Friday, 2019-02-01

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T4<meierrom> @samzn: it seems you can get apps from kaios from the following site. 😁  … Btw i wonder can someone run kaios soft in sailfish? … One can download kaios whatsapp (or other app) from this site:
T4<akaWolf> not really...20:08
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T4<meierrom> I just copied the post from the international sfos group and adding a sentence at the top. Should have deleted the question tho. 😁21:09
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T4<meierrom> @samzn: bananahackers link contains source codes of whatsapp. It's mostly Javascript. Maybe it can help to reverse engineer and to come up with something native? 😁23:47
T4<samzn> I've got it23:47
T4<samzn> It seems to be all XMPP based, but they put checks in23:47
T4<meierrom> Hopeless, I guess... 😕23:50
T4<avbdr> whatsapp will report your app23:50
T4<avbdr> this aholes are coming after any 3rdparty implementation23:51
T4<meierrom> According to @samzn there are ways to prevent that. It's still hard. 😕23:55
T4<samzn> Most of my time is spent job hunting in Romania/Europe, if I could have some help settling down it could be really nice23:56

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