Saturday, 2018-08-25

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Leif_EriksonMy company plans a smartphone with a pre-installed alternative to Android and iOS.16:19
Leif_EriksonSailfish OS is one of the candidates OS. But we also think about Nemo Mobile, because we heared, that the Nemo Mobile community is working on a convergenc euse case.16:20
Leif_EriksonThis convergence use case would be implemented with Glacier UI16:21
Leif_EriksonIs it possible to install Nemo mobile on a Sailfish OS? I would check the status of NEmo Mobile.16:22
Leif_EriksonIs it true, that the Glacier UI does or will support a convergence use case?16:22
T4<neochapay> Yes you can but Nemo not ready to everyday use16:22
T4<neochapay> It's still in alpha16:23
Leif_EriksonIs the status comparable to Plasma Mobile and Postmarket OS? The core phone features are not working on that plattforms, yet.16:24
T4<neochapay> @Leif_Erikson [Is the status comparable to Plasma Mobile and …], On Nemo you can call and read sms send not working16:26
Leif_EriksonAre there builds for Sailfish devices like Intex Aqua Fish, Accione or Xperia X? In the Wiki, I only was builds for a very old Nokia device.16:27
Leif_Eriksoni would like to test Nemo Mobile.16:33
T4<neochapay> @Leif_Erikson [i would like to test Nemo Mobile.], You can install Nemo on all sailfishos device16:41
T4<samzn> Hey, don't call the N9 old 😞16:41
Leif_EriksonI only saw N900. Is that the same device?16:42
T4<samzn> Nemo Wiki needs some urgent updates16:42
Leif_EriksonDo I have to build the source code for a Sailfish device? I didn't find an installation guide in the Wiki.16:43
T4<samzn> There are prebuilt packages on the openrepos store, not sure how up to date they are though16:44
T4<neochapay> Read this16:44
T4<neochapay> Fwd from neochapay:
Leif_EriksonT4: Thanks, I will do.16:48
Leif_EriksonDoes someone know , that the people behind Glacier plan to support a convergence use case?16:49
Leif_Eriksonsomeone told me in a Telegram group.16:50
T4<samzn> I don't think so, but I had filled a issue on nemo bugtracker before I was involved in development asking for it16:50
T4<samzn> And seems like lipstick has all resources to support it16:51
Leif_EriksonT4: Unfortuantely we have only a 5x developer device, some Intex Aqua Fish, Wiley Fox and Fairphones. But we could order a Nexus 516:52
Leif_EriksonT4: Do you tvink. Maybe Jolla can help us. We are already in contact with them, but they couldn't tell us any implementation approach yet.16:53
T4<samzn> I have a lot of ideas on my head on how to support that properly16:55
T4<samzn> Just haven't found the proper time to put them on paper16:55
T4<samzn> There's a lot that we can borrow from Unity 8 and Plasma Mobile to support that16:55
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r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: do you have a ux design for convergence?18:12
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Yes, we have design and on the conceptual level for a different UX for both mobile and desktop.19:30
T4<neochapay> You can publish it ?19:31
T4<neochapay> Just send it on chat and we will think about it19:31
Leif_EriksonTverefore we think of contributing to Nemo Mobile with Glacier. But, if Nemo Mobile needs too much effort to bring it on a stable release we may modify Sailfish.19:32
Leif_EriksonT4: it's a long paper. We are currently in the first prototype stage to evaluate the concept with a focus group.19:34
Leif_EriksonIn addition we use this stage for a technical feasabiliy study. Therefore I'm looking for a way to drmonstrate tve convergence use case.19:35
Leif_EriksonSo I've two questions:19:35
Leif_Erikson1. How to install Nemo Mobile?19:35
Leif_Erikson2. How could a convercence use case be implemented?19:36
Leif_EriksonIf the Glacier team is working on tvat, we could share ressources.19:36
Leif_EriksonWe first will simulate the new mobile UX with an app.19:38
Leif_EriksonThe convergence use case is an open challenge.19:38
Leif_EriksonJolla told us, that full Linux apos shoulf run on Sailfish, if they are build for Waylanf.19:39
Leif_EriksonThe "desktop" is the real challange.19:40
T4<NotKit> <Leif_Erikson> 1. How to install Nemo Mobile? - you can currently try it on Sailfish port with link provided by neochapay19:41
T4<NotKit> as for full Linux apps, they should run, but beware that lipstick compositor isn't tailored for that and Sailfish userspace is a bit ancient compared to what desktop distros have now19:42
Leif_EriksonT4: Unfortunately the linked article describes an i.stallation for Nexus 5. I eill try to buy this device on ebay.19:46
Leif_EriksonI also found Glacier UX on Open Repos. I will read the article and check wether the Sailfish implementation of Lipdtick can be replaced by Glacier on a developer device.19:47
Leif_EriksonBut Nemo Mobile has also different badic apps, hadn't it?19:48
T4<NotKit> Leif_Erikson, this will work on any other device with Sailfish19:48
Leif_EriksonThey are not part of Glacier, aren't they?19:49
T4<NotKit> like Aqua Fish or Nexus 5X19:49
Leif_EriksonT4: Good news. Thanks.19:50
Leif_EriksonBack to the convergence use case. We are also talking witv KDE and UBPorts fozndation, but Nemo and Sailfish have a great usabiliy.19:51
Leif_EriksonAnd I line the ideas for Glacier, that are linked in the Wiki.19:51
Leif_EriksonAn one hint in a Telecram grozp, the the Glacier team is working on convercence has motivated me to find tvese develipers.19:53
Leif_EriksonWhat do you thing about a boout camp to bring Nemo developers together. Our company cozld host one.19:54
Leif_EriksonSorry for my typos. I'm currently usring my phone.19:59
r0kk3rzubports already has convergence no?20:43
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Yes. implementing the UI with Unity8 Shell and QtMir on UBPorts would the other option, thaz we evaluate.21:38
Leif_EriksonThe mobile UX of Sailfish is on tve other hand much better.21:40
Leif_EriksonIt would require just some customisation.21:40
Leif_EriksonThere is the advanced gesture control, minimized apps for the overview, trancparency and minimalistic UI21:42
Leif_EriksonAfter I switched to Sailfish also for my productive phone iOS and Android feels anachronistic.21:43
T4<samzn> TDesktop already runs beautifuly on sailfish, pure linux application 🙂21:44
T4<samzn> I will publish my design docs for Glacier Manhattan asap so we could discuss both of them21:45
T4<samzn> Are you with a company?21:45
Leif_EriksonT4: TDesktop? Sounds interesting. on Open Repos? Is it an approach of a parallel installation, that shares services like accounts, addressbooj, etc?21:47
Leif_EriksonT4: Yes, we will pevelop a Smartphone with a pre-installed iOS and Android alternative for the European market.21:48
Leif_EriksonT4: I just searched for TDesktop. It's the Telegramm app.21:52
Leif_EriksonI'm looking forward to see the Glacier concepts.21:53

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