Sunday, 2017-04-09

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* SamTelegram[m] uploaded an image: Image_1491705925857.jpg (85KB) -
SamTelegram[m]gave the app selector some breathing space02:44
SamTelegram[m]plus black background for sailfish apps02:44
SamTelegram[m]I'm digging QML02:44
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locusfSam (Telegram): could you make a PR for that?07:22
malmaybe change it first a little so that the second row doesn't overlap with the statusbar?07:52
SergeyChupliginT i recalculate scale factor07:55
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malworks well, much better now08:05
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PabloTelegram[m]Hello everyone!08:43
PabloTelegram[m]Many of you already know me from SFOS fan club. I'm a FOSS fan, SFOS fan and sometimes coder08:44
PabloTelegram[m]good to know there is a nemo group :D08:44
SergeyChupliginTI dont like curent realisation of nemotheme....08:51
malwhat specifically?08:53
EmanueleSorceTelThere is a specific Nemo porting guide?08:54
SergeyChupliginTWhy not load from json without autogenerated code ?08:54
locusf_SfietKonstantinW would know08:55
locusfEmanuele Sorce (Telegram): not yet08:58
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mallocusf: just thinking if we should create some pattern files for nemo which could be used instead of the sailfish ones to build nemo images, so basically the same ones as in sailfish but replace the needed stuff09:21
locusfmal: its been on my todo-list for 3 years now :)09:22
locusfthey used to work09:23
locusfbut since the wayland migration patterns haven't been working09:24
malok, maybe I could try that09:24
malbtw I got dual-sim status bar working, still fixing the pin query09:24
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malsome very strange thing, if I add conditional visibility for those the elements break09:27
malthe signalbars09:27
malthe alignment is off09:27
malabout the settings app for nemo, is there any plan to have plugins like in sailfish to add new entries?09:28
locusfthe middleware itself has the plugin capability09:29
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mallocusf: so I now basically copied the droid-hal-configs repo and adapted it to nemo, mostly patterns but some small renaming in other parts also10:10
locusfmal: ok thanks! any preview?10:11
maljust a moment, I'll push it to github10:13
mallocusf: those are untested still10:20
locusfmal: its ok, thanks for that!10:21
malmight need some cleaning also10:22
eetuTelegram[m]mal, nice!:)10:26
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FabioIsgrTelegraI hope this chan can contribute for a nemo client for telegram and matrix also10:27
TopiasTelegram[mmaybe someday @dr_gogeta8610:34
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TopiasTelegram[mwow, lot's of action going on! @samzn mal, locusf, @neochapay10:34
locusfTopias (Telegram): indeed, its been a while since this much activity :)10:35
TopiasTelegram[mare the new icons added to the OS itself? qwazix?10:35
TopiasTelegram[mlocusf: I wonder if it's because of this UT stuff :D10:36
FabioIsgrTelegrafirst thing ... the ut browser10:36
FabioIsgrTelegrais real gold10:36
TopiasTelegram[mport it for nemo? :D10:36
FabioIsgrTelegraisn't an easy task10:37
locusfbrowser is a major component thats missing10:38
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qwazixTopiasTelegram[m: I'm not sure. locusf should know if they are part of the theme or the app packages (both maybe?)10:39
locusfqwazix: does the rasterization script work?10:40
locusfthose are the old ones10:41
locusfI'll push directly new ones10:41
qwazixlocusf: it should work if you have inkscape installed10:41
locusfI do have it10:42
qwazixit's for use by the committer not on-device10:42
qwazixalso I did run it so the png's should be alright as in the pull request10:42
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NeKitTelegram[m]is it based on Gecko?10:44
qwazixand wildcards work too so you can *.svg10:44
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mallocusf: also message app would be needed for basic usage10:47
locusfdialer status is unknown, not sure it works at all anymore10:47
locusfmal: yes10:47
eetuTelegram[m]@Dax89 was interested portin web pirate to nemo last time when we talked :)10:48
malthose are things that really need to exist10:48
eetuTelegram[m]Maybe we should ask him if he is still :)10:48
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TopiasTelegram[mwebpirate uses the qtwebkit... it's not very good imo11:01
TopiasTelegram[mwhy not just port the sailfish browser?11:01
TopiasTelegram[mit's open source after all11:02
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TopiasTelegram[malthough a chromium base would be nice11:03
PabloTelegram[m]it uses qtwebkit because that's what was available11:07
PabloTelegram[m]I think he had already everything ready for webengine11:07
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TopiasTelegram[myeah, I know11:37
TopiasTelegram[mqt webengine you mean?11:37
TopiasTelegram[mbut does Sailfish have that yet?11:38
TopiasTelegram[mthere's also the Sailfish webview11:38
PabloTelegram[m]Reply to Topias (Telegram):11:44
PabloTelegram[m]>qt webengine you mean?11:44
PabloTelegram[m]Reply to Topias (Telegram):11:45
PabloTelegram[m]>but does Sailfish have that yet?11:45
PabloTelegram[m]not yet, but it is in latest qt versions11:45
PabloTelegram[m]so I understand it looked likely to arrive to SFOS sooner or later11:45
TopiasTelegram[mI though Qt 5.6 was supposed to have it11:45
PabloTelegram[m]I don't know11:45
TopiasTelegram[mmuch of the hype was around it11:45
TopiasTelegram[mit should11:46
TopiasTelegram[mbut maybe it might be one of the things Jolla left out of the update11:46
tbr doesn't have it built11:49
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SamTelegram[m]locusf: what is a PR12:35
SamTelegram[m]Ah, push request12:35
locusfSam (Telegram): its a pull request12:35
SamTelegram[m]Later, I want to finish polishing other ui elements from lipstick12:36
SamTelegram[m]And I'll send it all in a big request12:36
mallocusf: I'll test the dialer later today to see if it work anymore12:36
SamTelegram[m]I'd touch the status bar but I'll wait for the changes ppl are making to it12:44
malwhat do you want to change in it?12:44
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SamTelegram[m]I haven't evaluated but I'd like to make elements more balanced and weighted12:46
malI'll try to fix the dual-sim and pin query today, otherwise I won't modify it, you can do some testing already12:47
eetuTelegram[m]@neochapay was also working with statusbar :)12:53
SergeyChupliginTReply to eetu (Telegram):12:57
SergeyChupliginT>@neochapay was also working with statusbar :)12:57
SergeyChupliginTWork hard code hard die i can convert QJsonObject to QObject..?12:57
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SamTelegram[m]How do I get the current PPI value for the screen on nemo or sailfish?13:42
SamTelegram[m]I need to do some calculations13:42
SamTelegram[m]Also are values input by qml13:42
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SergeyChupliginTReply to Sam (Telegram):13:45
SergeyChupliginT>How do I get the current PPI value for the screen on nemo or sailfish?13:45
SamTelegram[m]Nice :)13:48
malI think for apps there should be some predefined font sizes like small, medium, large etc13:56
malthis would be automatically scaled13:56
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TopiasTelegram[mI could look into the app grid or notifications14:37
TopiasTelegram[manyone working on those?14:37
malis there something wrong with app grid? I assume you mean the one with app icons for starting those14:44
malnotification view needs some improvement14:45
mallocusf: the layout of dialer is badly broken, I'll try to fix it15:01
mallocusf: but calls work correctly anyway15:03
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locusfmal: ok good15:07
mallocusf: is there any design to improve the appearance of the dialer?15:13
locusfthere used to be15:13
locusfqwazix: made some specs about it15:13
TopiasTelegram[mmal: it's mainly the icons15:14
TopiasTelegram[mafter the new icons have been pushed, I could work on the spacing since that needs some adjustments with the new icons.15:15
SamTelegram[m]I'm so glad work is being pushed to nemo :)15:15
SamTelegram[m]The N9 deserved a worthy successor15:15
TopiasTelegram[mForwarded from Topias (Telegram):15:15
TopiasTelegram[m>To drive this common base forward, I have created a new group @libhybris to advance this idea. The purpose of this new group is to research how this common base could be implemented as well as drive efforts in bringing this proposition forward in each involved mobile OSs.15:15
TopiasTelegram[mForwarded from Marius Gripsgard (Telegram):15:15
TopiasTelegram[m>Me (ubports) and @bhushanshah (plasma) had the idea if we could work all together on a common Android+libhybris+kernel base under a separate common banner? This way we can enable much more devices together. I really think this can benefit us all. Is this something sailfish would be interested in discussing with us?15:16
TopiasTelegram[mnemo related too15:16
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mallocusf: I get a lot of this kind of error from dialer "file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/QtQuick/Controls/Styles/Base/ToolButtonStyle.qml:79:13: QML Image: Failed to get image from provider: image://theme/icon-m-telephony-contact-avatar"15:25
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malok, I was missing some themes15:38
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mallocusf: receiving calls doesn't work it seems15:55
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qwazixSamTelegram[m], re app-switcher: not to be anal here but I think we should stick to the spec if we are to create something consistent. Not because I designed it (that part was done by hurrian) but we won't get anywhere if we keep changing things we've already finished. Unless something is terrible, I'd say we shouldn't look back.17:06
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qwazixBesides the need to not change everything all the time, I really don't mind the space around the apps, but the rounded corners are something we haven't used anywhere else. There were some in the initial design and we removed them for consistency17:08
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TopiasTelegram[mwell then, space around the apps but no rounded corners?17:10
TopiasTelegram[mqwazix, could you perhaps push the new images to
qwazixTopiasTelegram[m, I vote for reverting back to the original spec due to the reason I said in the first comment. However I don't object to space, but I'd like a PR for that in the specs repo too. Changing directly downstream is not good practice.17:13
qwazixYou mean the icons?17:13
qwazixYes I can17:13
TopiasTelegram[mqwazix: ok you're right, change the spec first is best practice17:14
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qwazixTopiasTelegram[m, yep. Otherwise unexpected things happen. For example, as it is now when long pressed it is specified that the windows zoom out a bit to denote the new "edit" state. This should have to change if the windows are already zoomed out.17:19
qwazixTopiasTelegram[m, locusf ERROR: Permission to nemomobile-ux/nemo-theme-glacier.git denied to qwazix.17:21
qwazixmal, text sizes here:
locusfqwazix: I added write permissions, please try again17:24
qwazixlocusf, thanks17:24
malqwazix: yes, but we need to implement those17:25
qwazixlocusf, TopiasTelegram[m,
qwazixmal, ah okay, I thought you meant design-time sizes17:26
qwazix(just catching up with backlog)17:26
malqwazix: was there some design for dialer app?17:26
locusfand merged17:27
malqwazix: do you have objections for not following spec in case of statusbar for dual-sim devices, so just duplicating the existing signal bars and network indicator?17:28
qwazixmal, not really but we should fix the spec too. Will do now. Do you have screenshots?17:29
malqwazix: it's still a work in progress but I'll get one17:29
qwazixmal, I'm leaning towards putting the second signal on the right side, for symmetry. What do you think?17:30
qwazixAnd removing the nfc icon if 2 sims are there in order to make space17:30
malqwazix: not sure about that, the way the signal bar and network indicator are now is not very good, too much spacing, those could be quite close17:31
malactually the implementation does not exactly match the spec17:33
eetuTelegram[m]+1 for following original spec, I like it and why to do same work twice :D17:33
SergeyChupliginTqwazix i move statusbar to top
qwazixSergeyChupliginT, come on guys let17:35
qwazix's not do random things without discussion17:35
TopiasTelegram[m@neochapay I think that is also not aligned with the spec. It's a bad decision on UX standpoint too17:36
TopiasTelegram[mqwazix: agreed17:36
qwazixthe status bar was at the bottom because it is not visible at all times, and it's easy to peek it when in an app17:36
SergeyChupliginTbut if we use buttom statusbar we dont see half of info17:37
malwhat do you mean?17:37
SergeyChupliginTIf i put phone in hand i block up my thumb right bottom screen part17:39
SergeyChupliginTlook at that picture17:41
qwazixExactly. we shouldn't put the *clickable* status bar where it's hard to click17:41
qwazixAlso peeking should be neither stretching nor hard17:42
qwazixOn the other OS's the status bar is always visible and non-interactive so it makes sense to be up there. I nemo it's interactive and hidden so it makes sense to be on the bottom.17:43
qwazixWe also want to avoid people accidentally closing apps (down swipe) because they are used to dragging the status bar down17:44
* SergeyChupliginT uploaded an image: Image_1491759915404.jpg (118KB) -
SergeyChupliginTCant tuch17:44
* SergeyChupliginT uploaded an image: Image_1491759945727.jpg (108KB) -
SergeyChupliginTCan toch17:44
malmaybe it's just me but I can touch both17:45
qwazixThis contradicts the earlier image you posted, and in my opinion, logic. If it were true nobody could use the android soft buttons17:45
eetuTelegram[m]I don't want to be dick and all the work what has been done towards nemo/glacier is super awesome, but I think we should follow specs that design leader has done to us :D Then we wouldn't do unnecessary work :)17:45
eetuTelegram[m]Reply to Sergey Игоревич Chupligin (Telegram):17:46
eetuTelegram[m]>qwazix i move statusbar to top
eetuTelegram[m]Settings look awesome! :P17:46
qwazixeetuTelegram[m], I'd also like to add that I haven't done them and threw them over the wall, we've had lengthy discussions with both developers and designers17:47
SergeyChupliginTReply to eetu (Telegram):17:47
SergeyChupliginT>I don't want to be dick and all the work what has been done towards nemo/glacier is super awesome, but I think we should follow specs that design leader has done to us :D Then we wouldn't do unnecessary work :)17:47
SergeyChupliginTOk :) But when we start create Glacier UX 2.0 I will insist on top statusbar :)17:47
qwazixand I'm looking forward to discuss the millions of things we haven't yet specced. So it's not that the fun has finished.17:48
qwazixSergeyChupliginT, I will gladly discuss it then, but let's finish 1.0 first17:48
eetuTelegram[m]@neochapay haha :D17:49
SergeyChupliginTOkay on next week i will end scaling and put it on glacier homescreen17:49
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qwazixmal, we'll have to either make the network name 2-char or remove 2 other icons to fit 2nd signal. I'm leaning towards 2-char what do you think?17:54
malqwazix: at least on my display all fit there17:56
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malqwazix: does it really even need the operator name there all the time?18:01
qwazixGenerally no (we just put it there because back then everybody had it somewhere and I supposed it was some kind of regulatory obligation) but for dual sim maybe it's useful18:02
qwazixalso 2-char doesn't take space at all as it18:03
qwazix's shorter than 3.5(G)18:03
malqwazix: those texts could be even smaller18:06
qwazixhow about ?18:06
qwazixI like your implementation too. If it's easier I say leave it, just make the text smaller18:07
malfirst of all we could make the signal bars a bit narrower18:08
NeKitTelegram[m]time output is confusing18:10
qwazixmal, as it is in rect5066.png everything fits so that the spacings are all constants. If we move/resize anything we'll have to introduce hardcoded spacings. Except if we make the bars smaller to fit the third letter of the operator18:11
malqwazix: hmm, needs some thinking18:12
qwazixmal, pick and choose :P
qwazixjust let me know to update the spec accordingly18:17
qwazixgtg, see ya later18:18
malqwazix: I'll do some testing to see how those could be implemented and decide based on that18:19
malbut to me the bottom two are the best18:19
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SamTelegram[m]@neochapay digging that statusbar21:01
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AndreaBernabeifaGlad to see some action22:34
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