Monday, 2015-01-19

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hedayatmorning all06:07
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hedayatStskeeps, thanks :)06:14
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faenilhello world09:11
hedayatlocusf, faenil tbr hi! :)09:25
tbrlo faenil09:31
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locusfphew, 20 images in my thesis13:18
faenillocusf, :D13:20
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locusfwell its Glacier, 3 homescreen images + 17 for components13:23
faenillocusf, still can't believe you're doing your thesis on glacier...13:24
faenilcool :)13:24
locusffaenil: everythings possible in my department :D13:24
faenilgiucam, finally you'll be able to hide the loading cover when the app has actually started :)13:27
giucamfaenil: uh?13:28
faenil(or at least that's the first usage that came to my mind, of the commit you just pushed)13:28
faenildbus method to notify that an app is starting13:28
giucamlol, do you watch the commits pushed in real time? :D13:28
giucambut actually that's to show a cover, not to hide it13:28
faenilof course I do :P I get emails for everything nemo :P13:28
giucamok, but i pushed it less than a minute ago :P13:29
faenilah ok, I thought it was for when an app managed to start successfully, not just that it was trying to load :)13:29
faenilI didn't read the actual code sorry ;)13:29
giucamnp :)13:30
* faenil is watching you, haha13:30
locusfwe really would like that recording pr to be merged :)13:31
giucamfaenil: but, does that mean that you see covers of app that show a surface still in the homescreen?13:31
faenilgiucam, I remember it was happening some time ago, but haven't checked again recently13:32
faenilgiucam, I remember I was under the impression that the cover was just following a timer instead of the actuall app lifecycle13:33
faenilbut don't worry I'll let you know if I notice something similar :)13:33
giucamfaenil: no, when a new surface appears it goes through the loading covers and removes one if it matches with the surface's process13:33
giucamlocusf: ooi, what would you need it for?13:36
locusfgiucam: glacier demos and non-shaky videos for youtube :)13:36
giucamlocusf: ah, that makes sense :)13:37
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locusffaenil: good job about suggestion on bringing nemo mw discussions to public again :)15:12
faenilI've been meaning to do that for many months alraedy, always forgot :P15:12
locusfok :)15:14
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locusffaenil: would you think that for Nemo demos on site someone would like to see Nemo on Jolla?18:08
faenilof course!18:08
locusfok, I'll bring that as well18:09
locusfnow that I've got defice lock implemented in glacier its cool too :)18:09
locusfalthough the device lock is overridden with douple powerkeypress :p18:10
locusfit seems to simulate a quick swipe up18:12
locusfas that shows the unlocking screen on a Jolla18:13
locusfbut in glacier homescreen the unlocking is integrated to lockscreen, ie, the buttons appear when the lock is activated18:14
locusfyou can see the swipe up when douple tapping a little slow on the lockscreen18:15
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faenilgiucam, oh about issues, when I swipe out of apps I usually see a giant cursor arrow flashing on top of one of the covers19:34
faenilas if that cover was displaying a surface with a magnified cursor, before showing the correct image19:35
giucamfaenil: yeah, known19:37
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gogetahi faenil giucam19:45
gogetafaenil, attack of clones
faenilwill look later :)19:47
faenilis it usable?19:47
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gogetatizen with sammy android skin19:47
gogetaalso duchebag can use it19:48
gogetagot also android compatibility layer19:48
gogetagot also android compatibility layer19:48
gogetaI've back on dory19:48
gogetaand i'm crying19:48
gogetalibhybris seems to not work19:48
gogetaevery time i've got a different linking problem19:49
faenil#nemomobile-porters, #sailfishos-porters...19:49
gogetai know19:50
gogetabut i think is a problem with hal from google19:50
gogetai'm not an adroid hal master19:50
gogetaI waiting for lbt speech at fossdem19:50
gogetaif will be recorded by someone19:51
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