Thursday, 2018-07-12

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NeoChapayNow we can`t build selfbuilded image for nemomobile08:29
NeoChapayrepo problem: nothing provides obexd-calldata-provider needed by droid-config-hammerhead-1+master.20180220101458.1f0e3db-1.2.10.armv7hl08:29
NeoChapayobexd-calldata-provider is proprioritary package08:29
NeoChapayAnd it hardcored here
malwe probably need custom submodule for nemo10:27
NeoChapayoh...i don't like forks....10:31
malNeoChapay: well then you can hack around it by making some package provide that, for example add "Provides: obexd-calldata-provider" to droid-config-$DEVICE.spec10:42
malor somewhere else10:42
malNeoChapay: I have done that for other packages like this
NeoChapaymal: hm......nice idea11:08
NeoChapaycan you help me with i18n? Add plz another keyboard here
NeoChapayWith merge requirest11:31
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