Monday, 2018-10-01

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T4<neochapay> okay...roadmap: in first - minimal functionality of smart phone : calling - sms/mms photo - gallery - contacts - settings applications06:59
T4<neochapay> now we can't calling06:59
T4<neochapay> and i can't send sms06:59
T4<neochapay> instalations and seif builded images not first task07:00
T4<neochapay> but easy instalation over sfos is good task07:00
T4<neochapay> @locusf configm PR plz08:25
T4<akaWolf> @neochapay [but easy instalation over sfos is good task], what do you mean by «easy installation over SFOS»?11:38
T4<neochapay> @akaWolf [what do you mean by «easy installation over SF …], Create some script for install or application :)11:41
T4<akaWolf> you mean automatization of instructions here: ?11:42
T4<neochapay> yeap11:42
T4<akaWolf> good idea11:43
T4<akaWolf> I found roadmap here:
T4<akaWolf> @neochapay can you actialize info at this page?11:45
T4<akaWolf> should it all be deleted or moved as done11:46
T4<akaWolf> I dont know such details11:46
T4<meierrom> Did I get it right, that Nemo/Glacier is not working on all sfos devices?12:01
T4<meierrom> e.g. it doesn't work well on xperia x.12:01
T4<akaWolf> why do you think so?12:02
T4<neochapay> @meierrom [e.g. it doesn't work well on xperia x.], Work == Starting12:03
T4<akaWolf> if you think so my wiki edits was not good enough...12:03
T4<neochapay> it`s not work well becouse it`s still in alpha12:03
T4<akaWolf> yeah, that's not about specific device12:04
T4<akaWolf> that's about common status of Nemo12:04
T4<akaWolf> @akaWolf [I found roadmap here: https://wiki.merproject. …], is pretty old, don't look here yet, we will edit this page12:05
r0kk3rz@meierrom: define 'doesn't work well', videos are always good too if you have strange issues12:05
T4<meierrom> So I should be ok with any sfos device which is officially supported or has a good port like mido, fp2, nexus 5, etc, right?12:10
r0kk3rzjust make sure its up to date12:12
T4<meierrom> Nexus 5 is really old, scorpion and fp2 about 3a old. Quite many old-timers out there :))12:18
r0kk3rzby 'up to date' i mean the latest sailfish os12:19
r0kk3rznot when the device was released12:19
T4<meierrom> Ok, I get you now!12:19
malwith the modern hardware 3 years is not really that old anymore, there is more than enough processing power and also quite reasonable amount of memory12:21
r0kk3rzi certainly dont want for anything on the scorpion tab12:24
Leif_EriksonHello Nemo friends. I had to recover my developer device, because I have updated the system to After reboot the device did show just a black screen with a white dot in the upper left corner.14:02
Leif_EriksonAfter recovering the phone up to release again, I tried to reinstall Glacier UX. But I get the following error:14:04
Leif_Erikson- [ ] Fehler bei Installation: Fatal error: nothing provides needed by lipstick-glacier-home-qt5-0.27.7-55.2.Nemo.UX.MTF.armv7hl14:04
Leif_EriksonHow do I have to prepare the development device for an installation, that is described in the Mer wiki.14:06
Leif_EriksonI used this steps to install Glacier UX:
malthe prebuilt glacier UX packages are built against unless you use the target as I instructed before14:16
Leif_EriksonThen I'M wondering, why I have a black screen with
Leif_EriksonI used the following steps:14:22
Leif_Erikson1. pkcon install --only-download lipstick-jolla-home-qt514:23
Leif_Erikson2. ssu ar nemo-devel-ux
Leif_Erikson3. pkcon refresh14:23
Leif_Erikson4. pkcon install lipstick-glacier-home-qt514:23
Leif_Erikson5. systemctl --user restart lipstick14:23
r0kk3rzgather logs and find out14:24
malyou need to check journalctl output14:24
Leif_EriksonIs this a log file? Where can I find this log file?14:25
r0kk3rzits not really a file14:26
malit's a command14:27
r0kk3rzgoogle journalctl14:27
akaWolfhey man14:27
akaWolfit's confirmed bug14:27
akaWolfthere is PR already to fix that14:28
akaWolfLeif_Erikson: just wait when PR will be merged14:29
T4<locusf> aaand its merged14:29
malbuild will take a moment14:29
T4<locusf> I didn't know it was a fix to that14:30
akaWolfthen he can just zypper ref?14:30
T4<locusf> because @neochapay always has so very descriptive with his pr messages14:30
T4<locusf> hope so14:30
T4<locusf> it will break earlier versions now though14:30
maldifficult to say when we don't have any journalctl output14:30
akaWolfanyway you need version to work14:30
mal@locusf I think we don't have to care too much about old versions14:31
akaWolfyeah think so also14:31
malunless someone uses some older community port of sailfish which doesn't have latest sailfish14:31
r0kk3rzeverything on obs is built against latest target14:33
r0kk3rzim not sure it would work that far back anyway14:33
r0kk3rzevidently it doesnt install with 2.1.4 which isnt that old14:34
malr0kk3rz: at least it built against 2.1.414:36
malbut that is runtime requirement14:37
malwe'll see14:37
T4<meierrom> @samzn: I found out that Microsoft’s Calibri comes really close to Nokia Pure, which is proprietary as well. Anyway, did you have a closer look at Open Sans?15:50
vknechtthere's this new font, in case you like it...
T4<neochapay> @meierrom [@samzn: I found out that Microsoft’s Calibri c …], Why not Ubuntu font ?16:20
T4<NotKit> @vknecht [there's this new font, in case you like it... …], beware that there are more characters than just Latin latters in languages around the world16:23
vknechtah yes16:24
T4<NotKit> no cyrillics in that one for example, just as in KDE Oxygen font :(16:25
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T4<samzn> nokia patents for tablet ui16:43
T4<samzn> (Photo, 1019x729)
T4<samzn> Heh, it works almost exactly how I have envisioned16:44
T4<samzn> @locusf does Nemo have rights to use MeeGo patents since it was pretty much a sister project form it?16:48
T4<locusf> @samzn [@locusf does Nemo have rights to use MeeGo pat …], I've got no idea, I wouldn't touch patents with a 15 foot stick16:50
T4<samzn> To do patent avoidance is pretty easy though, it's nice to look at some of those for inspiration16:51
T4<samzn> I am writing my proposal for Manhattan right now and I'm seeing if there's anything that cites Nokia's swipe UI, since every competitor that copies it puts some patent avoidance on it in some way16:52
T4<akaWolf> Btw, will it be against devel brach of glacier-home?16:57
T4<samzn> Not sure yet, I'd want something me and neochapay can collaborate together16:58
T4<akaWolf> @locusf what about twitter acc? :)17:00
T4<akaWolf> @samzn [Not sure yet, I'd want something me and neocha …], That would be great! Will you discuss it here?17:02
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