Wednesday, 2018-07-11

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locusfare those device specific?07:19
NeoChapaylocusf: no...for all07:24
NeoChapayon some device it's make by init.rc ... but if you don't have it - you have problem...07:25
locusfyep good08:02
locusfits done now08:02
NeoChapaynow i not understand why my devboard turn off when lipstick turn of display08:03
NeoChapaywhere mce store own configs ?08:28
locusfit was some weird gconf place08:43
NeoChapaymaybe add default values to /var/lib/mce/builtin-gconf.values ?08:50
NeoChapayOh yea! We have boostable applications !!!12:00
malNeoChapay: just a suggestion, maybe the "Requires:   mapplauncherd-booster-nemomobile" could be in libglacierapp and not in all apps separately?15:54
malnot sure if that would be logical15:55
malNeoChapay: also for example libsailfishapp has automatic boostable support
T4<neochapay> @mal [NeoChapay: just a suggestion, maybe the "Requi …], app needed invoker with nemomobile type support16:26
T4<neochapay> mal look in .desktop file16:28
T4<K31j0> I got my N900 back from board swap, geez, why did nokia die, they had a complete linux-based platform that didn't use java when Android was barely usable16:32
T4<K31j0> Anyone got a clue how to flash it? I need to wipe the eMMC, because the board was salvaged from some german wreckage16:32
T4<neochapay> (Photo, 960x1280)
T4<neochapay> work well :)16:40
mal@neochapay can't that be handled in libglacierapp? if not then that's probably ok17:10
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T4<neochapay> will be better if requres will be only in lib...i will fix it17:55

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