPLE messaging, NAT traversal, etc).13:00
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phdeswergogeta: have you checked ?13:05
tbrhedayat: it's telepathy + rakia13:06
hedayattbr: thanks13:06
tbrhedayat: it's been working well on the N900 and N9(50) for me13:07
hedayattbr: nice13:09
tbrhedayat: there may be some audio routing things that need to be figured out, at least on the jolla phone it's problematic13:20
hedayattbr: good info. I might start working on it in a near future. However, it seems that XMPP is also a good choice for VOIP. How does it work in Telepathy?13:22
tbrhedayat: telepathy-jingle should work as well13:28
tbrsame possible audio issues13:28
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hedayattbr: Is it related to NAT traversal issues, or something else?13:34
tbrhedayat: what?13:35
hedayattbr: audio routing issues you mentioned13:35
tbrno, audio routing/policy is an on device thing13:35
hedayattbr: is it related to SIP/XMPP issues with NAT traversal?13:35
tbrthat's got nothing to do with network13:35
hedayattbr: ah, OK13:36
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hedayattbr: that's probably good news (as it looks easier to fix); thanks.13:41
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hedayatOksana: morning! (midnight here :P )21:07
faenilmorning :)21:11
faenilhedayat, any luck with wsegl?21:11
hedayatfaenil: morning! :D nope, actually have not spent enough time yet (unfortunately).21:12
faenilok ;)21:12
hedayatHopefully I'll have some time for it this week21:12
hedayatI saw that you've worked on it once. It'd be great if you can provide some info; will help me get started faster.21:13
hedayatMost importantly, about buffer sharing(?!) or whatever can cause crashes :D21:14
hedayat(And, I'm not currently going to work on performance. My first target is crashes in SFOS, which I guess will show up in Nemo sooner or later too)21:15
w00t_for performance, you'd probably want to mirror changes that got made to buffer handling in hybris. they never got done on top of the wsegl, and would help quite a bit21:23
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hedayatw00t_: good suggestion, it probably can also help me better understand what a wayland driver should actually do (and how!).21:25
hedayatAnd what is probably wrong with wsegl, which seems to cause race conditions21:26
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faeniloops, wasn't reading, make sure to highlight me hedayat :D22:00
faenilw00t_, performance in homescreen isn't *that* bad, but when you open an app22:00
faenilomg, it runs in slow-motion mode22:00
faeniltotally unusable22:00
faenilwe're talking about 1fps or similar, here22:01
w00t_wsegl's buffer handling would be my #1 suspect22:03
faenilhedayat, btw, I remember absolutely nothing about wsegl, didn't spend much time on it, just had a look to see if it was trivial to implement vsync22:09
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