Saturday, 2012-02-11

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rantomJust curious can I flash Nemo to my N950, although it's running the newest beta (1.2), aka 02-6? I'm guessing not according to:
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Saziusrantom: I would be interested in the answer to that question as well...10:17
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faenilanyone working on nemo/softwares? :)17:53
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alinux__99hi any way to add more apps to Nemo ?19:38
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alinux__99hm...I did get an N9 app which is a deb package, I could find rpm binary but not dpkg binary on Nemo, is Nemo using RPM ?20:00
alinux__99vakkov, any way to try and use N9 apps on Nemo ? Even if experimental and/or a pain to setup20:03
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faenilanyone who can teach me how to make a package for nemo to share the galleryviewer?22:23
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vgradefaenil, is it qml with a QtCreator .pro22:32
vgrade also has the yaml file which is parsed to create the spec22:49
vgradestill wonders why there is not a button on QtCreator marked 'create spec/rpm, deb' file22:50
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faenilvgrade: back23:04
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faenilvgrade: how do I make the spec and yaml?23:07
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faenilheya Venemo_N95023:11
Venemo_N950hey faenil, what's up?23:15
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faenillooking for a way to create spec and yaml23:17
faenilto release gallery viewer 0.0.1 :D23:17
Venemo_N950anyway, good night :)23:20
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