Friday, 2012-02-10

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timophtried the broadcom driver on my ideapad yesterday without success07:10
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Sagetimoph: you had to comment out xen inclusion so xen.h was missing from kernel package?07:12
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timophSage: was missing from kernel package07:12
timophno such file07:12
Sagetimoph: ok, that is a bug then.07:12
timophbut other than than nemo works on ideapad pretty well07:13
timophplanning to put some other UX to it today. plasma or something07:14
timophdunno yet07:14
timophxfce might an interesting experiment07:15
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SageStskeeps: as the x86 adaptation has only one patch on it what would you think if I would take and update it to 3.2.5 or something and refactor the packaging?07:16
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Stskeepsgo ahead07:16
Stskeepsperhaps look at what they did for meego 1.2.0 kernel-adaptation07:17
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Sageisn't that still 2.6.x ?07:25
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Stskeepsthink it's 3.007:25
Sagewell the -pc is only in Trunk at least07:25
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Sagetimoph: up for testing new kernel if I get it packaged?07:25
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Sage_timoph: new kernel if you want to hack around :)08:27
Sage_I have no idea if that works or not because haven't tested it yet08:27
timophgood. I'll see if I have time this evening to play around with it08:27
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rantomIs the "Preconditions" necessary for filing a bug?09:14
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rantome.g. see bug 2009:15
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Sage_rantom: depens on the bug but I would say not always09:15
Sage_Steps to reproduce is the most important09:16
rantomSage_: Ok, so in this case it's most likely not important09:16
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FluxiFlax2022hi I did install nemo image on my sd card, it shows 3 partitions on the sd card, I enter the sd card into my phone and it boots through uboot, says unable to open boot.csr and then unable t o open device..I get the nemo blue background but it says loading firmware failed09:24
FluxiFlax2022hm...false alarm it actually booted into nemo ..:D :D09:26
*** mikhas_ has joined #nemomobile09:27 I am getting hundreds of errors saying mmcblk0 error - 110 sending status command09:28
FluxiFlax2022card status 0x009:28
Stskeepsare you using pali's uboot or the likes?09:28
Stskeepswe only support uboot-pr1309:28
FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, default uboot right from whithin Maemo..apt-get install uboot-pr1309:30
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StskeepsSD card brand?09:31
FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, on restart it says failed to register misc device ...Kernel Panic not syncing  VFS unable to mount root fs unknown block (179,1)09:32
FluxiFlax2022checking brand09:33
FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, seems like some generic type, it does not state manufacturer09:34
Stskeepsok, so it might be sour or incompatible09:34
FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, I did check it using a tool I foudn online said it is OK...what SD cards are compatible ?09:34
StskeepsFluxiFlax2022: well, it really varies09:35
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rantombug 93 and bug 94 filed09:36
Stskeepsmorn xruxa09:36
xruxaor morning09:36
Stskeepshehe, someone's been playing too much minecraft? ;)09:37
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xruxadon't ask ;)09:37
FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, so what should I be looking for when I purchase a SSD card ? Or is there anything else I can try ?09:39
StskeepsFluxiFlax2022: it is a bit of hit and miss.. can you confirm somehow you're not using anything but uboot-pr13?09:39
rantomIt's been a while since I took a screenshot. How can I take a screenshot in Nemo?09:39
veskuhrantom: widgets gallery -> debug tools09:40
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rantomveskuh: Thanks, that worked09:42
FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, I had an issue that Ali1234 pointed out yesterday it was related to multiboot being installed, since I had a maemo android multi boot system, but I did remove multiboot and reinstall uboot-pr13 and on startup I only get uboot with the Tux in the upper left corner09:42
StskeepsFluxiFlax2022: mm, not sure if that'll affect anything09:42
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rantomHmmh, I guess I found a new bug..09:44
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rantomAnyone else noticed that using the Mass Storage you'll mount Maemo-partition instead of Nemo?09:44
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FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, so I am out of Luck ?09:49
StskeepsFluxiFlax2022: not sure09:50
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StskeepsFluxiFlax2022: try putting it in your pc and then back into the device09:50
FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, currently running Windows it says not formated..etc..on the PC..that is all just put back into device now ?09:52
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matrixxhey, does MDeclarativeCache need CE:Apps:MTF?09:56
matrixxI think it needs, but not sure anymore09:56
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veskuhIt comes from meegotouch-applauncherd which is in CE:MW:MTF10:03
matrixxveskuh: thanks10:06
FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, back to square one with , unable to open boot.scr and unable to open device errors10:08
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FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, based on Update with the current latest Nemo kernel (Jan 26 2012) there are issues with proper initialization of the SD card due to a potential kernel bug (race condition) together with the Pali version of u-boot. This has been confirmed on at least Samsung cards (8 GB class 6 and CLass 10 by Netweaver and Flocke000), also on others (unknown brand, by Pali and plipp). Bug report is entered. [1]10:26
FluxiFlax2022is it worth trying an older release ?10:27
Stskeepswell, you said you don't use pali u-boot10:28
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FluxiFlax2022Stskeeps, yep sure about that..not sure what pali u-boot is :) what do you reckon I should try ?10:38
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* Sage_ ponders where bmestat_t is defined 10:43
Sage_and don't say bme as for example qmsystem doesn't depend on bme and it still uses that :)10:43
rantombug 96 filed10:46
rantommore coming..10:46
Sage_rantom: about 96 that is working on my f1610:51
Sage_err f1510:51
Sage_sure your cable was connected to host? :)10:52
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rantomSage_: Yes :)10:56
rantomSage_: I noticed that bug during MeeGo too10:56
rantomSage_: F15?10:56
Sage_fedora 1510:56
rantomAh, ok10:56
Sage_it has been working for me always10:56
rantomI'll make a live-cd/dvd and try from that10:56
rantomI'd need another HDD for another distro..10:57
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* veskuh is eagerly expecting which will bug 10010:57
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rantomHmm, I'm getting Fedora 1611:02
rantomoh well11:02
slainepulling down 11.10 for my dell mini 9 atm11:03
rantomOk, Fedora 16 burning11:04
rantomTakes a while11:04
slaineYou can dd the iso to a usb key11:07
slaine"Should" be faster11:07
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rantomThe only thing with burning to USB is that sometimes you can do it directly from dd and sometimes you have to convert the file first and then dd11:11
*** Free-MG has joined #nemomobile11:11
rantomAnd with my knowledge I'm not sure is it a filetype-error or what11:11
rantome.g. openSUSE I can dd directly to the USB but Ubuntu I have to convert first11:12
Sage_rantom: the bug 95 is harder issue to solve as we don't currently have vfat partition on Nemo to storing data. lbt nemo 95 relates to the update issue we talked about at BRU btw.11:13
rantomSage_: ok. Rebooting to Fedora 16 now btw11:14
lbtadded to cc11:14
rantomGood if I can mount Nemo in Fedora since I'd need a screenshot from it11:15
rantomI could also scp..11:16
Sage_rantom: you can mount it by changing that value in the config yes.11:16
slainerantom: I think Ubuntu is the only iso that you can't DD11:16
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rantomI'll test nevertheless does it mount in Fedora11:19
rantomI'd assume it's an issue with Sabayon if it mounts in Fedora, correct?11:19
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rantomSage_: It mounted in Fedora with Maemo11:24
rantomMight be my front-panel since inserting to the back-panel I got the device to mount..11:25
Sage_rantom: that is the correct behaviour maemo mounted always11:25
Sage_rantom: you need to manually edit config file if you want to mount nemo partition11:26
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rantomSage_: Yep, about to11:27
rantomI'll just confirm if it was my front-panel being a jerk in Sabayon too and then modify the file11:27
rantomIs there some sort of editor pre-installed? Nano and vi give me not found11:30
*** mikhas_ is now known as mikhas11:31
rantomErrh, I don't know how to use this11:32
Sage_rantom: ?11:32
rantomI try to delete and I just go backwards. I try to type and nothing happens11:33
veskuhi for insert then type11:34
veskuhesc to get to command mode and there x deletes11:34
veskuhand to write and get out esc to command mode and the type :wq11:34
rantomThere's no ESC11:35
veskuhhmm.. true.. maybe we should include nano by default instead of vim11:36
timophno no11:37
veskuhtimoph: purist!11:37
veskuhrantom: zypper install nano11:38
*** niqt has quit IRC11:38
veskuhits in repo11:38
rantomveskuh: on it already ;)11:38
timophnano in addition to vi is acceptable but just nano is evil11:38
anYchow do you get into command mode?11:39
timophopen xterm?11:41
timophin vim you meant?11:41
timophthe vkb has it11:41
anYcah okay, I thought about n90011:42
timophyou need to use the vkb for some keys just like with maemo's xterm11:46
rantomBut I managed to get the Nemo-partition mounted so it's an issue with either my drivers or my hardware11:48
rantomUpdating the bug a bit11:48
rantomSage_: Bug 96 updated11:51
Sage_rantom: just FYI I'm getting mails about all nemo bugs atm. :)11:52
rantomSage_: Thought so11:54
rantomThis is getting quite boring, Dolphin is being very, very slow11:54
rantomI'm quite sure I could've draw the screenshot by hand by now11:55
rantomfiling a new bug..11:57
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rantombug 99 filed12:09
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rantom\o/ bug 100 filed12:14
rantomI think I noticed a few, minor ones, more and I'll test if I can reproduce some that I noticed in MeeGo but now I'll take a small(ish) break12:19
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rantom are these instructions still up to date?12:21
veskuhPretty much yeah, but we have the instructions also in here:
rantomOk, thanks12:23
rantomI have the newest beta, 1.2beta, can I still flash the moslo?12:24
veskuhI don't know actually. I saw some warning that you cannot but old harmattan there anymore, so it might be true for moslo also.12:26
rantomI'll wait then until someone can confirm it12:28
rantomI really don't want to get the N950 to be "bricked"12:28
veskuhThat's smart.12:28
rantomShould be12:29
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alinux__99hi I just tried the latest nemo image on my N900 i have to say that i feel my N900 was reinvented, keep up the good work guys...KUDOS !!!19:51
alinux__99Stskeeps, I got myself a new sandisk card, could not find anything better than class 4, if I want to speed up Nemo as much as possible would it be advisable to install on emmc ? or try to get hold on a higher class mmc card ?19:54
Stskeepsclass 619:54
alinux__99Stskeeps, dont think I will find that in the country I live in, I will get a higher class card next time I am in London19:55
*** emmynet has joined #nemomobile19:55
Stskeepsyeah, i had a really nasty time finding class 6 too19:55
alinux__99Stskeeps, how to invoke numbers on N900 hardware keyboard ? Trying to enter my password into a site19:56
Stskeepsblue key19:56
alinux__99Stskeeps, oh..yeah..I tried double click blue key to invoke a number lock..did not work..but pressing blue key + number button simultaneously works19:58
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alinux__99Stskeeps, so how do I know whether to just update or deploy a new image based on latest updates ?20:00
Stskeepsif it asks you to download 690 mb it's easier to just deploy20:01
alinux__99hehe...makes sense20:02
alinux__99Stskeeps, what about N9 apps from OVI or otherwise ?20:06
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vakkovIs there a way to download source package from the obs20:32
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alinux__99What app can I use for MSN ?21:00
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alinux__99hi while using nemo my wifi says it is connected in the status bar, but browsing stops working, I opened xterm and started a ping..the wifi con stays connected but it stops working..pings timeout22:24
alinux__99Settings say - LinkSys Online - Where LinkSys is the APN22:25
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