Tuesday, 2019-05-21

T4<Nokius> Yes we been07:17
r0kk3rz@Nokius, was good? did you get a free phone fot your troubles?07:22
T4<Nokius> Yes I have another phone now =)) I have mixed feelings about the event.07:24
T4<DibyaXP> @Nokius  what phone they gave you07:25
T4<Nokius> fp207:27
T4<Nokius> Fairphone 207:27
T4<DibyaXP> I see07:27
r0kk3rznice present07:27
T4<Nokius> Yes it is07:27
T4<DibyaXP> Great device if you ask me07:27
T4<Nokius> Looks like version three is on the horizon.07:28
T4<Nokius> Its sold out by now.07:28
r0kk3rzgood to see they're still around though07:28
T4<DibyaXP> I see hope they use a new SOC07:28
T4<Nokius> They will ;)07:29
T4<neochapay> (Sticker, 512x512) https://af42kgggd3mfqvgy.tor2web.io/vECN3spS1H.webp07:30
r0kk3rzwell, you probably cant buy the old one anymore07:30
T4<DibyaXP> May be SD855? Nemo  will fly can't imagine07:30
locusfcompletely new phone is so stupid07:30
locusfsince its meant to be upgraded in parts07:30
T4<DibyaXP> May be motherboard upgrade?07:31
T4<Nokius> I was surprised about pie for itas aftermarket rom07:31
T4<Nokius> Okay the bacon has pie too07:31
r0kk3rzfp2 was never meant to be upgraded in parts07:31
T4<Nokius> But you could ;)07:32
r0kk3rzdid they ever release updated modules for anything?07:32
r0kk3rzi remember talk about an updated camera as a possibility07:32
T4<abranson> getting an fp2 is a nice present!07:36
T4<abranson> yeah they released a better camera module. mal has to regenerate the camera config at boot to cope with that07:37
T4<Nokius> I wanted one for long =)07:37
T4<deedend> What about Volla?08:20
T4<abranson> was there much hacking done then?08:24
T4<Chipiguay> Worth it the trip?08:46
T4<Nokius> @abranson [was there much hacking done then?], The task been a bit to much for 24h09:21
T4<abranson> and how were the ubports guys?09:21
T4<Nokius> @Chipiguay [Worth it the trip?], No comment on this, but it was nice to see teemu and eetu09:22
T4<Nokius> @abranson [and how were the ubports guys?], Two but non devs09:22
T4<Chipiguay> @Nokius [The task been a bit to much for 24h], Maybe they organize something else soon09:27
r0kk3rzgeez nokius, just fix anbox in 24hr10:05
T4<abranson> seemed a few too many tasks. tbh i think concentrating on glacier is the win.10:17
r0kk3rzits a good start10:24
T4<DibyaXP> @abranson [seemed a few too many tasks. tbh i think conce …], First we need stable ui that's most people don't understand10:25
T4<DibyaXP> Anyone can help me to port sailfish to mediatek mt6737  ? I can't find aosp source code for the chipset10:31
r0kk3rzthen you boned10:32
r0kk3rzsource code is quite essential10:32
T4<DibyaXP> It is actually Nokia 3 201710:32
r0kk3rzanyone built lineage for it?10:33
T4<DibyaXP> Nope that's first problem10:33
r0kk3rzok, port that first then10:33
T4<Nokius> 😂10:34
T4<DibyaXP> No device tree and kernel is half baked as provided by Nokia because WiFi/data  doesn't work with the kernel and my blob's10:34
r0kk3rzmust it be that device?10:35
T4<DibyaXP> Because it is slow with android10:35
T4<abranson> On standard qtquick controls too imo. no need for 'silica compatibility '10:48
r0kk3rzthey just want a quick fix for apps11:56
T4<NotKit> @DibyaXP [Anyone can help me to port sailfish to mediate …], you can find MediaTek alps tree, but it won't work fully out of box12:17
T4<NotKit> why this target though? It is easier to get a better device than waste time on unfriendly one12:17
T4<DibyaXP> @NotKit  … Let's find something else in office12:22
T4<DibyaXP> https://www.google.com/amp/s/forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/rom-official-mados-uhans-h5000-t3707902/amp/12:30
T4<NotKit> madOS... It could work, but their device tree sources are often kinda broken on purpose13:06
T4<DibyaXP> I see not a good news13:07
T4<NotKit> why mt6737 in particular?13:07
T4<DibyaXP> Nokia 3 has it13:07
T4<samzn> @DibyaXP [Nokia 3 has it], Locked bl13:59
T4<DibyaXP> @samzn [Locked bl], You can unlock through paid method from Hikari  Calyx14:00
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T4<DibyaXP> Can we fix silica in this application? https://github.com/equeim/unplayer14:26
T4<DibyaXP> https://github.com/teleshoes/qtemail14:59
T4<Nokius> @NotKit [madOS... It could work, but their device tree …], 😂 to get mad?!?15:23

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