Sunday, 2019-04-14

mordr0kk3rz: there are others too, i think; the busybox case etc06:14
T4<abranson> unfortunately if you want to have a GNU/Linux based system, lots of the core GNU tools are GPLv3 in their latest versions, and you need a commercial license to avoid using it for Qt.06:31
T4<abranson> and if you include ones GPLv3 package in your image, then you have to provide a mechanism for any user to replace that package with their own version.06:33
T4Dex Info (MISSING @USERNAME! was added by: Dex Info (MISSING @USERNAME!
T4Announcement (MISSING @USERNAME! was added by: Announcement (MISSING @USERNAME!
T4Dex Info (MISSING @USERNAME! was added by: Dex Info (MISSING @USERNAME!
T4<Dex Info (MISSING @USERNAME!> (Photo, 800x392) http://3das7vpgt73yxclb6agz4sz2a2bt7bqqfjucjhhbb5jnndxcd4o4lfid.onion/0A3A1HOM5C.png ✅ Binance released DEX Launch … ✅ Binance opened airdrop! … ✅ Anyone can take part in the GiveAway 5000 BTC and 20 000 ETH … ✅ All info is here … ✅ Offici08:46
T4al group
T4<Chipiguay> @eekkelund @toxip spam08:56
T4<toxip> I think we should have the same welcomer bot here as in SailfishOS Fan Club09:29
T4<Chipiguay> Yep, it would be nice09:32

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