Thursday, 2019-01-31

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hackersgameIs there interest in run Nemo on the Librem 5?14:11
T4<avbdr> Hey guys. What is the smallest phone where Nemo is properly working?14:30
T4<avbdr> I gave up on Nokia n9 :)14:30
T4<akaWolf> look at Sailfish OS phones14:33
T4<akaWolf> you should be able to run Nemo at the phones, where you can run SFOS14:34
T4<avbdr> Hoped to hear a recommendation from the experienced guys :)14:35
T4<locusf> make your own14:38
T4<akaWolf> just pick a device, which have good sfos port14:38
T4<locusf> you can use rpi214:38
T4<locusf> or rpi314:39
T4<akaWolf> and install Nemo on it14:39
T4<neochapay> @hackersgame [Is there interest in run Nemo on the Librem 5?], Yeap14:42
T4<avbdr> thank you guys14:42
T4<inkyfromthetape> @locusf [you can use rpi2], wow, i have rpi2. where is the port? and, i also need a development environment for ARM. i took images from sfos sdk, two images, but the binaries in those are intel. and no compilers inside.14:44
T4<inkyfromthetape> no -devel.rpm packages.14:45
T4<inkyfromthetape> so i dont get it. i need an arm image.14:45
T4<locusf> its been a while since I did the port though14:45
T4<inkyfromthetape> hmmm. so no latest qt? if i compile something on it, will it run on modern system?14:46
T4<locusf> you don't have arm image per se in sfos sdk14:46
T4<inkyfromthetape> how do i get it?14:46
T4<locusf> you use scratchbox2 for compiling stuff14:46
T4<inkyfromthetape> yes, but scratchbox mounts images, and uses binfmt for chroot.14:47
T4<inkyfromthetape> right?14:47
T4<locusf> yeah14:47
T4<inkyfromthetape> so it should have an arm image. to chroot and compile.14:47
T4<locusf> its a target in this case14:47
T4<locusf> a simple rootfs tarball14:47
T4<inkyfromthetape> aaa14:47
T4<inkyfromthetape> i need that rootfs tarball.14:47
T4<inkyfromthetape> how do i get it?14:47
T4<locusf> sb2 is used to hack with it14:47
T4<inkyfromthetape> i can hack with it without sb2.14:47
T4<locusf> its inside the sdk already14:47
T4<inkyfromthetape> what is the name, do you know?14:48
T4<inkyfromthetape> because i was searching for .vdi images.14:48
T4<inkyfromthetape> and that wasn't what i need.14:48
T4<locusf> its usually named SailfishOS-<version>-armv7hl14:48
T4<locusf> mb2 I meant14:49
T4<inkyfromthetape> thank you. i have asked a friend to install platform sdk, because on my gentoo system there is no mesa, compiled with wayland support, and installer for some reason linked to that library. i don't want to recompile my mesa, so i asked a friend who has debian to get .vdi files for me. i'll ask him to find SailfishOS-<version>-armv714:50
T4-hl files.14:50
T4<locusf> also https://sailpi.wordpress.com14:52
T4<locusf> that should help you get started14:52
T4<inkyfromthetape> aaa thank you!14:52
T4<inkyfromthetape> can i, do you think, install qt-devel packages on it?14:52
T4<inkyfromthetape> because, i tried on device14:52
T4<inkyfromthetape> and pkcon said14:52
T4<inkyfromthetape> it'll break your device14:52
T4<inkyfromthetape> and refused to install -devel packages.14:52
T4<locusf> makes sense because the real devices are all libhybris based14:53
T4<locusf> and to get the devel packages you'd need to give out the EGL/GL source code for the android drivers in order to use the headers there14:53
T4<locusf> mesa headers work fine though since they are binary compatible anyway14:54
T4<locusf> if you link with the libhybris versions14:54
T4<inkyfromthetape> please, when you have time, upgrade the image to sfos314:57
T4<inkyfromthetape> or btw14:58
T4<inkyfromthetape> if i use nemo image, the program will run under sfos right?14:58
T4<locusf> umm nope14:58
T4<locusf> its all nemo, no sailfish in that image14:59
T4<locusf> its complicated :)14:59
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T4<locusf> @inkyfromthetape [please, when you have time, upgrade the image …], I can try at some point, not very soon at least15:00
T4<inkyfromthetape> yeah.15:05
T4<inkyfromthetape> @locusf [its all nemo, no sailfish in that image], but it's the same qt right? i mean if i write without using silica, it should run?15:05
T4<meierrom> @locusf [also], Very cool! :)15:07
mal@locusf there is the new x86 tablet port which doesn't use libhybris15:19
T4<locusf> oh ok15:32
T4<locusf> @inkyfromthetape [but it's the same qt right? i mean if i write …], it can be different, I think @neochapay did some newer qt repo in obs15:33
r0kk3rz@inkyfromthetape the platform sdk doesnt have an installer, its just a tarball download and a chroot, should work fine15:55
T4<inkyfromthetape> no no, what i found is .run file.15:55
r0kk3rzyes thats the app sdk, with qtcreator15:56
T4<inkyfromthetape> can you give me a link? i sincerely cannot find something else.15:56
r0kk3rzyou dont need that15:56
T4<inkyfromthetape> hmmm.15:56
T4<inkyfromthetape> yes, i don't.15:56
r0kk3rzlink is above here15:56
T4<inkyfromthetape> minute will search again.15:56
T4<inkyfromthetape> ah.15:56
r0kk3rzso that sets up a chroot with sb2 inside, theres instructions there to create targets for arm15:57
T4<inkyfromthetape> okay i see.15:58
T4<inkyfromthetape> thank you.15:58
T4<inkyfromthetape> eventually.15:58
T4<minlexx> @inkyfromthetape [can you give me a link? i sincerely cannot fin …], this?16:17
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