Sunday, 2018-08-26

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MikaelaT4 is now storing Telegram attachments for 24 hours, but I cannot make any stability or uptime or anything promises, I am not paid for this or anything, and I may not be able to remove confidential accidental uploads immediately, so please refrain from making those.12:47
T4<samzn> That's awesome, thanks Mikaela12:54
T4<samzn> Leif_Erikson: Yes, openrepos has applications outside the store12:54
T4<faenil> that's great, thanks a lot Mikaela12:56
Leif_EriksonHiello again. I would like to take the convergence use case again. Yesterday someone suggested a lipstick implementation.15:55
Leif_EriksonI would like to play around with the API to find a solution.15:55
T4<samzn> Yes, as far as I know Lipstick has the foundation to work with a second display, but nothing has made use of it yet15:55
Leif_EriksonHere is an example project, you all may already know:
Leif_EriksonHow can I build, deploy and run this project?15:56
T4<samzn> I'd advise you to try the latest lipstick for nemo15:57
T4<samzn> To build and deploy it you simply build the project then reload lipstick15:57
Leif_EriksonI wasn't able to build the project with the Sailfish SDK because of missing libraries.15:57
T4<samzn> Let me check what I can advice you on that15:58
Leif_EriksonI assume, that I need to usr the platform SDK, but the platform SDK is not convenient for UI development.15:58
T4<samzn> I just use the standard Sailfish SDK, on Windows even and it works all fine15:59
T4<samzn> It's really solid15:59
Leif_EriksonI like to code and test in small steps, in particular, if I have to learn the capabilities of lipdtick.15:59
r0kk3rzunder the covers the sailfish app sdk uses the platform sdk anyway16:00
Leif_EriksonI like the SDK based on Qt creator.16:00
r0kk3rzif you need extra libraries, you might need to add an additional repo to the sb2 target in the build vm16:00
r0kk3rzbut for lipstick, surely everything needed is in the repos already16:01
Leif_EriksonIf I try to build the project, the lipstick librarie and the test library was missing.16:01
r0kk3rzthis is with a spec file, or no16:02
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Sounds promising. I may post the build error here.16:02
Leif_EriksonHere is a thread with the error message:
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: tbh i suggest you track down w00t and talk to him about what you want to do, hes one of the original authors of lipstick16:04
r0kk3rzand general all round qt wizard16:05
T4<eekkelund> Leif_Erikson, you might want to try this glacier one, perhaps? …
T4<samzn> You need to build the core lipstick component (It's on gitlab, I think?) and then glacier-home16:07
T4<samzn> Glacier is currently taking massive and incredible changes so don't fret if things look out of place right now :))16:08
Leif_EriksonT4: Sure. As I said: Someone told me, that the Glacier team is already working on the convergence use casr.16:08
r0kk3rzyou should be able to just install lipstick-qt5 from the menu16:08
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: without knowing who said that, or who they were talking about, id probably just ignore that16:08
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Leally? Sounds good. I'll try it.16:09
T4<samzn> There have been ideas but nothing that has went into production yet16:09
r0kk3rzyeah theres nothing ive seen beyond the 'yeah that sounds cool' stage16:09
Leif_EriksonT4: Ok, maybe there are some synergies. We will defenitely investigate in this use case and would like to share results.16:11
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Thanks for the hint of the contact. I think it's an IRC nickname, isn't it?16:12
r0kk3rzit is16:12
r0kk3rzbut this is who im talking about, theres an email there -
r0kk3rzhe can sometimes be found around #mer16:13
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Valuable hint. Thanks. I asseme he is working at Jolla?16:16
r0kk3rzused to16:18
r0kk3rzno longer16:18
Leif_EriksonAccording the example project: I learned from tve messages above, that it should be able to build, deploy and run it within the Sailfish SDK based on Qt Creater, shoudn't it?16:32
r0kk3rzit helps if you have the spec files though16:33
Leif_EriksonHow can I add the missing libraries like testlib? I tvink have to build and link them somehow.16:33
Leif_EriksonYou mean this?
r0kk3rzthats a .pro file :P16:35
Leif_EriksonThe readme file says, that Lipstick has to be installed. In a message above I learned, that I should be able to install lipstick from the menu of Qt Creator for Sailfish, correct?16:37
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Wh16:40
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Ups. I pressed enter too early.16:41
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Which spec file do you mean?16:41
r0kk3rzwell, if you have a spec file for the thing you're trying to build, it will pull in the build dependencies for you16:42
r0kk3rzand will generally be easier to deploy16:42
Leif_EriksonThe example pojeject in Github doesn't contain a spec file. I will have a look at Qt Creator. Maybe the spec file was automaticalky created after the import.16:43
r0kk3rzit wont be16:45
r0kk3rzthat example project is quite old16:45
r0kk3rzno idea if it even still works16:46
Leif_EriksonOk, so I have to create one. Is it comparable with Maven?16:46
r0kk3rzmaven? wut16:47
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Any suggestion for a "playground" project?16:47
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Yes, many years I developed with Java.16:49
T4<samzn> Working with Qt is the comfiest experience in my life16:59
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Leif_EriksonT4: Beyond Java I worked with Objective-C. Qt with Phyton is great, simple and fast forward.19:01

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